Yuba Water Agency to purchase 20-acre property in Dobbins


yuba water agency rendering9 12 18Marysville, Ca.

Yuba Water Agency approved the purchase of a property in Dobbins for approximately $220,000 to further support agency operations.

The 20-acre parcel is located between Lake Francis and New Colgate Powerhouse, and will be used to construct a new warehouse and an additional administration building for Yuba Water Agency employees. Escrow on the property is set to close on Sept. 12.

“This expansion is needed due to our growing workload and to ensure our reliability as a participant in the California wholesale electric market,” said Yuba Water Agency Power Systems Manager Mike Kline. “Additional warehouse space is needed to grow the inventory of spare parts that support that level of reliability.”

The next phase of the project, predicted to be complete by 2020, will include the design and construction of a 16,000-square-foot warehouse with yard facilities, including fire tanks, septic, water, power, vehicle fueling, and hazardous waste and materials storage.

Phase three of the project will include the design and construction of a 12,000 to 15,000-square-foot administration building, and will be complete by 2021.

The very preliminary renderings show a visual concept of what this facility might look like in the future.

Yuba Water Agency staff will hold public meetings to discuss the details and answer questions as the project develops. Meeting dates will be announced in the coming weeks and posted on

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