Govt Muscle and Scams

by Lou Binninger


A video posted on Facebook showed Third District Assemblyman James Gallagher attempting to purchase two cartons of shotgun shells at Sutter Orchard Supply, the popular farm and sporting goods store in Yuba City. Gallagher, a hunter, is no novice at purchasing ammo, but now in Commifornia he was rejected.


            The store employee asked for Gallagher’s identification (ID) so a mandatory background check could be run which of course the customer must pay for. However, the address on the driver’s license was a P O Box, unacceptable to satisfy the Ammo Nazis in Sacramento. They have to know where to apprehend you, the criminal.


            Gallagher left the store to return with his birth certificate, passport and other evidence illustrating who he was and where he lived. He then purchased his shells. However, if the assemblyman did not have a shotgun registered with the government he would have been denied as well.


            While Virginian’s are preparing to go at it over gun rights Commifornians are yawning, picking their teeth and surrendering their God-given rights to the weapons and ammo needed to defend against or overthrow government authorities.


There are reports of law enforcement lurking around Nevada ammo and gun outlets taking photos of CA license plates after people make purchases and return home with their contraband.  Those buying weapons and ammo out of state should pay attention.


The Yuba County Supervisors think alike. Maybe we could get by with just one representative and save some money. They unanimously put the illegal Measure K 1% sales tax increase on the ballot. Then, they unanimously chose to ignore the free advice of election law attorneys at the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) that the Yuba Co measure was not legal.

County Administrator Robert Bendorf said the county was not interested in advice from third parties. However, Bendorf and supervisors had no problem unanimously hiring third-party consultants to scheme voters to promote Measure K while using tax dollars and violating the Constitutional rights of taxpayers.


Then, when HJTA, farmer Charles Mathews and newspaperman John Mistler contested the legality of Measure K in Yuba County Superior Court Bendorf and supervisors again unanimously used tax dollars to hire “third party” lawyers to defend the flawed ballot measure rather than use their county counsel.


When Judge Stephen Berrier decided in favor of HJTA, Mathews and Mistler, rather than the county accepting the decision, supervisors instead chose to appeal the Berrier decision with taxpayer money. That move costs the taxpayers more than $10,000 each day plus legal fees until the county gives up the fight. Adding insult to injury, the county gets to keep the tax revenue win or lose. That sounds more like a scheme concocted by Charles Ponzi or Bernie Madoff.


According to Yuba Co spokesperson Russ Brown the County has scooped $3,480,000 since April 1, 2019 from hard-working citizens. Appeal Democrat writer David Wilson quotes Brown as saying, “That money, which was supposed to enhance the county revenue stream, is being held in trust until the legality of the measure’s passage is decided in court.”

It has taken years for county officials to admit what Measure K was all about ---“enhance the county revenue stream.” Maybe the public safety bait and switch argument is finally wearing thin.


No mention is made in Wilson’s article that the Measure K legal fight is a heads the county wins and tails the taxpayer loses. Thank state legislatures for that unjust outcome. Revenue from taxes eventually found to be illegal becomes a cash cow for government. Anyone get refunds for the illegal state “fire tax?”


If the county loses their appeal of Measure K and quits the fight they keep all the money and then can put another “revenue enhancing” tax scam on the ballot.


Lastly, Yuba County Supervisors have unanimously endorsed Melanie Bendorf for Superior Court Judge. Figures, but it sounds politically incestuous. Melanie is County Administrator Robert Bendorf’s wife. Robert Bendorf takes care of the supervisors including advising them that they deserve more money. In turn, the supervisors set the pay for Robert Bendorf.  It’s a great gig if you can get it.


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