EPA Formally Suspends WOTUS

from Sierra Sun Times

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially suspended implementation of the agency’s Waters of the United States rule last week to comply with last year’s Executive Order issued by President Trump.

EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt filed the legal documents on Tuesday required to suspend the rule for two years while the agency seeks public input on a redrafted version of the rule.

Opponents of the rule suspension, including the Natural Resources Defense Council,

have already vowed to pursue legal action against the move saying that the rule suspension denies protections to public health.

However, supporters of the move nationwide are applauding the suspension of the rule in light of the controversial nature of the original rulemaking process, as well as questions still surrounding the actual water quality benefits that would result from the measure.

Many, such as Rural County Representatives of California, opposed the rule as a jurisdictional overreach and inappropriate expansion of federal authority over bodies of water not previously controlled by the federal government.

The expansion of federal authority over these waters could result in delays in important local

public works projects such as maintenance of flood conveyances that could ultimately endanger public safety.

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