by Lou Binninger


As the left’s attempt to overthrow the United States Presidency began to unravel, citizens initially gave the Federal Bureau of Investigation the benefit of the doubt regarding honesty and integrity.  Just a few leaders plotting the coup were thought to be dirty. However, the rot is more pervasive than initially imagined.

As a reminder, all of the following were formerly employed by the FBI - Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok. All proved to be liars and involved in wrong-doing.  Strzok was the Chief of Counterespionage and led the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server.


            Then, there was FBI counsel Lisa Page who was in an affair with Strzok though both were married. Page lied about her relationship with Strzok when interviewed by Andrew McCabe and wanted also Trump out.


            President Trump also questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s loyalty to his oath to uphold the Constitution. Rosenstein is also gone. Of course, there are James Clapper former Director of National Intelligence and former CIA director James Brennan both directing and working to overthrow the Presidency.


            And, will we soon forget Robert Mueller, also a former FBI director, touted as a spotless public servant and charged with investigating “Russian Collusion?” The guy has dementia, is totally biased or a liar, maybe all three. (There are numerous other FBI and DOJ employees caught in the corruption that will not be addressed here due to space limits.)


            Now, we learn about Michael Kortan, Director of the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs, until his sudden retirement in early 2018. Kortan accepted professional baseball tickets from reporters at CNN and the New York Times. He then lied about the gifts under oath according to the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Inspector General (OIG).


            He accepted three tickets from a CNN correspondent for a Washington Nationals game in 2016 and from a NT Times reporter for a playoff game of the same team in 2014. Kortan’s communications with the reporters were noted as the Inspector General (IG) investigated the FBI and the DOJ’s actions in advance of the 2016 election.


            Kortan claimed under oath that he repaid the reporter for the tickets ($65 each) and then later admitted he never paid the reporter. He also changed his testimony about who he attended the game with, admitting that the guest was a female FBI employee and not a civilian as he previously testified.


            He also admitted lying about the types of seats reserved with the tickets. The tickets were for a members-only area and not in general seating as Kortan initially claimed.


            The report also found that multiple FBI employees accepted gifts from the liberal media in violation of FBI policy.


            The IG stated that CNN and the New York Times reporters were considered “prohibitive sources” under the statute forbidding gifts to federal employees. Kortan failed to report the gifts also in violation of federal law.


            Why is Kortan’s integrity an issue? His name appears thirty times in the IG’s report on the actions taken by the FBI and the DOJ to meddle with the 2016 election. The report says Kortan coordinated media coverage and participated in high-level calls. He did damage control on October 21, 2016 as FBI agent Peter Strzok briefed former bureau officials about the handling of the Clinton-email probe.


Lisa Page indicated Kortan was trying to get former FBI officials to stop criticizing the FBI’s Clinton email investigation. Remember, no charges were filed by Clinton friend FBI Director Comey.


            The Deep State media taking care of government employees with gifts appears to have returned strategic rewards in the coordinated effort to overthrow the President of the United States. Records show Trump was targeted before he was elected as being unacceptable to the Deep State. The idea was to smear candidate Trump, rig the election and if that all failed then remove him from office via a contrived corruption scenario.


            The FBI has more than 36,000 employees most of whom we hope are honest and unbiased and will do their job regardless of which party is in power. However, in spite of this, the FBI will never be seen the same due to the high level and the extent of wrong-doing by those granted incredible power.


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by Lou Binninger


Founding Father John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Today, we are seeing Adam’s fears borne out in every institution as both morality and the Constitution are ignored.


Rather than being honored as heroes, investigative journalists David Dalieden and Sandra Merritt are being prosecuted by the State of California and sued in a civil trial for uncovering and exposing the clandestine harvesting and peddling of the parts of aborted babies.


This persecution of Daleiden and Merritt via Planned Parenthood (PP) vs Center for Medical Progress is not only evil but it is a mockery of the justice system. Daleiden and Merritt used filmed conversations with Planned Parenthood medical doctors talking openly about the baby parts industry.


PP claims the two video recordings of conversations were illegal being private and not public while the journalists conducted the interviews in public. Pro-life attorneys are also arguing that PP is in the baby body parts business which federal law prohibits.


This civil case is being heard by hard left, pro-abortion and pro-PP Justice Robert Orrick III in San Francisco. Anti-abortion activists noted previously that the judge’s wife, Caroline Farrow Orrick, posted Facebook messages in 2015 and 2016 supporting Planned Parenthood and citing an article that attacked Daleiden’s group as a “sham organization run by extremists.” The judge did not disavow his wife’s comments, and members of the public would assume that he shares her views, Daleiden and his group argued.

Former California Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris who received campaign contributions from PP and current AG Xavier Becerra have been going after Daleiden and Merritt criminally.


Orrick had refused to allow the damaging videos to be shown before the jury. On October 11, 2019, PP abortionist Leslie Drummond-Hay claimed under oath that nobody could hear her conversation with David Daleiden (posing as a baby body parts buyer) and that he brought up the matter of money. The defendants’ attorneys argued that the jury needed to see and hear for themselves whether the interview was public or private and what was said by whom.


Over numerous, aggressive objections from PP's lawyers, the judge finally agreed that the video could be played. As the 4 ½ minute video was watched the mood in the courtroom turned dark and somber.


