Liberal Border Scams

by Lou Binninger

When you move into a neighborhood you don’t make friends by flipping-off the guy next door and then trying to molest his wife. That’s like what many illegal aliens, both inside and outside the US, are doing in order to win favor and a right to stay.

Screaming “F..k Trump” or “F..k ICE” and waving the Honduran or Mexican flag is not the first step to assimilation, cookies and citizenship. It looks more like a home invasion.

Liberals smile at these antics with approval while confused conservatives look for fresh underwear. One group in Tijuana actually demanded a ransom of $50,000 each from President Trump to return to their home. Thankfully Trump has “Spaldings.”

The Mexican cartels are making hundreds of millions off pushing people ($5000/ person). Their border blitz is aggressive, methodical and extremely successful. Mexicans are eager to make thousands of dollars a crossing to guide a group into the US.

Liberal organizations are funding the caravans, providing logistics and even legal aid for law-breakers. In fact, legislation signed by Governor Brown forces California taxpayers to fund attorneys for illegals as well. Feeling scammed yet?

There is a strategy to overwhelm the United States’ defenses. To increase their chances of gaining asylum, the recent wave of foreigners from Central America chose the longest possible route through Mexico to the U.S. Starting in Honduras the first caravan could have traveled half the distance to Brownsville, Texas vs. Tijuana, Mexico. Why didn’t they?

One reason was to avoid the drug cartels that control the region between southern Mexico and the Texas border. Even more relevant is that the caravan organizers were aware that California is a “sanctuary” state, and immigration judges in San Diego (border city to Tijuana) are far more likely to grant asylum than judges in Texas and nearly anywhere else in the country except New York City.

The caravan members weren’t aware of this but their organizers and financers understand the system, how to beat it and hand-held the group the whole way.

The other factor is that Tijuana is a huge city where thousands of migrants could be absorbed, and lawyers on both sides of the border are finding loopholes in the immigration system left by previous administrations. If illegals happen to skirt America’s defenses California is also safer than Texas.

Does it seem odd to Americans that so many killers, child molesters, general criminal types and gang members are in this daily onslaught? These are not your Asian whiz kids bound for college or salt-of-the-earth types with a trade seeking opportunity.

The odd aspect is that the average American would never think of violating another country’s laws, avoid the visa process and crash their border. So, why are people here so passive about being a Sanctuary City or State while watching relatives and friends get stabbed, shot, molested and run over by illegal foreigners?

The President has a Constitutional mandate to protect US citizens from illegal crossings of our border and from immigrants we don’t want here. He has kept his campaign promise to work at that.

Interestingly, the President has no support from liberals and little from conservative politicians who take a similar oath. And, judges who swear to uphold the Constitution and the law are actually blocking Trump from performing his immigration duty.

The big immigration crisis now is with asylum seekers. It is the newest strategy to clog the system, pray for a catch and release into the US and then disappear, hoping to be forgotten. Asylum seekers claim to be victims of domestic violence, former gang members, homosexuals, political activists etc. The problem is that all of these reasons are quite difficult to vet.

In 2018, the number of migrants demanding asylum at the U.S. border rose by 67% according to Homeland Security, to nearly 93,000 people. Roughly a third arrived at ports of entry without permission, and another 14% were caught crossing the border illegally before filing for asylum.

There is no country today nor has one ever existed that is as generous and welcoming as the United States. It isn’t even close. However, we have lost our senses on border control and immigration.

We need a border wall and more agents. We need to capture illegals, jail them and deport them without a court process. Those noncitizens here legally that violate laws need to be processed quickly through the courts to be deported or kept here.

Trump is on the right track to protect Americans first. That is his job.