NGUYEN NIELSEN 3049  3 8 17by California State Senator Janet Nguyen

On Monday, the Territorial Dispatch posted an opinion piece by Mr. Lou Binninger that presented an incomplete depiction of my colleague Senate Republican Caucus Chair, Senator Jim Nielsen for his actions during the events that led to my forcible removal from the State Senate Chambers.

Following my removal for offering a different historical perspective on Tom Hayden, Senator Nielsen immediately directed his staff to notify the press and obtain a recording of the event. Since then, he has been a source of personal advice to me and has been in front of the cameras and behind the scenes drawing attention to this incident, which was not a rules violation but rather an assault on dissenting opinion and free speech.

During this ordeal, Senator Nielsen has been a leader. He helped initiate the formal letter to the Senate Daily Journal to chronicle for the history books what happened and how the majority party treated me, the first Vietnamese-American in the United States elected to the State Senate.

On Monday, February 27, the letter to the Senate Daily Journal calling for a full public hearing on this matter was voted into the official Senate record. This effort, I hope, will result in a change in Senate procedures that will prevent future Senators from being silenced for representing their constituents.

I appreciate the support that I have received from the community at large but I especially appreciate the support I have received from my Senate colleagues, like Senator Nielsen who continues to provide leadership in the fight to ensure that events like this will never happen again.


Formal Apology yet to come

According to the Sacramento Bee California Senate President Kevin de León (Democrat) on Monday took full responsibility for a Republican senator’s controversial ejection from the floor in the Senate’s first session since the incident last week.

“Members, last Thursday was not one of the finest moments of the Senate,” de León said. “Like many of you, I was troubled and unsettled by the actions last week. As the leader of this body, I take full responsibility for what transpired and for making sure it never happens again.”

De León said all members need to understand the rules of the floor and agreed to a full review of the incident by the Rules Committee. At the conclusion of his speech, the pro tem offered Sen. Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove, the opportunity to make the comments she attempted to on Thursday.

The Northern California Sports Association “Hall of Fame/Scholarship Dinner” will add some local highly-recognized coaches and athletes to the Hall of Fame on March 25th. This event will be held at the Marysville Elks Lodge. They will also give away $17,500 in scholarships to students from local high schools pursuing college degrees, and for the first time, award a junior college graduate a $2,500 scholarship to pursue their education at the

University level.

From the immediate local area, Thea Post, Dave Rottman, and Hap Richie (posthumously) will be inducted into this prestigious Hall of Fame for their past accomplishments in sports and coaching. Thea Post excelled in numerous sports at Sutter High School, later became an all-conference volleyball player for the Aggies at UC Davis, and retired from coaching after over 20 years as Yuba Volleyball coach, is still a professor at the college. Dave Rottman, a graduate of Marysville High School, still holds numerous records both at the high school and Yuba College in baseball. One of the hardest throwers to ever come out of here, Dave was also one of the best hitters locally and went on to coach hitting and pitching at Yuba for the late Gary Engleken(Head coach). The late Hap Richie, one of the most talented athletes ever out of Marysville High School, completed an outstanding career in professional baseball. After retiring from AAA baseball with the Hawaii Islanders, Hap returned to play for the local Marysville Giants along with Browns Valley teammate Ray Webster.

In addition to the above, other athletes/coaches to be inducted that evening will be Dan Hawkins who played football at UC Davis, then pursued a career in coaching at Boise State(preceded our own Chris Petersen) and University of Colorado. He just recently was chosen as the new UC Davis Football Head Coach. Another inductee, Ray Crawford, excelled in three sports at Shasta College and also UC Davis. All-Conference and MVP in most of them, he went on to teach and coach for 40 years in the SF and Woodland area.

Also being inducted is Don Batie, a teacher and coach at Chico State College for over 40 years, and is best known as one of the most successful soccer coaches in the United States. During a two-year break, he coached a professional team from San Antonio who beat the great Pele’s team in a match played in New York by a score of 1-0. Andy Ponciano, an outstanding all-conference athlete from Willows High School, played football and baseball. He was a starting catcher at Yuba College and then officiated at many levels for years. Andy was responsible for developing the American Legion programs for youth in the Willows area.

Ed Souza excelled at football and baseball at Chico State, then for 35 years was a top official in football, baseball, and basketball at the high school/college level.

