Freedoms Surrendered

by Lou Binninger

In traveling to communist countries since the early 1990’s, there was once an appreciation for the freedom and lack persecution and government corruption in America.  However, the differences have dissipated.

            Both China and Vietnam have economically mimicked Western ways after experimenting with socialism and starvation, living off insects, critters and global hand-outs. Beginning around 1990, Vietnamese were allowed to operate their own businesses and keep much of what they earned. Vietnam is now making huge economic strides. China got about a 10-year head start on Vietnam allowing commercial freedom to realize their economy turnaround.

 However, government and police bribes are still everyday occurrences there, along with political and religious persecution. Communists are extremely paranoid and prefer a police state.

China is currently on a rampage to shut down churches and other religious groups and destroy meeting places. Government-authorized churches where pastors are hired and told what to say by bureaucrats are using facial recognition technology at building entrances to monitor who is there. Children, young people and the military are forbidden to attend. Google is assisting the government to track people with technology.

Communist Party members with a religious bent have been asked to submit to re-education, renounce their faith or resign their position of prestige and power. Being a party member is like being in the US Congress–lots of benefits.

Political activists and religious folks disappear to show-up not in court but in camps. For some with the right DNA, their body parts are “donated” to those from around the world eagerly paying the government for a new organ. Some hospitals specialize in parting-out prisoners and notifying next of kin that their loved one has passed. There is no Freedom of Information Act there.

In America, the last two decades have not been kind to government transparency and economic or religious freedom. There is no move or decision made here that is neither taxed nor managed by an overseer. Thousands of new regulations created during the Obama reign crushed particularly small businesses and restricted the ability of citizens to do what they wanted.

 Politicians and bureaucrats are routinely bought.  Leaders in our most respected agencies have proven to be despicable in trying to overthrow the Presidency. Bureaucrats known as the Deep State are in full rebellion working to sabotage our government and the policies of the current administration.

Our schools are now indoctrination centers. Published in Econ Journal Watch (September 2016), a study of faculty voter registration at 40 leading universities found that out of 7,243 professors, Democrats outnumber Republicans 3,623 to 314, or by a ratio of 11 1/2 to 1 or more than 90% liberals.

Out of five departments analyzed by the authors, the field friendliest to conservative scholars is economics, where there are only 4.5 liberal professors for every conservative. Conversely, history was by far the least conservative-friendly department, where liberals outnumber conservatives by 33 1/2-to-1.

The campus is the last place you would go to find tolerant people. Thinking of themselves as intellectuals they have become fools. Liberal professors need only apply.

If a student follows Jesus, is pro-Israel, pro-life, pro-military / law enforcement /America, a capitalist, heterosexual, questions evolution and man-made global warming, he or she may be shamed in class, mocked, and even physically attacked. Grades are influenced by political persuasion.

If you are a visiting campus speaker holding a view other than the dictated liberal ideology your event could be blocked, boycotted, or disrupted. Rather than the university being a market - place of free, different and critical thinking it has become a “no-think” zone inhabited by political and cultural zombies.

Admission costs are over-priced, corrupt, and entrance rules racist. Unless students are seeking a technical degree like engineering, accounting, medical or mechanics etc. attending a college is a waste of a good brain and hard-earned dollars.

America’s courts have been corrupted by politicians posing as judges doing what is right in their own eyes. A Muslim bakery can refuse to make a wedding cake for a homosexuals but a Christian bakery cannot. Muslims have religious freedom to pray and teach their ways in government schools but Christians do not. Judges look more like political puppets versus being safeguards of the Constitution.

It was conservative and Christian organizations targeted by the Internal Revenue Service and harassed by the alphabet soup of enforcement agencies under Obama. No country is perfect, but America is a mere glimmer of the beacon of light it once was.

Churches, once the voice of activism in the colonial era, are irrelevant to the culture today. They have been silenced. The Deep State comes to take what it wants while citizens cower behind their doors with earbuds in place.