Final Update of Operation "Green Wave"

thumbnail 8 8 18During the weeks of July 8th- July 21st, The Yuba County Sheriff’s Office along with the

California National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, Siskiyou County, Calaveras County, Trinity County, Department of Fish and Wildlife Biologists and Law enforcement, California State Water Board and Water Rights Division, Yuba Sutter Net-5, Yuba County Code Enforcement, and several other cooperating agencies began serving a series of criminal search warrants throughout the State in the above mentioned counties. The search warrants were part of a month’s long operation into the illegal cultivation of marijuana/cannabis and directly associated environmental crimes and water violations.

This operation demonstrates the cooperation between allied agencies working together in a concerted effort along with the California National Guard Counter Drug Task Force to investigate for prosecution those persons or organizations responsible for committing criminal acts and environmental damage in Yuba County with far reaching effects to the state’s most valuable resources such as land and water. As previously noted in other similar investigations, due to the nature of our watershed systems in Yuba County, the environmental damage that begins in the mountains and foothills of Yuba County has significant impacts into other portions of California. During this operation, a significant number of environmental crimes were discovered. Those environmental crimes

included damage to the watersheds and waterways, and use of banned and illegal chemical pesticides and rodenticides, among other violations.

The Yuba County portion of the Green Wave Operation resulted in 16 search warrants with 6,534 marijuana plants eradicated, nine arrests and one citation, 1,000 lbs. of processed marijuana, 40 lbs. of finished “BHO” Butane Honey Oil, 1 “BHO” Lab, and 2 grams of Heroin. There were 14 water quality violations, 88 Department of Fish and Wildlife violations, and 14 water rights violations. Asset seizures included $1,000.00, two vehicles, and one firearm. YCSO receives annual grant money from the DEA through DCESP (Domestic Cannabis Eradication / Suppression Program) which funds the majority of marijuana investigative efforts by the Sheriff’s Office. This money is utilized exclusively for METYU (Marijuana Eradication Team Yuba) and was the source of funding for the Yuba County Sheriff Department’s involvement in this multi-agency operation. The money from this grant funds overtime, equipment, aerial reconnaissance, and ancillary costs associated with the marijuana operations. The DEA has strict guidelines on how the money can be spent and YCSO works within those guidelines to maximize the benefits. YCSO also receives additional funding from the USFS for marijuana eradication in the National Forests located within Yuba County

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