By Don Rae

  • * They couldn’t get Trump with impeachment. So the next Democrat gambit is Coronavirus. Remember your history. 60 million Americans were infected by the Swine Flu with 274,000 hospitalized and 12,000 deaths. No media panic. No trash talk about Obama. No travel ban. Nothing.
  • * The usual suspects in the California bureaucracy want to force us to do everything in our power to destroy the earth. The latest gambit is the law which mandates that half the vehicles sold in the State must be electric. The mileage stickers on the window are totally misleading. They don’t tell you how much lithium goes into the manufacture of the car’s battery. Were you aware that it takes half a million gallons of water to extract each ton of the mineral which is depleting Chile’s already drought-prone aquifer? That is just one component of anti-environmental cost to bring your electric car to the showroom.
  • * To go further with the craziness in Sacramento, the State requires utility companies to spend some $800 million annually to buy alternative fuel. Think of the additional safety management of facilities in fire-prone areas that could be financed with that money.
  • * Last shot at Sacramento for today. The bullet train is now estimated to cost $1.3 billion more than previously announced. Why? The so-called high-speed rail will never be high speed and the ridership will be nil.
  • * In 2018 San Francisco had more than 31,000 car break-ins.  The police only had a 1.6% arrest rate.  In fact, the police in many cities no longer investigate or arrest people for breaking into a car.  In the “City By the Bay”, the theft of items worth less than $950 is no longer a crime. It is only worth a ticket. But the cops do not bother to give out tickets. 
  • Assemblyman Evan Low, a Democrat, introduced AB2712, which would provide California residents over the age of 18 with a universal basic income of $1,000 a month. Of course taxes and the cost of goods and services will go up to pay for this giveaway. 
  • * Ignorant snowflakes encourage Blacks to vote Democrat because their ancestors were not allowed to vote. What the snowflakes don’t say is that it was the Democrats who kept Blacks from voting back then.
  • Utah school officials told 6th grade girls who were attending a dance event they would not be allowed to say no when a boy asked them to dance. Is this what we are teaching our girls…that they can’t say no when they are older and are asked to do something more than dance?
  • * All you have to do is study history. A single example should suffice although hundreds of similar examples are found throughout the centuries across the globe. The Little Ice Age not only affected Europe and North America centuries ago, but hit Asia as well. Between 1637 and 1641, China saw the five worst droughts in more than five centuries. * * Added to the climate impact were a series of volcanic eruptions spewing tons of matter into the atmosphere along the ring of fire off the China None of these events were the result of fossil fuel use or cow flatulence, regardless of the ignorant rantings of Greta and her puppeteers. Look back to your history and learn from it.
  • * How is it that the Fed virtually gives away money to the banks but your credit card charges you 21% interest? Unbelievable.
  • * Government can’t even count ballots competently. And you want these same incompetents to be in charge of your health care? Wake up Democrats.
  • * Why is Schumer still in office? If a Republican said of the Supreme Court what he said, the clamor would be deafening – and Coronavirus would be forgotten. Hypocrites.
  • * Have you noticed that military bases are being used to house quarantined folks. The rooms are modern, clean and neat. Why can’t the same facilities be used to house the homeless who could be assisted by all the non-profits and other services until they are ready to join decent society?
  • * In January,1890, Congress convened. The Speaker of the House (Reed, R, Maine) commented on a member which could apply equally today. “They never open their mouth without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.” Take heed, Democrats.

By Don Rae


  • * Obama put leftie political appointees into high level government jobs, including the Department of Justice. Before leaving office, he converted many to civil service status. Any wonder it is nearly impossible to Drain the Swamp? Ever tried to fire a civil service employee?
  • * The acquittal in the Trump “Impeachment” is reminiscent of the battle fought in France in the matter of Dreyfus. The army forged documents, withheld evidence and all manner of other perfidy. The government was supported by a compliant press and the establishment. Only if Snowflakes read their history they might have insight helping them to avoid repeating history. Think of these folks as they were described in the early 1900s – flannel-mouthed blatherskites.
  • * How do we kill the earth as quickly as possible? Buy electric cars. Why? The EPA calculates something called MPGe, which means they’re figuring out how much energy in kilowatt hours it will take to power your new EV when you plug it into the wall, then converting that number to a miles per gallon equivalent to give you a “rough” idea of how energy-efficient your vehicle actually is. However that figure is totally misleading. . First, it doesn’t count the emissions involved in manufacturing the car, including its lithium-ion battery, which is particularly energy intensive to produce. The lithium in the battery alone requires miners to use 500,000 gallons of water per ton of the mineral extracted — a process that’s sucking up 65 percent of available water in drought-prone Chile Enjoy saving the earth snowflakes.
  • * It’s still around. Consider that when the Democrats voted to impose Obamacare on US citizens it provided for a fine for anyone who didn’t want to buy the fraud. Today, the Democrats want to offer Obamacare free to illegal invaders. Are these people insane, or what?
  • * In 1909, the British Government proposed taxes on land. During the ensuing debate, Gerald Balfour commented “You cannot abolish poverty by abolishing riches.” (excerpt from “The Proud Tower” by historian Barbara Tuchman). When you listen to Democratic presidential candidates, you’d think they never considered this axiom.
  • In the current TV series “How the Earth Was Made” the segment on the Great Lakes concluded that another ice age is on its way. Obviously the writers and editors didn’t get the memo on global warming.
  • * Plant-based diets and Veganism are the trends today. Homo sapiens have been meat eaters for hundreds of thousands of years and have done just fine, thank you. A balanced diet is good for you; eating only turnip greens is not.
  • * Scientists claim that aliens could be walking among us today and we are not aware of them. If we just paid close attention we could easily recognize them. They are work for the mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC etc.
  • The only valid reason to oppose voter ID is that you plan to cheat. Got that, Garamendi?
  • * The mainstream media headlines a story about the “rising seas” caused by man-made climate change. Its poster child is the town of Foster City, California. Built on fill-in marshland in San Francisco Bay, this small burg is more likely sinking. How could the experts test this hypothesis? Note that all the other cities on the west coast are not under water.
  • * According to Democrats, no one is above the law. Then why do they support Sanctuary Cities for illegal invaders?
  • * The homeless problem is primarily due to government creating a huge industry of lobbyists, non-profits and donors who love to save people. They simply build bureaucracies and agencies rather than solving the problem. If only the courts would allow the police to take drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally ill off the streets and put them in treatments and job training centers there would not be a homeless crisis.

By Don Rae


  • Garamendi introduces a bill to swat down rail oil tankers. While such might be a problem, it would be more productive of his time if he would introduce something to help us all – like considering using vacant military bases to house the homeless and help them out.
  • All the money thrown at the Homeless problem currently is wasted. The Democrats do not want to solve the problem. For some perverse reason, they want homelessness to increase. Did you note that coronavirus folks are being housed at military bases? Change the current laws to force homeless to be removed to military bases and treated for what ails them.
  • Nostalgia. Especially then thinking of how well the City of Marysville (and any other governmental body) is governed. Lots of salaries and benefits with continuing demands for more taxes. Think back to 2014 when a Marysville consultant was hired – with your money – to guide the “Bounce Back Plan.” The company didn’t do the job. Whatever happened to “Bounce Back’? Government projects are nothing more than money pits. Your money down the drain without a benefit of any kind for you.
  • And to continue the concern. The State wants to take over PG&E? Imagine what a disaster that would be.
  • Pelosi did her best impression of a 2-year old temper tantrum by tearing up her copy of the State of the Union speech. She now says it was a spontaneous act. What a liar. She was seen on camera making small tears in the document well before the speech was over, thus showing intent.
  • Liberals are hilarious. They want to take God out of the public arena but tell us that we must take all illegal invaders because it is the Christian thing to do.
  • Having personally talked to Mitt Romney before, we can say he’s not the sharpest pencil in the box.
  • The mainstream media is so enamored about LTC Vindman that they ran nearly two full page stories from different news outlets lamenting his dismissal. Good grief. You would think he is Kobe Bryant.
  • CBS news recently reported “a 50% decline in the number of chinstrap penguins residing on Elephant Island and a 75% decline of those living on Penguin Island” all because of ….. drumroll please ….. global warming! Ironically, a scientific journal article from a 1991 study claimed that the chinstrap penguin population increased during the 1900s because of global warming. So apparently global warming can both increase and decrease the penguin population. Can’t the climate community get their story straight! Check out Trump’s recent statement on the subject at Davos: “We must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse. They are the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortunetelling.” PS - Congratulations to the mainstream media for publishing that statement even though it was in paragraph 7 of the Davos article – which hardly anyone reads that far in an article.
  • Democratic hopeful – and consistent liar – Elizabeth Warren wants a 9 year old transgender to select her Secretary of Education should Warren be elected President. Is she really that insane?
  • Watching the AT&T golf tournament at Pebble Beach is instructive as well as enjoyable. Did you happen to notice that the ocean has not risen to cover the course? Haven’t all the “experts” predicted our coast would be inundated long before now?
  • California's gas tax will increase another 3 cents to 50.3 cents a gallon starting July 2020. This is an automatic gas tax increase that was part of SB 1. How much do you want to bet that little or none of the money goes to fixing roads and bridges?assed in 2017), which will continue to go up automatically without a vo How much do you wa#FongF  To make matters worse, the March primary will have 231 tax increases and bond measures, statewide and locally.  The November election, easily, will double that.  Can you afford it?  Escape to Idaho, Texas or Arizona—Free States.
  • We’ve said it again and again. Any gun control measure is unconstitutional until the 2nd Amendment is repealed. Buying ammunition in California is now subject to a background check. Hopefully someone individually or as part of a class action needs to file in court to stop this continuing assault on our freedoms.

All the additional gas taxes, added cost of Sacramento policies and regulations, imposes an additional $1.10 to every gallon of gasoline in this state. This is why our gas prices are so much higher than the rest of the country and why I strongly opposed SB 1! We cannot continue down this path of heaping more taxes and costs on everyday Californians! We need a new direction.All the additional gas taxes, added cost of Sacramento policies and regulations, imposes an additional $1.10 to every gallon of gasoline in this state. This is why our gas prices are so much higher than the rest of the country and why I strongly opposed SB 1! We cannot continue down this path of heaping more taxes and costs on everyday Californians! We need a new direction.


All the additional gas taxes, added cost of Sacramento policies and regulations, imposes an additional $1.10 to every gallon of gasoline in this state. This is why our gas prices are so much higher than the rest of the country and why I strongly opposed SB 1! We cannot continue down this path of heaping more taxes and costs on everyday Californians! We need a new direction.