The result was a disgusted jury that may now understand who PP is, what it does, and that these supposedly "confidential" conversations were recorded in the presence of numerous strangers and therefore public and legal.


 Abortionist Drummond then admitted thatothers could hear her and the journalist and that she had been first to bring up the topic of money. Abortionist Deborah Nucatola spoke freely with every word captured on video.


Nucatola describes killing the baby but saving the parts, “So then you’re just kind of cognizant of where you put your graspers. You try to intentionally go above and below the thorax so that, you know, we’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver . . . so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m going to basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”


“Because infant brains are in demand, Nucatola told Sandra and her associate David that Planned Parenthood abortionists alter their surgical technique to ensure the brain comes out ‘intact.’”

“They flip the baby in the womb, she said, so the head—the largest part of babies—comes out last, after the mother is more fully dilated.” Here’s how Nucatola put it. “Planned Parenthood abortionists change the presentation (of the baby in the womb) so that (the baby) is not vertex (head first), because when it's a vertex presentation, you never have enough dilation ... to deliver an intact calvarium (brains).”

Changing abortion procedures to collect “fetal tissue” is a violation of federal law.


PP Southwest's Associate Medical Director Dr. Thomas Moran was caught lying under oath as claims of abortionists "fearing for their safety" fell apart in the San Francisco Federal Courtroom. While claiming to be fearful that he would be “outed” by the video exposure defense attorney’s showed Moran was a bold advocate for abortion by signing on-line petitions, publishing an abortion workbook and advocating for abortion. Moran admitted his folly.


Mary Gatter, "medical director" for PP abortion centers in Los Angeles and Pasadena was questioned by a pro-life attorney as to what she said on the video. Under cross-examination, she admitted saying "I wanted a Lamborghini" and agreed it was in the context of discussing the price she would be paid for "fetal parts."

The trial continues as the barbaric nature of PP, its political backers and saboteur jurist are exposed.


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Marysville, Ca.


 Residents in Challenge, Rackerby, Brownsville and Forbestown will have a more reliable, safe drinking water supply with the help of funding from Yuba Water Agency. 


The grant, worth up to $225,725, was approved on October 16, 2019 by the water agency and provides the necessary funds for the North Yuba Water District to continue its Forbestown Ditch to Pipeline Replacement Project, which is the conveyance system that provides water to approximately 3,100 customers in the foothill communities. 


“This is a very good project that will be extremely beneficial to the community,” said Yuba Water Agency Vice Chairman Randy Fletcher. “It will ensure that North Yuba Water District customers have better access to a reliable supply of safe drinking water.”


Water is currently delivered through an unpiped ditch, which has experienced multiple breaches in the past. Additionally, up to 60 percent of the water traveling down the ditch is lost due to seepage and evaporation, and the remaining is prone to contamination from dirt, trash, metals and illegal marijuana grows.

“Piping the ditch will vastly improve, if not completely resolve, the issues that we currently experience,” said NYWD General Manager Jeff Maupin. “This will be extremely beneficial for delivering water to our customers and curtailing the amount of water that is currently lost.”


NYWD will use the funding from Yuba Water Agency for the next phase of the project, which includes, but is not limited to, California Environmental Quality Act work, landowner agreements and further grant preparations. 


Yuba Water Agency invests in infrastructure projects like this to ensure access to a safe, reliable water supply for Yuba County residents, which is one of the agency’s primary mission areas.    

by Lou Binninger


Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 32 into law phasing out for-profit prisons and immigrant detention centers by 2028. The law prohibits state officials from signing new agreements with private prisons or renewing existing contracts starting next year, unless needed to comply with court-ordered population caps.


AB 32 will also ban all private detention centers from operating in California by the time their current contracts run out, including private immigrant detention facilities that contract with federal immigration authorities.  However, it wouldn’t prohibit the federal government from building its own detention centers in California.


This is a bad law but liberals and no-border activists love it.


“Closing immigrant prisons is an essential step towards dismantling a system that profits off of abuse and lines the pockets of private prison executives and industry shareholders,” Christina Fialho, executive director of Freedom for Immigrants, said in a statement. “AB 32 is truly a model for the rest of the nation.”


Fialho is a nut job. She advocates not arresting those violating our laws and considers incarceration abuse. As a socialist she believes private prisons should not make a profit which is nonsense. Maybe she is ‘lining her own pockets’ off immigrants.


Private prisons meet a need and can save the taxpayers money. They came about because federal and state governments were unable or unwilling to fund new prison construction to keep pace with increasing inmate populations. California’s private prisons are overseen by the California Department of Corrections (CDC) and whatever the CDC desires can be placed in the contracts.


The liberal idea that privately operated prisons are morally wrong to make a profit is insane. Liberals that think most prisoners are incarcerated unjustly.


AB 32 will not result in a reduction in federal immigration enforcement in California or the release of currently detained immigrants, as some immigrant advocates hope. Enforcement actions will continue, with those arrested, along with those currently detained, being transported to out of state facilities as far away as Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia. ICE has done this before to deal with detention bed shortages. Many of these alternative facilities will be privately owned and operated.


