Valley Quilt Guild quilts for foster children

foster quilt

At the most recent Valley Quilt Guild meeting, 117 quilts were given to foster children.  Diana Adams, Program Specialist for Foster Kinship Care Education at Yuba College  received the quilts on behalf of foster children in our counties.  She explained about her program and brought thank you notes from children who had received quilts in the past.



The Valley Quilt Guild has a long history in the community of providing quilts for foster children. The non profit organization was established in 1982 and currently has about 150 members.  The purpose of the organization is to grow quilting by providing educational and fun activities related to quilting and to encourage community service by participating in quilt related projects such as making quilts for foster kids.


The group meets monthly, except November, and welcomes anyone interested in quilting, whether beginner or proficient quilter. Check the website: for further information.