By Don Rae


  • *The undisputed fact that voters in Schiff’s congressional district have not started a recall is proof that voters support his lies. Congress has not started proceedings to throw out the liar. Why not?
  • *It is said that Congress is “fighting” for the little guy. Let’s look at some “results”. The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775. Congress has had 244 years to get it right and it is broken. Social Security was established in 1935. Congress has had 84 years to get it right and it is broken. Fannie Mae was established in 1938. Congress has had 81 years to get it right, and it is broken. The War on Poverty started in 1964.Congress has had 55 years to get it right. $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year by Congress and transferred to "the poor" and they only want more. Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. In 54 years Congress can’t get it right and both are broken. Freddie Mac was established in 1970. After 49 years it is broken. Well done Congress.
  • *And let’s look at the “homeless crisis.” California Democrats have spent some $2 billion on this problem. Result? You guessed, it more homelessness. Such is what happens when we turn over problems to professional politicians, especially Democrats.
  • *We learn that there are more Otter pups being born off the California coast last year. Must be climate change.
  • One of our illustrious legislators demands a hearing on major league baseball sign stealing. Now that is a subject that will make all our lives better. You jumping on that bandwagon, Garamendi?
  • *Every law restricting guns is unconstitutional. No State or local jurisdiction can violate the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. End of story.
  • *The Democrats and their union flunkies will do anything for power over our lives. Hopefully reason will prevail and SB868 will be used to repeal AB5 and allow freedom to work. Here’s the situation: California’s AB5 basically eliminates the ability of a worker to decide how and when they might like to work. The mainstream media has enough problems without being unable to use free-lance reporters. Of course, the Democratic bill, actively supported by unions, will also adversely affect ride share drivers, truck drivers, Amway salespeople and others.

*SB 868 by Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel), would also end the AB 5 rule of limiting freelance journalists to 35 articles a year per publication, allowing the freelance journalists to write an unlimited number of articles a year and would not force media companies to give employment to those who write over the article limit. AB 5 played a major part in the recent firing of hundreds of California journalists. Smaller local newspapers have needed to hire more part time writers to “pick up the slack” left open by more freelancer limits. Newspaper delivery part-timers have also been adversely affected.


  • *Federal regulations have eliminated florescent light bulbs substituting high-priced low-light “good for the environment” products; regulated dishwashers which don’t clean dishes in one cycle; low-flow toilets which require more than one flush, refrigerators which don’t operate properly. And the snowflakes want the government to take over more of our life?
  • *Apparently many of us believe that entertainers and athletes are people of importance. Other than entertainment, we never need these characters to bloviate. Their opinions are just that – opinions – and are of little value.
  • *Iran admits to accidently shooting down a civilian airliner. This event is a prime reason why these dumbbells should never be allowed to have nuclear weapons – or any other weapon for that matter.
  • *The NRA hit the nail on the head when it editorialized about the gun-control advocates. “For them it is all about their political agenda…..They are first and foremost interested in disarming America…They don’t care if ‘gun-free-zones’ are victim zones that a shocking number of mass murders have targeted. …They are focused on control – not what they like to call gun safety.
  • *You probably haven’t heard much about this problem. The mainstream media doesn’t want to cover it as what is happening doesn’t fit their agenda. But we are in the midst of a “rat” crisis which is destined to overwhelm us if something appropriate is not done. According to “experts” the rat population has increased by 50% in the past five years. Why? Of course, one reason is the unsanitary conditions found in the numerous homeless encampments in California. But also helping the increase of rats is California’s outlawing use of the most highly effective type of rat poison; a single-dose rodenticide, an anti-coagulant poison. Keep it up environmentalists and ignorant snowflakes, let’s let the rats multiply and thrive. And you thought Bubonic Plague went out with the Middle Ages.

By Don Rae


  • *The Iranian general killed in Iraq had his casket pulled to the burial grounds by an American Chevrolet. And in the midst of the procession a stampede broke out and some 56 mourners were killed and hundreds hurt. Then the Iranians accidentally shot down a civilian airliner killing 176 innocents. This is an example of why they should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons.
  • *The mainstream media used “nuclear war headlines” and 6 columns to tell the story of a recovering addict who says he was molested as a cub scout some 40 years ago. The story goes on for 14 paragraphs before the writers reveal that the man also told of being molested by a relative. The scouts get the blame, which fits the leftist agenda against boys and the boy scouting movement. Vile reporting.
  • *Did you see any reporting by the mainstream media on the arrest of more than 180 arson suspects in Australia? Probably not. But you heard plenty of cries about climate change. The extent of the arson is vast, as police have arrested people for lighting bushfires across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania in the past few months, police data reveals. Why? Who knows? The media won’t report it.
  • *Remember Y2K? Computers would fail and the world would come to an end. So said the experts. Well? Did their prognostication come true?
  • *Joe Biden told a crowd of his crazy supporters that if fossil fuel executives don’t take accountability for helping to doom the environment, we should throw them in jail. If we don’t stop using fossil fuels “we’re all dead.”
  • *Man made climate change, Y2K, -----all part of “chicken little” syndrome.
  • *One Hollywood leftie after another threatens Trump and his family. Why hasn’t the secret service taken appropriate steps against these dolts? Simple. None of those dolts have the intestinal fortitude to act. And everyone knows it. Why do you pay good money to see their work product?
  • *In 2018 a bill was passed by the nutty legislature that was just implemented on January 1. It will be tougher to shower and do laundry on the same day due to restrictions that limit water use. You will have a choice to either wash dishes or take a shower. If family or friends stay with you they must agree not to take a shower.  Once the bureaucrats come to enforce this law, use too much water and they will shut it off till midnight.  This will force more folks to leave the State. California! The Golden State.
  • A UCLA professor has written that single family homes are the cause of climate change. According to the snowflakes everything they don’t like is caused by man-made climate change. We need a cadre of new professors.
  • *Stranger than fiction. We can’t make this stuff up. The Dems claim they are “for the little people”. Yet their top presidential hopefuls are billionaires. Another example of the Dems lying through their eye teeth.
  • *Changing existing street names creates serious problems for historians and other researchers. The cost to local businesses is astronomical. Honor people by naming a new street after them. Do not change the name of existing ones.
  • *Sacramento has a Diversity Expo. The snowflakes are still exclaiming about our differences rather than our commonality. Pitting one group against another is counter-productive to a united nation.
  • Dems want to know what intelligence Trump had to target the Iranian general who was in Iraq planning additional attacks on our embassies. Would you give any sensitive information to Schiff and friends? Within a millisecond, the leaks would go out to the mainstream media and the target would be warned we were coming.
  • *In one week the Dems have attacked a man who stopped a church shooting but have defended an Iranian General. Get the point? Is this your position, Garamendi?
  • *Hillary has been named Chancellor of Queens University across the pond. Hopefully she will go soon and take Bill with her.
  • *Have you noticed that nearly every television advertiser wants $19 a month from you? If you respond, by the time you realize it, your entire income will be tapped and your mail box stuffed to overflowing by more demands. And your phone will not stop ringing with more solicitations.
  • Newsom’s budget provides billions more for additional firefighters to protect low-income residents. We were not aware that these fire-responders checked your tax returns before deciding to save your house.

By Don Rae


  • *What is really going to be the lineup for the Democrats in 2020? Keep your eye on Hillary. The present crop of 2nd and 3rd tier offerings leave plenty of room for a 4th rate interloper.
  • *Are you one of the lucky ones who got their social security cut for 2020? Oh, how clever the deep state operates. The law provides for a1.6% increase in benefits. So the deep state charges more for Medicare so you end up with less on your check than 2019. What a blessing.
  • *Answer me this. Burning the American flag is free speech. But it is a hate crime to burn a gay pride flag. And it is racist to burn a Mexican flag. Somehow the logic escapes us.
  • *Think about this one. Pelosi demands a “fair trial” before she sends the impeachment mess to the Senate. Oh, and by the way, until she does, there is no impeachment under law. She needs a little more education, however. A fair trial is guaranteed to the accused, not the accuser. What is this woman up to?
  • *It is now clear that Obama knew about the phony dossier and the shenanigans in the FISA court. Obama needs to be called to testify under oath and asked why he allowed this to happen—or did he order it to happen?
  • Sacramento politicians have decided that hair is the cause of discrimination. Starting in January, schools will be forbidden from punishing students for wearing certain hairstyles historically associated with race, such as afros, braids, twists and locks. Under the new Democrat-sponsored law, workplace dress codes and policies cannot call out these hairstyles, and employers cannot hire, promote or terminate workers based on hairstyles associated with race. Wonderful. Schools that can’t teach and give out worthless diplomas make hair an issue.  Educators need to concentrate on education instead of worrying about the hair of students. There is a need for real educators, not hairdressers. 
  • *In June 2014, we wrote that the French Foreign Minister told us that we have “somewhat less than 485 days left on this planet” because of global warming. Just another “expert” blatting off about things they know nothing about - like AOC. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re still here. There’s no warming. The sea hasn’t risen. Yet the “experts” still tell us lies.
  • *To put a finer point on it, climate change advocates missed again. For example: In 1989 the snowflakes at the United Nations predicted that entire nations could disappear under the sea by 2000. Did the expert prognostication come true? Don’t believe in human-caused climate change. It is a hoax designed to separate you from your money.
  • *If you raise kids by telling them there are to be “no judgments” and other coddling – what can you expect when they become adults? No consequences for petty theft or home invasion or carjacking or assault? What is the result? Anarchy? A breakdown in civility? Congratulations, Democrats. Your plans and policies are working to Destroy America.
  • *What are your federal taxes being spent on? Try a few examples: building up Tunisia’s political system and the Pakistani film industry; funding research that involves hooking Zebrafish on nicotine; sending low-quality textbooks to Afghan students; supporting “green growth” in Peru; studying frog mating calls; $1,200,000 was spent on studying habits of online dating app users; $22 million spent on bringing Serbian cheese up to international standards; millions more were spent to improve the quality of TV in Moldova; $4.5 million for studying a connection between drinking alcohol and winding up in the emergency room; $10 million was spent for “green growth in Peru.”  Again, why are American taxpayers paying for junk such as the above?
  • *It took an Internet newspaper to expose the corruption of those in the Climate Change Industry.  According to mainstream media. over 11,000 Climate Change Scientists said climate change is the major problem of our lifetime—and we have to go back to the days of the Neanderthal if we want to survive.  In fact, this statement was a total fraud and scam—brought by the Fake News folks. The internet editor revealed only 5 of the 11,258 were actually accredited climate scientists with degrees. Who were the 11,000?  “The remaining 11,253 names were either random members of the public, people in scientific fields other than climate, or joke names added by pranksters.
  • Have you noticed that most of the attacks on the Jewish community come from people from the Left?  One reason is that for eight years Obama exhibited a hate for Israel and the Jews. Obama’s 2008 campaign’s co-chair and military adviser General Merrill McPeak had a history of blaming American foreign policy on the “Jewish lobby.”; foreign policy adviser was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who blamed the “Jewish lobby” for America’s pro-Israel policies; Obama appointed Nawar Shora, a member of the anti-Israel, American-Arab Anti-Defamation Committee (ADC); Obama nominated Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary, who had a long record of anti-Semitism, as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Obama appointee Susan Rice went on an anti-Semitic rant in 2011; Obama nominated Samantha Power as U.N. Ambassador who was an anti-Semite and anti-Israel radical who supported shifting aid from Israel to support the Palestinians and suggested invading Israel. Note that Nancy Pelosi has been silent about the anti-Jewish hate of AOC and her Squad.  Don’t you think these actions send a message to the Democrat base?

