By Boots Johnson


Now is the time to head to the ocean for those who enjoy this kind of sport. Halibut, salmon and rockfish are the name of the game at this time in San Francisco Bay. Just about any marina is scoring with party boats returning full of fish. Hot spots last week was out of Berkeley and  Emeryville.

As predicted, the Barge Hole on the Sacramento River proved to be a good bet on the opening day and still continues to produce quality salmon.

It appears this time of year is the time to go after catfish. Just about anywhere this fish lives is producing fish at this time which includes Collins Lake. The cats are reported to be suckers for just about any bait thrown at them, including power bait and worms. Of course, the big ones like the stink baits and chicken guts.

Lake Tahoe is still putting out some nice mackinaw lake trout and mixed in is limits of kokanee land locked salmon. The trout are holding in water between 150 and 180 feet and are being caught jigging and trolling with live minnows. Kokanee are running from 13 to 15 inches and some lake trout up to 10 pounds have been reported.

We hear from Eagle Lake near Susanville. This natural lake is still producing some nice eagle lake trout at this time. In fact, the lake has been cooperating all year. The trout have moved deep and are reported to be found in 25 to 40 feet of water. Drifting night crawlers is productive as well as lures which imitate the native fish in the lake such as the tule chub minnow. A good bet is always spoons and spinners in sliver color.

Ice House Reservoir and Union Valley Reservoir, both located in El Dorado County, received planted trout last weekend. According to a good source we are told some big spawners were also dropped in Ice House Reservoir along with the usual plant.

Englebright Reservoir located above Marysville is overrun with skiers, wave runners and so on. Best to stay away from the fishing for a while.

Bullard’s Bar Reservoir is still a hot spot in the North State for kokanee salmon. Best bet for lots of action is at the dam. Be prepared to share this spot with lots of boats.

Closing thought: “No matter how long you have traveled in the wrong direction, you can always turn around.”

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