fire cross trainingMarysville, Ca.

The three SAFER grant positions have been filled and the new employees have started with the Fire Department. Currently, they are completing a 30-day training program including pump operations, driving, tactics and strategies, and Incident Command System training. They are scheduled to begin shift training on April 1, 2020. In coordination with regional partners, the Fire Department staff are completing cross training with CAL FIRE and the Yuba College Fire Academy.  

HCR amended to limit powers to srize guns and ammo

The NRA-ILA just announced that the previously worrisome Kansas bill HCR 5025, has been amended to include language that limits the emergency powers of the KS state government. Previously, the bill could have been interpreted to allow authorities to restrict the sale and transportation of firearms, as well as confiscate arms and ammunition during the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully this was remedied and the changes subsequently approved on Thursday.


California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a “Shelter In Place” statewide order Thursday evening that effectively replaced the Yuba-Sutter “directive” just hours before it went into effect.

Under the order, “all individuals living in the State of California (are) to stay home or at their place of residence, except as needed to follow the federal critical infrastructure sectors.”

The statewide order, which went into effect immediately, is a mandate that is enforceable. Businesses that must close include restaurants (except for takeout or delivery orders), bars/nightclubs, entertainment venues, gyms/fitness studios, public events and gatherings, and convention centers.

“Our Yuba-Sutter community needs to take in this information calmly, as our residents were already prepared to be in their homes to reduce the chance of exposure to the coronavirus,” said Yuba-Sutter Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu. “This is NOT martial law, and nothing has to change overnight. The state’s order has the same guidelines that were in the Yuba-Sutter directive, so you’re all prepared to stay home as much as possible, except for essential activities, to help slow the spread of COVID-19.”

Luu emphasized residents will still be able to take walks, play with their children in the yard, and make necessary trips to grocery stores, banks, gas stations, pharmacies, and laundromats. Residents can also keep appointments with their doctors.

The state established a website to outline the Shelter In Place order and list essential services. It can be found at:

For more information and resources, check and


Marysville, Ca.

On March 19th, at approximately 7:45pm Maryville Police Officers responded to the 2300 block of Cheim Blvd for a report of a stabbing that occurred. When officers arrived on scene, they located a female victim with a stab wound to her neck.

The female had gotten into an altercation with her fiancé, Stephen George (53 yrs old) from Marysville. During the altercation George stabbed the victim in the neck with a kitchen knife. The victim was able to escape and went to a neighbor’s house. Based on information obtained at the scene George was arrested for attempted murder, domestic violence, kidnapping and other various charges. George was booked at the Yuba County Jail.

During our school closures, YCUSD Nutrition Services will continue to serve breakfast and lunch to all children ages 18 and under. Both meals will be distributed together in front of the school sites in a mobile walk-up or drive-thru meal service. Children must be present to receive meals.


Meal service will begin Thursday, March 19th.



Site and Serving Times

Andros Karperos                8:30AM-10:00AM
April Lane Elementary       8:30AM-10:00AM
Bridge Street Elementary 8:30AM-10:00AM
Riverbend Elementary       8:30AM-10:00AM
River Valley High School   8:30AM-10:00AM
Yuba City High School       8:30AM-10:00AM
Bernard Children’s Center 8:30AM-10:00AM

On Thursday, March 19th, the Marysville Police Department arrested two Yuba City men for conspiracy to commit bank robbery, along with other felony charges. A loaded firearm and a black ski mask were recovered in the investigation.

At approximately 10:06 a.m. this morning, an employee from Umpqua Bank, located at 700 E Street in Marysville, called police to report a suspicious man trying to cash a stolen check in the bank. The man was later identified as thirty-one-year-old Palwinder Mann, a Yuba City resident.

Officers were in the area at the time of the call and arrived on scene only moments later. An officer observed Mann walking out of the bank and immediately detained Mann. Another officer arrived on scene and contacted a man sitting in the front passenger seat of a silver 2005 Toyota Camry, parked in front of the bank. This man was later identified as thirty-year-old Marcelino Ramos Ruiz, a Yuba City resident.

Through investigation, officers learned that Mann and Ruiz were both on active parole in the State of California. Ruiz had an active felony warrant for violation his parole and was arrested out of the Toyota. During a search incident to arrest, Ruiz was found in possession of a black ski mask.

A records check revealed that the Toyota was registered to Mann’s mother. Officers conducted a search of the Toyota and discovered a loaded .38 Special revolver handgun. Mann and Ruiz are both convicted felons prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition.