Citizens pay for incarcerating prisoners whether they are cared for by government or in the private sector. Without any private prisons, the alternative would be to reduce arrests, or release convicted criminals.

Fialho, like other liberals, hypocritically criticizes separating detainees from their families when this law will mandate exporting illegals arrested here to other states and farther from family members and visiting opportunities. Fialho ignores this in her quest to close all prisons and have open borders.


Immigration attorneys and nonprofit organizations that are plentiful in California to serve detainees will be harder to locate in other states as well.


Newsom did not need legislation to take this action as the CDC is empowered to contract with private prisons. Newsom simply could have ordered them to stop but did not want to face the push-back personally.


The California State Sheriffs Association says banning private prisons takes away an important option the state has to ensure its prisons aren’t overcrowded. Inhumane conditions in the state’s overcrowded prisons occurred as liberal legislators refused to build new prisons.


The concept that only government should house prisoners is short-sighted. Gov. Newsom thinking California is innovative chooses instead to go backwards. Sending good thoughts and closing prisons does not rehabilitate inmates or solve overcrowding.


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by Lou Binninger


Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets, tweeted “fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” Thank God for him even though he was forced to retract the tweet and apologize. China went ballistic about his political comment, threatened the NBA (National Basketball Association) and the NBA bowed and begged for forgiveness. China is an immoral bully wanting to control the world.


Hong Kong citizens wave American flags, sing our National Anthem and the church hymn ‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’ in protests as icons of the movement to break free from the ruthless, violent and intolerant communist government. Freedom fighters want what America used to be.


Meanwhile here, rich athletes throw shade on the anthem as coaches and players trash-talk President Trump and America.  Antifa criminals burn the flag, vandalize property and assault citizens. Woke politicians disrespect law enforcement by demanding that they stand-down in favor of anarchy.


In the China - Morey dust-up, Golden State Warrior’s Coach Steve Kerr and his star Stephen Curry were asked about their take on the Morey moment. Though college-educated and knowledgeable, both acted as if they weren’t familiar with the most populous and barbaric country on the planet where the NBA makes hundreds of millions.


“They hadn’t given much thought to the HK uprising.” Really? Neither Kerr nor Curry were up for their usual political sound bite? Maybe they would have taken a question on Trump’s support of law enforcement.


San Antonio Spur’s Coach Gregg “I Hate Trump” Popovich called the president ‘cowardly.’ Oh, now cowards would be the NBA elite. The NBA can’t acknowledge anything positive about Trump. He ain’t Woke (politically correct).


Trump is right about China. The Clintons made millions selling U.S. technology to China and uranium to Russia. China has stolen our technology and collected billions for decades in unfair tariffs from America. The NBA sells out Hong Kong freedom-seekers for cash. Is the primarily black NBA today’s slave traders making good off the Chinese.


It is regretful that of all the balls in the NBA few belong to players, coaches and management. The ballers go-big trashing cops and the President, and talking racism when the cost to them is nil. But they act like spoiled children when their wealth is on the line and they get chain-jerked by their ChiCom partners.


As more and more players, coaches and sports media politically snipe at conservative politicians and patriotism, like cockroaches they suddenly scurry from the spotlight when China jack-slaps the NBA. Big political mouths at ESPN, sports media and NBA teams are suddenly shushed.


The Woke NBA elite long ago sold their soul while winking at the Chinese slamming millions of Uyghurs, Falun Gong, Christians and political activists into concentration camps.


The NBA ignores 60-80 million Chinese that have been murdered or starved. Were the NBA ignorant of the booming organ harvest business where live incarcerated ‘donors’ are DNA matched and parted-out? Pro-abortion NBA people weren’t so concerned with the one-child, forced sterilization and abortion policies? Atheist liberal ballers do not care that Chinese of various faiths are hunted, harassed, tortured and killed. Banned literature like the Bible is considered contraband when found coming through the border. Nothing to see here.


It’s ok to kiss-up to China’s rulers but not support the small people of Hong Kong wanting our Bill of Rights and Constitution for their own. The Morey tweet blessing exposed the NBA dark side.


God is the color commentator on NBA’s gutter morals recorded in Isaiah 5:20, “Doom to you who call evil good and good evil. Who put darkness in place of light and light in place of darkness, who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!...24 But they won’t get by with it. As fire eats stubble and dry grass goes up in smoke, their souls will atrophy, their achievements crumble into dust, because they said no to the revelation of God-of-the-Angel-Armies, would have nothing to do with The Holy of Israel.”


If authoritarian-loving institutions – such as the media, democrats, schools, and unions had policing powers like China is there any doubt that they would put Christians and other American anti-Woke groups into prison camps?


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Yuba County, Ca


On Thursday, October 10th at approximately 11pm, Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the area of Challenge where an intruder was reported as being inside the residence of an off duty Yuba County Deputy. The Yuba County Coroner's Office has identified the intruder  as 43 year old Gabriel Wilson of Oroville.

  Before Police personnel arrived, the off duty officer shot the intruder with his duty weapon.  The suspect was pronounced deceased on scene at that time.


 The California Department of Justice has been requested to assist with the investigation. The investigation in ongoing and further information will be provided once the investigation is completed. Last up-date Monday 10/14.

