By Don Rae

· And the beat goes on as San Francisco is planning on training disadvantaged workers for cannabis industry jobs and is proposing to require businesses to hire the graduates. Isn’t that approach to human resources what is done in totalitarian states?

Nike used Kaepernick for an ad campaign. Nike’s market value dipped $4.2 billion in a day. Nike shoes are being burned. Smart move, Nike. What were you trying to accomplish with this ad?The LA Times beats the climate change drum and the mainstream media eats it up like chocolate ice cream. Let’s review a sample of predictions made by the climate change gurus. In the 1970s the cry was “The Ice Age Is Coming.” It hasn’t. In 1970 the world was going to come to an end by 2000. It didn’t. In 1960, the ocean was going to cover New York City by 2000. We are still waiting. And the predictions made by the snowflakes writing for the LA Times are no better than those of their fathers and grandfathers. Yet the mainstream media not only falls for the fraud, but they headline it in War-Sized type and devote more ink to the fake science than they do for real news. Wake up, media. You have 4th amendment protections which allow you to tell the truth.Canada has a huge tariff on American dairy products. No wonder they think the trade deal in place is so wonderful. Of course, maybe their cows only produce ice cream in their climate. Wouldn’t want to take away Canadians’ frozen dairy treats with our milk.The FBI botched the clues it had regarding the Florida school shooter. No surprise. They were all focused on getting Trump with lies and bogus documents.Democrats demanded a boycott of In-N-Out Burger over a reported $25,000 donation to the Republican Party. Result? The next business day was the largest in that firm’s history. Oh, by the way, the firm also donated a similar amount to the Democrats.

· The Democrats in Sacramento hate law abiding folks. They are hell-bent on giving absolution to all manner of criminals. Most recently, SB 1279 would lessen the penalty for criminals who commit multiple crimes against multiple victims. SB 54 mandates law to protect illegal invaders from deportation. AB 109 let bad guys out of jail early (and adds to the homeless population). Proposition 57 says the theft of a value of $950 or under is worthy only of a ticket. Democrats want criminals to be safe and happy.

· A lot of this insane legislation gets passed in the dark of night as the legislature closes up shop. Around 1,000 bills will be floating around at the last minute with no possibility of public knowledge, must less input. And the pile will go to the Governor who won’t have time to read and comprehend what he’ll put his pen to. Of course, he’s heading for the “rocking chair”, so what will he care.

Are you ready for Socialist thinking? Try Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York as a prime example. On Meet the Press recently she criticized the government for not raising the minimum wage as high as Venezuela claiming that if we did like Venezuela and raised the minimum wage to the millions everyone would be a millionaire. She explained “Venezuela’s minimum wage is, like, millions per month, and ours isn’t even close to that. Our minimum wage is, like, seven bucks or something. We call ourselves a developed country, but we don’t even just like print nearly as much money as Venezuela and give it out for free, because of businesses and corporations and things like that. It just goes to show that socialism is better because you can inflate the currency to a lot more, and more is better than less, obviously.” So much for logic and common sense in the Socialist brain.

Kaepernick won the first stage of his arbitration claiming the NFL owners colluded to keep him out of pro-ball. No surprise. No arbitrator would jeopardize their paycheck by going against a union. Unions blackball arbitrators who go against them.California cannot help itself by passing unnecessary and ridiculous bills. It became the first State in the nation to forbid the sale of cosmetics if they were put on the market by use of animal testing. The rats must be having a party today.And another slap in the face to crime victims. Moonbeam has been given a bill passed by the legislative loons which provides that if a murder is committed by a person under age of 15, they can’t be tried as an adult. Those now in prison are lining up to be released. Were you aware that Comcast owns MSNBC?

· Figure this logic. If a presidential executive order is illegal, a Federal judge has ruled that efforts to repeal it are also illegal. Figure that one out. This nutty judge ruled that the DACA amnesty created by Obama in 2012 is illegal. But the judge decided to allow this illegal Executive Order and said President Trump’s attempt to phase out the DACA program was also illegal. Huh?

Here is an item worthy of careful consideration. Karen England of Capital Resources Institute reports a California School district is considering a major policy issue regarding parental rights. She writes that schools are attempting to unilaterally push controversial social issues on school children. She goes on to report that “we are putting forward a policy in Chino Valley Unified School District that will place parents as the decision-makers when it comes to sensitive topics. If enough community members show up, we can pass this policy, setting a precedent for the rest of California.” The Parental Rights in Child's Education policy incorporates existing California law into local policy, which requires schools to provide notification to parents before topics regarding comprehensive sex education and HIV prevention education are taught. It also provides parents the ability to opt their child out of receiving that instruction so that parents can instruct their children on these sensitive topics at home in a manner consistent with family beliefs.”

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