Officers believe that Mann and Ruiz went to Umpqua Bank together and had a plan to rob the bank. Thanks to the immediate action taken by bank employees, the quick response of officers, Mann and Ruiz were unsuccessful in their plan. Mann and Ruiz were booked into Yuba County Jail on several felony charges, including conspiracy to commit a felony, attempted robbery, and being convicted felons in possession of a firearm and ammunition.


Marcelino Ramos Ruiz 002Marcelino Ramos Ruiz

Palwinder MannPalwinder Mann


  Marysville, Ca.

Effective immediately, the City of Marysville’s City Hall and Police and Fire Department lobbies will be closed to the general public until further notice in an effort to stem the spread of Covid-19 virus and protect the health and safety of the public and City employees. The City will continue to offer limited customer services over the phone, via email and by appointment only.

 “Closing City Hall was a tough decision, but at the end of the day, we have a responsibility to the community and our city employees to ensure everyone’s public health and safety and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus while still providing high quality customer service within the parameters of this ever-changing emergency we seem to find ourselves in,” commented Marysville Mayor Ricky Samayoa.

 In addition to closing City Hall, all City-sponsored public meetings including City Council and Planning Commission meetings will be closed to the public until further notice. Live streaming will be available at Live Stream YS ( Public Comment will be accepted via the Live Stream YS Facebook page and read into the record by the City Clerk.

 “The City will continue to deliver timely public safety services to the community, as well as other customer services over the phone and via email while limiting unnecessary public contact as we support the Federal, State and regional recommendations and guidelines to safeguard the community from the spread of Covid-19,” stated Marti Brown, Marysville City Manager.


                                                        stay home except for essential activities

Yuba and Sutter Counties

Bi-County Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu today issued a directive to Yuba and Sutter county residents to remain at home except to engage in “essential activities,” effective 11:59 p.m. Thursday, March 19, in response to the regional spread of COVID-19.

“There remain NO confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yuba-Sutter, but our area’s proximity to Sacramento—which experienced a near tripling of cases in days – leaves me extremely concerned,” Yuba-Sutter Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu said. “In addition, guidance for limited gatherings across the country has rapidly changed in recent days, from less than 250 people over the weekend, to 50 people by Sunday, and to just 10 people or less by Monday.”

Luu said residents and businesses need to be aware that the situation continues to be extremely dynamic and fluid, changing not by the day, but by the hour. But the safety of the public is paramount.

“We are directing residents to stay home and avoid public places where possible to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the utmost extent possible,” Luu said.

            Luu characterized the directive as a “first step, and it’s possible” a public health “order” may be considered by Yuba-Sutter officials at a later date. Enforcement of such an order could come down the road with scenarios the region can’t possibly contemplate at this moment (no, you will not get stopped for going to the grocery store), but officials hope that can be avoided with the cooperation and compliance from the community.

            “I have been working in coordination with leaders in both Yuba and Sutter counties, and we all acknowledged that the directive is disruptive to everyday life, but we still maintain that public safety is of the utmost importance,” Luu said, “and with directives like this happening all over the state, country and world, we believe our communities understand the gravity of this public health situation.”

            A bi-county Emergency Operations Center activated this week, and a bi-county Department Operations Center activated last week, with the goal of the two counties working together to prepare and respond to this public health emergency. Staff compiled a list of resources for those who may need assistance during this time, which can be found at or A bi-county Call Center is also fielding general calls from the public and can be reached at 749-7700.

            Residents are encouraged to take the time available to prepare: ensure that they—and especially the higher risk community members – have necessary items like groceries and medications. It is vital people not hoard items as grocery stores which are considered essential businesses, will remain open under this directive.

            This directive outlines that residents leave their residence only to perform essential activities, which include:

            --Activities/tasks essential to health and safety (like obtaining medical supplies, visiting with healthcare professional).

            --To obtain necessary supplies for themselves, their family or others like groceries.

            --To engage in socially-distanced outdoor activities like walking, hiking or running (keeping healthy is still important).

            --To care for a family member or pet in another household.

            --To perform work providing essential products and services at an Essential Business. For a list of what is considered “essential,” please see the accompanying directive.        

            Residents can find essential resources for food, housing and childcare, and other pertinent information, online at or

As has been the case in recent weeks, if you are sick and believe you need screening and testing, call your primary care physician or Urgent Care (749-3420 or 749-3242).