By Don Rae


  • *The day after Newsom campaigned for Harris, she dropped out of the race. Good work, Gavin.
  • Pelosi, AOC and Swallwell should return to their districts and clean them up before telling the remainder of the country what to do.
  • *Garamendi supports impeachment and votes no on every good idea Trump has put forth. He doesn’t represent most of Yuba County, so he should go back to his snowflakes in the east bay and leave Yuba County
  • In the impeachment process the Democrats brought in witnesses who are third-level “diplomats” who are still fighting the cold war with the USSR, and have not moved on to put forth Trump’s policies. They are a group of pathetic cold-warriors. They don’t know what their job is.
  • *The San Diego City Council passed an ordinance recently which requires gun owners to lock up their guns in their house. Tell me. How do you confront an intruder with a locked up gun? How stupid are these people? Does this law relate to those with concealed-weapons permits?
  • *Portland politicians are at it again. They have decided to prohibit urinals in public buildings. Be forewarned: Wet toilet seats on the immediate horizon.
  • *The Democrats will now allow same day voting registration. They are well on their way to vote-early-vote often as they transport their minions from one precinct to another to get as many illegal votes as possible. So much for honest voting.
  • *House Democrats passed a bill demanding the Border Patrol create electronic health records for illegal aliens within 90 days. US veterans’ records were not addressed; such records having been in “progress” for years. Illegal's before veterans? Where are the Democrats’ priorities?
  • *When Obama was President, Russia invaded and took over the Crimea and shot down a civilian airliner, killing hundreds. The mainstream media went to sleep. Fast forward to Trump. When he had a phone call with Zelensky, the mainstream media went ape-excrement. Unfortunately for America, the mainstream media are not news organizations, but tentacles of the DNC. Frightful.
  • *In one of Theodore Roosevelt’s stump speeches he warned college students against the seductions of the “visionary social reformer” who studies Marx and believes it is possible to make everyone happy by an immense social revolution just as others of the same mental character believe in the possibility of constructing a perpetual-motion machine. (The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Morris).
  • *Recently a 16-year old girl was pushed out on stage to lead the clamor for action on climate change. It is doubtful she has a degree in science of any sort. But she is certainly filled with indoctrination by adult activists who know nothing more about climate than she does. This is a classic example of child abuse and those engaged in the practice should be indicted. Time Magazine’s Person of the year? Abused child of the year.
  • *In the past 2000 years there has been: The Roman Warm Period; the cooler dark ages; the medieval warm period; the little ice age; a gradual 300-year warming. Why the hysteria today? The climate is changing. Always has. Always will.
  • *Trump has revoked the press credential of the Bloomberg News Organization. Why not all of the mainstream media? None of them are journalists. They are Democratic snowflakes and have no right to press credentials.
  • *In December 2013 we wrote a piece on the increases in flood insurance, calling the increase nothing more than a revenue enhancer for the Obama Administration. Keep in mind that Obama lied about the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare and the Census Bureau. Now in 2019, the flood insurance has gone up again – double. Does the government need the revenue, or is this another way to bankrupt hard-working American families? You answer the question.

By Don Rae

  • * Humans eating meat is destroying the planet. So says a brain-dead snowflake Democrat.  For more than a million years man has eaten meat. And for millions of years in the past, animals have killed other animals and eaten meat.  Guess what?  The earth isn’t dead yet.
  • * DiBlasio is considering deleting gifted and talented programs in the New York City Schools. Brilliant. Hopefully this type of thinking is not going on in any California school district, although
  • * Many California schools are already on the wrong track in some areas. The powers that be in many districts are teaching kids that being White is racist. Further, they espouse that capitalism is the problem in the USA and that killing jobs and prosperity is what is required to “save the earth.” Going even further, the so-called educators want kids to disregard DNA and pretend there are dozens of genders and that school curriculum should include pretending you are the opposite sex. Now educators want $15 billion in new taxes to assure public schools can continue to teach these crazy theories and add more junk to the indoctrination.
  • * Hurricane Dorian is a bummer. But think through the weather forecasts which were trotted out every hour since the hurricane began forming. First it was to go one way, then another and finally the “forecasters really didn’t know where it was going or how large it would become.” Think about that fact, AOC and your snowflake followers. If forecasters have that much trouble with their “models” day to day and hour to hour, what makes you think that they can forecast accurately what is going to happen with climate and weather 10 to 50 years from now?
  • * Consider this also. Scientists studying evidence preserved in cave formations found that global sea levels were as much as 52 feet higher more than 3 million years ago than they are today. The findings, based on a scientific analysis of deposits from Arta’ Cave on the island of Mallorca, show a time when Earth was two to three degrees Celsius warmer than in the pre-industrial era. Let’s see how these findings match (or not) the study of current-day sea-level rise. What sea level rise? Where?
  • * Further, there is good reason to believe that US temperatures have not warmed at all since the dust bowl days of the 1930s. All the so-called warming is due to “adjustments” made to raw data. In other words, we are being lied to in order that devious people can make huge amounts to money.
  • * Stephen Franks hits the nail on the head. But he should hit the legislators on the head. Unfortunately by so doing he would only find sawdust in most heads. One reason that California taxpayers are forced to finance the Hollywood super-rich, is to keep them from going to other States?  Seriously, isn’t it time to tell MGM, Sony, and the rest of the hate America super-rich in Hollywood to put their own money at risk?
  • * CalPERS is supposed to be a fiduciary looking out for the best interests of its members. The reality is the members of the CalPERS board are nothing more than puppets dangling on strings held by ideological fools who encourage corruption, incompetence and mismanagement.  Asset assignment is based on ideology and politics, not fiduciary needs for the members.  They invest in social justice/environmental instruments, knowing they will lose money.  They lost more dollars than we can count by selling off tobacco and oil stock.  How are they going to make that up? And local agencies continue to negotiate higher and higher pensions for public employees to be paid by what? "If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter." ~ George Washington.
  • "If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter." ~ George Washington. "If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter." ~ George Washington.
  • * Catherine Stephani, a San Francisco Board of Supervisors member put forth a resolution, passed unanimously by the Board, declaring the NRA as a Domestic Terrorist Organization. This document thus makes some 5 million Americans, who are members of the NRA, terrorists. What a stupid thing to do. Think of what needs to be done in San Francisco – homelessness, people sleeping on the streets, homeless living in the portable toilets at the waterfront, cleanup crews paid to clean up human waste on the streets and sidewalks, rent higher than gross wages for many. But don’t take any actions about these and other horrid conditions in the city. Blame everything on the NRA.
  • * A note to AOC, one of the most illiterate person’s ever to serve in Congress: If the oceans are risng, then why are the Bahamas still above water after being hit by one of the strongest storms in history? Why don’t you and your followers go back to a real school and get some education?
  • * The Amazon rainforest covers parts of nine countries in South America. But the current forest fire is only in Brazil. And these fires are usually set by humans who live in the forest for cleaning out the brush for gardening purposes. This practice has gone on for thousands of years. Guess what snowflakes, the forest grows back eventually. It is instructive to note that pictures you are getting on the internet are not of the current fire, but fires of some years past. Propaganda and lies. Too bad we have folks who are stuck in a low level of human development. Grow up snowflakes. Use critical thinking. Don’t always believe what the mainstream media and social media blat off about.
  • * Have you noticed that Shifty Schiff and brain-dead Swalwell have popped back into their holes over the Mueller Report. There’s nothing there and it cost us millions to discover that simple fact. Remember how often and loudly these creeps claimed to have the evidence. Well, snowflakes, where is the evidence? Produce it. Since you both have lied through your eye teeth for so long, you should both resign immediately.
  • * Poor Prince Charles. He’s been crying about plastics since 1970. But we don’t find mounds of plastic containers blocking our doorways, as he suggested.

By Don Rae


  • * Here is something for my readers to ponder. The Democrat Icon John Kennedy stated clearly: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” That was 1961. Today the Democrats yell “Free stuff from the government to you.” When did the focus change? And Why?
  • * “People of color” seems to be the Democrats’ favorite descriptive phrase these days. All they are trying to do is to create a schism leading to another Civil War. You would think they would have had enough of that kind of horror. A curse on their souls.
  • * We’ve said this before in a number of ways. Let’s try again. The Bill of Rights, Including the 2nd Amendment, exists to delineate what the Government(s) is not allowed to touch. As of this moment, we now have over 2,000 Unconstitutional Gun Laws in this country that ARE - NOT - WORKING.
  • * A host of recycling plants in California are shutting down or have already gone out of business. Why? Low reimbursement for the purchase of cans, bottles and newspapers. The real cause however, is the proliferation of laws passed in Sacramento making certain that a recycling business will fail.
  • * According to “experts” the ice caps on Mars are shrinking and have been for some time. Maybe we should send Gore and a few of his Hollywood friends to Mars to see how man-made conditions are warming the Red planet.
  • * Eleven teens a day die from texting while driving. It is time to ban their cell phones and also their cars. They are not mature enough to be responsible for their bad behavior. And beyond that, they kill innocent people.
  • * The desperation of Democrats is shown by a recent event. The nut-cases trotted out a retired college professor, who, unfortunately, appears to have lost most –if not all –of his marbles. He said in a recent news article that Trump is trying to reverse the results of the Civil War. That’s the best “expert” the Democrats can come up with? Pathetic.
  • * Many photos of the current Amazon fires shown all over the TV and internet are fakes. They are shots of prior fires.
  • * Bernie wants $16 trillion to combat climate change. He obviously is not intelligent enough to understand that the climate religion is a gigantic fraud – much like “Russia, Russia, Russia”. Unfortunately Bernie is past his prime.
  • * A random thought. Having driven by the Bernie rally in Sacramento the other day, it makes us wonder where the “crowd of thousands” hung out.
  • * Congressman Elijah Cummings believes that his district in West Baltimore doesn’t stink. But it does. Cummings, while being obsessed with Russia, seems utterly bewildered that anyone could dare question why so many billions of federal dollars flow to West Baltimore when they are obviously doing no good.
  • * AOC needs a reprimand. She hates Jews and Israel.  She clearly wants violence against Israel by terrorists.  Where are Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democrats?  Their silence shows support of AOC’s bigotry and hatred.
  • * A little history sometimes goes a long way to understanding current events and possible future occurrences. In late August 1883, Krakatoa—an uninhabited island near Indonesia—let loose one of the most destructive volcanic eruptions seen and heard in modern times. The blast was ten times more powerful than the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 in Southwestern Washington. Krakatoa obliterated two thirds of the island and triggered massive tsunamis. Its largest blast could be heard 3,000 miles away. It was the largest loudest sound ever recorded even to this day. More than 36,000 people lost their lives. The explosions impacted the entire world for years dropping global temperatures. The sky darkened everywhere causing huge crop failures. “Sunsets turned a vivid red and the moon often appeared blue or green after the event due to the volcanic debris circling in the atmosphere.” And, folks, guess what? Not a single drop of gasoline was used or contributed to the disaster.
  • * Think this one over tonight. There are 2-300 million guns in private hands in the USA. And there must be trillions of rounds of ammunition stored away. Do you really think we are the problem? If we were you’d know it just before you went to meet your maker. The 2nd amendment is designed to keep the citizenry armed against whom? The government, folks, the government.
  • * A reprint from California News and Review by Stephen Frank: “Family incomes will take a severe hit and household electricity prices will jump rapidly if policymakers use the “social cost of carbon” to justify new environmental regulations”, a Heritage Foundation statistician warned during a climate change conference in Washington.
  • * Since computer climate models are grounded in assumptions about the impact of carbon dioxide emissions, the results “can be all over the map,” Kevin Dayaratna said at the Heartland Institute’s conference. These results then can be “rigged by policymakers” to achieve their desired results, Dayaratna said during his presentation.
  • * Who is helped by the AOC/Socialist Democrat Party Green Dream?  The major benefactor is the socialist/totalitarian nation of China.  This is a nation AOC has never opposed or spoken out against.  Now we know why—her political plan is for the Chinese to control the buses and trains sold in this country—even if they are mediocre and do not work.
  • * As it turns out (and as sadly, few people seem aware of) the Chinese have been providing electric buses to American urban centers desperate to wean themselves off fossil fuels. The problem? The buses don’t work.
  • * We may be myopically focused on Russia right now, but Chinese interference in American national security has been an ongoing problem. The Democrats know it and that’s why they’ve been deliberately shielding Joe Biden from having to answer for his shady Chinese deals and ties. Congress knows it, and that’s why they’ve unceremoniously been working on a bill to ban taxpayer funding for transportation components.
  • * Just wait. California is following this model. Sweden’s introduction of a tax aimed at phasing out the nation’s last remaining coal and gas plants to curb global warming comes with an unintended consequence for some of its biggest cities. Hiking threefold a levy on fossil fuels used at local power plants will make such facilities unprofitable and utilities from Stockholm Exergi have said they will halt or cut power production. Given the consequences, do you think we ought to head in this direction? How about it Garamendi?

