by Rachelle Lisby


Grass Valley, Ca.

Nevada County youth exhibitors are either members of FFA at Nevada Union and Bear River High schools which total approximately 350 active youth, or 4H which draws an additional 400 youth. Youth ages 5-19 can become a 4H member with most moving on the FFA once they reach high school. When you hear FFA or 4H your mind automatically goes to kids learning about farming. That is true but it is also so much more.  Youth learn the skills necessary to move into a variety of different fields allowing them to enter fields such as forestry, teaching, food production/inspection, leadership, business management and more.

Youth who choose to exhibit an animal in the Nevada County Fair begin their journey as much as 12 months prior to the fair depending on the animal. The largest class of animals appears to be the swine division which takes a full day to complete. Exhibitors begin raising their animal in late spring once the pigs are weaned. While raising the animal can be fun, it is also hard work. The youth exhibitor must know all the ins and outs of raising their pig. They are required to keep strict records of how much the pigs eat, weight, special dietary issues and general health. It is a 24/7 job. However, these exhibitors will tell you it is all worth it when they get their swine into the arena. . If a youth exhibitor chooses this division of animal, it is a full day’s work. Market class is done in the morning and Breeder and Showmanship are in the afternoon.


nevada co fairJudging is done in three areas Market Class and Breeder Showmanship. During the Market portion  the judges are looking at the “projected” market value of the animal. Exhibitors must know the best techniques for showing off their animals assets. Is it well-muscled, does it have extra fat, can it move easily and most of all will it provide a good yield at the butcher?   During Showmanship, it is all about how well the swine and exhibitor work together. Judges look for animals that hold their head up, maneuver where the exhibitor is directing them, how confident the exhibitor is with their animal and their knowledge of animal care. Breeder Class looks at the pig’s potential for breeding. The judge determines which animal would best be able to carry a little of 12-14 and still be able to move and take care of the young. First in each class earn the title of Grand Champion with second place being Grand Reserve.


 Pictured above are Gavin McElhannon and Anna Raymond of Nevada County 4H


Competition can be grueling especially in the summer heat yet these young exhibitors push through and love what they are doing.

The final step is the auction on Sunday. Registered buyers bid on the animals at a price per pound amount. Most pigs will bring $1500-$2000 as a final price. Once the youth exhibitor had deducted the cost of raising the animal, they can determine their net profit. Money is often set aside to purchase their animal for the following year.

by Lou Binninger


In 2016, Marysville, CA., 12,000 plus in population and 3.6 sq. mi. in size, was going bankrupt following decades of businesses leaving the city. In spite of shouldering millions of dollars in devastating long-term real estate debt the city council determined to continue funding its own police and fire departments rather than contracting out for services.

            On June 7, 2016 a majority of citizens voted to raise sales taxes 1% for 10 years to bring in $2 million plus annually to temporarily solve the short-fall caused by the bond debt, spiking unfunded pension liability and health premiums along with operating its own public safety services.

            Since that time city hall has been looking for new revenue streams and to increase existing ones. One idea was to charge for public safety responses. It has begun.

On August 3, 2019, Marysville Fire Department (MFD) suppressed a garage fire at a duplex.

            The owner’s insurance company, Allstate, then received a bill from Fire Recovery USA, LLC, a Roseville third party billing service, for the (MFD) fire response. The bill was for 3 engines ($455 per engine/hr), 1 fire truck ($568 per truck/hr), and 1 command on scene ($284/hr). The charge amounted to $2,217.00/hr. for 2.25 hrs. for a total of $4,988.25.

            The duplex owner had never heard of such a charge though having been a property owner and taxpayer for decades with multiple Marysville properties. He was informed by MFD that it was a new program they were trying out. A call to Councilmember Bruce Buttacavoli got the charge reduced to $500 which the insurance company agreed to assume.

            During the 1970s, a new legal theory emerged that enabled the collection of fees for emergency services. Charging for these services had been limited by the “free public services doctrine” or the “municipal cost recovery rule.” This doctrine stems from the notion that a governmental entity may not recover costs of public services incurred responding to an incident.

These costs were presumed to have already been borne by the public as a whole through taxation, and to allow the collection of such costs would constitute double recovery for the governmental entity or additional taxation.

However, the “free public services doctrine” has two major exceptions. First, “[a] municipal corporation may, however, avoid this non-recovery rule by statute.” Second, a governmental entity may recover emergency services costs “by alleging that the county utilized emergency services to protect property of its own.”

These exceptions have allowed jurisdictions to charge for not only structure and grass fires and hazardous waste spills, but also for medical emergencies. However, the court says that statutes must be in place to assess the charges.

Some states forbid charging for responses except for hazardous waste incidents. California statutes allow municipalities to bill for all emergency services.

One argument for service fees is that nonresidents who pay no taxes here should pay for the services provided by emergency responders. Another argument is that taxes no longer meet the cost of public safety agencies so the users of the service should pay a fee for usage, resident or not.

If Marysville is going to charge residents for medical emergencies it may want to give people an option to rely on Bi-County Ambulance (BCA) only since residents will be paying taxes, a separate response fee to MFD and the costs of BCA.

Currently BCA and MFD both respond to medical emergencies, but BCA has a paramedic (higher medical training) with each unit. Having both fire / rescue and an ambulance response is a redundancy created when firefighters unionized and wanted to justify higher salaries and benefits by adding medical responses to only fighting fires.

It now may be a luxury residents here can no longer afford. Many Marysville people may opt to make it to the hospital on their own or call BCA directly to avoid an extra response fee for MFD.

Since it is a new program maybe the council should make it clear to city residents by sending a “menu” of what future costs they may be incurring. Some cities charge $300 for responding to a medical emergency.

When firefighters basically just fought fires up to the 1970s they earned a pittance of their salaries today. In fact, most firefighters in the country are still volunteers. And, fires of all types have decreased dramatically.

