Yuba County Sheriff-Coroner Retires

Durfor089 12 18 Sheriff Wendell Anderson and retiring Sheriff Steve Durfor

Marysville, Ca.
Yuba County Sheriff-Coroner Steven L. Durfor took early retirement August 31, 2018. Sheriff Durfor is a lifelong Yuba-Sutter resident that has proudly served as a peace officer for nearly 32 years in Yuba County. First hired in 1986 by then Sheriff Gary Tindel and became under -sheriff under Sheriff Virgina Black. First elected as the Yuba County Sheriff-Coroner in June 2006, he assumed command January 2007 and just finished serving his third term.

Sheriff Durfor's desire for a smooth and successful transition for incoming Sheriff-Elect Wendell Anderson, and Durfor’s commitment to what is best for the department and the community, have lead him to the difficult decision to retire early. In the interest of maintaining a congruent leadership direction and avoid the sometimes difficult transition into a new command, Sheriff Durfor stepped down and recommend that the Yuba County Board of Supervisors appoint Sheriff-Elect Anderson as Sheriff for the remaining months of his term. Sheriff-Elect Anderson’s 4-year term will begin January 2019. Additionally, Sheriff Durfor recognizes his early departure affords an opportunity for budgetary savings and organizational restructuring that will be needed to address deficits and the risks they pose to staffing levels. Sheriff Durfor stated in a message to staff announcing his early departure “It has been a great honor to serve as your Sheriff and to serve the people of my hometown for close to 32 years. I could not be more proud and will always have great respect for the tremendous work all of you put forth each and every day to keep our county safe.”

On August 31st a public retirement ceremony was held outside at the Sheriff's Office on Yuba Street. Dignitaries included Congressman Garamendi, several past sheriff's and sheriff's from surrounding counties. Sheriff Durfor said, He isn't going anywhere and will continue to live in Marysville.


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