Darwin’s Favoured People

by Lou Binninger


This month we acknowledge the birth of scientist Charles Darwin. Born February 12, 1809 (died April 19, 1882) Darwin proposed the theory that all creatures evolved from something else rather than being created by God as explained in the Book of Genesis.


Darwin’s theory is called transmutation or the changing or transformation of one species into another species. This is not referring to changing from a finch of one color to another color, but rather a finch to a cat.


In other words, while in Biology at Marysville High School (California) and then at Cal State University Sacramento - Anthropology 1, it was taught that humans evolved or transmuted from primates or apes. This was not offered as a hypothesis along with other beliefs like Biblical Creation.


Therefore, it came across as fact though Darwin never purposed it as such. Students were taught what to think rather than provided information and how to process it.


In fact, Darwin said if a fossil link could not eventually be discovered connecting one species to another then his theory was false and should be given a decent burial. Instead, though no link has ever been found Darwin’s transmutation is pounded into the fertile thinking of youngsters in every government school in the nation.


The teaching is so rigid that biology teachers have been fired for even offering the current understanding of many in the scientific community that there is evidence of ‘Intelligent Design’ (ID) in the earth and the universe. And no ID proponent ever dares mention the G-word as the Designer.


To understand the hardcore stance of government school evolution doctrine, it must be remembered that the entire system is based on a socialist and humanist construct that has declared the school room a God-free zone. In fact, students that are God-followers are often mocked, derided and cautioned by teachers about bringing Him up at school when students ask for evidence of evolution. This violates their Constitutional rights.


Since Darwin’s death, there have been a number of science frauds desperate to save Darwin’s theory leading to over a hundred years of teaching students nonsense. Professor Reiner Protsch von Zieten was a professor of Anthropology at Frankfurt University for 30 years before he was forced to resign. It was found that he falsified dates on many ‘stone age’ fossils which included a skull fragment named Hahnhöfersand Man which supposedly linked humans and Neanderthals.


The Piltdown Man was a notorious hoax early in 20th century Great Britain, in which a medieval human skull was combined with the lower jaw of an orangutan and subsequently ‘found’ (was planted) in a gravel pit near the village of Piltdown, England. For decades Piltdown Man was hailed as the ‘missing link’ between man and ape-like species by charlatans of evolution.


However, Piltdown Man was exposed as a fraud only through later scientific testing and simple observation. The refusal of the discoverer to allow independent scrutiny of his claims enabled this fraud to live for over forty years.

Other examples of bad judgement or outright fraud to shore-up evolution have been the Nebraska Man, Java Man, Ocre Man, and Flores Man.


However, another clue to the mistaken thinking of Darwin, humanists of his time and socialists is in the original title of Darwin’s famous book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.”


Though the title accurately portrays the racist mindset of many humanist intellectuals at the time the title was too toxic and needed to be cleaned-up to read “On the Origin of Species” in later printings. Darwin and his peers commonly considered there to be races and not just one human race. Further, they believed blacks and other minority peoples to be slower or less evolved.


This racist view is still a part of the Darwinist dogma that fits nicely with today’s government education rubbish. This propaganda includes global warming, multiplicity of genders, endorsing of transsexuals, undermining the spiritual influence in the founding of America, considering the Constitution irrelevant, an attitude that America is evil, and the widespread effort to revise American history.


It is ironic that February is both Black History Month and honors Darwin’s scientific contributions while Charles and his peers believed blacks were just a couple steps ahead of their primate cousins. Blacks were less ‘favoured.’

Antifa activists enjoy destroying statues and paintings of American heroes of the past that did not live a perfect life in Antifa degenerate’s egocentric view. However, Darwin’s best 1800’s thoughts were racist and he gets a pass in the socialist schools of America.  (See RescueYourChild.com for what to do.)


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