However, now jurisdictions can’t add taxes, fees and charges fast enough to keep up with the $100-400 thousand salaries, health benefits and pensions for public safety people and administrators in rural California jurisdictions.

Even public safety people after retiring are fleeing the state to avoid the egregious taxes, fees and regulations.

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Browns Valley, CA


A $637,320 grant from the Yuba Water Agency  provides funding to help Browns Valley Irrigation District complete project engineering and design, and the California Environmental Quality Act requirements needed to get the Sicard Ditch Pipeline project shovel-ready. 

“This is a game changer for us,” said Ryan McNally, Browns Valley Irrigation District general manager. “Not only will this increase water supply reliability, but it will also give us the ability to eventually serve several hundred additional parcels.”

The Sicard Ditch Pipeline, when complete, will be nearly 10 miles long and will save the district approximately 4,000 acre-feet of water per year, which is equivalent to about four feet of water elevation at Collins Lake. 

Once the first phases of the project are complete, Browns Valley Irrigation District will begin looking for external funding to leverage Yuba Water Agency’s grant.

Marysville, Ca.


The Native Sons of the Golden West and Baseball History Buffs started out singing "Take me out to the Ballgame"it was awesome! Coffee! Donuts! and Cracker Jacks! Were served, over 100 of us showed up with the baseball spirit! 

marysville baseSo Just who are “The Native Sons of the Golden West”?   They are a fraternal service organization founded in 1875, limited to native born Californians and dedicated to historic preservation, documentation of historic structures and places in the state, the placement of historic plaques and other charitable functions within California. 

The NSGW “Sutter Parlor #261” with the help of President Matthew David and fellow members dedicated a monument to Marysville’s Baseball History Moment.


At 9:30 NSGW Grand President James P. King resided with other members of the NSGW from various areas in California. A special  plaque will be placed on the “Hust Bros.” Building to dedicate and  honor, a historic moment, the “Municipal Baseball  Park”, where it was once located, where a special game was played.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The “Bustin Babes” who beat “Laurfin Lou’s” The plaque  honoring Bath Ruth and Lou Gehrig during the big game of  October 25, 1927, So many great stories were shared about the big day!monument


Thanks NSGW for preserving and documenting another bit of Marysville’s History.


What an Honor!

by Lou Binninger


You pay more than 100 different taxes each year with the understanding that government will take care of business.  In the post war 1950s through the 1970’s amazing modern cities, airports, roadways and water projects were developed preparing us for the future. The world was in awe of America.

However today, higher and higher taxes are demanded while Americans cope with crumbling bridges and roads.  Grass grows through neglected cracks in the streets and sidewalks while rubbish and derelicts are strewn everywhere. Sections of cities are abandoned and have the look of an urban combat zone.

It’s as if America fell asleep, woke up in a high tech world with a ruler in hand and pencil behind its ear. It went backwards while the rest of the world screamed forward.

Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore have transformed themselves from backward disease-laden Third World cities to ultra-modern high-tech manufacturing hubs with smooth, quick and clean under and above ground transport systems.

American airline companies cannot compete with the Asian carriers (Singapore, Asiana, Korean, EVA, ANA, Cathay) and their flyer-friendly and stylish comfortable airport hubs. Need a quick shower, want to see a free movie, hit the gym, get a massage, want a hotel room to relax in the terminal, it’s all there.

Want to get checked-in for an international flight minutes after entering the terminal, be treated with class and courtesy even in the cheap seats; that would be the Asian carriers.

Why can Americans no longer build and maintain infrastructure like European and Asian countries? Its simple, America is in shambles due to environmental activists and labor unions.

Take the Keystone Pipeline designed to bring oil into US refineries from Canada. Piping is much more efficient and safer than other modes of transport (rail cars and trucks), but irrational environmentalists get hives when fossil fuels are even whispered though they benefit from them every day. They scream this pipeline would be a national disaster while other pipelines safely crisscross the US.

Keystone has cleared environmental review two times by liberal administrations (Hillary Clinton 2011, John Kerry 2014) but has been marooned for ten years due to adversarial legalism. In 2018, Obama appointee Montana Judge Brian Morris halted the construction for the third time after President Trump gave it the go ahead.

This legal harassment shows up on every project with 50,000 federal environmental reviews and thousands more state and local studies every year. A dredging project in Oakland harbor started in the 1970’s was not completed till the 1990’s. Four challenges delayed a water desalinization plant for 12-years and added hundreds of millions to the cost in arid San Diego County after it was proposed in 2003.

Raising the existing New Jersey Bayonne Bridge was delayed 5-years with 20,000 pages of review documents. The bridge would simply allow bigger ships to pass beneath.

European and Asian projects are proposed, financed and finished in the time Americans take to do their environmental review and the foreign projects are much cheaper to build.

A 2011 study by Israeli mathematician Alon Levy found that a mile of subway tract in Continental Europe or Japan costs $200-$450 million. Vancouver, Canada’s new line (40% underground) cost $130 million a mile in a densely populated area. London’s extension of The Tube came in at $640 million.

In New York City, the Second Avenue Subway, a two mile extension of an existing line took 10 years and $2.4 billion per mile. NY’s East Side Access Project will cost $3.5 billion per mile or 7 times the average cost of other cities worldwide. The project started in 2007 and will finish in 2022 or maybe 2030 if green activists are lucky.

Why so expensive? Enter the labor unions whose motto should be “work slowly and charge more, a lot more.” Sometimes they are even paid to not work. The Sandhogs Union in NY charges $111 per hour according to a NY Times investigation. Combine that with this fact – the same task accomplished in Madrid, Spain with 8 workers takes 24 in NY.

An investigation of NY’s East Side Access construction found that roughly 200 of the 900 workers on the underground project were being paid to do nothing.   In Boston, the Green Line Extension Project is set to cost $530 million per mile and it’s all above ground.

What is the result of all this? Americans are living in a 20th Century infrastructure world. We can’t build a 21st Century version. The unions and environmentalists forbid it.

