Starbucks Shooting Gallery

By Lou Binninger

Starbucks Corporation says that anyone is welcome in their outlets. That’s a utopian world away from “No shirt, no shoes, no service” or “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

In the recent past, restaurants (along with other enterprises) had some common decency rules for patrons. The minimal standard acknowledged the fact that others had paid to enjoy the product and premises, as well. Unseemly behavior would not be allowed to rule the establishment.

Not so Starbucks. At the Marysville outlet the homeless are encouraged to use the facilities. Aware of the Starbucks everything-goes policy, folks drop-in to use the restroom, bathe and inject drugs.

Security patrol people hired by the adjacent businesses in the complex to stop aggressive behavior and theft are asked by Starbucks to leave panhandlers and hustlers alone and not enter the coffee outlet themselves.

Last week, a customer in the Marysville Starbucks posted on Facebook that two homeless folks were misbehaving. The employees were stumped for what to do, so the patron called Marysville Police. She was the only “adult” in the room.

Starbucks may need to do some de-escalation of force and verbal judo training for their baristas and then raise pay for serving on the front line.

Liberals can be business savvy, but fail miserably when managing a city, state or country. In this case, Starbucks is moving from convincing people to pay extraordinary prices for fattening drinks to social engineering – convincing patrons to feel good about getting coffee while the guy who just shot-up wets himself in the next seat.

Starbucks workers are reacting to being expected to make a Green Tea “Al Pacino” while fretting about a child or lady heading to the bathroom and wondering if it became a “shooting gallery” or one big urinal since the last time they checked.

Baristas complain that the restrooms are beset with gnarly trash, used needles and unsanitary conditions. Employees wonder if they could acquire a disease from working there.

A petition of employees on Coworker.org of 3,700 signatures urged Starbucks to install needle-disposal boxes in store restrooms where the population is known to have high rates of Hepatitis and HIV. The coffee conglomerate is responding by adding the boxes in some outlets. This is liberals pooling their ignorance.

If fast food outlets can’t get sober patrons to dispose of trash properly how can an addict, mindless after shooting meth, cocaine or opiates tidy-up and tuck their rig into a sharps box? And, are those cleaning-up after them now handing the coffee through the take-out window?

Of course, this is the same thinking that led to the “Crap App” on phones to navigate the piles of human feces on the streets of San Francisco (SF). “Port-a-Potties” for street people in SF are often used to shoot drugs and engage in sex, as well. Does anyone remember the SF light pole that fell across the intersection after urine eroded its metal base? The liberal solution is urine resistant light standards.

The same spirit of nonsense possessed the federal judge who found justification in the 8th Amendment to force taxpayers to either fully fund homeless people or let them violate the law. The judge does not likely live in a city ruled by the chaos created by his ruling.

Starbucks’ future depends on the quality experience it does or does not provide its customers. Businesses come and go.

The homeless phenomenon is a product of the modern welfare state. Government socialist policies are creating it and taking more and more tax dollars to manage it. It’s like fighting obesity by eating more and moving less.

Meanwhile, if cities cannot manage an unruly population the more stable folk will quietly leave for less chaotic and safer places. Many local higher paid government workers (administrators and public safety people) have already done just that. They choose to live in better-run cities elsewhere while working here.

So far in the last 12 months, local acquaintances joining the Calizuela Diaspora have moved to Nevada, Idaho, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon, Missouri and Washington.

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