By Don .Rae

  •  * The left’s rhetoric about “no judgment” has led directly to a lack of a core moral center in our youth and young adults. The inevitable result is events like El Paso and Dayton as well as the carnage in Chicago and other inner cities. The left is primarily responsible and needs to be re educated to reality and morality. Try the Ten Commandments as a start.
  •  * A Garden Grove man kills 4 with a machete. Register knives. Confiscate machetes. Tax knife sharpeners.
  •  * Don’t miss Dan Walters’ commentaries on government. They read thus: The government can’t do anything right. He’s right on. Think of all the problems with the DMV, Veterans Bureau, re-cycling, voting machines and dozens more. We need good managers, not glib politicians.
  •  * Pelosi cries crocodile tears over immigrant children being separated from their illegal immigrant parents. She says nothing about family separation every day in every jurisdiction in the US when parents are arrested. Every day CPS takes children from their parents. Pelosi and her lemmings are just politicking.
  •  * The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has introduced a plan to phase out fossil fuels by eliminating all gas stations in the county. The totalitarian idea is based on junk science and a media afraid to report the facts and the implications of ending gas stations. 
  •  * State Sen. Scott Wiener’s Senate Bill 288 would allow undocumented immigrants to serve as delegates and to run for Democratic Party County Central Committees in California. Think that is a good idea?
  •  * Let’s take a closer look at Kamala Harris. She lied about her “busing” experience.  She lied about her “segregated” experience.  Both her parents had a Ph.d. She spent a lot of her K-12 education in Canada. She pouts as if she had been poverty stricken—another lie. Harris misrepresents the facts by saying thanks to busing, she was able to be part of only the second class to integrate in the Berkeley public school system.  The truth? Berkeley High was already integrated in 1963, a year before Harris was born. She’s already told more lies than Obama could even think of.
  •  * San Francisco is creating an Office of Racial Equity, whatever that is. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of the office, which is situated under the human rights commission, whatever that is. It will also create a “Racial Equity Framework Plan” that will outline strategies to address racial disparities in San Francisco. Huh?
  •  * Lots of restaurants are barrens of noise. Does the noise violate the Americans with Disabilities Act, which bars places of public accommodation from discriminating against people with disabilities? Think about it next time you are in a restaurant.
  •  * Obama and his administration knew well before the 2016 election that Russia was meddling in election systems but decided not to give warning to the states. Instead Obama started the fiction that it was Trump who was colluding with the Russians. This latest revelation about the dereliction of duty by Obama is not surprising. The entire Obama years were filled with scandals some of which cost people their lives. Obama took the typical left-wing strategy of just blaming someone else. The fact that Obama knew the truth about the Russians and never said a damn thing about it shows his true intentions. Being the worst President in American history is something that is probably not easy to live with so, Obama is trying to deflect blame. Hopefully Barr will catch up with this evil.
  •  * Pelosi runs around calling Elijah Cummings a hero. Such talk denigrates the definition if hero.
  • * Leslie Marshall lies. She claims Trump only goes after jurisdictions run by minorities when he talks about filth and corruption. She conveniently forgets his missiles fired at San Francisco, Los Angeles and Oakland, among others run by non-minorities.
  •  * Democrats clamor for more migrants and open borders. Trump says, okay, those who break the law will be re-located in the Democrats’ home districts. Oh, no, say the Democrats. That is hateful and political. Hypocrites.
  •  * Why do we tend to glorify people like Jesse Smollett?
  •  * Don’t adults have any smarts at all? Are they as dumb as they act? They allow transgender boys to compete in girls’ athletics. They are well aware of the disastrous results of such a plan. Why do they put the girls and themselves into a no-win situation?
  •  * Most mainstream media reporters ought to be disqualified and their credentials torn up. They are not journalists. They don’t report the news. Their bias shows though in virtually every story they file in the mainstream media.
  •  * The newest definition of depravity, deceit and dishonesty is Avenetti. Why hasn’t the State Bar acted?
  •  * The mainstream media is picking up a climate change horror story almost every day. It would seem that the newsroom actually believes that humans are jumping around destroying the earth. Consider that we’ve been hearing doomsday predictions from “experts” for decades.
  •  * One easy partial solution to finding dangerous youth would be to open juvenile files instead of wiping them clean. In that way, the authorities could keep better track of potentially dangerous young adults.
  •  * TRILIA gets a $2 million loan to build a levee protecting us from flooding from the goldfields. Terrific news. Why wasn’t this done a long time ago? Maybe TRLIA could have used some of the money they spent planting poison oak around some endangered bushes. The Territorial Dispatch pointed out the danger more than a decade ago. Will the levee be built in the next decade? Or later?

By Don Rae

  •  * The homeless problem did not start this year. In 1967 a well intentioned law gave the mentally ill more “rights”.  In the end, it created the right to be homeless. Over the next few decades as state resources were cut and the number of psychiatric hospitals shrank the homeless population increased. Is it time to reopen these institutions and give the mentally ill the help they need? If we don’t, and continue to be politically correct, we will destroy more lives and unhinge our communities.
  •  * Pelosi says Trump works for Putin because Putin has something terrible on him. She’s right. Putin has the entire Democratic Party on his side.
  •  * The Democrats started their impeachment calls before Trump was even inaugurated. They can’t stop their clamoring as impeachment is ingrained in their little pea brains and the call is like the reflex in a praying mantis.
  •  * Why hasn’t Congress dealt with the on-going crisis affecting military spouses? As military families move from base to base, their professional certificates are not always honored. This means they cannot work in their chosen profession. Obviously being unemployed affects their quality of life and the family is also negatively affected. Garamendi, Beale AFB is in your district. Get with the program and sponsor legislation to correct this problem for our military families.
  •  * The US Court of Appeals says the Feds are using the wrong code numbers to charge illegal invaders. With a million or more pages of codes how would a real person – even a bureaucrat – know what all of these codes mean?
  •  * It is beginning to make sense now. The attacks on Trump were instigated by members of the federal bureaucracy. They thought that Clinton would let them go on getting away with every crime in the book, like they were doing under Obama. As the infamous Reverend Wright said “the chickens are coming home to roost.”
  •  * California has 7 million more voters than adult citizens. Any wonder Clinton got so many votes in 2016.
  •  * Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) late Monday said that President Trump’s divisive rhetoric on immigration was “directly responsible” for the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas that left at least 22 people dead. The freshman New York congresswoman made the comments while speaking at a vigil in Brooklyn for the victims of the shooting in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, according to the New York Daily News. “I’m tired of the questioning if the president is racist. He is,” Ocasio-Cortez told a crowd of about 500 people.
  •  * OAC simply can’t keep her insanity to herself. She claims Trump is responsible for the El Paso and Dayton shootings. In actuality, it is rhetoric like hers which leads young men tottering on the edge to flip. And don’t forget Beto O’Rourke when you think of evil politicians who haven’t a brain cell in their head. He is as bad, if not worse.
  •  * We can anticipate that gun control will crop up soon. Such is the simplistic solution of the simple minded. Any real thinking person knows that the problem is much deeper than the weapon. Recent generations have been told that boys are bad and filled with “toxic masculinity”. The male children (often without good male role models) are ostracized, condemned, isolated, ignored and told again and again that they are hateful little squirts. No wonder they crack up and take out their rage on others.
  •  * A good read in these dog days of August is “Cadillac Desert” by Marc Reiner. He presents a sound lesson on water problems in the west. It was first published in 1986.What have the politicians done to address the problem? Nothing of value. Of course that is what politicians mostly do – nothing of value.
  •  * Congressman Castro of Texas should be investigated for potential terrorist threats. His tweets of a list of Trump supporters are definitely a form of a hit list. Is it because he’s a Democrat that he is not held accountable for endangering others?
  •  *There has been a lot of finger-pointing recently about racism in America. In truth the Democrat Party—the founders of Jim Crow Laws, the KKK and opponents of Lincoln ending slavery - remains the primary problem. Consider the recent example of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) conducting a staff shake-up to create additional diversity. In their warped view, there were not enough “people of color” to meet the requirements of this organizations’ progressives. A wholesale number of firings recently were based solely on skin pigmentation. Performance and experience were no longer a criterion for retention. Caucasians were replaced with those who have darker complexions. The DCCC deliberately committed reverse discrimination to meet their utopian goal of creating a more diverse environment. All, illegal of course, but since they are Democrats there will be no consequences.
  •  * Why is Kamala Harris still in the race for President?  Why is she still in the U.S. Senate?  As Attorney General she gave a serial sexual harasser, fellow Democrat San Diego Mayor Bob Filner a get out of jail card.  In 2013, about 20 women accused Filner, a Democratic congressman who became San Diego mayor, of sexual harassment and misconduct
  •  * Harris’ office drew criticism for allowing Filner to plead guilty to state charges of false imprisonment and battery against three Jane Does in exchange for a light sentence. Filner could have faced up to five years in prison, but the plea bargain instead gave him three months of house arrest, three years’ probation, and partial loss of his mayoral pension.
  •  * This is part of the strong criminal justice system created by Harris.
  •  * Have you noticed the number of law firms advertising about the Roundup court decision? Throw money out the window and the lawyers will run over each other to get their share.

