by Lou Binninger

On Saturday, July 29th, more than 150 leaders from the State of Jefferson movement throughout Northern California came to Yuba City for a meeting at Church of Glad Tidings.

They were there at the request of State of Jefferson Chaplain Dave Bryan to address rumors and expose fake news and slander directed toward the Jefferson movement and its founder Mark Baird. Bryan also wanted to see a reconciliation of any factions resulting from misunderstanding or offenses over the last 3 ½ years since the movement began.

A Dave Hodges radio broadcast was played claiming that more than $300,000 collected to fund an ongoing legal action by Jefferson against the State of California for lack of representation was being wasted on the endeavor. Hodges said pursuing the lawsuit was intended to deplete funds and destroy the movement.

Further, Hodges explained ‘his un-named inside sources’ revealed that George Soros and had infiltrated the organization to undermine it so the Cal Exit effort could succeed. More details were promised by Hodges to come later.

Hodges also predicted that the Cal Exit advocates would somehow sabotage Oroville Dam causing a breach where the catastrophe would lead to the federal government allowing the state to secede from the union.

Local radio host Paul Preston and friend of Hodges was also noted at the meeting as claiming Mark Baird, the unofficial and unpaid leader of the movement, had misused Jefferson funds and would soon be held criminally accountable for his misdeeds.

Mark Kent, who set-up Jefferson’s 501 (c) 4 and oversees the monies given for the lawsuit, was at the meeting and took offense at the Preston lie. Mark Baird said he has nothing to do with the 501 (c) 4, is not on the board and handles no money from the organization. He is a volunteer like all Jefferson advocates.

Dave Bryan explained this is now the second time Preston has been involved in spreading far-fetched tales causing damage to those he targets. Bryan referred to a recent Liberty Tour conducted by Preston that was held at Glad Tidings where engineer Scott Cahill spoke about Oroville Dam.

The next week, Cahill posted a You Tube video slandering the church as allegedly destroying a video of the event and undermining the truth about the dam’s condition and the State of Jefferson movement. Cahill also attacked the character of the church and Bryan, the pastor.

Bryan indicated the church filmed and edited the event at no charge and provided the finished product to Cahill on time. No apology was ever offered to the church or You Tube retraction provided by Cahill or Preston.

Preston, a spokesperson for the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots is now working with Tea Party members to nurture a ‘Jefferson’ splinter group describing itself as the leading effort to start the 51st state.

At the Jefferson meeting participants were encouraged to speak-freely about any concerns. Many did so while others presented questions in writing. General presentations were made by Baird, Bryan and advertising / marketing expert Phil Enright.

Judging from attendees’ comments and next day emails, most everyone left better informed and energized to carry–on the fight for the 51st state. Participant Kayla Brown, who is married to a Shasta County correctional officer, says she is hopeful that her kids and grandkids can grow up in a state where the people are truly free.

California’s corruption, abuse of the citizenry and its tyrannical mission is free advertising for the State of Jefferson where the people would be free and in charge.

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# ChairmanBill Beeler 2017-07-31 17:28
Paul Preston is NOT a spokesman nor has he ever been one for the Sutter Buttes Tea Party. He has had an In the News section where we allow him to speak but that may change shortly. We do pay him to advertise on his radio station.
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