The top award for a team to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year goes to the 1963

Weed High School Football team. Having the late and legendary coach Mort Kaer as their leader, the Weed Cougars posted a 9-0 record that contributed to a 27 game winning streak. They were ranked as the #1 team in Superior California by the San Francisco Examiner. The team had 3 players that played on scholarship for the USC Trojans, Oregon Ducks, and Oregon State Beavers. There will be over 20 players (50 fans also) from that team coming to dinner to help them celebrate their award.

The “Hall of Fame/Scholarship” Dinner will be held at the Marysville Elks Lodge (920 D St. in

Marysville) with a reception at 4:30pm followed by a dinner and presentations starting at 5:30. Cost for dinner is $35.00/person, and can be mailed to Joel Guthrie at P.O. Box 447, Yuba City, CA. 95992. Ticket inquiries contact Joel Guthrie (530)743-2089 or John Rice (916)296-1501 or (e-mail)This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


An article on page 3 of the March 1, issue incorrectly showed the County of Placer as supporting the State of Jefferson. Actually Placer County has not taken a position, either way, on the merits of the State of Jefferson.

StacySuen  3 1 17The Bok Kai parade's rich history is believed to have started as far back as the 1850s. Always held on the weekend closest to the second day of the second month of the Lunar calendar it is the longest continually held parade in California. The parade honors Bok Eye, the Chinese Water God, who protects Marysville from flooding.

The event brings in thousands of visitors from the local community as well as San Francisco, Seattle, Oregon, and even Hong Kong. The parade features community organizations, schools, businesses, traditional Chinese lion dancers, lots of fire crackers and the famous 175 foot long golden dragon named "Hong Wan Lung." Dragons play a big part in the Chinese culture as well as in the Bok Kai parade's history.

The Bok Kai event will take place on March 4th and 5th. The parade starts at 11:00 a.m. on March 4th 2017 at the corner of 6th and D Street. The parade will last approximately 2 1/2 hours.

The 2017 Bok Kai Grand Marshal is John Young.

The 2017 Bok Kai Hostess is Stacy Suen. Stacy was born and raised in Yuba City the daughter of Dr. Ron L.C. and Lucy Suen. She has an older sister, Stephanie Suen, who was the 2012 Bok Kai hostess. Stacy is River Valley High School alumni and was the senior class treasurer. Throughout high school Stacy played tennis and was named MVP her senior year. She was also a part of Key Club, Interact, and Red Cross, and volunteered a few hundred hours for the community throughout high school. Stacy was involved with of the Yuba Sutter Youth Symphony during high school – she was the pianist and cellist. She is a recent graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz, class of 2016. Stacy double majored in Ecology and Evolution Biology (B.S.) & Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (B.S.). When Stacy isn’t working, or studying she enjoys surfing, playing tennis, biking, and traveling. She is currently helping out at her father’s dental office. Stacy is very excited to represent the Chinese Community as the 2017 Bok Kai Hostess! She remembers always attending the parade since she was a little girl, and it is definitely a great way for her to trace back to her cultural roots. Stacy wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Rooster!

award  3 1 17Battalion Chief Sean Griffis (left) presents Volunteer in Prevention, Greg Crompton (right) with a 25 year plaque for his Volunteer Service with the Oregon Peak Volunteer Lookout Program.Recently a luncheon was held at the Alcouffe Community Center in Oregon House honoring the volunteers that staff the Oregon Peak Lookout. Oregon Peak is located on Oregon Ridge between the town of Dobbins and Bullards Bar Reservoir. The volunteers, known as V.I.Ps (Volunteers In Prevention), first started staffing the lookout in 1992, when the California Department of Forestry stopped funding paid Lookouts. At that time Guy Wolf and Greg Crompton, representatives from the former Lake Francis Grange, approached Cal Fire with the idea of staffing the lookout with volunteers from the Dobbins and Oregon House area. Approval was given and the Oregon Peak Lookout became the pilot model for this type of program. Many Lookouts from throughout the State of California followed their lead. Over the years Oregon Peak and other Lookouts have been credited with numerous first reports of wild-land fires.

The latest luncheon was attended by over 50 volunteers and Cal Fire personnel. The volunteers were recognized for their service; some with just one year of duty, but there was others with 5, 10 and even more than 20 years of lookout duty. Greg Crompton was given a plaque honoring 25 years of service for the training, scheduling and organizing of the Oregon Peak Program. The plaque was signed by the Cal Fire, Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit Chief, George Morris III and the Dobbins Battalion Chief Tom Webb. Also in attendance was Battalion Chief Sean Griffis and retired Battalion Chief Buck Weckman. Buck was the Dobbins Battalion Chief in 1992 when the program first began The food was provided by CHY Timber Company and prepared by some of the Lookout Volunteers. CHY Timber has been a supporter of the Volunteer Lookout program for many years; much of their land surrounds the Lookout and is in the immediate area. The service provided by these volunteers generally goes unseen, but is appreciated by those with knowledge of the program.