Just for the FUN of it!


gt race


Local race promoter Gordon “GT” Tom, sits on one of the adult  tricycles. Where Teams of five competitors will be racing in Marysville’s Chinatown. On Saturday October 19th. Coming back for the Fourth year at First and C Streets,  for five heats and a final race between 10:00am-4:00 pm. The team with the highest score of the day will win the “Pink Slips” to the trikes.


Viewing the race is free with showcasing the new attraction and businesses in Chinatown. Tom is s former professional racer and race promoter.  He organized the first “GT’s Invitational Challenge Race”  in 1986 in Chinatown.

PG&E shut off power to residents of the North State shortly after midnight Wednesday. More shutoffs are expected today. In total, 800,000 customers will be negatively impacted. An estimated 2.5 million Californians will not have electricity.


 Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Tehama), who represents Paradise where 85 people died as a result of the Camp Fire and thousands are still displaced, issued the following statement: 


 “PG&E’s massive power shutoff is unacceptable. This policy has to change. PG&E’s decision to protect itself from liability at the expense of hardworking Californians will not be tolerated. This disregards people’s livelihoods. We depend on electricity to live and earn a living.


 “Millions without electricity is what a third world country looks like, not a state that is the 5th largest economy in the world.


 “Schools closed. Government offices closed. Businesses closed.


 “Employees were sent home as businesses had to shut their doors. Some workers are forced to go without pay.


 “Parents scrambled to find babysitters, raced to buy battery-operated lights, and rushed home to prepare their families in anticipation of days of darkness. This is no way to live. We are in the United States of America. Access to electricity is a basic necessity for life.


 “This ham-fisted policy by PG&E appears to be nothing more than a very selfish approach to protecting corporate interests at the expense of customers who cannot shop elsewhere for this vital utility - electricity. This Legislature must rigorously examine whether PG&E is capable of responsibly delivering reliable, safe electricity to its rate-paying customers.”


                          A Celebration of Life for Margery Evelyn Magill



                                 Saturday, October 19, 2019: 11  am

                                       Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds

                                 442 Franklin Avenue, Yuba City

           Main Exhibit Building (west end of fairgrounds across from the mail parking lot)


          Please wear something purple or something with dogs on it. Converse shoes are good too!

                                 No black. If you can help it! (530)306-1058


The question has been asked to the Family of Margery Magill…..  In lieu of flowers….


Here are some options….


  1. 1) UC Davis is putting in a memorial bench in the arboretum on campus.

     They are still requesting donations in Margery’s name.

     Donations can be made by two methods:

A) online at

  1. B) or checks should be made payable to UC Regents and mailed to:

                        Attn: Judy Hayes

                        UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden

                        One Shields Ave.

                        Davis, CA 95616


  1. 2) Donations for a Yuba-Sutter area scholarship fund are being collected

     at Mechanics Bank (formally Rabo Bank) in Yuba City.

     Please contact Bonnie or Jeff Magill for the routing and account numbers

     for bank transfers or deposits for the account.

     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. 3)Raeann had set up a donation link to the National FFA Center in

     Indianapolis on Facebook. Those donations will be used to provide FFA

     jackets to students in California that are in need of an FFA jacket, but do

     not have the means to purchase one.


  1. 4)any animal shelter in need
  1. 5)Make a loan to a woman entrepreneur in a third world country



Thank you.

The Family of Margery Magill


message from Jeff Magill on page 8

by Lou Binninger




            Last Tuesday, Marysville City Council pooled its ignorance, speculation of “experts,” and professional doubters to move forward with making Ellis Lake into a million dollar aquarium. This ‘Rube Goldberg’ contraption (approaching a simple task in a convoluted way) will sport 25 lake-bottom aerators, 2 compressors and chemicals.



           The city has had trouble just paying the utilities (a few thousand annually) for the well serving the lake and then chemicals to kill algae but it now miraculously can afford $45,000 in annual upkeep not counting chemicals ($20,000 per dose) after spending more than $700,000 to start. When complete, the water still will not be clean enough for human contact.


The “Aquarium” may become the laughingstock of the valley. It certainly will compete with the $17 million, 5 acre, B Street Boondoggle a stone’s throw east of the slimy pond as a waste of money.


EKI Environment and Water along with MHM (engineering) are heavy on hot air and lite on homework. They are good at prognostication and scenarios rather than dealing with facts. The connection between phosphorous, nitrogen, oxygen and algae can be found on Google by an elementary student. Can any of them even find the pump on the river?


Lake Ellis benefactor’s businessman Charles Mathews and retired Fish and Wildlife employee Dale Whitmore offered to spend $11,500 of their own money to prove that using Yuba River water will fix the lake. Marysville has everything to gain and nothing to lose. But the city manager wants to have her way even if her legacy here is the unaffordable contraption.


Ellis Lake was successfully served by pumping Yuba River Water for forty years when City Hall had a revelation -- pump ground water instead (the source of phosphorous that creates algae.) As usual, government caused the problem and then citizens pay for government to fix it.


In 1996, the city spent $8111 to pump Yuba River water into the lake. That’s a long way from spending EKI’s $45,000 annually to maintain equipment and the lake. And the EKI ‘Aquarium’ is still unfit for human use.