By Don .Rae

  • * Berkeley is usually front and center of every leftist idea which floats through the ether. Berkeley City Council is voting on an ordinance that would eliminate masculine and feminine pronounsfrom the city’s municipal code, changing gender-specific language to gender-neutral language. Well, in August, 1973, Western City Magazine  published an article about the City of San Diego doing the exact same name-change routine. Seems like Berkeley, the left-leaning king of the world, missed this one.
  • * It took 25 years to obtain permission to build 22,000 homes in the Grapevine area of Southern California.  Just imagine the jobs that were lost during that time, how much higher the costs are for the homes, how much tax revenue was lost. Still, the environmentalists did everything possible to keep these houses from being built. Newsom and the Democrats cry crocodile tears about the housing shortage, but they have done all they can to make it worse by helping the insane environmentalists..
  • * Democrats are running around saying Trump is Hitler and a racist for maintaining that Baltimore is a disgrace to the country.
  • * Huh? Pelosi is reported to say “Illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities are law-abiding citizens.”
  • * The Democrats fired a woman staff member because she was white. Isn’t that action a crime under the law? If she were Black and was fired, all hell would break loose. Apparently, diversity means “anything that is not white”.
  • *  “In the 1970s, we were told we were in a cooling crisis and if we didn’t do something immediately we’d find ourselves in a new ice age.” says Nick Loris, deputy director of Heritage’s Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies and a Herbert and Joyce Morgan Fellow in energy and environmental policy. Obviously that crisis didn’t happen. So the “cry wolf” crowd changed their tune and we were told that “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend was not reversed by the year 2000.” Obviously that didn’t happen either. Remember the experts also told us that Y2K would destroy our electronic infrastructure. Nope. Didn’t happen. How many more manufactured crises will we have to endure by “experts” before we get wise to ourselves?
  • * Replacing gasoline-driven cars in California would require 134% of current global cobalt production, 67% of current global neodymium production, 50% of current global production of lithium, and 34% of current global production of copper. As said by folks who have done the research; “They can no more decree an EV fleet to be so than they can change the color of the sky.”
  • * Haven’t heard too much about toxic masculinity recently. We still don’t know exactly what this terrible condition is. Is this condition covered by our health insurance?
  • AOC and Pelosi met alone in Pelosi’s octagon. Claws and teeth were the weapons of choice. Result? Nothing. They both are committed to continue to spout insanity to the detriment of the nation.
  • * The Republican Party has 19 members of the State Assembly out of 80.  They have 11 in the State Senate, out of 40;  and 7 congressional members in a delegation of 53.  The GOP has no Statewide officers.  In the last report the Republican Party had about $770,000 cash on hand, while the Democrats had over $11 million.  The State GOP has not had, and still does not have, a voter registration program.  With this fact, it is certain that Republicans will win the next election. Not.


  • *Joe Biden claims to be a “moderate”.  In the Democrat Party, that means being a “totalitarian Socialist.”  He wants to make illegal invaders citizens immediately.  That policy position shows how desperate the Democrats are to get votes for 2020. 
  • * A quote from the internet:  "...a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing."  Shakespeare wrote those words four hundred years ago -- he must have known ol' Schiff-for-brains would show up sooner or later.
  • * Al Franken says he regrets resigning from the Senate. We don’t.
  • * So far this summer there haven’t been any heat records. But the phrase “climate change” continues to be a regular insert in the mainstream media. And according to the brilliant AOC the earth has only 12 years left before it kills us all off. So, the ignoramuses demand cheap power and the end of fossil fuel. How do we do that? Why, by blowing up all our hydroelectric plants which produces the cleanest power available, with the exception of nuclear.
  • * It was sad to watch Mueller stumble about in the recent hearing. He didn’t even know what FusionGPS was. His handlers should have put the kabash on his appearance. It was a horribly unfair destruction of his reputation. Of course, Nadler and Schiff didn’t give a wit. They had to come up with something to justify their claims of evidence spouting out of their lying mouths for the past two years. Not only did they fail miserably, but they proved themselves to be horrible examples of Americans. Hopefully their constituents will take appropriate action and retire them quickly.
  • * San Franciscans are fighting homeless shelters. It appears they like the present conditions on the streets. Maybe some of them want to set up toll boxes so tourists can tour the mess.
  • * Pelosi calls Elijah Cummings a hero. A hero of the rat infestation. A hero of the homeless. A hero of trash. Of course, Pelosi is a hero of the came ilk, as she is from San Francisco which shares some of the blight of Baltimore.
  • * Leslie Marshall lies. She claims that Trump only goes after jurisdictions which are run by minorities. She conveniently forgets that Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Oakland – among many others – are not run by minorities but they are as filthy as those which are.
  • * Federalist 10(Madison) says “The first object of government is the protection of different and unequal facilities of acquiring property.”
  • * Newsom wants private tax returns from presidential candidates or he will remove their name from the ballot in California. Newsom, take a long walk off a short pier.
  • * Ricardo Lara, California Insurance Commissioner, should resign.  If not, he should be recalled from office. This Democrat is using his office as a gateway for the favored donors—which means unless you gave him money, he will use his office to harm you.  This is called pay to play and is illegal, unless you are a Democrat in California.   Years ago a Republican, Chuck Quackenbush, holding that office and was forced to resign when Democrats pointed out the corruption—.  Why are they silent now?

By Don Rae


  • * Stephen Franks keeps us informed of idiotic bills crawling like cockroaches through our State Capitol. “A bill that prohibits California from authorizing new oil and gas infrastructure on state public lands, AB 342, moved on to the Senate.  A bill that would require smog checks for semi-trucks, SB 210, moved on to the Assembly. A mandated buffer between new oil wells and homes and schools, AB 345, failed in the Appropriations Committee, but it will be considered in 2020.”
  • * Newsom wants $10.5 billion from electric rate payers to cover wildfire damage. Why should those who do not live in fire-prone areas pay for the damage of those who choose to live where wildfire is more likely to put their lives and belongings at risk?
  • * Canada has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. Go to the Canadian border and be told that if you are caught with a pistol, it’s off to jail for one year. Where are all these folks getting weapons in Toronto to shoot up a victory parade? Even the most severe gun laws do not work.
  • * AOC says the US is running concentration camps on the southern border. In real concentration camps people are brought against their will. The people at the border travelled there of their own free will.
  • * No matter how much Congress spends on the border, it is wrong for the taxpayers to be footing the bill. We should keep the tariffs going under the bill is paid.
  • * The idea of people who never owned slaves paying money to people who never were slaves is simply another entitlement to keep Blacks voting for Democrats. The idea is locked and loaded today and stinks worse than a skunk.
  • * Democrats in California will not be satisfied until they receive 100% of all votes in all elections. That result is what they call Democracy. AB693, on its merry way to becoming law, allows same day registration and the use of a non-provisional ballot. Honest votes are not wanted. Corruption is a positive moral value. Totalitarianism is digging its way out of the sewer. Welcome to California.
  • * Have you ever noticed how “moral” all the Hollywood crowd is? Yet all their products are filled with gun violence and sexual promiscuity.
  • * The “eugenics movement” advocated public policies to manipulate the population to produce what the movement feels is to be a public that is genetically superior. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is, once again, under attack due to Thomas’ opinion in Box v. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, recently considered by the Supreme Court. According to the Indiana law doctors must inform women that “Indiana does not allow a fetus to be aborted solely because the fetus’s race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, or diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down syndrome or any other disability. Liberals cried “foul” when Thomas rightly observed that abortion based on race, sex or disability amounts to giving constitutional protection to the eugenics movement because he struck the highly sensitive note that liberals want to stand in God’s place. Liberals demand to define and decide who lives and who dies.In other words, bureaucrats decide who’s worthwhile to have around and who’s not.
  • * The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that private property does not exist.  They ruled that unions can trespass any time they want to harass workers and managers of private companies. Cedar Point, which raises strawberry plants, alleged organizers from the United Farm Workers union came on its property, without notice, and “disrupted work by moving through the trim sheds with bullhorns, distracting and intimidating workers.”  First the farmers. When will it be your business? In California the unions own your business.
  • * According to scientists who actually know something about the subject, tell us that sea-level trends “vary considerably because they depend not only on the average global trend, but also on tectonic movements of adjacent land. In many places vertical land motion, either up or down, exceeds the very slow global sea-level trend. Consequently, at some locations sea level is rising much faster than the global rate, and at other locations sea level is falling. One example is found in Stockholm, Sweden. There is no rise. In fact the sea-level is falling due to regional vertical land motion. Water intrusion problems around the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and Maryland are also not due to sea-level rise, but instead to land subsidence (the sinking of the land surface) from human activity such as groundwater depletion. The author (renowned Swedish sea level expert Prof. Axel Mörmer) published in the International Journal of Earth & Environmental Sciences, dumps lots of cold water on the premise that today’s sea level rise is caused by man and is unusual. Mörmer’s paper looks back at the last 500 years of sea level rise and shows that natural variables are the major drivers, and not man-made CO2-driven global warming. (Oh, by the way, this was published in 2017).
  • * According to recent writers “the best available data” shows “evidence is lacking for any recent changes in global sea level that lie outside natural variation.” The investigators point out that if the negative effects of the claimed rise in sea level, such as a loss of surface area, were to be visible anywhere, it would most likely be in the small islands and coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean. However, research indicates many of these islands and atolls are actually increasing in size. Simply, they are “not being inundated by rising seas due to anthropogenic climate change.” As the authors carefully state in their treatise, “Fears of an accelerated rise in sea levels caused by anthropogenic climate change are misplaced and overblown. Further, this fear mongering should not be used by policymakers in coastal states and cities to advocate for policies that would seek to limit or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions.”


