AAUW STEM Conference at Yuba College

Yuba County, Ca.


AAUW Girls on the move best IMG 8942

The next STEM Conference for 8th Grade Girls will be held at Yuba College the morning of Monday, March 30.  Last year’s STEM Conference brought more than 800 students to the Yuba College campus to experience what college life might be like, and to learn from local women about their careers in fields that require science and math.   The conference’s purpose is to encourage girls to stay in school and not to avoid the ‘hard’ subjects.  Studies have shown that girls are as proficient in science and math as anyone, and they can succeed.  This year’s STEM Conference will include working women in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Middle and K-8 schools in Sutter and Yuba Counties are invited to attend, and many teachers bring their 8th grade girls to the STEM Conference every year.  Students come to the STEM Conference with their math or science teachers in school busses as a school project.  Many leave with ideas about the career direction on which they wish to focus, and have a better idea of what classes to sign up for when they get to high school in the fall.


The STEM Conference begins at 9:00 a.m. in the Yuba College gymnasium with keynote speaker, Preet Didbal, the former Mayor of Yuba City and Yuba City Planning Commissioner.  Then they will break out into Sessions taught by local women in STEM careers.  After each girl has attended her 3 sessions, all 800 or so girls will join again in the school cafeteria for lunch.  Girls who have signed up for a Campus Tour will do so following lunch.   For more information contact the STEM Conference Chairs: Sandy Davini, 673-0930, /c 713-1390; and Barbara Solheim, 674-3577, /c 751-6954.