Empty Stomachs Full Churches

by Lou Binninger

Americans are incredibly spoiled and naïve, taking life here for granted. Liberal Americans are spoiled and dangerously stupid.

In 1987-88 while making trips to the Otay Mesa section of Tijuana to build a 2-story addition on an orphanage the power and water would go off for a few hours each day. We worked around socialist dysfunction, poverty and bribery to complete the project.

After being in all the Communist countries along with other Third World, resource-rich nations, Mexico gets the bouquet for bribes, police corruption, and inept management.

The average resident was wonderful but clueless to what just 10 minutes north made America rock with prosperity. TJ was huge, poor and lawless. The cartel gangland-style shootings along with the political and journalist murders had yet to come.

Socialists can’t make their country successful but want to come to the US to cash-in on the benefits produced from the absence of political and regulatory oppression. The ideological blindness of immigrants will produce the same sh..hole nation here that they insist on gaining asylum from.

Venezuela was once the US of South America. It was modern, wealthy, stable and resource-laden. Then, the socialists got their way. Most all business was nationalized including one of the world’s greatest oil reserves.

The people swallowed the stupid pill. Everything in life rises and falls on the quality of leadership. Socialist leadership became wealthy while guiding the nation to ruin.

Venezuelans have not resorted to eating their off-spring but they are headed that way. Most people have lost an average of 20 pounds or more on the “Maduro (President Nicolas Maduro) diet.”

Big rigs full of food and supplies are hijacked on the way to cities by criminals and starving people. Pets, dumpsters and zoo animals are backfilling the government’s inability to maintain the food chain.

Now, since most businesses have pretty much stopped and the electricity and water are off for hours at a time, people are digging up graves to retrieve jewelry and gold fillings to buy needed items. It’s a nation-wide Donner Party experience.

Murders and crime have also spiked. Oh, candles are also in short supply.

This is a rare opportunity for American university professors to organize student summer opportunities in Venezuela to study socialism where it is operating without hindrance. The fragile students may be offended however by the snacking on dogs, cats, and zoo-kind.

However, while stomachs are empty the churches are now full. Maybe Venezuelans in the good times were like Americans today. Why would you need God when you are doing just fine on your own. You can cheat on a spouse, have sex with the same kind, an animal or a demon and still prosper. You can lie and steal and be a leader. What a country!

Venezuelans today are in a life-threatening crisis. They are dying from untreated diseases and a lack of food. When the nation becomes so screwed-up and dangerous that you lose confidence in a political solution the idea of God resurfaces.

Churches of all flavors in Venezuela are growing. People are calling out for mercy. Diabetics that have gone months with no insulin are looking to God. Asthmatics with no medicine are asking for a miracle. People have lost everything.

While millions have fled the country those remaining to suffer the disaster are seeking God for deliverance. Live or die those that renewed or discovered the faith are preparing for their socialist future.

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