The steel walkway around the Colgate Powerhouse that provides access to the Yuba River in Dobbins, CA remains closed to the public.

As a result of the continuous heavy storms, high flows have deposited floating debris on and around the walkway and may have damaged it.

The Yuba County Water Agency has closed the area to pedestrian access until maintenance crews are able to clear the debris and check for any damage.

Timing of the removal and inspections are dependent on the potential of future high-flow events, which remain a possibility due to the New Bullards Bar Reservoir storage and a significant snowpack.

For more information please contact YCWA at 530-741-5000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

faire  2 22 17  2 22 17Marysville, Ca.

The 2nd Annual Historic Faire and Parade was a success even though the crowds seemed less than the previous year. The Oroville Dam Spillway issue was on the minds of many of the event goers as well as many that chose not to come to Marysville that weekend.


The parade was filled with old restored cars, tractors, horse and buggy's, pioneers, re-enactment soldiers, and many costumed docents that eventually lead tours of Historic Marysville. There were many vendors and historic groups presenting history of different parts of Yuba County.


Ken Freeman of "Focus on Marysville" said," 50% of the vendors from last year returned and seemed to be pleased with their sales for the day. The event showcased our area to 5 businesses that were not familiar with Marysville. With the exception of the wind the weather was perfect. This has been a learning experience and better marketing for next year is clearly our goal."

DSCN0825  2 22 17Marysville, Ca.


Anita Russell was born on February 6, 1917 and celebrated her 100th birthday on February 6, 2017 at the Marysville Art Club. Approximately 50 friends and family joined Anita at the luncheon. She is a member of the Marysville Arts club and a resident of the Yuba-Sutter Region for the past 10 years.


Part of the friends and family that joined the celebration were five generations of her family. Spaghetti was the main course for the luncheon which required participants to wear spaghetti bibs which had a heart on it recognizing Anita's 100th Birthday.


DSCN0817Five generations were on hand to help celebrate Anita's 100th BirthdayAnita was born in San Francisco and is still a fan of the San Francisco Giants. She is a very active an outgoing senior. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANITA.


118.52" Seasonal YTD


55.65" Seasonal YTD


Apologies to Anita Russell, her family and the family of Jim Sullivan. Because of the mandatory evacuation, due to problems with the Oroville Spillway, our local printer was unable to print the Territorial Dispatch. It was necessary for them to use an out of area printer and in doing so the pictures were stretched to fit the different size of the new printer. The pictures were distorted and not clear. We are reprinting those two articles because we feel sure it is important to the families.


John Mistler, Editor/Publisher

Spillway 2 15 17On February 7, DWR Temporarily suspended flows down the Oroville Dam spillway to investigate concrete erosion discovered on the lower half of the spillway. On the afternoon of February 8, DWR launched a test flow to determine the appropriate level of water to release down the spillway. (Photo: Kelly Grow)Marysville, Ca.


Public safety officials learned Thursday (2/9/17) that water from Lake Oroville was once again being allowed to flow over the damaged spillway and that flow would continue as long as engineers monitoring the flow determine it is safe to do so.


They also learned that DWR was stepping up releases from Lake Oroville to keep it from reaching its maximum capacity. As the lake was nearly full.


“We want to make sure our residents know that we have people here in the community keeping an eye out on the situation,” said Scott Bryan, Emergency Services Manager. “So far, the flood control efforts we completed a few years ago are doing an excellent job of keeping our residents safe.”


As a contingency plan, on Thursday brush and trees were removed from below the emergency spillway. If the spillway is needed this would minimize the amount of debris that might cause more problems downstream. The spillway has never been used although it came close in 1997.


Friday evening all that changed as the spillway began spilling for the first time ever and Oroville Lake was completely full for the first time.


emergency spill  2 15 17On Sunday afternoon a hole was discovered in the most northerly part of the emergency spillway, by the rate of erosion it was determine that failure of the spillway was eminent and mandatory evacuations were in place from Oroville to Gridley and the low lands of Yuba County. Hours later after further monitoring it was determined that the rate of erosion had lessened and a plan was begun to place boulders or large rocks into the hole using helicopters. As of Monday morning the plan was to lower the lake, do temporary repairs to the spillway and the emergency spillway before the next rains Wednesday evening.



