Multiple Raids on Grow Sites in Yuba County Foothills

DSCN1083  10 11  17Including Grow where Deputies were Shot

Marysville, Ca.

Multiple raids on illegal Marijuana Grows in the foothills of Yuba County, Marysville and Sacramento occurred on Tuesday October 3, 2017.

The raids yielded a grand total of 18 arrests, 1,500 marijuana plants eradicated, over 5 lbs of processed marijuana, approximately $21,000 cash and 8 guns seized. Included in the arrests was high profile subject Reverend Heidi Lepp aka Grossman age 46 of Sacramento, charged with 182PC, 11358 H&S and 11359 H&S. She was booked into Sac county jail. Last week she served the Yuba County Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff with a "Notice of Liability Regarding The War on Drugs, Violations of Religious Freedoms and "Cannabis" Ordinance Technology."

Beginning at approximately 7am Tuesday, multiple locations throughout Yuba County and two related locations in Sacramento were the subject of search warrants served on illegal marijuana grows by lead agency Yuba County Sheriff’s Office along with assistance from various law enforcement teams including the Yuba City Police Department, Yuba Sutter Net 5 Task Force, Butte County, Nevada County, Colusa County, Sacramento HIDTA, California Fish and Wildlife, and California State Water Board. The 12 targeted sites, believed to have common ties which remain under further investigation, were: • 9000 Block of Marysville Rd in Oregon House, Ca. • 10400 Block of Township Rd in Browns Valley, Ca. • 15000 Block of Winther Way in Dobbins, Ca. • 15000 Block of Burch Lane in Brownsville, Ca. • 6000 Block of Potts Trail in Browns Valley, Ca. • 6000 Block of Dantoni Rd in Marysville, Ca. • 12000 Block of Regent Way in Oregon House, Ca. • 9000 Block of Mason Way in Dobbins, Ca. • 13000 Block of Rice’s Crossing Way in Oregon House, Ca. • 3000 Block of Jewett Rd in Marysville, Ca. • 2000 Block of H St in Sacramento, Ca. • 30TH St in Sacramento, Ca. Law Enforcement teams will remain in the areas above while the scenes are processed and any illegal marijuana located is eradicated and destroyed.

resulting arrests were charged with 182PC/Conspiracy, 11358 H&S/Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana,

and 11359H&S/Possession of Marijuana for Sale. There were also additional environmental and

water violations for the Burch Ln and Township Rd addresses in Browns Valley.


Michael J. Cesario 63 M 6000 Block Potts Trail Browns Valley

Marrcus Mollenarro 66 M 12000 Block Regent Way Oregon House

Francis Duclos 67 F 12000 Block Regent Way Oregon House

Santiago Ochoa 69 M 6400 Block Dantoni Rd Marysville

Suzanne R. Brown 58 F 13000 Block Rices Crossing Rd Oregon House

Tania O'Denia Richards 37 F 9000 Block Marysville Rd Oregon House

Sheldon O. Dushing 25 M 9000 Block Marysville Rd Oregon House

Jevaughn K. Bennett 25 M 9000 Block Marysville Rd Oregon House

Dante Jones 34 M 9000 Block Marysville Rd Oregon House

Omar J. Bradshaw 37 M 9000 Block Marysville Rd Oregon House

Delroy F. Rhoden 32 M 9000 Block Marysville Rd Oregon House

William B. Stonecipher III 30 M 15000 Block Burch Ln Brownsville

Mark J. Valentine 53 M 15000 Block Burch Ln Brownsville

Samuel J. St Clair 29 M 9000 Block Mason Wy Oregon House

Daniel J. Ward 23 M 9000 Block Mason Wy Oregon House

Richard Pearson West Shelton 24 M 9000 Block Mason Wy Oregon House

Brandon Lee Muniz 44 M 10400 Block Township Rd Browns Valley

Heidi C. Lepp 46 F 2000 Block H St Sacramento

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