Sexual Deviancy in Government

by Lou Binninger

The downfall of Marysville Chief of Police Aaron Easton after being accused of sexual misbehavior by a former Yuba College Police Academy student should be sobering for many locals in places of authority that are pioneering their own moral path.

Easton’s departure adds to a legacy of sexual misconduct accusations against Marysville Police Chiefs. After decades of respected leaders the City Council hired Bret Smith in 2003 and then paid him $48,882.40 to leave in June 2006 while receiving sexual harassment accusations from female co-workers and rumors about him hot-tubbing with teen girls. Today, he’s Chief of Ferndale PD.

Then, longtime lawman Jack Beecham, after losing a Yuba County Sheriff’s race, filled-in until Wally Fullerton could double or triple dip his way to an unceremonious departure after 6-years. Fullerton was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct by a female employee, as well.

Dave Baker took over in April 2013 and lasted until Measure W (1% sales tax increase) was turned down by voters in November 2014.

Aaron Easton was promoted to replace Baker. Soon after taking the position Easton’s wife, Sara, died from a gunshot wound in 2015. After over two years, neither the Yuba City Police Department nor the Justice Department has determined whether someone shot her or she ended her life.

Yuba and Sutter Counties have been riddled with inappropriate sexual behavior by those in government authority. Sutter County District Attorney Carl Adams resigned after it was discovered he was having sex with an escort he granted immunity to for her testimony in a murder case. The county paid Elizabeth Pollard $150,000 as Adams’ employees sexually harassed her.

Sutter County Sheriff Captain Lewis Mc Elfresh was prosecuted for sexual improprieties with his adopted teen daughter. Mc Elfresh and other Sutter County employees were engaged in group sex and spouse swapping.

Other Sutter County officials have been noted for inappropriate sexual behavior but victims have so far been unwilling to come forward. Some believe Sutter County putting District Attorney lead investigator Jason Parker on administrative leave is about his questioning of improper behavior by government officials, both sexual and otherwise.

However, the national stampede of both male and female victims now emboldened to come out about their abuse is a phenomenon. Politicians and government workers, Hollywood elites, producers and actors, and corporate executives have been outed by hundreds of victims. Recently, a letter signed by140 female employees in the California legislature protesting a culture of sexual harassment and intimidation was presented to Democrat leadership in Sacramento.

For decades, the sexual revolution touted no barriers to intimate behavior. Those seeds of ‘freedom’ are now coming to fruition in all kinds of sexual indiscretion, deviancy and perversion.

The question is whether citizens are comfortable with those in places of authority and power engaging in deviant lifestyles while ruling over them.

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner recently entered prison for sending photos of his genitals via social media to young ladies. He was married at the time. New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez is being tried for political corruption including trips to the Dominican Republic for sex with young females.

Easton has not been charged. However, his electronic records were acquired by the Yuba City Police Department in the investigation involving the death of his wife.

A Yuba City Police Detective indicated that “Some of the information located (in digital format) made reference to sexual acts that occurred with unidentified females other than Easton’s wife, and (the YCPD detective) remembered seeing sexually explicit photographs of Easton taken while Easton appeared to be working in his official capacity as a peace officer.”

If this proves to be true it confirms rumors of Easton and others having sex while on duty. Law abiding taxpayers are hoping for a complete purging of dishonest and morally tainted government employees.

Government leaders are too lax on vetting new hires and too eager to pay-off those who have been wronged by morally deficient employees to maintain the status quo.

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