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Yuba County, Ca.


On July 29th, 30th and 31st, the Yuba County Marijuana Enforcement Team (METYU)  assisted by Nevada County Sheriff’s Department, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California State Water boards, NET-5, California National Guard Counterdrug, and the California Department of Food and Ag Cal Cannabis Cultivation Licensing, executed fifteen search warrants in regards to environmental violations due to cultivation of marijuana. These locations focused around cultivation sites in close proximity to South Honcut Creek, Natchez Creek, Tennessee Creek, and Dry Creek in the foothills of Yuba County. 



As a result of the investigation, 5104 marijuana plants were eradicated, 53 lbs in processed marijuana was seized, and 10 people were arrested and/or cited. 28 Fish and Wildlife and water violations were discovered, including diverting creeks and pumping from the creeks to the cultivation sites. Additionally, violations totaling over 15 million in potential fines were noted by the California Department of Food and Ag CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing at the targeted properties.




afterThe locations searched were in the areas of:

12000 block of Edgehill Way, Loma Rica

12000 block Lone Tree Ln, Loma Rica

Pineview Ln, Loma Rica

16000 block New York House Rd, Brownsville 

Indiana Ranch Rd, Dobbins

Scott Forbes Rd @ Deer Creek, Browns Valley

17000 block Ponderosa Way, Brownsville 

16000 block Vierra Rd, Rackerby (9 locations)

7900 Reed Ln, Rackerby (3 locations)

by Lou Binninger


            Yuba County Administrator Robert Bendorf and his County Supervisors wanted their cake and eat it too when it came to the Measure K Sale Tax. Their private lobbying, town hall meetings, mailers, social media postings and signage sold the Measure as a Public Safety Special Tax that would be restricted to a special fund.

            However, a “special” tax requires a two thirds passage by voters according to Prop 13 and 218 laws. The funds then are legally restricted to in this case public safety. But Measure K’s funds can be used for anything, contrary to what voters were told. Yuba officials wanted to use the sales pitch of a public safety “special” tax to curry the voters’ favor but they did not want to risk failing to reach the two-thirds vote threshold of the “special” tax.

            Selling Measure K as a General Fund Tax to be used for anything would have met resistance because people are put-off by the exorbitant entertainment-style salaries of county officials, ‘Cadillac’ pension / health plans and the mismanagement of CalPERS (government employee retirement fund). Voters see rich salaries / pensions and poor quality public services. After paying county personnel, there is little left to go toward improving the county. Most of Measure K’s revenues now will be utilized for the runaway unfunded pension debt.

            Some agency leaders were alarmed when learning that Measure K monies could be diverted from public safety. Bendorf assured them that he would take care of it in the fine print of the ordinance. What does that mean?

            The funds are restricted or they aren’t. Years ago, a Transit Occupancy Tax on hotels was put to voters with officials saying that the funds would be used to boost tourism in the county. It passed and the funds disappeared into the General Fund black hole.

            County-hired attorneys Colantuono, Ruderman, and Harkins are selling a mirage that it was a General Fund Tax in order to preserve the government’s simple majority win. This is a “special tax” pig with lipstick.  In a December 16, 2017 email to Supervisor Mike Leahy from Crystal Martin, the county’s hired “snow job queen,” Martin called the future Measure K “Yuba County Law Enforcement Sales Tax.”

That has been the drum beat all along. Sacramento attorneys Bell, McAndrews, and Hiltachk, LLP representing the opposition to K intend to show Judge Stephen Berrier that there has been a bait and switch campaign employed by Yuba County government to deceive voters.

            If Judge Berrier decides that the Measure K campaign was legitimate it will undermine Proposition 13 and 218’s protections passed by voters to make it more difficult for a simple majority to raise taxes.

            The other travesty is that the county used hundreds of thousands of tax dollars for a media campaign to deceive citizens to vote to tax themselves even more. Why? To shore – up the General Fund pension debt. County officials called this an “educational campaign” to get around being charged for a misuse of public funds.

This is a freedom of speech violation. The spending is against the law but California’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), an impotent group with weak enforcement powers, says district attorneys will not prosecute. Prosecutors and even judges have a conflict of interest since they all benefit from the additional revenue.

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by Lou Binninger


In June 2018, the Sutter County Grand Jury (GJ) refused to sign a severely edited version of their work and resigned. Therefore, no GJ report was available for the public.

Sutter County Superior Court Judge Brian Aronson, after taking over GJ supervision from Judge Sarah Heckman who was unable to manage the controversial testimony given the jury, did his best to bury the information gleaned about troubled District Attorney (DA) Amanda Hopper and County Counsel Jean Jordan.

Next, Aronson resigned his position on the bench after just being elected to a fifth 4-year term of office. Hopper was re-elected to her second term and Jordon was given an extension on her contract by the Board of Supervisors.

Former DA lead investigator Jason Parker, also of interest to the GJ, was fired and his dismissal upheld by county supervisors even after an Administrative Law Judge ruled the county had no grounds to dispose of Parker. Both Parker and investigator Dave Williams were repeatedly attacked by Hopper in Appeal Democrat newspaper articles questioning their credibility and character.

The 2017-18 Grand Jury received numerous complaints regarding Hopper’s office that led to its inquiry. The complaints included a “hostile work environment, retaliation, listening to an illegal wiretap, and violating the county vehicle use policy.”

Current and past employees interviewed described working in a “hostile work environment.” Vulgarity, profanity, juvenile behavior and inappropriate text messages were noted as common place and condoned by the DA. The GJ found the accusations credible while the DA considered the behavior acceptable since the employees were adults.

Hopper is quoted, “I’m never going to tell an adult human being in my office, you know, hey we’re having a conversation, watch your mouth. No, that’s not what would happen.” The GJ report said this gave staff the impression that vulgarity and profanity were acceptable.