EKI and City Manager Marti Brown grossly exaggerate the permitting process challenge, water rights issues and the costs to ready the pump. This deception is done to sway the council to a predetermined loser approach. Brown has the council members by the short-hairs and like many city and county administrators has forgotten who her bosses are. She acts like they work for her.


EKI says it needs to add oxygen and remove phosphorous to clean the lake. However, their plan does not solve the problem that simply pumping Yuba River water would. Maybe EKI needs to place a guarantee in their contract to allow the citizens to sue them if the lake does not shape-up. Why should EKI and Marti Brown walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars and citizens end up with slime and an unaffordable contraption?


This is one of those ‘professional solutions’ where there’s a disclaimer to not try this at home due to unintended consequences.


Ellis Lake has for years been symbolic of Marysville City Hall incompetence, just like Wollman Ice Rink in Central Park was for New York City.  After opening in 1950, New York in 1974 began to refurbish the attraction. However, in 1980, it was deemed unusable. By 1986, $12.9 million had been spent, with an additional $2 to $3 million estimated to complete the work by the winter of 1987.


Businessman Donald Trump finally stepped in offering to use his own money and skill to renovate the government mess in 6 months. Mayor Ed Koch resisted and began feuding with Trump and did his best to avoid losing face against a brighter private sector effort. Koch hoped Trump would fail to distract from the city’s bungled effort.


 After 12 years and $13 million of city waste, Trump started and completed the rink in 4 months, 25% below budget and opened in time for the winter holidays. It was a lesson in common sense and superior management.


Government ineptitude is legend -- $640 toilet seats, $7,600 coffee pots, $8,000 for helicopter gears worth $500, $50,000 to investigate the bomb-detecting capabilities of African elephants, billions of dollars of food stamps spent on the dead, and checks to ‘ghost’ soldiers.


Don’t task the city with changing a diaper. It would produce chaos, take years, and break the bank.


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by Lou Binninger


Yuba County residents continue to get bad news on the California bait and switch, tax and spend front. The No on Measure K Facebook site is tracking the approximate $8,000 a day in taxes being taken from citizens by the illegal sales tax that began in April 2019. As of October 8th the approximate take is $1,544,000.


            Each day that opponents of Measure K wait for the county’s appeal of Judge Stephen Berrier’s ruling, the citizens lose another $8,000. It is thievery.


The supervisors couldn’t even conduct a public meeting to discuss the appeal of Judge’s Berrier’s decision against them. They discussed and voted in closed session to spend more county funds so they can take more from taxpayers.


Remember Proposition 6 (2018) to repeal SB 1 (2017) that raised fuel taxes and DMV fees to repair our roadways? SB 1 is taking an estimated $52.4 billion from us over ten years. Yuba County officials argued against the repeal though we already had the highest road taxes and Assemblyman Gallagher maintained that there were plenty of funds to care for roads in the state budget. The Prop 6 repeal lost.


A June 2017 poll showed that 58% of California residents opposed the increase in fuel taxes, while 39% of all respondents stated they "strongly opposed" the increase. SB1 also imposed a vehicle registration fee increase. The annual increase ranging from $25 to $175 is based on the value of the vehicle.


Voters passed Prop 42 (2003) and Prop 1a (2006) creating safeguards and mandates to force government to spend fuel taxes for roads. However, liberals disregarded voters by moving $1.8 billion of fuel tax funds in 2010 to the General Fund.


The June 2018 ballot included Proposition 69, an amendment that directed fuel revenues for transportation-related purposes. Voters approved this proposition. However, the SB1 car registration fee increase and all older existing fuel tax revenues before SB1 were still appropriated to the General Fund.


Liberal politicians in California have proven repeatedly to be thieves and tyrants. And Caltrans can’t manage the state’s transportation needs. Caltrans spends 2.5 times as much money per mile as the national average to care for our highways. 


Now, Governor Gavin Newsom signed executive order N-19-19 moving $5 billion from transportation funds to railway and other expenditures to begin removing people from their cars to curtail greenhouse gases. The governor wants to reduce fuel consumption.


Caltrans then immediately suspended plans to add lanes north and southbound on Hwy 99 in Tulare and Madera Counties diverting the funds to fight climate change. This aligns with the governor’s desire to reduce traffic and congestion by eliminating automobiles.


Road funds will also be redirected to support housing production near jobs and to further the state’s ‘smart growth principles’ otherwise known as ‘stack and pack,’ restricting where people can live in order to ‘save the planet.’


Monies will be used to move people out of their automobiles to other modes of transportation. Options would include “transit, walking, biking and other active modes.” The funds will also “mitigate increases in transportation costs for lower income Californians.”


The state wants to eliminate all fossil fuel vehicles in favor of railway and electric vehicles. In addition, only wind and solar energy will power the state by 2045 according to Newsom’s order.


Yuba County borrowed $9 million (with $1.1 million interest repaid over 10 years) from Yuba Water Agency to leverage SB 1 dollars to expedite and expand road projects this year. Will the repayment of this loan now be hindered by Gov Newsom’s robbing of road funds in his contrived crisis to ‘save the planet?’


The will of the people means nothing to liberal legislators. The many propositions passed by voters have intended to rein-in arrogant and deranged politicians.


So far, it hasn’t worked.