Marysville, Ca.


On February 10, 2017 Yuba County Sheriff Durfor and District Attorney Patrick McGrath traveled to Monterey County to represent Yuba County and its objection to the placement, of sexually violent predator, Eldridge Lindsey Chaney Jr.


After more than 2 hours of deliberation the Monterey Judge ordered Chaney to be placed in District 10 of Yuba County within the next 90 days. Law enforcement will be notified before the placement.

cheney  2 8 17Marysville, Ca.

The State of California Department of State Hospitals is recommending residential placement for 63 year old Eldridge Lindsey Chaney Jr., a Sexually Violent Predator, at the proposed address of 645 Ellis Rd in Marysville (District 10), Yuba County, California. On December 1, 2016 pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code 6608.5, Yuba County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office were informed by the State of California Department of State Hospitals of Mr. Chaney’s court ordered release and proposed relocation to Yuba County from the Coalinga State Hospital in Fresno County, Ca.

Background information:

Eldridge Chaney Jr. was convicted for rape and attempted burglary in 1978. He was convicted in 1988 for sexually assaulting a 16-year old female and assault to commit rape of another woman. His crimes were perpetrated in the city of Seaside. Chaney used the element of surprise in all his assaults and twice used weapons to overcome his victim’s resistance.Chaney Jr. served more than ten years in prison and then was committed to the state sex offender program on June 14, 2000. He received treatment at both Atascadero and Coalinga State Hospitals.Chaney petitioned for conditional release into Monterey County after completing the first four phases of the state sex offender program. Phase five of the program is transitional release into the community where he would be monitored while continuing treatment.Eldridge Chaney’s victim selection does not have a clear pattern. Victims range in age from teens to middle age females.

A hearing for Eldridge Chaney Jr’ s placement in Yuba County was scheduled for January 6, 2017 before the Honorable Lydia M. Villareal in Monterey County Superior Court in Salinas, Ca. Chaney was appointed a new attorney, who needed time to prepare. The new hearing is scheduled for February 10, 2017.

Yuba County Sheriff Durfor and District Attorney Patrick McGrath will travel to Monterey County to represent Yuba County and its objection to the placement.


Legislation Introduced to Limit Locations of Predators

Sacramento, Ca.

Assemblyman James Gallagher (R- Yuba City) introduced AB 255, the Protect our Communities Act, which would limit the placement of Sexually Violent Predators to counties where they have residential, familial, or employment connections when they are conditionally released. The Department of State Hospitals (DSH) is currently in the process of placing two convicted violent sexual predators in Northern California where they have no community ties.

“These offenders pose a serious risk to our community, and rural counties shouldn’t be the dumping ground for offenders from other areas of the state,” said Gallagher.

“We are a small town where children roam freely. We cannot afford to have convicted sexually violent predators live among our families,” said Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber), a co-author of the bill.

"My community is rightfully concerned that a designated Sexually Violent Predator from Santa Clara, with no ties to our area, could be placed in Lincoln in close proximity to minors," added Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Roseville), another co-author of AB 255. "This dangerous and arbitrary decision makes clear that the legal process relating to these most deviant of offenders is broken. Our bill will fix the most glaring problems and provide much needed safeguards for fairness and public safety.”

Specifically, AB 255 would require a court to consider where the offender was living prior to being arrested when determining their county of domicile, which will be the preference when determining county of placement. If placement in the county of domicile is not possible, the bill would require the court to place the individual in a county where they have familial, residential, or employment connections.

DSCN0807  2 1 17

by John Mistler


Marysville, Ca.


On January 25 the Marysville City Council approved two Marijuana Dispensaries on a 3-2 vote. The no votes were from Councilmember's Whitmore and McKenzie.


Before the vote Buck Weckman of the "Stop Commercial Pot" group stated that the dispensaries are both in violation of the Marysville ordinance. The properties at 1031, 1021, and 1015 B St. are only 80 feet from Ellis Lake, which is zoned residential. Weckman said, "that is a violation of the ordinance, the ordinance requires a setback of 500 feet, how is that justified?" There was no one present to answer that question but City Manager Munchheimer said he believed the setback referred to a residence not the zoning.

The actual ordinance states "Such location is not within five hundred feet of any residential use, residential area or residential zone."