    • * The Democrats believe so much in carbon credits that they felt it necessary to raise gas taxes up to 72 cents a gallon, by the first of the year. They demand that the rest of us clap our hands in glee over having our transportation cost more than we could ever afford. Of course, the tax is not the only slap in the face to the community, $500 million a year is going to be given to the “train to nowhere.” It’s like flying a planeload of cash to Iran. And to make the case stronger, the evidence shows that carbon credits haven’t offset the amount of pollution they were touted to accomplish.  
    • * The entire Carbon credits scam gave polluters a pass to keep emitting CO₂, but the forest preservation that was supposed to balance the ledger never occurred, Propublica reporter Lisa Song wrote. “It is a Socialist scam to lie to the people about the environment, the climate and then force us to sacrifice to make politicians and special interests rich.” reports Stephen Frank. The party only asks for money with little or no cogent information.
    • * California legislators apparently don’t recognize the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. Stephen Franks writes: “Below is an alert about anti-gun legislation that is moving quickly in Sacramento.  It is time to take action. The grassroots need to take action.  It is our basic right to protect ourselves, our families and community that is at stake. Assembly Bill 12, sponsored by Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin (D-44), would extend the duration of California’s “gun violence restraining order” (GVRO) law from one year to a period of up to five years. Meaning a person could be prohibited from owning and possessing firearms for five years at a time without ever being adjudicated mentally ill or convicted of a crime, but based on third party allegations.
    • * Assembly Bill 61,sponsored by Assembly Member Philip Ting (D-19), would expand the list of those eligible to file “gun violence restraining orders” (GVRO) beyond the currently authorized reporters which include immediate family and law enforcement.  The new list is expanded to employers, coworkers and employees of a secondary or postsecondary school that the person has attended in the last 6 months.  GVRO’s can remove a person’s Second Amendment Rights, not based on criminal convictions or mental adjudications, but based on third party allegations often without due process until weeks after a person’s rights have been suspended. Senate Bill 220, sponsored by Senator Jerry Hill (D-13), would further increase the mandatory storage and security requirements for licensed firearms dealers. California already has some of the strictest laws in the country regarding how dealers must store and secure firearms.  This bill simply places more costs and mandates on law-abiding business owners.
    • * Assembly Joint Resolution 4, sponsored by Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (D-4), would encourage Congress to adopt the Background Checks Act of 2019. Assembly Joint Resolution 5, sponsored by Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-59), would urge the federal government to adopt universal firearm laws using California as an example."
  • * The brilliant Bernie Sanders says we are “delighted” to pay more taxes for free health care, etc. If he really believes that stupid statement, he needs to head back into the Vermont woods and disappear.
    • * Why do Canadians come to the USA to get needed serious medical treatment? If their socialized medicine is so great, then they should get their appointments and life-saving treatment at home. The answer is simple. Socialized medicine is a farce and a killer.
    • * California courts say it is okay for prisoners to have small amounts of marijuana, so long as they don’t inhale. How utterly insane.
    • * True or not? ICE gives out free classes on how to present yourself if you are a transgender illegal invader. It’s your tax money. Answer this one, Garamendi.
  • * Maxine Waters needs to add to her one word vocabulary. “Racist” is getting worn out. Oh, she has a second useless word – “impeachment”.
  • * PGE will take the hit. It won’t be the politicians who allowed building homes in dangerous areas. Nor the environmentalists who won’t allow proper forest management. Nor the people who bought land in the wilderness and demanded electricity. So, everyone else, who are not guilty of any of these risky decisions will end up paying for the foibles of others.
  • * Is there anything Government does that makes sense? L.A. spent $619 million on the homeless crisis and as a result there are 16% more homeless in the County and 12% more in the City. That money was well used, wasn’t it? 
  • * Typhus is expanding in downtown L.A. What is the Democrats’ answer?  Outlaw pesticide that controls rats, making it worse.  Continue to raise taxes, and beg illegal invaders to pour into the State. To top it off, Newsom is luring begging women to come to California to kill their babies. The Golden State?
  • * Were you aware that the NFL hands out $20 Million in Grants to Social Justice Causes. You want to make a contribution to some social justice organization, buy a ticket to an NFL game and you will be supporting racism, bigotry and hatred.  The Fake News media is keeping this political activity by the NFL silent, in hopes that the public does not catch on.  Pass this along to let folks know the NFL has decided to finance Democrat Party causes.
  • * Assemblyman Evan Low, Democrat, is seeking to make it the official position of the State that “religious groups” are the cause for “disproportionately high rates of suicide, attempted suicide, depression, rejection, and isolation amongst LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] and questioning individuals.” Low’s ACR 99 declares that “religious ministries, counselors and therapists cause harm to people wishing to seek help with their sexual desires.” The resolution labels such help as “ineffective, unethical and harmful.” So much for freedom of religion and psychological counseling in California.
  • * A Canadian research team tells us that men with more masculine facial features tend to be less interested in environmentalism than those who lack such features. Men whose voices are regarded as more manly are also less concerned about preserving and protecting the natural world, the “research team” finds.   Isn’t there anything better to research than tripe like this?

By Don Rae

  • * According to liberals, 26-year-olds are children and should be allowed to remain on their parents’ health insurance. The same crowd maintains that 16-year-olds are adults who should be allowed to vote. Well, which is it?
  • And school kids are going on strike for climate change. Of course, kids, you will still want air conditioning in your house; you want TV in all the rooms in the house; your classes are all computerized; you are addicted to electronic devices and games; and you get to and from school in a pack of exhaust emitting cars instead of walking.
  • * Recall that Hitler asked that the Sudetenland Germans should be incorporated into the German Reich carved out of the borders of the Czech Republic? Why was this so important to the Fuehrer? Because all the defense positions and solid military industry were in this little chunk of land. The same seems true of the Golan Heights which Trump recently said should be part of Israel’s borders. It is a strategic defense barrier against Israel’s enemies. This analogy may not be totally on target, but it has some similarities.

* You want TV in every room and your classes are all computerised.
You spend all day and night on electronic devices.
* More than ever, you don't walk or ride bikes to school but arrive in caravans of private cars that choke local roads and worsen rush hour traffic.
You are the biggest consumers of manufactured goods ever and update perfectly good expensive luxury items to stay trendy,
Your entertainment comes from electric devices.

  • * P.J. O’Rourke says it plainly: “Freedom is not empowerment. Empowerment is what the Serbs have in Bosnia. Anybody can grab a gun and be empowered. It's not entitlement. An entitlement is what people on welfare get, and how free are they? It's not an endlessly expanding list of rights -- the "right" to education, the "right" to food and housing. That's not freedom, that's dependency. Those aren't rights; those are the rations of slavery -- hay and a barn for human cattle. There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty; the duty to take the consequences.”
  • Democrats want a voting system in which politicians who promise the most free stuff to the largest number of people win. And the Democrats want to make certain that as many people as possible are receiving free stuff so they will vote to continue the givers in office. And the Democrats want everyone in the world, not just citizens to vote, so they can stay in power. Because of this belief, we have to now fight to retain the Electoral College, the brilliant technique introduced by the Founding Fathers to assure that all the states have a say in who wins the Presidency. Without it, the Hollywood crowd and New England would forever determine the Chief Executive.
  • * * Television is filled with young children educating their parents or other adults about all kinds of things imaginable. Clean water, feeding the hungry, giving to charity etc. The subtle message is, kids are smarter and more progressive than adults.
  • Fox took Judge Jeanine off the air because of a complaint by a Muslim. Gross cowards.
  • The whole world is breaking down the doors to get into America. Is it because America is a hell hole like the country these folks abandoned? No. It is because America is the best country the world has to offer. Maybe some Democrats ought to be able to figure out that fact.
  • And what of the snowflakes who said they would leave the country if Trump were elected? They need to honor their word. To quote Lady Macbeth, “Out, damn’d spot”.
  • * Are you aware that over 90% of all mass shootings have occurred in Gun-free Zones?
  • Most of the Democrats are now bringing up the old canard of climate change. This time the world is going to end in 12 years. Perhaps they should check their history to remind their pea-brains that such has been the rallying cry for decades now. Hasn’t happened yet.
  • * The United Nations is on another asinine campaign. They want to “tax” red meat. Such a plan shows how utterly ignorant world politicians really are. They go bonkers over cow farts. Then they don’t want the cows killed for food to feed the world. So, dumbskies, which is it; meat or farts?
  • Kamala Harris has joined the “let’s invite them to dinner” snowflakes on the death penalty issue. She and her fellow-travelers know that Newsom’s moratorium is damn-well the first step to parole the “worst of the worst.” At the same time they want to disarm the public so more innocent people can be freely targeted. Looks like they also believe in the Ocasio-Cortez philosophy of reducing the population.
  • Another thought on our junior senator, Kamala Harris. She started her rise to power as the “friend” of Willie Brown. Is that an appropriate role model for our daughters these days?
  • * Can you believe it? Environmentalists don’t want bulldozers fighting wildfires. Ok. How about all you brilliant snowflakes picking up a Pulaski Fire Axe and getting your sorry tails out on the fire lines.
  • * The Democrats praise Beto jumping up on table tops to shout his brand of tripe. Isn’t that a prime example of toxic masculinity?
  • Nowadays it seemed that everything is being called “hate speech”. Anyone using the phrase “hate speech” should be tossed in jail for 30 days to consider their anti-first amendment behavior. And they should have their mouth washed out with soap.
  • The statements of politicians after the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre were nothing more than prepared sermons reciting the same old trite phrases. There was plenty of warning of that potential event which was ignored.
  • Media Matters and the Southern Poverty hate group need their 501c charity status revoked as neither one is engaged in charitable work. Both are political attack dogs for the Democratic Party. Well, Garamendi?
  • * DeBlassio in New York says no meat on Mondays for NY’s school children. Another brain dead snowflake to follow up with no 16 ounce soft drinks or plastic straws. How about following up with “no toothpicks”? You’ve got to save the trees.
  • * So, where is Al Gore? Has anyone sent out the St. Bernards with a cask of vinegar?
  • Universal Basic Income is nothing more that welfare under a different name. And we are going to pay for it with our tax money? Crazy people have been elected to office.
  • * A final word on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Bible says that when becoming an adult, you should put aside your childish ways.
  • California Senate Bill 233, authored by Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and co-authored by other Democrats says: “A person who is reporting a crime of sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, robbery, assault, kidnapping, threats, blackmail, extortion, burglary, or another violent crime shall not be arrested for a crime …” In clearer language Democrats want you to report your crime and want you back on the streets as quickly as possible to do more crime.
  • Why are the Democrats allowing AOC to run the world? Ignorance is not a prime qualification for leadership.
  • And is AOC really serious about getting rid of all cows? AOC, you think that the world is going to come to an end in 12 years. So why then spend the short time we have remaining making our lives miserable? Take a page from Marie Antoinette’s approach: Just proclaim, “Let them eat steak!”, as the end nears.
  • New York has lost more restaurant jobs after the new $15 minimum wage than they did after September 11th. Did anyone consider that many minimum wage jobs are where youth get their first employment and learn what it is like to work and earn a paycheck? Keep pushing the minimum wages up and more businesses will close their doors and fewer youth will have a starting income.
  • Isn’t there even one adult to blast American colleges for utter stupidity? For example, Amherst College in Massachusetts is moving ahead with a policy which says that both male and female students menstruate and consideration must be given to male students who are going through their monthly cycles. Huh?
  • A short history lesson to encourage some critical thinking. In 1938, the average amount of schooling found in the United States was 8th grade. With that level of education, America fought and won World War II and came out of the worst depression in US history. Maybe they learned more in the first eight grades than kids do today?
  • Police have reported an “abnormal” lessening of hate crime reports according to the usual suspects. Did they ever consider there may not be as many as the activists have been touting?
  • AOC says America is “garbage.” Then why did she run for office and why did voters check off her name? If there is any garbage, it is spewing from her mouth.
  • An interesting piece of past history which should forever be remembered. Feinstein was the power behind retaining the killing of the Hetch Hetchy valley restoration.
  • Why has the DNC kicked Fox News off its primary debate panels? What are they afraid of? The Truth?
  • Schiff’s people met with Cohen several times for many hours. Before his Congressional testimony. Isn’t that witness tampering?
  • A black student group at UCLA is lobbying for a $40 million dollar endowment to establish a black resource center on campus. The group has also demanded increased penalties for discriminatory behavior at UCLA, relocation of black student housing on campus, and the creation of an administrative position or committee to oversee the campus climate. “Not taking no for an answer” is their motto. Segregation, anyone?
  • The entire upper leadership of Finland resigned last week after universal healthcare costs crashed the country’s budget and the leaders refused to implement necessary cuts to the “free” healthcare system. This is one of the countries that Democratic-socialists like Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris point to as “successes” in “free” healthcare. The countries the Democrats say are the ideal for us are collapsing after trying out the same program that they want to impose on the USA.
  • They came after your Styrofoam cups and you said nothing.  They came after your plastic straws and you said nothing.  They came after chickens and now the cost of KFC has gone up and you’ve said nothing. Now they are coming after your burgers and steaks. Will you say anything? Or are you willing to have the government demand you become a VEGAN? 
  • Kamala Harris wants to decriminalize prostitution? Retroactively?
  • House Democrats voted to allow illegal invaders to vote. No wonder they don’t want a border wall. They feel they can get more votes from non-citizens. Like Hillary’s plurality in California.
  • Heather Wilson has resigned as Secretary of the Air Force. Recall she was here at Beale recently and talked on her plans for the future of Beale and the Air Force in general. One of her prime wishes has not come about. She spoke about military spouses not getting to use their skills and experiences when they arrive at a new duty station because of the restrictions imposed by each State. Each state should get on board with allowing these qualified spouses to engage in their professions without having to put up with the bureaucratic baloney which keeps them out of the work force. Why don’t you start something positive in this arena Garamendi, LaMalfa, Nielson and Gallagher?
  • Manafort goes to jail. But Podesta gets a pass. Guess who’s the Democrat?
  • The panel of “The View” jumped on the conspiracy theory claiming Melania Trump uses a body double. Actually it would make for more pleasant viewing if some of The View hosts used a body double.
  • Why is there such a push for marijuana use? There is plenty of scientific evidence that the current product is a major contributor to mental illness and violence. In the 1970s marijuana contained about 2% of the drug THC, a compound responsible for psychoactive effects. Today, marijuana generally contains 20 to 25% THC thanks to farming and cloning techniques used by producers. Emergency rooms are reporting triple the number of diagnosable cannabis use disorder than reported in 2006. Research from Finland and Denmark, countries which track mental illness more comprehensively than the USA, shows a significant increase in psychosis following an increase in cannabis use. Be aware and be cautious. We may be falling down a major rabbit hole.

