Money Matters - Blazing Political Correctness

About a year ago I penned an article about the recent, as in a decade or so, movements to destroy, relocate or otherwise deface historical artifacts like statues and monuments because of political correctness.

Civil war statues are moved from courtyards or courthouses, protesters deface or destroy them, sports team’s names are under fire, once famous food branding is altered or changed altogether. The list goes on and on.


My original article took the spin that an historic work of art or plaque, saying or allowing representation of, displaying or promoting, or just allowing such historic things to exist in today’s time no more says that you support whatever it was that it signified, just as removing or altering such a thing indicates that you don’t.

Here is an example to illustrate what I’m talking about:


A friend of mine got a pair of healing snakes tattooed on her leg and when I asked why, was told to represent she was healing from a past relationship. Such a story might also apply to a lovers name tattooed on one’s arm. She had one of those too. Go figure right?


The reality of it is just because you have a healing snake tattoo doesn’t mean you are necessarily healing and not having one doesn’t mean you aren’t.


The same could be said tattooing a lovers name doesn’t mean you love them anymore and not having one doesn’t mean you love them less.


Ditto for destroying or defacing, removing or altering civil war flags or statues. Just because you did doesn’t mean racism no longer exists and just because their on display doesn’t mean you support slavery.

Travel down that path and half the world’s art and artifacts would go up in a protestor’s puff of smoke.

These are historic artifacts and a part of our history, like it or not. I where we came and that applies to all Americans.  Many of these pieces are precious works of art.


So following their logic, if you could call it that, Rome killed Christians because of their religion. Obviously a restriction of religious freedom and a major violation of human rights. Shall we destroy all Roman statues or knock down the Coliseum?


Hitler attempted and partially succeeded in massacring an entire race. Shall we now destroy all the WW2 German artifacts? Or is it simply we pick and choose because of the amount of time that has passed.

Obviously Rome was a long time ago, so apparently it's ok we let those artifact remain. Wait minute, the Nazi regime was only about 80 years ago, and the Civil War 158 years ago. But WW2 artifacts are ok but the civil war is not?




Something's not adding up. Perhaps those that want certain past representations destroyed because of bias yet allow other artifacts to remain have their reasoning  in who or what group was enslaved, killed or tortured rather than a blanket protest against discrimination itself?


Let’s see now. The Nazi’s targeted Jews and the Romans hunted the Christians.


Suppose I dare not go there.


In any case the logic is idiotic and the acts ridiculous. The hurling of rocks at civil war statues. The destruction of certain collector flags, the removal of a gold miner statue at a college in so called respect of the Native Americans because gold mining was a scourge of native lands. The removal of books like Huckleberry Finn from certain school districts. Even flying an American flag can get you into trouble in some places apparently because it means you support a certain President.


I would say “what the ----“ but this is a family newspaper and I’m supposed to be a respectable columnist.

In any case the latest in the saga of the destruction of American culture akin to the Nazi’s burning books the political correctness Gestapo have set their sights on Mel Brooks and his   award winning film “Blazing Saddles”. Those of you who saw it, and likely not many haven’t, know its contents. I won’t hash it out for the four or so people who haven’t seen the flick but just know it’s a parody on racism set in cowboy times.

It’s a ridiculous assumption to think Mel Brooks, a brilliant film producer, is a racist. In fact he is a Jew and made another film just as controversial called “The Producers” which takes a similar tact on the Nazi regime. And to destroy or not air the film or even protest it is another in many slippery slopes those that advocate such things are going down.


That the social warriors of correctness continue their zero tolerance practices against anything they find offensive, the irony and contradiction is too funny for words. Actually it’s not funny at all.


Considering all the works of art and books that the Nazi’s burned and destroyed, it’s a sick twist on life that those trying to preserve their so called perfect view of America, in aiming for a world with no references to intolerance to be left standing, that in course of their self-administered “purification” of America, they are not only wiping clean some of its history, they are acting a lot like the subjects they so abhor in the two Mel Brooks films.


Think that ever dawned on them? Not likely. They’re too busy trying to find more examples of intolerance that they can’t tolerate.


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