Your One Minute News Digest

By Don Rae

·Donald Trump Jr: “If President Trump praised oxygen, liberals would stop breathing”.

·Tom Brady had the ball knocked out of his hand near the end of the Super Bowl. Was it overinflated this time?

·A New York school cancelled a father-daughter dance. Why must a long-accepted traditional event be eliminated because of political correctness?

·Some lame-brain made the following comment after the State of the Union. “Ending chain migration” is code for keeping families divided.” How stupid. The folks who came to this country are the ones who divided their family, not the USA.

·Ever notice how more and more products are required to have huge lawyer-written notices telling the buyer to be careful and not do dumb things with their purchases? Ever wonder how much of the tiny, tiny print is ever read or if read, understood?

·Women and do-gooders cry crocodile tears over “objectification.” If they are so concerned about this problem, then why do they dress and make-up girls as young as 12 to bring attention to themselves?

·Congressman Eric Swalwell, a Democrat representing parts of Alameda County, appeared to tell Tucker Carlson recently that because Carlson disagrees with his (Swalwell) positions, he is jeopardizing America. If you disagree with a far-left liberal you are going to dismantle America? How can we continue to elect ignoramuses like this?

·Joe Kennedy III gave a Democratic response to the State of the Union message. His high school level speech wouldn’t have made it through the first round of a Lions Club student speaker competition.

·The state legislature is moving a bill to “protect the wealthy from higher federal tax bills”. And you thought the Democrats were all for the little guy.

·All DACA folks are angels from heaven according to their Democratic worshippers. Recently two of the little angels were arrested near San Diego on human smuggling charges.

·A bit of perspective is needed on the attempt by humans to save “endangered species.” Carl Sagan (in his book Billions and Billions) informs us that some “50 billion species have evolved on earth.” Are we so smart that we should be involving ourselves in this magnificent on-going process?

·The federal government is sometimes clearly insane. The Fish & Wildlife agency is moving about the forests in Oregon killing Barred Owls in an attempt to protect Spotted Owls. Hasn’t worked so far. Whatever will these “experts” think of next?

·If the “sh**hole” countries are such heavenly places, then why do their citizens hammer down our borders to get in? And if the Democrats and their mainstream media buddies are so enamored of these countries, then why don’t they pack up their families and crash their borders?

·Hypocrites abound. Think of the lefties beating their chests and having tizzy fits over “bullying.” As soon as the cameras roll or the presses crank up, they start bullying the President, his family and his administration.

· Google and Facebook are global-wide monopolies. Why don’t the trust-busters go flat out to deal with them?

·Some in the mainstream media feel that a “public safety tax” is a good thing. Of course, when has a leftist ever fought tooth and nail against a tax? And why should only one department get more tax revenue while other needed services suffer?

·At UC Santa Barbara the Administration is promoting the practice of white people claiming to be black. Facts and truth have no meaning to this institute of higher learning. You can claim to be whatever you want. Why would anyone send their child to such a malignant place?

· UCLA’s student government has allocated $100,000 of its funds (paid for by the entire student body) to help illegal alien students receive academic advising, counseling, legal advice, DACA workshops, scholarship information and more. As Stephen Frank aptly asks “Why does the UC system Board of Regents allow this corruption—and breaking of the Federal laws? They allow it because they too are law breakers. The losers? Honest students that want an education without being extorted.”

The pace of catering to illegal aliens is happening like a snowball going downhill. The City of Stockton is planning to give $500 a month out of city coffers to low income families. Recall it wasn’t too long ago that Stockton declared bankruptcy. We must be careful about statistics because the writers can do funny tricks with figures. But take the following for what it is worth. The US is rated as 3rd in the world for murders. However, eliminate the stats from Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, and New Orleans and the US comes out looking good. Contemplate that the jurisdictions mentioned have the toughest gun control laws in the country. And look up which political party controls those cities.Nancy Pelosi, the poster child of San Francisco craziness, actually points to her own shortcomings when she calls Trump’s words “insulting words of ignorance and prejudice.” California’s economic climate is getting worse each time the state legislature is in session. One example is the state income tax rate. California now is the worst state in the nation with 10%+ rates (starting at $250 K), some 34% higher that Oregon, the 2nd highest in the nation.Watch out, Marysville, The Ohio Court of Appeals threw out an appeal of the City of New Miami which was under a lower court order to refund $3,066,523 in speed camera citations. The fines were deemed illegal.A FISA court using three Obama-appointed judges approved eavesdropping of American citizens using court documents filed by the FBI and DOJ filled with unverified “evidence” produced by the losing presidential candidate. How low can the deep state go?

In California, if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to Mexico, there would be released about $10.2 billion to spend on schools for American childrens’ school systems, and reduce the burden on hospitals and overrun prisons. Even the language tower of Babel would be favorably affected.

· And you thought McDonald’s french fries were nothing more than junk food. Well, think again. Scientists (you know, experts) at Yokohama National University discovered the chemical dimethylpolysiloxane, a silicone used in McDonald’s fry oil to prevent splashing, produces hair follicles on mice. Wow. Baldness may be on the way out, thanks to Ronald McDonald.

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