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by John Mistler

Yuba County, CA


Yuba County Board of Supervisors put an illegal sales tax increase on the ballot last year. The board promoted the tax, with taxpayer money (that's illegal), as a "Special Tax" requiring 2/3rds vote of the people but; declared after the election  that is was a "General Tax" (bait and switch?) requiring only 50% +1 votes. The Court next looks to the intent of the voters, which outweighs the intent of the Board of Supervisors, which put the measure to the voters. The Yuba County Superior Court invalidated measure K siding with the plaintiff's.  The court said the tax was a "Special Tax" and did not receive the 2/3rds requirement to pass.

The Yuba County Board decided to appeal the judge's decision behind closed doors (probably illegal) with no input from the public.


Yuba County is still receiving illegal tax revenues and will continue to collect them until their appeal is squashed.


Following the board's decision to appeal; several of the Board of Supervisors blocked any input on their facebook pages, (that's against the law). Courts have ruled if you use facebook for political information you cannot block it when you don't like what is being said.


Yuba County has formally appealed the decision to invalidate Measure K. There will be additional briefing and then oral arguments in Sacramento at the 3rd District Court of Appeal.


Oral argument is several months away.


The Appeal Brief can be seen at on the October 2nd issue.

Browns Valley, Ca.




Once again the colorful old mining town of Browns Valley is hosting a visit to the Dannebrouge gold mine on October 6 1:00-5:00 at 5573 Marysville Road .  Come see the gallus frame , restored structures, and many Mine artifacts. A presentation by Dannebrouge owners Ruth Mikkelsen and Mike Schuster in conjunction with Yuba County Historic Resources Commission will be at 2:30.  Admission is free and refreshments will be served. Please call Roberta at 1 (530) 743-8742 or Sue at 742-6508 to register.

by Lou Binninger


The left worries not so much about the facts but the results obtained by pushing myths and mirages. They feel their hearts are in the right place so to hell with truth.


            The chief of staff for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) stated that her Green New Deal was not really about saving the planet after all. In a report by the Washington Post, Saikat Chakrabarti revealed that “it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all … we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”


            In a 2018 video, Chakrabarti promoted AOC’s agenda in congress while wearing a T-shirt with the face of Subhas Chandra Bose, who collaborated with both Hitler and Imperial Japan during World War II.


            The climate change hoax has always been the backdoor to socialism and total government control.


The Population Bomb was a 1968 best-seller written by Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich and his wife, Anne. Their claims that mass starvation and famines were imminent are laughable, more likely to be heard from someone on PCP (a hallucinogenic causing a profound distortion in a person’s perception of reality). The media gulped it all down and threw a party. Pass the birth control pills, hail sterilization and free abortions to rid us of an over-supply of humankind. Ehrlich became a celebrity for his brilliant nonsense.


The boring mantra of the left is that it’s always America’s fault. BS. We are the chief global warmer and plastic polluter? Hogwash!


The sad part is impressionable children are now being pimped out to peddle one lie after another. “You came from an ape.” “You look like a boy but may be a girl…or both.” “You are killing the earth by using a plastic straw.” “Confiscating all guns will achieve peace.” And parents are so stupid that they usher their kids onto those yellow buses clueless to what is occurring in the classroom.


The “Guardian” of Australia has released a video with some revealing quotes by young environmental doofuses.

Daisy, 9, says “It is making fires in the Arctic where there is supposed to be no fires at all, only snow.” Let’s ask her to address the United Nations.


            James, 10, repeats lies he’s been fed, “Carbon goes into the world’s atmosphere making the world get hotter.” And Hannah, 10, is enlightening, “Some cows are farting and that’s putting carbon into the atmosphere and that’s bad because the sunlight goes out and can never come back.” That’s some serious farting to block out the sun, but liberals are zombie-like.


            Who are the scoundrels peddling this dribble? It’s not science. It’s intellectual sewage.


            A nine-year-old boy proclaims Americans use ‘500 million plastic straws a day’ and Hollywood and the media believe and love it. Politicians ban straws. The number is a fabrication.


Senator Kamala Harris if elected President wants a ban on plastic straws but has no qualms about doctors chopping-up babies and selling the parts. Well, what about condoms? How many of those do we use a day Kamala? Are they found in the ocean or in the nose of a turtle? Should we ban condoms to save the flora and fauna?


The left insists we really use all those straws and insinuates America is the world’s premier plastic polluter, all lies. About 90 percent of the planet’s plastic waste comes from a few rivers in and around Asia and Africa.


In descending order of gross polluters are China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and other developing nations over there, not here. Of the top ten rivers that produce the most pollution, eight of them are in Asian and two, the Nile River and the Niger River, are in Africa. The Yangtze (China) and Ganges (India) Rivers are big-daddy polluters of Asia. America contributes less than 1% of the plastic to the oceans.


“The 10 top-ranked polluter rivers transport 88-95 percent of the global load into the sea,” Dr. Christian Schmidt, a hydrogeologist with Germany’s Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research told the Daily Mail. None are in the U.S.

Can anyone name a disaster predicted by climate scientists that actually came to pass? If tides are rising 10-15 feet due to the Climate Hoax why are banks still loaning on coastal properties? In fact, the Obamas and other Climate Shysters keep buying those waterfront estates.


