The Silly Season is here already more serious than usual

With the 2020 presidential elections coming, I am sure there are more than a few of us dreading the whole fiasco that awaits us. For the last 3 years America has been bombarded with party infighting that compares to almost nothing we have witnessed before. And that’s before the election campaigning even starts.


I must say the hate between parties is real. The same could be said for some fellow Americans who now cast an evil eye on any member of the opposite party. Support Sanders?  You bloody commie. Love Trump? You’re a racist bigot. However you cut it, it’s disgracefully distasteful.

With 17 months left before we pull the handle to elect a new (or perhaps re-elect a standing) President, both sides of the political aisle are doing overtime stockpiling rhetoric, facts, fiction and spin to bombard the other side into political oblivion. If there ever was a scorched earth policy, this upcoming election proves to be a possible example of not only scorching the ground, but essentially blowing it to kingdom come and then some. It is going to be that bad. Or good, depending on your definition of entertainment.

Economically, I can’t guarantee how the markets will react, but one might consider what the markets did after November 16, 2016. That was the Trump election of course. I won’t tell you what happened so you can check out a graph on stock performance in your local financial news source and see for yourself.

Teach a man to fish right?

If Trump is victorious, could we see a similar direction, or then again maybe not. Would the markets love a socialist leaning president? I don’t know. Socialism is sort of anti-business in its stance, but who knows in today’s upside down world where bad news is sometimes good for markets while good news is sometimes anything but.

Of course, impeachment is always possible I guess. Can’t figure out what that’s about except to say why impeach if we have an election coming and we’re convinced the anti-Trump clan will win.

But then again, maybe it’s not a slam dunk so impeachment solves the election problem before it starts.  Not so dumb to cover your bases.

But didn’t Clinton (as in Bill) get impeached yet remained in office? Must be a few recipes for an impeachment and each apparently yields a different outcome. I myself was driving home from work when I heard Clinton (as in Bill) was impeached and remember wondering how long it would take to swear in his replacement.

Never happened.

Still trying to figure that one out. With the armies of people calling for Trumps impeachment, wonder how many will be scratching their heads when (and if) he stays in office anyway. That will be interesting to watch.

In any case, I am sure as most probably are you, that this isn’t going to be just a double feature, but an all-out marathon of political extremes with more fireworks than a bicentennial Fourth of July celebration at Disneyland. I actually did go there on the bicentennial but oddly enough don’t remember the fireworks. Wonder why that was?

Anyway, I took a ride in a back seat of a Thunderbird pilot’s jet once and spent an hour or so doing more things than a lifetime of roller coasters could ever show me. I trained for it for months so I didn’t get sick. But like many who have done the same thing, the ride can be the greatest thrill of your life, or, if you’re puking your guts out the whole time, your worst nightmare that you can’t wait to end.

I think the election is going to be kind of like that jet ride. A wonderful spectacle, or more of a mess than we can possibly imagine.

Marc Cuniberti hosts “Money Matters” on KVMR FM aired on 65 radio stations nationwide. He is a financial columnist for a variety of publications. Marc holds a BA in Economics from SDU with honors 1979. His website is moneymanagementradio.com and he can be reached at (530) 559-1214. Visit him on Facebook (FB) under Marc Cuniberti and also on the "Money Matters” and “Money Matters Investing in Community" FB pages. The views expressed are opinions only.