Organs and Babies for Sale

by Lou Binninger


Many Western and other industrialized nations have done their best to abort themselves out of existence. Social engineers, the supposed ‘best and brightest,’ have touted that the earth is running out of fill-in-the-blank…space, water, oil, food, normal weather and so on. They persuade that it is merciful to murder the smallest and most vulnerable, sterilize women, and spread abortifacient pills far and wide to thin the herd.


It just seems more reasonable to kill the old, fat and ugly if the goal is to maximize the best use of “limited” resources and preserve the beautiful people. But that is another topic.

The fact is that the intellectuals have been off, way off in their predictions and it is too easy to kill those they dislike, like blacks and other minorities. This has been a mission of liberals, intellectuals and abortion icons like Margaret Sanger that strategically locate abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods to root-out the ‘human weeds.’ They also sterilized minority women and created the Ku Klux Klan to kill, intimidate and keep minority folks in their place.


Government has rarely been the friend of babies. A paranoid Pharaoh killed Hebrew males in Egypt, a threatened Herod killed baby boys in Israel, the Nazis killed Jewish children in Europe and liberals have mastered the murder of black babies and other children in America, all to save someone’s world.


Republican and Democrat officials have been complicit in funding the baby blood bath for decades. The recent funding vote for the U.S. government included money for Planned Parenthood again.


            The 2018-19 report for Planned Parenthood (PP) showed that 95% of pregnant women entering a PP clinic had an abortion. Cancer screening/prevention dropped 69%. Breast exams were down 68%. Pap tests decreased by 72% and contraceptive services shrank by 34%.


PP performed 345,672 abortions, their highest number ever reported or 81 abortions for each adoption referral. PP rhetoric claims that women’s health is its top priority but the report seems contradictory. Meanwhile, public funding for PP is up 27% since 2010.


It’s been 40 years since China started its “One Child Policy” in 1979 to boost its standard of living and feed a growing population. People were starving due to the state controlling all agriculture production. For decades the policy was strictly enforced by using punishing fines for an extra child, confiscating property, and demolishing homes of rebels.


Women were forcefully implanted with contraceptive intrauterine devices (IUD) and suffered sterilization and abortions. It is estimated that 324 million had IUDs implanted and 108 million underwent sterilization from 1980 to 2014. As the “One Child Policy” ended in 2014 some 500 million births were “prevented,” the majority being female.


In 1992, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) allowed international adoptions to occur. Just like the thriving organ transplant market using the parts of living criminals and political prisoners today, a baby market erupted with millions of infants being taken from their parents and sold to foreigners for $10,000-30,000 cash,  lining the pockets of CCP officials.


And just like the Communists informed families and recipients that their loved ones / donors died while incarcerated, adoptive parents were told these infants were abandoned. The CCP was running organ peddling and baby-selling schemes.


Thousands of Chinese families today have no idea what became of the children taken from them and sold. A new documentary “One Child Nation” reveals the horrors of the one-child policy as a symptom of the central-planning schemes of communist and socialist governance.

The shocking and sad part of the film is that the people were convinced via indoctrination and propaganda that this horrific sacrifice of their children and their family dreams was necessary for the “good of the nation.” With communism, individual freedom bows to the will of state planners and their collectivist ideology.


The “One Child Policy” created two problems for the government – too few young people to manage the nation and too few females to join with males. To solve these disasters Frankenstein-thinking social engineers have launched the “Two Child Policy” and females are being bought and abducted from neighboring nations to mate with lonely males.


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