Sewing Project

23468106 10155821931538320 1000304482 o  11 15 17by Irene Mason, Jiggybits Custom Sewing

Living in the Yuba Sutter Foothills means we are all one community and help where ever we can. As the fire broke out in Loma Rica, I was out of state trying to get home as fast as I could.

I was trying to think of all the important items for my husband to pack in the car if he had to leave. Being a business owner, I told him to get my computer out of my Sewing Studio as this had all my business information I needed if I lost my Studio.

Soon after the fire moved from our area and all were let back in, it was a mad collection from everyone to get clothing, toiletries and other everyday items to get to the ones who lost their homes.

I soon came to the realization that I could have lost all my machines and supplies. It was a very gut wrenching feeling. . Not that my business would be lost or the $15,000 dollars worth of machines that I use to run my business but the feeling I get by the simple act of sewing.

Sewing for me is place I can feel many feelings Creative, Calm, Challenged, capable, focused, immersed, content, fulfilled and productive. All from a simple machine and fabric.

It hit me then that this is the worst time in these people’s lives and I can't even imagine the feeling they are going through. When you lose your house and everything you own, a Sewing machine is not high on your list. But as a sewer, I know how much it would help me mentally through this.

I had a few machines extra of my own, supplies and fabric to give. So I posted online to offer to any of the Fire victims that lost their sewing machines and supplies. I also offered space in my Studio for them to come work if they did not have a place ready to do so.

Sad stories of each losing everything they collected over the years were very heart wrenching and I soon realized I needed more help and donations. I then posted again online in our community for any donations of unused sewing machines, supplies and fabric to set up each person who lost their sewing things in the fire.

23469431 10155821931558320 1852103543 o  11 15 17I was not shocked by the overwhelming generosity of offers from our community.

With the help of others we were able to set up each sewer with a machine, machine tools, sewing supplies, quilting supplies fabric and craft supplies. I wanted to make sure we had everything they needed to just start sewing.

We sent out the first 6 machine sets and have more machines being donated all by the community. More request for machines are coming in. I plan to keep collecting and setting up my fellow sewers and also to keep supplying extra fabric and supplies to help build their supplies back up. Sewing is a dying art. We need to keep it going... If you know someone that lost their sewing things in the fire please Let me know.

Donation Angels: Laurie Pringle, Dorothy Hatcher, Dolores Rivera, Debbie Woodward , Adenna Zimmerman, Leotta Martin, Tammie Edwards, Judy Huff, Jackie Cecil, Vickie De Vaughn, Judy Jones

And more to this list every day.

Thank you to all the people who helped with the Sewing project.17799265 10154482234795418 2369115842416505675 n edited

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