            And those polar bears were supposed to be nearly extinct after being 5,000-15,000 strong in 1960. Someone counted more than 28,000 the other day. And, we pay people to do this work to improve our lives.   


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by Lou Binninger


The media is quick to expose and snipe at religious predictions that don’t come to pass, like the specific date for the return of Christ. Cult groups have made dire pronouncements that missed by a mile, as well. Jehovah’s Witness leaders predicted Armageddon would occur in 1914, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975, 1994, 1997, whew, enough already.


Apocalyptic declarations are great fodder for the lefty media to treat with contempt. There are plenty of them.


            However, rarely do the media inform the public about the dud predictions of some of world’s ‘learned ones’ and politicians called climate alarmists. These are important tales to tell but climate false prophets are protected in the national media.


            John Nolte with Breitbart News has gathered 41 climate doomsday proclamations made over 50 years, none of which have been fulfilled. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that we have just 12-years to save the world and that can only be done by using a socialist government to manage our lives. Her proclamation will be #42 on Nolte’s list of bogus claims.


            How many times will lefties cry wolf before folks openly mock and turn a deaf ear to the crazies? Forecasts from years 1967 – 1970 included a horrible famine to occur by 1975 with hundreds of millions perishing. All natural resources would be consumed, the oil supply would be gone in 10 years, and when that didn’t happen then twenty years, then 1990, 2000, 2010, oops 2020 no mo’ oil. Over-population would consume and destroy planet earth. Water rationing would begin by 1975 and food rationing by 1980. All false.


            Urbanites would need gas masks by 1985 and a nitrogen build-up would ruin all agricultural land. Pollution would kill all fish and then there are the killer bees heading toward America. If this isn’t enough to keep you awake at night a New Ice Age would begin by 2000, oops by 2020, then adjusted to 2030 and then reset for 2070. It’s coming, really. Just believe.


            The 1970’s top scientists and professors reassured about the coming Ice Age, famines are imminent, acid rain will kill all life in lakes, and ozone depletion may kill us all. A repeated theme was “we are running out of oil.” These people had a shortage-of-oil fixation.

            The 1980s climate-warming ‘gurus’ predicted regional droughts soon, and record high temperatures for Washington DC. The Maldives would be submerged by 2018 and rising sea levels would destroy nations if not addressed by 2000. New York City’s West Side Highway was to be underwater by 2019. Oh yes, we’re running out of oil. Not one item true here.


            Predictions picked up from 2000-2010. “Children will no longer know what snow is.” There will be famine in 10-years if we don’t stop eating meat, fish and dairy. The Arctic will be ice-free by 2013, no 2014, one more time 2018, and then Britain will be Siberia by 2024. What? Yes…and oil is nearly gone. If climate false prophets were being shot we could reduce this nonsense.


            In 2009, UK’s Prince Charles (not Prince Andrew of Jeffrey Epstein fame) said we had 96- months to save the world. And British Prime Minister then said we had just 50-days to save the planet. Don’t they talk? In 2014, we had just 500 days before climate chaos. All lies.


Manhattan will be underwater by 2015. And, while running out of oil the nation will be smitten with an ongoing line-up of super hurricanes. So those were the false story-lines in 2006.


How long does this insanity continue while wasting billions of dollars on indoctrination and harassing regulations to introduce socialism? Have Americans with a clue gone into hiding? Do truth-tellers fear being shamed and mocked by lunatics? Is our way of life not worth a fight?


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judy 3Gordon Tom greets visitors outside the Chinese American Museum of Northern California

On Saturday September 14th,  Bill George,  Owner of Nimbus Films and producer of 5 historic documentary Films  brought a group to Marysville’s Historic Chinatown. The group from Sacramento and Nevada City visited  Marysville’s Historic  Chinatown, where members of the Marysville Chinese Community Rick Lim, Richard Ow, and  Gordon Tom gave tours of the Bok Kai Temple, the Chinese School Museum, and the Chinese American Museum of Northern California. After the tour the group had time to have lunch in Yuba City, at an authentic Chinese Restaurant, “The Chinese Garden” before heading up to visit Oroville’s Chinese Temple.

September 30th was the last day for 2019 rain statistics.


Oct. 1 begins the 2020 recording.


2018 totals 66.64


2019 had a total of 109.77

Marysville, Ca.


JamillaOn September 26th, 2019 at approximately 2:00 am, Marysville Police Detectives received a call from Security at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, CA.  Security officers advised that they believed Jaramillo was in front of the casino and sent a picture from their surveillance, which matched.  Butte County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on scene and took Jaramillo into custody without incident.  Marysville Police Detectives responded to Butte County and took custody of Jaramillo.  Jaramillo was later booked at Yuba County Jail for murder.

Marysville, Ca.


Yuba City Girl Scouts Troop 41 filled nearly 50 bags with age-appropriate items -- like stuffed animals, snacks, handmade blankets and diapers – to help local children during difficult family situations.

girl scoutsPictured Haley Combest, Brenna Abel and Madeline Baldez

  The troop, comprised of three teens, worked hard to put together the bags for children who are placed in the Yuba County Child Protective Services program.


  The goals of CPS are to both protect children and to reunite them with their families. The three Girl Scout packed the bags with necessities for kids -- who range in age from newborn to teen—to help them during that transition, which can be understandably difficult.