An illegal recording of a private conversation with Anu Chopra, former attorney in the DA’s office was presented by a citizen to DA Hopper. Chopra had been fired from the office, then sued the county for unlawful dismissal and was considering opposing Hopper for re-election.

Hopper listened to the recording.  Since this GJ was not a criminal GJ they could not bring a legal action against her, but described it as “unseemly.” If proven, this would be the District Attorney herself violating the law.

The GJ found that the DA ignored the county’s Vehicle Use Policy. The county policy forbids transporting passengers except for county business purposes. The complaint was that the DA used her county vehicle routinely for personal use and also requested DA office personnel to retrieve her children from school or the dentist’s office in county vehicles while employees were working. The DA admitted she had done so. This could be considered a theft of public funds.

The GJ says County Counsel Jean Jordan violated confidentiality and the law by attending a closed hearing on December 15, 2017 and then reporting the information to DA Hopper. The GJ was investigating the DA’s office, Jordan had recused herself from advising the GJ but attended the meeting anyway. Others present were Judge Aronson, a representative from the State Attorney General’s office, the GJ Foreman and the GJ Pro-Tem. The judge ordered the hearing records sealed and confidential.

On February 9, 2018, DA Hopper admitted to the GJ that Jordan leaked information to her. On March 8, 2018 the GJ interviewed Jordan about passing the information and concluded Jordan was not telling the truth.

The GJ recommendation regarding the Jordan incident was that the Superior Court consider contempt of court proceedings ordering the Sutter County Counsel to show cause why she should not be held in contempt for disclosing confidential information obtained in a closed court session regarding the Sutter County District Attorney.

After manipulating GJ findings and suppressing the report, depriving residents of the GJ testimony, Judge Aronson will be remembered for covering wrong-doing of government officials and disrespecting the work of 19 Sutter County jury members.

Hopper and Jordan escape unscathed after Hopper threatened to sue the GJ for its findings. Jordan, contrary to state law, told jury members that the county would not provide a defense for them if sued by Hopper.

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Forbestown, Ca.

Shakespeare Mine 1

The first Saturday of August marks the date for the traditional celebration of gold rush history known as Forbestown Daze at the Yuba Feather Museum.  Located in the foothills above Oroville, Forbestown is proud of its heritage as the destination for many immigrants from the eastern United States and from foreign lands who came seeking their fortunes among the quartz seams and tall forests of the Sierras in the 1800s. 

You may have heard that the Forbestown Advisory Council is not putting on any activities this year in association with Forbestown Daze. 



However, the Yuba Feather Historical Association is holding its day of “living history” as it always does at the height of summer.  We continue to welcome young and old, neighbors, big city folk, and anyone passing through northern California.  Come up and find a respite from the heat and a relaxing day of fun in the refreshing air of the foothills.

The day begins with the traditional patriotic raising of our nation’s flag at the entrance to the Yuba Feather Museum and the gateway to Gold Trader Flat.  The hoisting of the Stars and Stripes and playing of the Star Spangled Banner will be conducted by Boy Scout Troop 6400 and local Veterans of Foreign Wars George Steiner Post 10135.  Then, immerse yourself in the heady days of the Gold Rush. Mingle with costumed docents, lawmen and gun fighters in Gold Trader Flat, an interpretive village lovingly constructed by descendants of the early pioneers as well as more recent transplants.  Inside the Museum, curated exhibits display the lives and work of gold rush era residents from the expert basketry of the first peoples to the “green gold” of the lumber industry. This year a new exhibit will bring back happy memories with a display of old time toys.  On the boardwalks and along the streets of Gold Trader Flat, visitors can tour the establishments of a typical gold rush town from chapel to saloon and homestead to hotel while listening to the strains of old time music, quenching thirst with ice cold sarsaparilla and filling up with hearty chow. 


Homestead.2014Check into the lobby of the Liberty Hotel and up the stairs you will find guest rooms displaying male and female wardrobes of the period.  In the quilting room, sit down at the quilting bee loom and put some of your own stitches on the pieced quilt project.  Between the guest and quilting rooms, visitors will see a new addition to the hotel – the music room.  Lacking the electronics that permeate modern lives, our forefathers depended on their own talents to provide entertainment using their own voices, instruments, and stories.  Finer homes of the period had rooms such as this one and learning to play the piano was a common ingredient in a young person’s education.  Down in Gold Trader Flat visitors will be able to enjoy live performances by local talent. 


Jeff Butterworth will be demonstrating gold panning, the enterprise that brought riches to a few and sustenance to many during the Gold Rush.  Even today it provides a good excuse to hike around our beautiful mountains and dip your fingers in the refreshingly cool streams.  Donna Hankins will be peddling her souvenirs and toys at the mercantile and the bake sale across the boardwalk will be offering our famous cinnamon rolls and other homemade treats.  Next to the Liberty Hotel, the Pantry will be turning out belly-filling burgers and dogs fresh off the barbeque. 

Beware of outlaws roaming the streets.  You’re visiting the “Wild West” and gun fights do break out from time to time.  We are thrilled once again to offer live reenactments as well as safety demonstrations by Law Dawgs and Pistoleros.  No need to worry; our own Sherriff Andy Hill will be on duty and the village jail always has room for one more.

Admission to the Museum and Gold Trader Flat is always free.   Donations and proceeds go towards upkeep and improvement of the Museum and interpretive village both of which are supported entirely through private memberships and donations and maintained by volunteers for the benefit of the community.   For more information about Forbestown Daze at the Yuba Feather Museum or the Yuba Feather Historical Association, please call 540/675-0630.


SATURDAY, August 3, 2019

9:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M.

19096 New York Flat Road, Forbestown, California

On Monday, July 22, CRPA with support of NRA, filed a motion requesting an injunction against enforcement of California's recently implemented ammunition laws. The injunction is part of the case Rhode v. Becerra, filed in April of 2018, where lead Plaintiff and gold medal Olympian shooter Kim Rhode and other Plaintiffs have asked the court to halt enforcement after a dubious roll out of the new law on July 1st.  

