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The economies of time is an essential one and spending our time wisely can pay off huge dividends both in productivity, relationships and monetarily.

I have contact with many people in my profession and the people I encounter run the gamut between left and right, poor and rich, and all points in between.

Honestly, I can’t say there aren’t tendencies and patterns that tie directly into what I deem as successful people and those not so successful. The same goes for those leaning politically left and those leaning right.

As for time management, most of the successful people I know get up at “zerodarkthirty” (that’s early in laymen terms) or close to it.

I know most of the contractors, business owners and entrepreneurs (at least the successful ones) not only wake early but work long hours. Most of these people also frown upon any new taxes so what political aisle they lean in to might be an easy guess for most readers.

Getting up early is not only a God send in my opinion but a necessity for those wishing to excel in their craft and/ or business as there is always too much work and not enough time.

Getting up early is not easy, as getting out of a warm bed is not the most desirable thing to do but I find once I am up I am glad I did it.  But try telling that to my brain when I first wake up. It’s a battle of wills for sure, left brain against right.

If I manage to get up at 4:00 or 5:00 am I find the extra two or three hours allows me to get most of my work done without rushing or worrying excessively, something I tend to do if I sleep in.  I can get out of the house earlier, be more stressfree and the days seems like it has so much more time in it.

I heard an insightful comment about getting up early on one of the many inspirational audios I listen to everyday (something I highly recommend by the way).

It said:

What do you gain by getting up early?  Everything. What are you missing by sleeping in? Everything.  What do you gain by sleeping in? Nothing”

Try telling that to yourself a few times and getting up earlier gets a bit easier.

On the flip side (and the unfortunate one) I find some of those complaining about their plight a lot tend to sleep in more. Ditto those spending a lot of time on social media. Those wanting higher taxes and spouting the typical “get those guys, corporations aren’t people and pay your fair share” seem to be lacking in not only money (hence wanting someone else’s) but also lack the fortitude and will power to rise with the roosters and try and make a go of it instead of blaming others for their lack of whatever.

Yes, I know this sounds judgmental and categorizing a bit, but I do meet a lot of people and truly folks, it’s what I see. I always ask certain questions of certain types of people as a sort of poll I take to find out how people think and why. Often I ask those who I might hire to do some carpentry or fix a leak who they support politically, whether they think taxes are too high, what time they get up and if they are on social media a lot.

Not exclusive to their answers mind you, the majority of their responses I fathom you dear readers can guess.

As to when these people get up?

Well they all know what ‘zerodarkthirty” means. 

Marc Cuniberti hosts “Money Matters” on KVMR FM aired on 65 radio stations nationwide. He is a financial columnist for a variety of publications. Marc holds a BA in Economics from SDU with honors 1979. His website is and he can be reached at (530) 559-1214. Visit him on Facebook (FB) under Marc Cuniberti and also on the "Money Matters” and “Money Matters Investing in Community" FB pages. The views expressed are opinions only.

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