The Education Plantation

by Lou Binninger

            Free enterprise and competition have led to an astounding abundance and prosperity throughout the Western world and wherever they have been tried, even in what once was known as the Third or Underdeveloped World.

             Never have so many people moved out of abject poverty, gained access to clean water, enough food, education and technology as in the last 50 years. Innovation, freedom and competition have sparked the burst forward.

            However, Tony Thurmond, California’s new Superintendent of Schools, maintains that competition has no place in government schools. What utter nonsense.

Tony suffers from a mental flat spot. His cure to low performance is always more money (higher prices for education). Why didn’t the fast food industry think of this?

            It wasn’t long ago in the early 1990s that Yuba-Sutter parents wanting to homeschool were harassed by school officials and threatened with legal action. However, County School Superintendent Ric Teagarden launched the Yuba County Career Preparatory Charter School (first in the area) and was met with disdain by the unified district. Teagarden set parents free by allowing them to teach their children under his charter school covering.

            Now, charter schools are everywhere and the unified districts offer all types of educational alternatives for students that don’t fit into mainstream methods. However, even the government charter school people see through socialist glasses being adamantly against private competition in education.

            The government sees no problem with forcefully removing money from taxpayers for schools including from those having no kids in the system. And it sees no problem with choosing the school where kids attend. If you don’t like it you can pay a second time for private schools as the government keeps your school monies.

            Low performing teachers are horrified at the thought of losing tenure and facing competition. And lousy schools that should be given a decent burial want laws that keep kids on their education plantation. These anti-choice mandates are not tolerated elsewhere in society.

            Why not extend the socialist policy of no competition and force all union teachers to only buy from a single vender like one restaurant, one grocery store, one car dealer, one clothing store, stay at one hotel, etc. Why not - because unions and politicians are hypocrites.

            In the meantime, our monopolistic government schools are indoctrinating children against the tenets of our founding fathers, the Judeo-Christian ethic, the Constitution, and traditional sexual values.

            A new California sex-education framework will be voted on by the Board of Education May 8-9. The draft recommends the book “Who Are You?” for pre-k–3rd graders as a “guide to develop their gender identity.”

The book explains to children that gender is a spectrum – unlimited and ever-expanding, rather than two biological sexes. Gender is defined as “boy, girl, both, neither, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, gender neutral, agender, neutrois, bigender, third gender, two spirit…” The draft describes sexual orientations as fluid. LGBTQ+ is noted as an ever-changing spectrum with expanding concepts to include “queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, allies and alternative identities (LGBTQQIAA).”

Informed Parents of California,” a group of more than 12,900 concerned parents, assembled a 24-page summary of the guidelines for k-6th graders that includes some of the recommended supplemental materials. Lessons for 6-year-olds offer details about sex like: “The man’s penis goes inside the woman’s vagina,” and “sperm can swim out through the small opening in the man’s penis – and into the woman’s vagina.”

A book for third graders shows a drawing of a penis ejaculating sperm while inserted into a vagina. Another book introduces 10-year-olds to anal sex, and the slang for male and female genitals.

Earlier this month, Lily Eskelsen García, National Education Association (NEA) president, read sections of “I am Jazz,” a book about a sexually confused child, to a kindergarten class in Arlington, VA. Parents had a fit.

Of course, the NEA is fond of confused Kevin Jennings and bestows honors his way. Kevin is founder of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN). This group conducted the “Fistgate” conference at Tufts University in Massachusetts in March 2000. There, state employees gave graphic instructions about “fisting,” and other forms of sexual activity to children as young as 12.

Parents are in an uproar throughout the state as NEA and GLSEN have free-rein pushing sexual deviancy dogma to children that are mandated by law to sit-still and whose parents’ wages will be garnished should they fail to pay their taxes for this child abuse. It’s time for vouchers and freedom for families.