The entire system has been shown to be an unconstitutionally excessive burden on law-abiding gun owners with little to no law enforcement value. California ammunition retailers were given little if any guidance from the state explaining the procedures for processing ammunition sales, amounting to mass confusion throughout the state.  

If the court grants the Plaintiffs’ request, it will prohibit California from enforcing its ammunition sales restrictions while the Rhode case is fully litigated. A hearing on the Plaintiffs’ request is currently scheduled for August 19. A decision is expected sometime thereafter




by Lou Binninger


Americans often see a problem; get the cause wrong, and then the solution as well. Years ago, China could not feed its population due to centralized control of business and agriculture. Slow Americans concurred with China’s forced abortion one-child policy because Americans thought the problem was too many people rather than a lack of productivity.

            India couldn’t feed its people though they produced plenty of food. US social scientists said they needed to introduce birth control and abortion. However, Hindus had made a god of the rat and refused to control the holy pest. The protected pest was said to consume up to a third of the grain.

            In the first case the problem was a bad political philosophy and the second a demonic religious bent. What people believe makes a difference between life and death, prosperity and poverty.

            California after leading the world in innovation currently seems smitten with a spirit of stupidity by funding and coddling squatters and now rodents. People relieve themselves and their trash in public and now rodents attracted by the snacks receive protected status because controlling rats is more dangerous than the diseases they breed.

            There are options. Many cultures embrace and eat the rat, some as large as one to two pounds. While many women have turned to doctors to enhance their beauty many Vietnamese women eat rats to keep their desired youthful look. It’s much cheaper than potions and plastic surgery.

            However, Vietnamese avoid eating city rats as those rodents feed on garbage in alleys and drains. Their meat is considered dirty and even toxic. The preferred rats are caught in rice paddies. Since they primarily feed on rice these rats are considered ‘cleaner’ and safe for consumption. They may damage the crops but farmers still love them for their meat.

            Not all paddy rats are the same. Rats with light brown fur have bigger heads and more fat content, bringing a higher price than the dark brown ones. A person could easily down 7 in a sitting. The meat is high in protein and low in fat.

Some use rats in a stew with herbs and vegetables to cure lower backaches. The ladies believe that rat meat contains a high amount of essential amino acids, which aids in skin regeneration for a clearer complexion, thus making them look younger and more beautiful. Rat meat contains a skin supplement!

In the Mekong Delta rodents bring higher prices than chicken. The Delta alone produces up to 3,600 tons of live rats a year, at a value of about $2 million.

Cooks avoid rats that are sick from ingesting poison by purchasing live rats at market where they can inspect their health. A rat can live up to five days after ingesting an anti- coagulant. Since rats can carry 60 known diseases that can also affect humans it is important that rodents are well-cooked.

At least 89 rodent species are eaten around the world, from Asia to Africa to South America to the United States, where squirrels have long been a staple.

In California, environmentalists complain that the anticoagulant found in rat poison is showing-up in other mammals in the food chain - owls, coyotes and mountain lions throughout the state. Bills are being introduced to ban the use of anticoagulant rodent killers.

Will banning anti-coagulants bring back the plagues of the Middle Ages? Typhus cases are the only rodent borne disease on the rise according to the California Department of Public Health.

Urban rodent populations have flourished since the drought, likely due to winter flooding pushing the rodents toward cities. If they aren’t set-back using rodenticides, pest control professionals ask: how long before the state sees a spike in the plague or Hantavirus — deadly diseases that sometimes occur in California?

Of the 73 people who contracted Hantavirus in California since 1993, nearly one out of three died, health officials say.

Rats can be seen everywhere in Vietnam having their way. There were so many earlier this summer outside the CalEPA  (Environmental Protection Agency) building in downtown Sacramento that officials closed its outdoor playground out of fear state employees’ kids would catch rodent-borne diseases.

Building officials then set out the controversial rat poison that soon may be banned by the California Legislature. The poison didn’t last long once the word spread that the state’s top environmental regulators were using a poison widely condemned by California’s powerful environmental groups.

Permitting rodents to live may open up a new industry of trapping, selling and consuming rat meat. Meanwhile, Typhus may not kill you but the symptoms may make you wish you were dead.

by Lou Binninger


When it comes to voter fraud and stealing elections democrats certainly have the reputation for it. Dogs and dead people voting, slogans like vote early and vote often, and ballot box stuffing are infamously remembered along with the Chicago Democratic Machine and New York’s Tammany Hall.

            Chicago is noted for helping President John F. Kennedy "steal" the 1960 election. JFK beat Richard Nixon by 9,000 votes in Illinois by capturing what some considered a suspiciously high 450,000 advantage in Cook County.

            Of course, the domestic terrorist arm of the Democratic Party, the Ku Klux Klan believed its mission was to intimidate black people from fully engaging in American society and certainly stop them from voting. Blacks then were nearly all conservative and served in legislatures as far back as the 1800’s (5 did before 1867). Blacks were conservative because democrats were racist and the Party of Slavery.

            More recently, democrats scream that no identification (ID) should be required to vote implying that minorities and the poor are too stupid to obtain an ID. Dems say that regulations and IDs are synonymous with voter suppression, but nearly every person needs an ID today to take care of everyday business. There is also no proof that voter registration and absentee ballot laws suppress voting either.

            Dems also want citizens of other countries, incarcerated people and felons on parole to vote, and now 16-year-olds.  Seems like they just want to control elections through any means possible and eliminate any tracking and accountability that insure the integrity of the election process.

            Most people want honest and fair elections, but liberals just want to win them, big difference.

            For those doubting the existence of voter fraud see where Heritage Foundation listed a sampling of 1,199 proven instances, the techniques and prosecution. However, this is trivial compared to what Big Tech Media (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) accomplished in the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton.

