Students from MHS participate in Forestry Challenge

forestry 12 6 17Left to Right: Olivia Vargas, Leilani Chavez, Kaitlyn O'Dell, Faith Barker, Jaylynn Anderson Back - Bonnie Magill (Advisor)Boulder Creek, Ca.

5 students from Marysville High School participated recently in the 2017 Santa Cruz Forestry Challenge, one group of a total of 107 high school students from 14 schools from the Santa Cruz and Central California region. The event was November 15 to 18 at Redwood Christian Park, near Boulder Creek, California.

One of the highlights for the students this year was the opportunity to visit a redwood forest that will soon be harvested using single tree selection. Students collected data on how much the trees have grown since the last selective harvest 12 years ago, and used the data to recommend the volume that can be sustainably removed in the upcoming harvest. During the Challenge, teams of students also completed field training, followed by a field test to assess their technical forestry knowledge.

“This event allows students to learn about the timber industry, view career opportunities, and become informed citizens about forestry issues,” said Marysville High School teacher Bonnie Magill. Kaitlyn O’Dell, a Senior at Marysville, summed it up as follows: “It was an enlightening experience to learn about another area of agriculture; ‘Timber is agriculture, too!’”

School Photo Caption: Students from Marysville High School recommend a sustainable harvest volume for a redwood forest near Boulder Creek, CA.


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