Marysville, Ca

On March 16, 2020 at about 10:27am Marysville Police Officers responded to the 1100 block of Ramirez Street for a report of a residential burglary to one of the apartments. During this investigation, officers were able to identify a suspect through witness statements and video from the scene. Officers located the female suspect, 35-year-old Melissa Hasting, in a separate apartment at this location. Hasting was detained for residential burglary. Marysville Police Detectives then served a search warrant at this apartment and recovered the stolen items taken during the burglary along with a Glock handgun and AR-15 assault rifle. Hasting is a convicted felon and cannot possess firearms. Hasting was transported to the Yuba County Jail where she was booked for residential burglary and felon in possession of firearms.

Due to the COVID-19 prevention protocols, the Wheatland Historical Society has cancelled it’s scheduled meeting for Thursday, March 19th.  We will reschedule it at a later date.
In addition, our Wheatland History Museum will not be opening this Saturday and will be closed until further notice.
Take care—we are in this together.

Tamara Johnson
Wheatland Historical Society Publicity

Dear patients and family members,

Thank you for choosing Adventist Health and Rideout for your health care needs. We are committed to
protecting the safety of our patients, staff members, and the general public while maintaining high quality care
at our hospital.

The daily evolving clinical dynamics of COVID 19 are necessitating reducing exposure of visitors at Adventist
Health and Rideout. Based on this need, the visitor limitation guidance below was created to support patient
and staff safety. Please understand this information is dynamic and changing hour by hour.
Visitation Policies:

Effective Tuesday, March 17 at 8 a.m. local time, Adventist Health and Rideout will begin following new visitor
guidelines until further notice:

NO visitors will be allowed on hospital units or in the emergency room except for OB patients and those who
are critically ill and/or at the end of life. In such cases, visitors will be limited to only ONE visitor on a 24-hour

For OB patients and for those who are critically ill or at the end of life, visiting will be limited further as follows:

• Visitors who have any flu-like symptoms may not visit. These symptoms include:

Runny nose
Cough and trouble breathing

• Visitors who have traveled outside of the United States in the past 14 days may not visit.

• Visitors who have had close contact with someone diagnosed with Coronavirus may not visit.

• No visitors under 18 years of age.

• All visitors will be screened for Coronavirus risk upon entry and will be asked to not continue the visit
if determined at risk.

We understand the importance of visitors and loved ones, we want to take all precautions for everyone who
enters our doors.

We recommend using FaceTime, Skype or the phone in your room to connect with and update your loved
ones who cannot visit during your stay. If you have questions or need additional information, please talk to
your nurse.

Thank you for helping us protect the health and safety of all who come to our campus during this unique time.
We appreciate your understanding and your cooperation.

For more information, please visit

Cyndy Gordon, RN

Loma Rica, Ca.


foothill lionsLions Zone Level Student Speaker contestants Left to Right: Lion President John Newlin Winner - Kiara Bracy - Loma Rica Foothill Lions, Adam Cross - Linda Lions, & Matthew Brockhoff - Wheatland Lions





The Purpose of the Contest is:


  • To provide an opportunity for competitive public speaking among students on a subject of vital interest to the contestants and to the American people as a whole.
  • To stimulate self-expression and independent thinking.
  • To present to the public through the student speakers contests the problems surrounding the maintenance of this commonwealth as a free nation.
  • To consider the means at our disposal of meeting the present and future world problems.

This zone level competition had high school students from three local Lions clubs: Wheatland, Linda, and Foothill Loma Rica. 


Winner, Kiara Bracy from Marysville High school, goes on to compete at the Region level contest to be held March 24th @ 6:30 pm at the Foothill Loma Rica Lions Community Center. 




AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, the nation’s largest free, volunteer-based tax preparation and assistance service, announced today that it will suspend tax preparation services at all sites effective Monday, March 16, until further notice.  The action is due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus. The program’s website,, is the best resource for information and changes in service availability. “Tax-Aide is prioritizing the health of taxpayers, our volunteers, and the communities we serve by suspending service until further notice,” said AARP Foundation President Lisa Marsh Ryerson. Tax-Aide will continue to assess whether some or all sites can re-open during this tax season as regularly scheduled, or during a longer tax season if it is extended. While Tax-Aide provides free tax preparation and filing services to all taxpayers, many of its clients are over 60, a group considered by health experts at higher risk for COVID19.

Marysville, Ca. 


Marysville Animal Care Services will have a Vaccine and Microchip Clinic at the Marysville Police Department on Sunday March 22nd from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  The Police Department is located at 316 6th Street, the clinic is in the back parking lot. They will also be able to license your dog at the same time (cash or checks only). All dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in a carrier. Bring separate checks for licensing and vaccines.

