Liars, Hucksters and Gore

by Lou Binninger

Global Warming, Climate Change and give-us-control-of-your-life wizards are exempt from having a huge carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a person or group. This footprint is falsely touted as being bad for the environment, but the wizards get to be fossil fuel gluttons and shame you at the same time.

Since they are saving us from ourselves they can fly solo by jet to climate conferences, ride in gas guzzling SUVs, and dwell in energy sucking mansions. Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity took a vow of poverty to serve the poor. Climate Wizards enrich themselves while making the average person poorer.

The Chief Wizard is Al Gore. Gore’s credentials are for being an experienced politician and accomplished snake-oil hustler. Ten years ago, On December 13, 2008, Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years and then he continued to push the bad juju year after year.

A disappearing Ice Cap meant bigtime warming. However, the Ice Cap has increased in size and thickness. Meanwhile Gore was banking tens of millions of dollars from a carbon credit scam where businesses pay a penalty for their imaginary negative impact on the earth’s atmosphere. If the earth was in dire straits why wouldn’t Big Al donate his wealth to rescue the globe?

It turns out that Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” contained little of it. He received the Nobel Peace Prize for this piece of fiction.

Gore said that sea levels could rise six meters (20 feet) with the melting of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. Remember, President Obama promised to protect us from rising ocean levels. Only in America can you go from crack addict to being God.

If a rising sea level is so catastrophic and imminent, why did Gore purchase a beachfront mansion? How many houses does he have now anyway? In fact, no banks in America are rejecting loans for beachfront developments due to rising tides. Should we believe bankers, or Gore and his band of discredited scientists?

Gore taught that CO2 is the match to ignite temperature increases. Remember, we exhale carbon dioxide and the plants use it to give us oxygen. That’s not so bad. In fact it’s a great deal. Politician-paid scientists claimed climate computer models said CO2 was driving temperatures.

However, satellite data show no increase in temperature for nearly 19 years despite a constant increase in CO2. The Sun, on the other hand, might have a much larger role in the Earth’s climate. Some scientists are actually talking about a significant cooling period because the Sun is “quieter” while the CO2 is way up.

Gore also claimed that Hurricane Katrina was man-made (CO2 triggered) and apocalyptic hurricanes would be the new normal weather-wise. However, the only man-made aspect was that New Orleans politicians criminally neglected the levees for decades. As for Katrina being the new norm, Gore was wrong once again. No Category 3 hurricanes landed on U.S. soil except for Hurricane Wilma in October 2005 up to 2017, the longest such “drought” ever recorded.

Climate cultists also predicted an increase of Category 3 tornadoes. However, there has been a downward trend for more than 60 years.

Since the Ice Cap would vanish, Gore said the Polar Bear population would suffer due to a lack of solid footing to reproduce. Well, the Polar Bear census says there are now more Polar Bears than when Gore was born. The Government of Nunavut and Inuit hunters have also noticed that the Polar Bear is thriving.

Another climate cult fallacy is that CO2 is “pollution.” Therefore, we must fight to control it to protect our children, save the planet, etc. from this “crisis.”

However, more CO2 is helpful. Agriculture benefits from increased carbon “pollution” as shown by increased crop yields. Plants love CO2. But for argument sake, if liberals are right that CO2 does need to be controlled, then libs have a problem with organic farming which is more greenhouse-gas intensive than conventional agriculture.

Al Gore has banked multi-millions in pushing junk science but today he is a pitiful soul. Like the climate models, nearly all his predictions are a humbug. An obese Gore lives like the rich and famous rather than a selfless martyr determined to save the planet. He and others like him if successful will destroy our economy and introduce an oppressive centrally-controlled society.

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