Yuba County Decisions

by Lou Binninger

When longtime Yuba County foothill resident Buck Weckman began complaining about massive grows of marijuana, illegal construction, pollution from ag chemicals and pesticides, and dangerous people with weapons, supervisors rolled their eyes.

Then, Weckman asked for Supervisors to declare a State of Emergency to solicit state and federal law enforcement to stop lawlessness involving marijuana grows and trafficking. Other counties like Siskiyou had done so with success.

Supervisors’ spokesperson Randy Fletcher from the 5th District hill area proclaimed his territory safe in spite of Weckman’s concerns. However, residents were not feeling that way with many giving-up even reporting incidents due to no response from the county.

Then, on August 1, 2017 two Yuba County deputies, Phillip Bronson, a 14-year veteran, and Andrew Everhart, a 10-year veteran, were shot at a grow near Oregon House by felon Mark Sanchez, 32, of Gilroy. They survived, but have not returned to work. Sanchez died.

Following the shooting, law enforcement agencies began to step-up raids on marijuana grow-operations. They were successful but are barely getting started with some people estimating 1,000 illegal sites.

Finally, in December 2017 Supervisors relented and declared the State of Emergency. Federal agencies now claim that three Yuba County properties involved in marijuana raids in 2017 are connected to an international Chinese crime network.

Agents from the DOJ, FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, IRS and other agencies along with local law enforcement have now seized more than 100 homes and searched 74 properties in the Sacramento area. The network received nearly $100 million in electronic transfers from China to purchase properties and set-up grows.

Maybe this will confirm the board’s decision to declare the State of Emergency. Hill deputies have done their best and Neighborhood Watches are great but all fall short of curbing organized crime.

Now, Supervisors are mulling over what to do about cooperating with Sanctuary California policies undermining the work of the Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Yuba County jail is one of ten ICE facilities in California holding detainees until the court adjudicates their immigration cases.

Inmates are fighting deportation after committing crimes in the U.S. and completing their sentences. ICE employees are embedded in the local jail and buses come and go moving new inmates to the jail and back and forth to Sacramento and San Francisco for hearings.

If you ever thought that illegal immigrants think like American citizens or have similar values, think again. That is why there is an immigration process to vet people.

Mexico’s Tijuana (TJ) just across the border to the south of San Diego is a shocking contrast to one of America’s top tourist destinations. There were 549 TJ homicides in the first quarter of 2018 and most will not be solved according to the Baja government. Of the first 132 homicides this year only five resulted in arrests with a total of 11 suspects detained.

In Mexico, the drug cartels control and if not control then kill politicians, judges, journalists and anyone else that hinders them. Their manner of killing can be eccentric. They utilize public shoot-outs and decapitate and dismember folks to make a memory.

Mexico, ala Trump, sent 400 of its Army troops to the border city not to deal with lawless Americans but to stop their own murder-mania. It rages on.

San Diego has a population of 1.4 million compared to Tijuana’s 1.8 million. In 2016 and 2017, TJ finished with 910 and 1,734 homicides while San Diego accounted for 50 and 34 for each year.

Many illegals from Mexico and Central American do not share the importance of obeying the law, respecting life or the innocence of underage females. Three teen illegals shot an Olivehurst boy that they never even knew in the face. Sexual assaults of underage girls are common.

Many illegals in Yuba Co jail have multiple driving under the influence crimes along with hit and runs. Substance abuse and addiction are a huge problem. Their attitude is that if deported they will simply illegally return.

Unfenced open borders welcome the mayhem into America’s lap. The current fence along the border has helped immensely in curtailing rampant crime that once flooded into San Diego and other California border cities.

Supervisors and new sheriffs-to-be in Nevada, Yuba and Sutter Counties will have some gnarly decisions to make as to whether they plan to honor their oaths to defend the Constitution or will bow to the demands of rulers in Sacramento.

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