                                        Marysville resident       Non-City resident

Dog/Cat "Distemper          $5                 $10

Bordetella                         $5                 $12

Feline Rabies                    $15                $20

Canine Rabies                   $5                 $10 

Fel V Vaccine                  $25                $25

Microchipping                   $5                 $10

Marysville, CA


The AAUW STEM Conference scheduled for March 30 has been cancelled due to guidelines of safety re the Corona Virus.  Please keep us in mind in early 2021 (possibly January).  The STEM committee will start planning for that next month.

Marysville, Ca.


Due to the recently announced transition by the Yuba Community College District to remote (online) instruction at all campuses, Yuba-Sutter Transit’s Sutter Center Campus Shuttle will suspend operations effective Monday, March 16th.  Service will not resume until in-person instructions resume, but no earlier than Monday, April 6th.
Students should contact Yuba College for more information on this change and what college services are still available on each campus.  For more information on the shuttle service, call Yuba-Sutter Transit (530) 742-2877, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up for service alerts at,

Camptonville Flea Market & Plant Sale will be Saturday May 9, 9:30-1:30 at the Community Center; each 10x10 space will be $20. Call or email the Center for more information, or watch for flyers and Facebook announcements.

It takes place at the Camptonville Community Center, 15333 Cleveland Avenue, Camptonville CA. Information: (530) 288-5016 - Jesse for Camptonville Community Center Advocates 

Auburn, Ca.


The Rooster Tails Fishing Club monthly breakfast will be held at the Auburn Elks Lodge at 195 Pine Street in Auburn on Friday, March 20, 2020.  This free event is open to club members, spouses, and non-member guests.  Doors to the Lodge open at 7:00 a.m. to share fresh brewed coffee.  A fantastic $15 wide-selection buffet breakfast is served at 8:00 am, followed at 9:00 am with special guest speaker, Pro Fishing Guide, Brett ‘Bones’ Brady, owner of Brett Bones Fishing Guide Service, will present a special seminar on fishing for stripers. Reservations are not required but breakfast attendees are encouraged to arrive early for best parking and seminar seating.

Brett has been guiding for 22 years, working the waters of Northern CA chasing trout, kokanee, landlocked king salmon as well as river salmon, sturgeon and of course striped bass. All of this takes place throughout the year on his top of the line equipment including a fully equipped 21’ Design Concepts Jet Boat powered by a fuel-injected 350 hp Chevy engine cranking out 330 horsepower to get his clients to where the fish are in a hurry.  Using state-of-arts electronics, ‘Bones’ locates holding-fish and provides quality gear including GLoomis and Lamiglas rods, Pflueger reels, and variety of lures and baits. As always with Bare Bones, "It's All About Fishing!"


The 30+ year old, 250+ member Rooster Tails Fishing Club of Northern California, Inc. is a non-profit organization that meets the third Friday of each month to educate, entertain, and enhance fishing experience.  Unlike many bass and fly-fishing clubs that concentrate on very specific types of fishing, the Rooster Tails Fishing Club provides a balanced mix of fishing techniques presented by fishing experts targeting a variety of fish species on multiple types of waters. For more information contact Mac, Club Chairman, 916-203-0055, or visit the club’s web site at                                                                                              

Marysville, Ca.


As measures and precautions are being taken across the globe to combat the spread of the coronavirus, we want to update you on the status of the Gold Sox and our 2020 season. As of now, the Gold Sox will still play our 18th season here at Colusa Casino Stadium. Our federal, state and local officials have taken great measures to ensure the spread of the virus is contained and we fully expect society to return to normal function come Opening Night May 21st. The Gold Sox are committed to providing excellent, affordable family entertainment for the Yuba-Sutter community and look forward to another great summer.

Yuba City, Ca.


In accordance with the guidelines issued by the California Department of Public Health and the Governor’s Office, the City of Yuba City Senior Center will close effective March 12, 2020 until further notice. This closure includes all previously scheduled events and activities. 


The City of Yuba City is committed to the health and safety of our citizens and the community. This decision was made in an effort to protect our senior community and to reduce the potential risk of exposure to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Older adults and individuals with underlying medical conditions are particularly vulnerable to this disease. Please avoid crowds and nonessential gatherings. 


The City appreciates your understanding and attention to this situation. For updated information regarding City facilities and programs, please visit Guidelines regarding COVID-19 is available through the Bi-County Public Health Department at