Weckman also made the point that hundreds of kids enjoy Ellis Lake's Youth Fishing Derby, ironically the theme of the derby is "Hooked on fishing.....not on drugs".

The other dispensary is at 521 3rd St. Weckman said that location "is less than 200 feet from the McDonalds Children's Play Land. McDonald's Playplace is an indoor or outdoor playground for children ages 3-12 and are located inside most (some) McDonald's restaurants around the world."


The actual ordinance states, "Such lot is not within five hundred feet of any neighborhood park, library, or recreational area commonly used by minor children."

Councilmember McKenzie asked the City Attorney if this puts the city in a legal situation. The attorney seemed to imply, only if challenged.


picture cutline: Buck Weckman addressing Marysville City Council


IMG 1541  2 1 17

A New Project

By Kit Burton

Completing the restoration of the front exterior of the historic former Catholic Church in Smartsville is the next goal for the Smartsville Church Restoration Fund, Inc. (SCRFI). In the past several years we have constructed a new reinforced concrete foundation for the bell tower and we have constructed a new front porch and steps with beautiful Victorian hand railing. However beautiful this work may be, portions of the bell tower are open to weather and protection of the front of the building is urgently needed.

Because of the way the bell tower was originally constructed and because portions of it have been open to the weather, there are some areas containing damaged wood that may need to be either repaired or replaced. These structural repairs must be made before any other part of our new project can be accomplished.


To determine the most appropriate and cost-effective method of making the structural repairs we have enlisted the services of a Registered Structural Engineer who has inspected the building and has given us a proposal to prepare plans and specifications for the design work for a total of $12,000.


To help us fund this engineering design work a friend of SCRFI has generously offered to pay half of the engineering cost, and the remaining $6,000 must be provided by SCRFI. As is probably obvious, because of a very wet winter, time is of the essence. It is our task to raise $6,000 quickly so that we can begin the next restoration phase as soon as possible.


A portion of the engineer’s task is to prepare a budgetary cost estimate for construction of the entire project. The essential items in the project definition are:

1. Repair the structural issues

2. Repair/replace existing front door

3. Protect the entire front building face with new siding

4. Repair/replace the bell cupola

5. Attach a new pre-fabricated spire to the top of the cupola.


For more information please call Kit Burton at (530) 701-2639 or Kathleen Smith at (916) 838-2757. Our next SCRFI board meeting will be at our church (across from the J & A Country store) at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, February 14.

trump  1 25 1745th President of the United States


January 20, 2017 Donald John Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.


This peaceful transition of power is the greatest event in the world.


At age 70, he is the oldest and wealthiest person to assume the presidency, the first without prior military or governmental service, and the fifth elected with less than a plurality of the national popular vote.


In his inaugural address he took on both political parties and the press as he declared the country has returned to the people, it is no longer about politicians going to Washington to do nothing and become wealthy. President Trump's goal of "draining the swamp" will be a monumental task as the establishment Democrats, establishment Republicans and the media try to obstruct the will of the people, elections do have consequences. As you listen to the talking heads defining what and how the president will make the changes it becomes clear that political correctness speech is deeply ingrained in the Washington establishment. When the president is asked a question they get an unfiltered answer.


"The eagle, like our government, has a right wing and a left wing, but needs BOTH to fly straight and sure."

Liz Cervantes, Yuba City, Ca.


The president wrote a book called The Art of the Deal, he has proven that he is a masterful negotiator. For instance when he decides to take out ISIS he won't tell them when he is coming, with how many and when he plans to leave. In dealing with Putin he isn't going to make an enemy of Putin before he even meets the guy. That would not be a smart way to begin negotiating. But; the Washington elites don't understand that as they make deals that always put the United States of America second. "From this moment on, it's going to be America first." he said.


"All aboard! The Trump Train is pulling out of the old station of past gridlock and partisan politics. Bellowing clouds of optimism, the whistle of momentum sounds loudly and clearly across our nation. The faithful have boarded. The journey ahead will travel friendly, unfriendly and new territory. There are no back seats on the Trump Train. Every seat has an unobstructed front row view of opportunity. The stewards on the Trump Train are our elected officials and they are here to serve you. Anticipate delays, some by natural causes and others by design of opposition. This train will not be derailed. This train will not stop before it reaches its destination. The wheels will chug forward until every American has arrived, even the disbelievers, to a richer, safer, greater America."

RC Hopple, Arizona


Within hours of taking the oath President Trump began working, he made his first executive order stopping the furtherance of Obama Care.