By Don Rae

  • AOC says she’s the boss. Back to school, snowflake. “We the people” are the bosses. You are the hired help. Not only that, you are the probationary hired help. You can be dismissed for cause or for no cause. And so far, your proposals are as valuable as road kill.
  • Sacramento’s crazy mayor basically says the police should leave criminals alone. If you are a cop, you are a prime target under Steinberg’s policy suggestion.
  • The Democrats are out on a snipe-hunt. Planning impeachment while hunting for a reason.
  • Considering the dubious qualifications of most of the announced Democratic presidential candidates, can we expect AOC to throw her diaper into the ring. Oh wait, she is way under the age requirement to be president.
  • Stephon Clark really appears like a classic example of suicide by police. The protesters at the Arden Mall should be sued for the lost wages of the employees and the loss of profits for the merchants they caused.
  • A 25-year drought in the 13th Century brought about the abandonment of the Mesa Verde cliff dwelling population. And, guess what? There was no fossil fuel messing up the atmosphere. Climate change is a naturally occurring cycle and eliminating air travel won’t be the panacea to save the planet.
  • Biden says Pence is a nice guy. The Democrats go ballistic. Biden quickly backtracks. What a wuss. Mr.Milquetoast. And he wants to be President?
  • The Democrats in the Senate all voted for murdering babies.
  • AOC how do you plan on eliminating all the sacred cows wandering around the streets of India? How about the cattle industry in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, among other of our neighbors?
  • As for the Green New Deal, why should we work just to turn over our hard-earned wages to AOC so she can hand it out to her couch-potato friends? Instead, AOC, send me your salary so I can enjoy my leisure with your money.
  • Keep foremost in your mind that FDR’s New Deal was failing until December 7, 1941. The war brought us out of the depression, not FDR and his hundreds of useless programs.
  • Did you pay attention to the corruption in New York City? Bellagio’s wife was put in charge of a considerable number of mental health programs in the city. But recent audits show she can’t account for some $850 million of tax dollars allocated to health programs. Sounds like she went to the Hillary School of Economics. Will the Democrats open dozens of investigations? Fat chance.
  • Shall we take another look at climate change and global warming? Last week a report was released which showed Los Angeles having the coldest February in 60 years. 8 degrees below normal. Even West Hollywood had a dusting of snow. Imagine, snow falling on the snowflakes.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers paid $60 billion to protect New Orleans. That comes to $435.00 each for 395,000 residents for some meteorological event which might happen in the next 60 years. But the idiot legislators won’t allocate $5.7 billion to protect millions of citizens at about $92.00 per citizen by building a barrier on the southern border. This small amount would protect citizens now – not possibly protect someone 50 years from now.
  • Look back at recent history. Obama gave awards to sexual predators. Presidential medals were given to Clinton, Weinstein, Weiner and Crosby. If you want a presidential medal from a Democrat, be a sexual predator.
  • The Smollett case is a prime example of why authorities and the press need to carefully evaluate charges before giving credence to the accuser and demonizing the so-called perpetrators. Doesn’t anyone recall Tawana Brawley and the Duke Lacrosse team, among many others?
  • Where are the environmentalists with their cork to plug the Magnum volcano in Vanuatu? It is throwing more dangerous gases into the atmosphere than anything man or cows are doing.
  • What’s up with the Democrats? They tried to make a dead liberal judge’s vote count. Even the 9th Circuit threw that out. The judge has to be serving on the court when the decision comes out. That’s just common sense. Then again, the Democrats don’t always use common sense.
  • A Sierra Club study says cement production is responsible for 5 percent of carbon pollution globally. Researchers also claim that California’s cement factories are more polluting than their counterparts in China and India. Is this study the product of a pot-smoking adult who hasn’t reached beyond his pre-teen year, or junk science? What can we infer from this baloney? A reasonable conclusion is that the Democrats hate jobs and freedom and love government.  After the cement industry who is next? 
  • Hillary is back. She goes to Selma, Alabama, one of the poorest cities in the country (of course, run by Democrats) and complains about losing the 2016 election. Nary a peep on how to help the residents of Selma. She feels she deserved to be President because of her accomplishments. Name one.
  • A recent Bridge champion was suspended from playing in tournaments because of high levels of testosterone. What?
  • Alan Schiff held so many improper meetings related to the Trump investigation that he should not only recuse himself from all hearings, he should step down as chairman of his committee, and he should resign from Congress.
  • In today’s world, why would anyone decide on a law enforcement career? The usual suspects are encouraging anarchy and seem to hope that the bad guys run rampant with no societal controls at all. To top it off, so-called experts make it impossible to use “concealed carry” protection. The honest citizen is being turned into a target. Good work, politicians.
  • Well, the Democrats are now touting infanticide. How about it, Garamendi? Are you in favor of killing babies?
  • Why aren’t the Democrats being investigated when the Russians donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation? Trump didn’t get a single Ruble, yet he’s the target of dozens of investigations which are bankrupting his supporters. Something is definitely wrong with this scenario.

