NYWD 10-24-19 Grand Jury in Attendance

by John Mistler


Brownsville, Ca.


nywd 10 24 19The October 24th meeting was packed to room capacity (29) including members of a Grand Jury Committee.


Under public comment Yuba Water Agency Director, Charlie Mathews, commented on the agency's approval of the grant for North Yuba Water District.


The North Yuba Water District (NYWD) board voted 4-1 to approve an out of district service agreement with Areo Pines Homeowners Assoc. and the district may consider annexing Areo Pines into the district.


The district also voted, unanimously, to upgrade the Challenge Redwood storage tank and to line the Forbestown and Rackerby water storage tanks.


The board voted 4-1 to approve a contract increase to $40,000 with Smart Marketing for Public Relations and Consulting. Director Flohr cast the no vote saying she believed Smart Marketing had a conflict of interest because Smart Marketing also worked with the Yuba Water Agency (YWA) and is managing the political campaign for two of the YWA Directors. Director Hawthorne said that Smart Marketing had done a good job for the district in the past and he did not believe there was a conflict of interest. He expressed the need was greater now since the Yuba Water Alliance was putting out so much bad information to the public that they needed to be able to let the public know the truth about what the district is doing.  Using an example; he wanted to correct, the Yuba Water Alliance had put out information, anonymously, that the water saved by piping the Forbestown Ditch would be used to attract development. "That is not true he said, we have people in the district that are not receiving water and water savings will go to them." The Yuba Water Alliance is an informal group of citizens who among other issues are opposed to the piping of the Forbestown Ditch.  Alton Wright who is the contact person for the Yuba Water Alliance went on record as opposing the contract with Smart Marketing.


Closed Session was interesting as it was a conference with legal counsel about "Initiation of Litigation".

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