DEPLOR A BALL photo 2  1 25 17In the weeks prior to Inauguration Day, there seemed to be no celebration planned in Sutter or Yuba County by any local political party or organization; so the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots and the new Sutter-Yuba Constitutional Republicans teamed up and held a Deplor-A-Ball. The name of the event is a playful response to Hillary Clinton's Alinskyite insult, “you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”


The sold-out Deplor-A-Ball was held January 20 at the Courthouse Café in Marysville, CA. Enjoying hors d’oeuvres and refreshments, the gleeful crowd of Trump supporters socialized, networked, and danced to oldies music provided by DJ Kaelan Rutkosky. Notable guests included Clay Maynard, the Trump-Pence Sacramento Area Regional Manager; Coleen Waugh, Trump-Pence Regional Manager for Butte County and north; Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez; Agenda 21 Radio host Paul Preston; and WWII Veteran John Yaklich.


President Trump’s inaugural speech was shown on a large screen to receptive cheers and applause. Third District Assemblyman James Gallagher, the guest speaker, “was enthused to hear President Trump say that we will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. Empty talk is just as prevalent in California.... Change is coming. And just like the Washington establishment, the elites in Sacramento will have to step aside so that the people can take back their government.”


KCRA-TV reporter Brian Heap, who is doing a one-year project with three Sacramentoarea families, including Larry and Carla Virga, Yuba City Trump supporters, covered the Sutter-Yuba area’s Deplor-A-Ball celebration. The segment aired later on Channels 3 and 58.

DSCN0775  1 18 17Gary Bradford, Doug Lofton and Mike Leahyby John Mistler


Marysville, Ca.


Voters in Yuba County have made their displeasure with their representatives known. The Yuba County Board of Supervisors lost all three seats that were up for re-election. Three out of five, or 60%, of the board was replaced. The Yuba County Water Agency (YCWA) board of directors is made up of five members of the Board of Supervisors plus one North Division and one South Division Director for a total of seven directors. The North Division Director, the only one up for re-election, also lost. The Agency has a seven person board; this means with the new Supervisors and the North Division Director the Agency has a change of four out of seven seats, with the other three directors up for re-election in two years. New Supervisors are, Mike Leahy, Doug Lofton and Gary Bradford. The new North Division Director for the YCWA is Charles Mathews Jr.


After the Swearing-in of the Board of Supervisors on Monday January 9th, Supervisor Fletcher was voted in as Chairman of the board and Supervisor Vasquez as Vice-Chair. Fletcher asked the public to have patience as they built a "New Team."


The YCWA swearing-in of Charles Mathews was on Tuesday the 10th. The new YCWA Board voted Brent Hastey as Chairman and Randy Fletcher as Vice-Chair. The only comment coming from the new members was from Director Mathews. He said, "I hope this board will be a board of individual thinkers.


DSCN0780  1 18 17Charlie Mathews Jr.It will be interesting whether the new boards will be Team Yuba or individual thinkers. One of the issues during the recent campaign was, what a good thing it was that the YCWA always had 7-0 votes. Representative government is not designed to run smoothly or be a rubber stamp for staff, thus the term representative government.




By Stephen Frank California Political News And Views


Should the California State government give trademarks for marijuana brands. Yes, if you believe California is a sovereign nation. Only the Federal government can legally issue trademarks. We do know that Jerry Brown is signing foreign treaties with numerous nations on environmental issues—if Brown Governor, Secretary of State or President. California overwhelmingly supported Clinton last year—that does not make it a State.

“Celebrities — including actress Whoopi Goldberg, rapper Snoop Dogg, rocker Melissa Etheridge and the family of reggae legend Bob Marley — are branding their own herb. Law firms have sprouted to help marijuana sellers brand their goods. Pretty packages of cannabis-infused products bear labels like “Highland Pantry” (almond butter), “Madame Munchie” (cookies) and “Sweet ReLeaf” (skin cream).


Branded pot products gained footing in recent years as California sanctioned medical use of marijuana, and other states began permitting recreational use. Now that California voters have approved a ballot measure allowing all adults to use the drug, cannabis businesses want more authority to brand their products.


Question, does the Whoopi Goldberg brand make you stupid and a bigot? Is the Melissa Etheridge brand a gender based niche product? Seriously, I did not know that the brain fried cared what “brand” of mind altering drugs they used. This must be a joke or a rip off by the celebrities.