  Each year for their Silver Star Project, the troop works to fulfill a need within the community. Previous projects included making baskets for pets adopted from the local shelter and filling backpacks with supplies for people who are homeless.




  The bags dropped off Tuesday were especially well-timed, as CPS is nearly out of similar backpacks that are given to children based on availability. A previous group that donated backpacks in the past is unable to do so anymore.


  Proceeds from the famous Girl Scouts cookie sales fund all troop activities throughout the year, including service projects like this.


  Members of the Child and Adult Protective Services program were on hand as the Girl Scout unloaded the bags, expressing appreciation for the work they did to raise the money, purchase the items, and even make blankets for children who are working through a tough and important process.


  “We are more than pleased and excited to have the children in our community come and support their peers in a very difficult and traumatic situation,” Child Adult Protective Services Deputy Director Tony Gordon said. “To have children recognize that there is a need to bring some balance into a difficult situation is admirable and we are fortunate to have them partner with us. We are honored to have them assist us in bringing care and comfort to the children we serve.”


Lou Binninger


An effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom has been authorized by the Secretary of State. Organizers have until February 13, 2020, to collect 1,495,709 signatures of registered voters to force an election.


            Successful recalls of governors are rare. Only four gubernatorial recalls have ever qualified for the ballot. And just two governors in U.S. history, North Dakota’s Lynn Frazier (1988) and California’s Gray Davis (2003) were removed from office by a recall election.


            Gov Newsom took office in January 2019 but was not a novice to state politics. The nephew of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has influenced statewide policies for 16 years prior to winning the governor’s race by nearly 62%. He was mayor of San Francisco 2004 – 2011 and then Lt Governor under Jerry Brown 2011 – 2019.


            San Francisco, held hostage by the homeless and drug addicts has become the toilet of California where a “Crap App” helps people step-over fresh deposits of human waste. This is a result of Newsom’s mayoral policies.


Due to egregious state and city environmental regulations only the wealthy can afford to live in San Francisco. And the state’s housing industry is grounded by climate hoax mandates.


            Newsom’s legacy is one of violating the law, resisting the federal government and ignoring the will of the people. As mayor, contrary to law, he performed marriage ceremonies for same gender couples and did nothing while the homeless established squatter camps, shot drugs and relieved themselves in public.


            As Lt Governor and now Governor he has declared California a sanctuary for illegal aliens and provided 100,000 of them free healthcare at a cost of $100 million dollars. Troops sent by President Trump to secure the border were removed by Newsom. It is estimated that 70% of illegals will end-up on welfare while illegals already cost state taxpayers $30 billion annually in benefits.


            One of every three welfare recipients in America resides in California and one in four residents fall below the poverty line.


            Thousands of businesses have left the state along with millions of taxpaying working class people. Social media is alive with Californians exploring where to relocate as future refugees of the regulation-rich socialist state.


            Newsom wants to shut down the oil industry and replace this abundant source of energy with feeble solar and wind power. Solar and wind cost a fortune to produce and cannot supply the needs of the state. Already utility costs are 60% higher than the national average and gasoline prices are $1 per gallon more due to shunning fossil fuels.


            Newsom’s newest proposal is to tax drinking water. His administration is also protecting the barbaric selling of aborted baby parts and prosecuting those who uncovered the criminal acts.


            Liberal California has traditionally supported the death penalty for the most heinous criminal acts. However, Newsom gave a reprieve to 737 prisoners on death row and has been releasing violent offenders. Schools have gone from the best in the nation to last, now re-tooled as leftist indoctrination centers pushing evolution, climate change and sexual identity hoaxes.


            Newsom’s policies are producing less freedom, less opportunity, less prosperity, poorer quality of life and more regulations, more costs, and more government harassment. However, will those who oppose the status quo resist Newsom, move elsewhere, or shut-up and comply?


            The factors that led to the recall of Gray Davis in 2003 were an unpopular governor, failed policies and an attractive alternative candidate. Davis had won his second term with just 47.2% of the vote. Newsom recently won big but his approval ratings are falling.


 Davis inherited a budget surplus but created a $35 billion deficit while giving prison correctional officers a 35% pay increase. He also concurred with giving huge pension increases for government employees that are bankrupting the state today.


            The utility grid was failing. The state was experiencing rolling blackouts affecting up to 1.5 million people and businesses. A “car tax” kicked in causing the average DMV fee to go from $70 to $210.


            A number of alternative candidates joined the recall but Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger captured the interest of the most voters. People really had no idea what they were getting in Arnold but he knew how to work the crowd. Claiming to be a Republican he governed like a Democrat.


            Today, Newsom has a bankrupt utility due primarily to absurd green regulations. PG and E is preparing people for Third World style brown-outs on windy days and customers will pay a small fortune for gas and electric in the future.


The Brown/Newsom car tax increase has made the Davis increase seem like chump change. SB 1 is taking an additional $5.1 billion each year from the pockets of Californians via DMV fees and fuel taxes.


            The missing element is a charismatic candidate that can give hope to millions of Californians now cowing to a socialist state.


            More information and petitions can be obtained at or Petitions can be signed locally at Elite Universal Security, 5548 Feather River Blvd., Olivehurst, CA.


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