            Remember, Hillary supposedly received 2.87 million more votes nationwide than Trump, a margin of 2.1% (the largest margin ever for a candidate who lost the electoral college). Trump won a majority of electoral votes, with a total of 306 electors from 30 states.

            However, startling testimony was given recently by Dr. Robert Epstein before a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Big Tech bias. Big Tech is an assembly of private corporations and have a right to be biased you say. True, but Congress granted them immunity from liability lawsuits because they all promise that their mission is to be a neutral public forum.

The Communications Decency Act Section 230 protects these companies from liability for illegal content posted by third parties. The largest and most powerful Internet media companies today have hundreds of thousands of employees. And they have enormous resources and advanced algorithms they can use to moderate content.

            Though Big Tech representatives all claim neutrality with straight faces, the evidence is overwhelming that they are completely biased - liberal, pro-abortion, anti-Christian, anti-Trump, anti-law enforcement and anti-military, anti-capitalist and so on.

Who does Big Tech hire? Mainly liberals. Donor records reveal Google employees gave $1.315 million to Hillary and nothing to Trump in 2016. And the number one corporate donor to Hillary was Alphabet, parent company to Google. Big Tech’s hiring is their business but they aren’t a neutral Internet platform.

            Dr. Robert Epstein, is an American psychologist, professor, author, and journalist. He earned his Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard University in 1981, was editor in chief of Psychology Today, a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego, and the founder and director emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Concord, MA.

            Epstein told Senator Ted Cruz at the hearing that he was an outspoken supporter for Clinton and is a hard-core liberal. However, Epstein says he believes in free and fair elections over a candidate or party.

Epstein is an expert on Big Tech’s methodology. He believes Big Tech intends to influence the decision-making of its users and will “hack” the 2020 election. They will utilize the search engine manipulation effect, the search suggestion effect, and the answer bot effect. It is “non-competitive manipulation,” says the professor.

            He testified that Google influenced a minimum of 2.6 million to 10.4 million votes for Clinton in 2016. With no big tech manipulation, Trump easily wins the popular vote as well. Epstein further suggested Big Tech was overconfident in 2016 thinking Trump had no chance, but did much better for democrats in 2018.

            Twenty million votes could be affected using Google’s search engine bias according to Epstein and that’s just Google, the most powerful business in the world. While liberals claimed that Russians meddled in the 2016 election that was a diversion. The real election hackers are their lefty friends at Big Tech.

Yuba County Sheriff

Marysville, Ca.


Yuba County Sheriff’s Office  sponsored an active shooter and mass casualty exercise on July 17, 2019. This exercise provided participants with an opportunity to assess capabilities, plans, policies, and procedures. It  focused on decision-making, coordination, and integration with other organizations during an active shooter and mass casualty incident. The expected outcome of the exercise was evaluating the training, response, communication and lifesaving abilities of the participating agencies.


active shooter training




From 2000-2014 In 64 incidents where the duration of the incident could be ascertained, 44 (69.0%) of 64 incidents ended in 5 minutes or less, with 23 ending in 2 minutes or less.



Speedily moving towards engagement with the shooter should be the primary guideline when teaching active shooter response tactics.






The drill was held at the Toyota Amphitheater in which an Active Shooter event  occurred during a simulated concert.  The threat was not  revealed until the event went active and involved personnel  reacted under basic guidelines provided to their individual groups.

Oregon House, Ca.


On July 16, 2019 Yuba County Sheriff's Office  and NET-5 executed a warrant in 13000 block Licha Ln, Oregon House.  Nine people were detained at the residence; a quarter ounce of methamphetamine was located, drug paraphernalia in every room; and ammunition. 


 Arrested were:

 Allon Fleckenstein



Allon Fleckenstein  56,  

Arrested for 11366 HS, 11377 HS, 11364 HS, 11350 HS, 30305 PC




Jeremiah Hopkins




Jeremiah Hopkins  33,  

Arrested for Out of County Warrants




 Kristine Cocco  48,   Cited for 11377 PC. (possession of controlled Substance)


The second search warrant was served on July 18, 2019 at approximately 8:00 A.M. in the 16000 block of Willow Glen Rd in Brownsville by the Yuba County METYU (Marijuana Enforcement Team) and Yuba County Code Enforcement Officers. 341 Marijuana plants were located and found to be not in compliance with the county ordinance for Marijuana cultivation. Four subjects fled the property and were not located. The grow had been located during prior flyovers.

Forbestown Days August 3, 2019


Yuba Sutter Fair August 1-4, 2019

              Celebrating 160 years


Nevada County Fair August 7-11, 2019


Marysville Stampede September 14-15, 2019


Draft Horse Classic September 19-22, 2019

The premier Draft Horse show in western United States.

At the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

by Lou Binninger


In 1922 there were 12 million cars in the United States, and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimated that the country would run out of oil by 1942. But in 2016, there were 268.8 million US vehicles burning oil and gas. Was the U.S.G.S. off-base or what! The reason they were clueless was that they didn’t take into account new discovery and extraction solutions to come.

Democrat Presidents Carter (1977-1981) and Obama (2009-2017) both lamely claimed America was running out of oil and created policies based on nonsense. Their shortsightedness was convenient because they could push their green energy razzle dazzle. Carter at least had a more favorable take on nuclear energy though today repeating the truth that nuclear is the cleanest and cheapest energy may cost you your head or job.

However, most climate scientists have shown they can’t find their crotch with a care dog and/or are political pimps telling stuffed suits what they want to hear to keep those grants coming.

There has been a growing movement to replace hydrocarbons (gas, oil, coal) which collectively supply 84% of the world’s energy. The number grows to the high 90 percentile when you add hydro and nuclear resources. This alternative fuel gig started with the fear that we were running out of oil (Carter and Obama).

That fear or excuse has since evolved into the belief that using these abundant new found fossil fuel resources provided by God were altering His climate and tainting His world. Regardless of what the media says this is a crock.

