Thanksgiving Morons

by Lou Binninger


The Left hates Thanksgiving – the idea that we should honor God for protection and provisions, and should offer thanks to Him. God, like Bernie’s 2016 campaign got more yes votes at the Democratic Convention but was deleted from the platform language anyway. God and Bernie-the-Jew have something in common – being disrespected and ripped-off.


Israel learned that if you give the finger to God long enough He will eventually get the point and abandon you to your perverse ways and stupidity. It looks like that has occurred for the ‘Dims.’


            The Left hates the massive amounts of groceries and fossil fuels consumed leaving behind an unnecessarily large carbon print at Thanksgiving. However, the Left’s priests, Bloomberg, Gore, Pelosi, Obama and Hollywood actors get an exemption to have an entire jet of their own. No wasted resources to whine about here, right?


And, the Left’s plan for turkey along with chicken, pork and beef is to ban them all due to the ‘massive natural resources utilized to raise them.’ The Left’s food-Nazi slogan is “No meat for you!!” If you stay in America, you must become vegan.


The Left also detests the truth told about the Pilgrims, the Puritans and the ‘Native Americans’ or whatever they or you want to call them. College student Columbus-haters and Mayflower-mockers instead of a real education have been inoculated with sound-bite propaganda by professors. They make a living not by training thinkers but by molesting young naïve minds.


            The Left loves to think of the ‘Indians’ as idyllic, one with nature and also pathetic, another victim demographic group to rescuing. That’s fake history. Native people like the rest of humans then and now could be both honorable and dastardly. They had been butchering one another and dying from epidemics long before the Separatists (later called Pilgrims) arrived.


If anyone ever doubts the disaster of letting government manage your life look at Native Americans and the socialist reservation system. Yep, giving away money will fix that generational poverty and laziness. How about those record levels of substance abuse and suicide? Could blaming heterosexuals for the high suicide rates of homo and transsexuals be the same as saying European immigrants caused the high substance abuse and suicide rates of native folks?


The Millennials (18-34) may be the first generation to be stupider than their parents and less fun to be around. They are dumbed down, have trouble talking and then to be ‘sissies’. They have trouble finding themselves on the earth without Googling it and have the disposition of a Chihuahua. Turkey Day is difficult for millennials. They just need a ‘safe space’ until they come to pass.


Teachers have been ‘punking’ students by telling them Thanksgiving is about fall colors and turkey. Since they cannot acknowledge God, the Christian faith or the nation’s 1600’s newcomers (Pilgrims and Puritans) and their early friendship with the indigenous people, instructors come up with fake curriculum.


It’s understandable, for most people, if their job and family stability depends on it they will go along with a lot of nonsense they know is a lie. That’s why repressing free-speech and creating thought police is so easy.

Lefty intellectuals like to scream about early arrivers bringing infections with them that then became an epidemic among America’s indigenous tribes. So what’s new? All earth dwellers were riddled with diseases and lousy medical care. That was the cost of admission in those days.


Lefties have no problem today with allowing border crashers into the US carrying TB and all sorts of other communicable diseases. No howling now about the spike in sexually transmitted infections, TB and childhood ailments infecting America.


Professors and students need a refresher on ethnocentric thinking. The term is used in social science and anthropology for the act of judging another culture based on thinking the values and standards of one's own culture are superior – especially with regards to language, behavior, customs, and religion. Why not accept our history for what it is, not try to hide it, remove it or discredit it? For the vegan left, just eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds.


The Left overlooks its hypocrisy and weirdness while being quite harsh with previous generations of Americans. The Left is in the moral toilet with its ethnocentric perspective and fake history. “You hypocrite! First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye.” (Matt 7:5)

The truth can only set you free if you know what it is. Being stupid with good motives could get a person killed or at least really lost.


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