Doors, Walls and Vetting

by Lou Binninger

Liberals once joined with conservatives to fund hundreds of miles of border wall and security. However, they refuse to do so today. President Trump is asking for $5.7 billion for increased border security to stop drug and human trafficking and deter future onslaughts of illegals on border defenses.

For perspective, Trump is asking for $5.7 billion of a $4.407 trillion budget which works out to $57 of a $44,070 household budget. So, someone compared the liberal argument against the wall to a husband saying to his wife, “We aren’t going to work or pay our bills until you give- up the idea of spending $57 to fence our yard to protect the children.”

The harangue that walls don’t work or are immoral is silly. The Pope, George Soros, Paul Ryan, the Obamas and Clintons, most wealthy and well-known people have amazing barriers and armed security personnel. The 2016 Democratic Convention and Hollywood’s Academy Awards employed fences, guards and ID clearances to gain entrance.

Israel’s concrete and steel razor-wire topped barriers combined with technology and observation towers have achieved 100% effectiveness in stopping illegal entrance. The Guantanamo Bay facility detaining the world’s most heinous terrorists is surrounded by barbed and razor wire fences and armed military.

The populist-nationalist Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, decided to fully guard his country’s borders with a fence as a response to the continent’s Muslim migrant crisis. Likewise, Bulgaria erected a fence on the Bulgarian-Turkish border to prevent illegal immigration. Both barriers are lined along the top with barbed wire and guarded by armed patrol. Walls work.

In America, prisons, most schools, nuclear power plants, military bases and many governors’ mansions are protected with walls and barriers. Most homes have fences to keep people and creatures out and in. Enough already about fences not working or being immoral.

The provocative aspect of the border controversy is that a large percentage of border crashers are criminals. They again violate the law entering the country and they continue ignoring laws and regulations once here. Gang members, drug and sex traffickers, child molesters, murderers and thieves are flooding in. International terrorist groups have compounds in Mexican border cities, as well.

Americans are not angels. However, this society is far more law abiding than where the average illegal alien hails from. They live differently than here.

Mexico is looking out of control lately as journalists and politicians are routinely assassinated, nationally-owned fuel supplies are being sabotaged and stolen so much so that gas is in short supply. People are abducted off the street, held for ransom and shortly shot if the cash is not forthcoming. Teens, rather than working at fast foods can package heroin, cocaine and meth in factories.

Some of the nations with the highest 2017 murder rates are contributing their residents to America. Ranked by the murders per 100,000 people, rated 1 to 3 are El Salvador - 108.64, Honduras - 63.75 and Venezuela 57.15. Number 9 is Guatemala at 31.21 and number 12 is Brazil 26.7. Mexico at 16.35 is 20th in the world.

Gang activity is credited for 6 of 10 murders in El Salvador. In Honduras, gangs are a factor, but also violence against women and LGBT groups is often normalized as part of a “machista” culture.

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Gang activity and drug trafficking are major problems leading to Guatemalan homicides.

The Mexican border city of Tijuana scored a record 2,506 murders in 2018. With 1.8 million residents TJ is one of Mexico’s most violent cities. Law enforcement says most of the deaths are related to the drug trade.

Of the 198 nations rated by World Atlas the United State was 81st with 4.88 murders per 100,000 people.

Finally, Amnesty International claims 6 out of every 10 female caravan members headed to the U.S. through Mexico encounter sexual abuse. In the six month period between September 2008 and March 2009, 9,758 migrants were kidnapped, many of whom said that public officials and police officers were either involved or complicit in the kidnapping. What?

Not only are migrants the targets of abuse, kidnapping, and human trafficking, but migrant defenders are also targeted as they try to protect the human rights of this at-risk population.

Does the U.S. want to welcome just anyone from a culture willing to sexually assault vulnerable women and children travelers on the road or even once they are detained by the border patrol? Could you envision 60% of a caravan of ladies and minors moving through the U.S to Mexico being kidnapped and/or sexually assaulted in route by Americans? Think about it.

Do you lock your doors at night? Why? Maybe you like to vet whoever knocks.

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