After all the hullabaloo, tax credits, subsidies, crony capitalism, “Gorey” movies, fraud and global warming rallies in the freezing cold, solar and batteries—the favored alternatives to hydrocarbons—provide just 2% of the world’s energy and 3% of America’s. Whoopee! Don’t yard sale your candles and matches.

Wait a minute, Bezerkley just banned natural gas in favor of the egregiously expensive pain-in-the-butt-to-use electricity? And, it’s all based on scientific lunacy.

Nonetheless, a bold new lie has gained popularity: that we’re on the cusp of a tech-driven energy revolution that not only can, but inevitably will, rapidly replace all hydrocarbons. Oh please! We need more than innovative software.

Even world renowned investor Warren Buffet, big into bird blenders, says he’s in it for the tax credits since it will never generate a profit on its own. That means the wind industry exists today because your money was taken and given to wind mill companies.

An article by Mark Mills for the Manhattan Institute - “The ‘New Energy Economy’: An Exercise in Magical Thinking” says “The energy needed to move a ton of people, heat a ton of steel or silicon, or grow a ton of food is determined by properties of nature whose boundaries are set by laws of gravity, inertia, friction, mass, and thermodynamics—not clever software.”

His paper highlights “the physics of energy to illustrate why there is no possibility that the world is undergoing—or can undergo—a near-term transition to a ‘new energy economy.’”

No nerd or high roller can fathom a cheaper, more powerful, stable, safe and more abundant energy source than fossil fuels.  This means that spending $1 million on utility-scale wind turbines, or solar panels will each, over 30 years of operation, produce about 50 million kilowatt-hours (kWh)—while an equivalent $1 million spent on a shale rig produces enough natural gas over 30 years to generate over 300 million kWh.

For solar, the era of ten-fold gains is over.  It isn’t in the physics cards. The physics boundary for silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells, the Shockley-Queisser Limit, is a maximum conversion of 34% of photons into electrons; the best commercial PV technology today exceeds 26%. No more belt loosening here.

The same bad news exists for wind power gains. The physics boundary for a wind turbine, the Betz Limit, is a maximum capture of 60% of kinetic energy in moving air; commercial turbines today exceed 40%. Wind power is a big loser for the taxpayer.

Oh, and no sun or wind, no power. Hold that thought.

The shocker for you battery lovers is that the annual output of Tesla’s Gigafactory, the world’s largest battery factory, could store three minutes’ worth of annual U.S. electricity demand. It would require 1,000 years of production to make enough batteries for two days’ worth of U.S. electricity demand. Meanwhile, 50–100 pounds of materials are mined, moved, and processed using fossil fuels for every pound of battery produced.

Lefties either can’t do math or love the darkness.

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by Lou Binninger


The left is feigning a hissy-fit over President Trump’s remarks that if the four congresswomen hate America so intensely, they could always return to their homeland. What’s wrong with that?

            The bigger question is why they came here in the first place? As for Muslims they came to mooch the free stuff, convert the country to Sharia Law and assume the majority rule.

            Example, the Tsarnaev family (Boston Bombers) arrives in April 2002 on a tourist visa. They then seek asylum, and are supported by taxes of hard-working Americans. Meanwhile, they hate America.

            So, various family members glean hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits from 2002 until Muslim brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar on April 15, 2013 damage hundreds of innocent people at the Boston Marathon. No, all Muslims aren’t terrorists, but nearly every terrorist is Muslim. Name the exceptions. But…back to being nudged to leave.

            The fact is that the left has been saying through its actions and agenda that anyone that resists conforming to its values, beliefs, and thinking needs to get the hell out, leave. Leave your job, school, business, church, neighborhood, athletic team, club and any other affiliation where the left’s totalitarian oppression and thought police have or seek control.

            The left control-freaks establish the rules (sexuality, gender, marriage, religion, earth worship, “race,” and endless control of all else) and then anyone caught violating are fired, shamed or pressured into resigning.

            You can say “Kill Trump, F…k Trump, Cut his head off, He’s a child molester, a Racist” etc. and we’re good to go on the left. That’s not insensitive. However, different rules apply elsewhere.

            ESPN broadcaster and former Major League pitcher Curt Schilling was fired for saying on social media, "A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don't care what they are, who they sleep with, men's room was designed for the penis, women's not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic."

            Mozilla (maker of Firefox Browser) co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich was forced to resign after furious attacks arose, largely on Twitter, over his $1,000 contribution in support of 2008 Proposition 8 to define marriage as between a man and a woman. The proposition passed but was overturned in court.

Opponents called it a ban on same sex marriage. In that case it was also a ban on marrying your dog, sheep or the demon you are screwing.

            The northern California utility monopoly Pacific, Gas and Electric used $250,000 of ratepayer and shareholder money to oppose Proposition 8. Neither group gave PG and E permission to spend their monies this way. How authoritarian!

            She can leave. Miss World America and Trump supporter Kathy Zhu was stripped of her Miss Michigan title for refusing to wear a hijab in 2018, and for ‘insensitive’ social media posts. Zhu is a Chinese immigrant who moved to the United States at age five; she became popular with conservatives  for both her support of Donald Trump during the 2016 election and for fighting off students attempting to get her expelled from the University of Central Florida for refusing to try on a hijab.

            Zhu was told to turn in her sash and crown. She is insensitive. She posted on a social media back and forth concerning black-on-black crime. “Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others,” the tweet reads. Nope, can’t say that no’ mo’. This is Amerika. She has to leave.

Responding to Miss World America’s criticism of her comments as racist Zhu said, “How is that racist? It’s statistics. Didn’t know statistics were racist.”

            Zhu further responded by email to pageant leaders, “[W]hat is ‘insensitive’ is that women in the Middle East are getting STONED TO DEATH for refusing to obey their husband’s orders to wear hijabs.”

 “A Muslim woman tried to FORCIBLY put a hijab on my head without my permission. I tweeted about it on my social media, and it got the attention of the media. Almost everyone was supportive of me refusing to be put in that situation.”