By Don Rae

  • It has only been a blink in history since a tax cut was legislated in Washington. Almost immediately the Democrats were calling for repeal and an increase of taxes up to 70%. Who was in the forefront? Why the ignorant new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Perhaps it is hard to recall that as far back as the New Deal of the Democratic presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, the wealthy could expect to see more than 75% of their hard-earned income snatched by Washington. Of course, any loss the businessman incurred was his alone to bear. No help from Washington. So many would hoard their money and wait for better times. As a result no new factories were built or businesses opened or expanded. No new jobs were created and folks were stuck on charity and close to starvation. Apparently OAC missed her American History classes and is unaware of the failure of high tax policies.
  • The #BornAliveAct failed in the Senate by a vote of 53-44. 44 Democratic senators voted No. These sleazy Senators voted against legislation that would have protected baby human beings. Evil is too mild a word for those who voted no. Harris and Feinstein among them.
  • “What’s happened to our park in the last 34 days is irreparable for the next 200 to 300 years,” former Joshua Tree National Park Superintendent Curt Sauer said at the end of the Shutdown for Joshua Tree National Park. Of course there was no description of what happened in those 34 days which would create such havoc. What was it, Sauer? Did an Atomic Bomb blow the park apart? Or did you go around chopping down the flora and shooting all the fauna? Your published statement is a key to why you are the former Superintendent.
  • From Facebook: Democrats fart too. Save the cows.
  • The Judiciary Committee just voted to require ICE to be notified if an illegal invader tries to buy a gun. All the Democrats voted against the bill. What do you make of this? Democrats want illegals to be heavily armed, but want Americans to be disarmed and helpless.
  • The Manam volcano in Vanuatu erupted recently and threw more dangerous gases into the atmosphere than any car or truck in existence. What are you going to do about it, environmentalists? Plug up the hole? And how are humans responsible for this catastrophe?
  • The Smollett hoax is a prime example of why the press, authorities, and celebrities – including politicians – need to carefully evaluate charges before foaming at the mouth.
  • Kamala Harris began her rise to the Senate by being the cuddly girlfriend of a politician. It that being an appropriate role model for girls these days?
  • The mainstream media has been sneaky about its marriage to man-caused climate change. It now accuses a scientist who is being logical, reasonable and basing opinions on fact, not hyperbole of “scientific consensus”, of the incorporation of industry-backed and disputed science into federal environmental policy. In other words, if you don’t go along with the Green New Deal, shut up.
  • The Democrats have been saying that there are no caravans wandering their way through Mexico. It is, according to them, just another false narrative and manufactured crisis. If so, then why is the mainstream media reporting that Mexico is stopping such caravans and deporting the folks to other cities away from the US border?
  • All our levee organizations have been telling us that we are safe. Then why did the media jump up and down over a story that the recent rain has caused portions of the levees to erode? Another Oroville spillway type disaster on the horizon?
  • The tons of debris from the Camp Fire travel on its merry way through the middle of Marysville. Of course, we don’t need a by-pass, do we?
  • Once in a dog’s age a government project actually does what it was supposed to do, and much more. Opportunity was designed to travel on Mars for around 3 months. It lasted 60 times longer. Rest in peace, Opportunity.
  • No more peanuts or Cracker Jacks in the ball park. Why? Because in the last 10 years there have been 13 deaths attributed to peanut allergy. – which may or may not be accurate. Marijuana is legal, but peanuts are not?
  • We, as patrons of the games of the NFL, demand to know the conditions of the settlement of the Kaepernick suit against the NFL.
  • Basic income of $500 a month? We work but the government steals our money and gives it to those who don’t or won’t?
  • Several transgender students have been allowed to compete out of their birth sex in Connecticut high school track and field. And, again this year, a transgender took the gold. Talk about unfair political correctness. A male who says he is a transgender female will always have an advantage in sports competitions over those who are born female.
  • Nancy Pelosi demands that Trump and Pence release their personal tax returns. At the same time she says she should not have to release hers.
  • In 1969 the Supreme Court opined that there is no such thing as “hate speech.” Why is that term still being used to stifle free speech, especially by Democrats?
  • Talk of reparations has reared its ugly head again. How about reparations for the descendents of the 600,000 Union troops who died in the Civil War on the Union side, who joined their comrades in eliminating slavery?
  • Is there anything logical, reasonable and filled with common sense coming out of the mouth of AOC? She now says it is immoral to have children. Did she get that stone tablet from on high? Are all girls to be sterilized at birth?
  • Our new Governor Newsom ( Moonbeam Jr. ?) will now only spend about $100 billion on a train from Merced to Bakersfield. Of course the money does not exist, besides the fact that unless there are hundreds of people each day travelling just between Merced and Bakersfield, who will ride it? Newsom says the high-speed rail line from Merced to Bakersfield along California’s Central Valley could bring an economic transformation to the state’s agricultural region. Did you notice he didn’t say how this miracle will occur?
  • Oh, a few other slight problems with money for the high-speed rail – Newsom is going to be required to give back the $3.5 billion the federal government kicked in. Why? The federal money was based on a high-speed rail from LA to San Francisco and private investor money, neither of which is happening. Who knows what becomes of the $10 billion bond the voters approved in 2008.
  • According to federal statistics, the FBI this year kept a record number of illegal's from buying guns. This is according to a new report of background checks. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System listed 7,836,600 “illegal/unlawful alien” as of 2018 trying their damndest to buy a gun through our legal system. Not only is it illegal to enter the United States without permission, it’s also illegal to then purchase or possess a gun.
  • Our elected legislature and former governor passed SB 1 which caused gas taxes to go up 12 cents a gallon last year. According to the bill, another 7 cents a gallon will be tacked on July 1, 2019.  And to complete the hosing of the public, Cap and Trade is going to cause gas taxes to go up by as much as 72 cents a gallon on January 1, 2020.  Now the Democrats want an “oil severance tax”—which means another potential ten cent a gallon increase as well.  Might as well put your car in the garage up on blocks.
  • The Chicago Police in a short time managed to figure out Smollett’s false claims. Good work. Why is it that the far more experienced and trained FBI can’t do the same with Hillary’s case in more than 2 years?
  • Think carefully about the Smollett fiasco. Doesn’t it remind you of the Tawana Brawley tale, the Duke Lacrosse team fiction and other such false narratives? The behavior of those involved should not be tolerated. They should be held accountable. Jail is too good for them.
  • Listen to our illustrious Senator Kamala Harris. She called the Smollett case a “modern day lynching” before she was aware of any of the facts, she popped off. Is this what we can expect during her senate tenure?
  • Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich of Spokane, Washington, says in perfectly understandable English what is happening in today’s society. In his youth, he declared, school parking lots were filled with guns in racks in the back windows of pickup trucks. No one was shot. So what has changed, he asked rhetorically? The guns are the same today as they were decades ago. But glorifying a culture of violence in Hollywood and the media, the gang culture embraced by adults and video games which give positive points for raping, and killing have exploded into our children’s world. The culture has changed; the guns have not.
  • Recently 140 Democrats voted against a resolution condemning voting by illegal invaders in American elections. No wonder the Democrats want an open border.
  • Hungary says that immigrants are not the answer to their country’s future. Instead, the Hungarian government changed policies adding support to marriage and children.
  • Newsom says that Trump is a monument to stupidity. Don’t worry, Newsom, we are well aware of where the stupidity is. We recall that you were mayor of San Francisco.
  • Just a thought. Does Cory Booker, the vegan, eat animal crackers?
  • Quick question for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(AOC): We’re ready to purchase a train ticket from San Francisco to Hawaii. Where do we send the check, since there won’t be airplanes if you have your way?
  • In the Gallipolis islands, underwater vents from volcanoes are expelling a constant supply of CO2 bubbles. How are you going to stop that, snowflakes?
  • Al Gore must be having a tizzy fit over the amount of snowfall in the Sierra this year. Global Warming? Crack the icicles off your mustache, Al.
  • The Democrats are hot on the trail of gun control. Their latest trick to thwart the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is to require universal background checks which would transform American gun rights into European-style privilege for the wealthy elite who can afford the horrendously cumbersome regulations and bureaucratic procedures. For example “transfer of possession” is a key component of the plan. Handing a firearm to another person could subject the owner to horrendous fines and possible legislation. One example is if you loan a gun to your cousin without going to a gun shop and filling out the paperwork, paying a fee and waiting for permission – jail. This type of restriction is not in keeping with the 2nd Amendment. Neither is any other gun law. If the Democrats think they can do it, let them legislate the elimination of the 2nd amendment from the Constitution. Otherwise, butt out.
  • On the matter of gun registration, perhaps the example of Quebec, Canada is instructive. Since long gun registry opened, only 284,000 weapons have been registered from among an estimated 1.6 million weapons.
  • Los Angeles is worried about a mega-storm knocking out some of their dams. The usual suspects claim that this rare storm – the last one hit 150 years ago – is all the more inevitable because of climate change. It matters not what the potential catastrophe is, it will be caused by climate change, according to the “experts.” Why worry, folks. AOC claims the world will end in 12 years anyway. Why should we spend 10 years getting rid of civilization as we know it, if the world will go “poof” anyway?

By Don Rae

· The Supreme Court is going to consider a New York case which could effectively kill the 2nd Amendment. Even though the court has granted a “right-to-carry” case in New York, that city bans transporting permitted handguns outside city lines. Guns currently can only be taken to a shooting range within city limits. Watch this case carefully as it could affect the entire country depending on how broadly it is decided.

· Consider this. Climate Change fanatics took some 1500 private jets to clamor for global warming restrictions recently at Davos, Switzerland.

· California is now proposing controlled burns and timbering to solve the wildfire problem. Wait a minute. Weren’t the fires all PG&E’s fault?

· Our illustrious Attorney General has made a book-load of recommendations to change the way the Sacramento Police Department does business. What is next? Change uniforms to tutus?

· Gavin Newsom is now in control of the Governor’s office. Consider that he did virtually nothing as Moonbeam’s 2nd in command but give gleeful support for LGBT “rights”, cheer for legalizing weed, lead the clamor for Sanctuary Cities and run for office at taxpayer expense. Does the future look bright for California?

· And what did he suggest in his first days in office? He wants to put a sales tax on bottled water.

· Television ads are popping up by the “Save the Children” organization. Every single one should be saved, it says. Why, then doesn’t it take on Planned Parenthood? They’d have a chance to save a lot more – maybe even all of them.

· Santa Clara County cut the 49er’s property tax bill in half and refunded $36 million. Every property owner in the county should immediately apply for a similar reduction and refund. The Santa Clara Board of Supervisors should be recalled.

· California has suffered a terrible fire season this year. Who remembers the 1910 “Year of the Fire” that spread across parts of Idaho, Montana and Washington. After two consecutive years of drought and abundant dry fuel; lightening and strong winds caused some 2500 fires which eventually merged into one. Some 3 million acres were torched. A little known fact was that a contingent of Black Soldiers was sent by the President to help fight the fire. They are credited with saving the town of Taft. “The Big Burn” unfortunately started the Forest Service’s fire suppression policy, which today is wreaking havoc in all our forests.

· It is said that some 40 million Americans are on food stamps. Of course it is not government money, it is all tax payer money.

· Why do seniors who have paid for social security and Medicare all their working life have to pay for Medicare and Supplemental Insurance after retirement when illegal invaders get all of it free?

· No one has disputed the point. Why is PGE liable for fire-related damages when the government requires them to serve customers who build in highly flammable locales?

· When you consider all the waste of taxpayer money that government spends, it seems that just a mere fraction of it could be used to save Marysville’s Chinatown and Chinese temple. Both are a deep and important part of Marysville (and California) heritage. To let it rot or tear it down would be a tragedy.

· Oakland’s Congressional bully, Eric Swalwell is a fanatic about destroying the 2nd Amendment. He continues to spout off about getting rid of “assault rifles.” His intelligence is certified when he keeps changing the definition of the weapons he wants confiscated. In reality he wants all long guns taken away from law-abiding citizens but cares less about the guns retained by criminals who will gleefully prey on the unarmed. Perhaps he doesn’t know history and should read what happened in Germany once Hitler managed to disarm the public. How did the voters of Oakland and environs elect this numskull?

· What stone tablets came down from heaven to the mainstream media telling them that “Native American Elder Nate Phillips” was the good guy by accosting a Catholic Church and banging his ugly drum in the faces of young people? More made up news.

· Moonbeam just won’t fade away. He now tells us we are 3 minutes from midnight on the doomsday clock.

· Trump did miss his chance to clean up a good part of the swamp. He didn’t discipline the TSA personnel who called in “sick” during the recent unpleasantness. Reagan did with the Air Traffic Controllers. And guess what? The world did not come to an end.

· In the mainstream media there are story after story about athletes negotiating (and receiving) millions upon millions of dollars. All the stories are laudatory about these so-called heroes deserving all the money on earth. But if it was an executive running a company which provides goods and services to the public, then the money is evil, unwarranted and should be taxed away to nothing. Have you heard Ocasio-Cortez going after basketball players?

· Pelosi has truly got her priorities out of whack. She has sponsored a bill interfering with doctor/patient relationship and the right of parents to raise their children. Her bill would politicize the medical treatment of gender dysphasia which would clearly lead to more prosecutions against parents who refuse to aid in the sterilization of their children. Unfortunately more doctors are being forced to recommend that children take puberty blockers at age 11, cross-sex hormones at 16, and undergo “sex-reassignment” surgeries at 18. Parents who resist this stupidity could face charges of child abuse and lose custody of their children.

· Tom Brokaw has been roundly criticized for telling the truth about immigrants needing to assimilate. And he was forced to offer his abject apologies. The event shows how divisive “Celebrate Diversity” really is. Instead of E Pluribus Unum, (out of many-one) it is now going to be “out of many-chaos”

· CNN was tipped off to the Roger Stone home invasion. By whom? Who knew about the raid and spilled the beans? Why, Mueller and company, of course.

· Why haven’t Harris, Schiff, Swalwell, etc taken MS13 members into their own homes. They expect all the rest of us to treat these criminals with kid gloves and compassionate rehabilitation. On a tangential note. Newsom’s kids to go to schools with nearly 97% white student population. He shows his commitment to diversity.