            The left frantically creates laws, rules, and an environment of intolerance that are forcing citizens to leave something or some place every day. The refugees of conscience are looking for the liberty, honesty and decency based on Judeo-Christian principles that once offered everyone here freedom of speech and association.

            The first European settlers to America left their homelands looking for a less oppressive way, a place of liberty and freedom. Spoiled butt-hurt socialists call disagreeable people like America’s Founders racists.

Yes, people are leaving the stench of oppression. Socialism in full-bloom will forbid people to leave and refer them to camps. Please investigate China and Vietnam for a view of the future.

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At the July 9th Yuba County Board of Supervisors meeting the organizations that served the largest Camp Fire shelter were honored.

Emergency Services and Health teams from Yuba and Sutter counties joined to stand up an evacuation shelter on November 8, 2018, for survivors of the Camp Fire. Numerous organizations throughout the region were involved in the response, but six were particularly instrumental in establishing the shelter and meeting specific needs.  The two counties joined once again to express appreciation for the vital services provided by these organizations.



The organizations honored were: Yuba-Sutter Domestic Animal Disaster Assistance, FieldHaven, Yuba-Sutter Habitat for Humanity, Yuba-Sutter Salvation Army, Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds and Sutter North Medical Group. The proclamation presentations were from the joint Yuba County and Sutter County Boards of Supervisors with Butte County officials also attending.

Yuba-Sutter counties say they made a big difference for survivors.

Yuba City, Ca.


michael rock image001After an extensive nationwide search, the City of Yuba City will be considering the appointment of longtime civil servant Michael Rock as its next city manager at next the City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 16th. If confirmed, Rock will come to the City after serving as city manager for the City of Santa Paula for the last two years. He has previously worked in that same role for the City of Banning and the City of Lomita, town manager for the City of Fairfax, and operations manager for the City of Rocklin.

Mayor Shon Harris said that for this critical role, the City Council wanted someone who was not only the most qualified but who also shares the values, attitudes and leadership style that align with the City and community and that will enable them to thrive. The City Council is confident it has found that person in Rock.

“We are excited about welcoming Michael to our City and introducing him to our dedicated and professional staff,” Harris said. “There is a lot of work to be done as we move forward, and we look forward to exceptional results under his leadership.”


Rock’s areas of expertise include public policy, economic development, capital projects, budget and finance, public works, and infrastructure maintenance. Harris said his wide breadth of practical experience, his innovative and results-oriented leadership style, and long-term connections to the Yuba-Sutter community will be tremendous assets in his new role as city manager.

Rock looks forward to returning to his Northern California roots and being closer to family he has in Yuba City and across the North State. He said he also eagerly anticipates opportunities to support the City in its continued growth and prosperity.

“It’s a great place to live, and there are so many opportunities ahead for housing and commercial development,” he said. “It’s wonderful to see how much people care about their community and how the City Council is diligent about what they do to serve them at every council meeting and in between.”

Rock holds a master’s degree in public policy and administration from Sacramento State and a bachelor’s degree in government, also from Sacramento State.

Harris expressed his deep gratitude to Interim City Manager Diana Langley for her tireless hard work and leadership as the City Council worked to fill this role in recent months, as well as the patience, professionalism and support exhibited by every City employee during the transition. Langley will be returning to her previous role as director of public works. 

Marysville, Ca.


The Marysville Peach Festival began as a small street event in 1999. It was the original idea of Jody Sodaro of Sodaro Orchards who created the event the very first year. Since then the festival has become known throughout the state.

It continues to be a large free two day street fair that is attended by approximately 30,000 people in the region. We invite you to come enjoy the music, food, activities and fresh peaches at the 20th Annual Marysville Peach Festival! Come soak up the atmosphere of Historic Downtown Marysville…Peach Fest 3

Join tens of thousands of attendees in celebrating the 20th year of family fun and peachy indulgence! Delight in the sweet taste of fresh peaches picked at the peak of ripeness from the orchards of Yuba County.

  • Listen and dance to musical talent from throughout the region
  • Shop the many quaint stores in the Downtown District
  • Browse the specialty vendors lining the streets of Historic Downtown Marysville
  • Compete in peachy fun!
  • Peach Fest 1

Marysville Peach Fest 5K Run / Walk

This fun and healthy way to get in the peach festival spirit will be held the Saturday morning of the event. Race day registration and packet pickup will be held in front of the Silver Dollar Saloon on 1st & D Streets in Marysville starting at 7:15 a.m. The race begins at 8:00 a.m.

Pre-registration ends on Wednesday, July 17, 2019. Don’t wait! The 1st 100 people registered will receive a free Race Shirt!

Register by Mail : Yuba Sutter Training Zone 424 D Street Marysville CA 95901


Questions? Call (530) 742-7473 or email the Yuba Sutter Training Zone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Checks will be made payable to Yuba Sutter Training Zone.

Awards Ceremony will begin immediately following the race as soon as the results have been tabulated.

Peaches and Pancake Breakfast


The Marysville FFA Ag Boosters will help raise money for scholarships for the Marysville High FFA students by holding a Peaches & Pancakes Breakfast at the Silver Dollar on Saturday. July 20st. The hours of service will be from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The price will be $5.00 with a pre-sale ticket or $6.00 at the door. Price includes pancakes, sausage, peaches, orange juice or coffee.


peachesThe Best Peach Bake-Off in the West!

Enter Your Best Peach Pies, Pastries & Preserves in the
2019 Peach Festival Tasty Treat Challenge
a competition to benefit “Loaves & Britches”, the non-profit
Community Food Shelf and Clothes Closet.

Saturday, July 20th, 2019 at St. John’s, 800 D St., Marysville

Scheduled from 4pm to 10pm on Friday and 10am to 10pm on Saturday. The event will be on D Street between First and Seventh streets in Downtown Marysville