By Don Rae


  • * Obama put leftie political appointees into high level government jobs, including the Department of Justice. Before leaving office, he converted many to civil service status. Any wonder it is nearly impossible to Drain the Swamp? Ever tried to fire a civil service employee?
  • * The acquittal in the Trump “Impeachment” is reminiscent of the battle fought in France in the matter of Dreyfus. The army forged documents, withheld evidence and all manner of other perfidy. The government was supported by a compliant press and the establishment. Only if Snowflakes read their history they might have insight helping them to avoid repeating history. Think of these folks as they were described in the early 1900s – flannel-mouthed blatherskites.
  • * How do we kill the earth as quickly as possible? Buy electric cars. Why? The EPA calculates something called MPGe, which means they’re figuring out how much energy in kilowatt hours it will take to power your new EV when you plug it into the wall, then converting that number to a miles per gallon equivalent to give you a “rough” idea of how energy-efficient your vehicle actually is. However that figure is totally misleading. . First, it doesn’t count the emissions involved in manufacturing the car, including its lithium-ion battery, which is particularly energy intensive to produce. The lithium in the battery alone requires miners to use 500,000 gallons of water per ton of the mineral extracted — a process that’s sucking up 65 percent of available water in drought-prone Chile Enjoy saving the earth snowflakes.
  • * It’s still around. Consider that when the Democrats voted to impose Obamacare on US citizens it provided for a fine for anyone who didn’t want to buy the fraud. Today, the Democrats want to offer Obamacare free to illegal invaders. Are these people insane, or what?
  • * In 1909, the British Government proposed taxes on land. During the ensuing debate, Gerald Balfour commented “You cannot abolish poverty by abolishing riches.” (excerpt from “The Proud Tower” by historian Barbara Tuchman). When you listen to Democratic presidential candidates, you’d think they never considered this axiom.
  • In the current TV series “How the Earth Was Made” the segment on the Great Lakes concluded that another ice age is on its way. Obviously the writers and editors didn’t get the memo on global warming.
  • * Plant-based diets and Veganism are the trends today. Homo sapiens have been meat eaters for hundreds of thousands of years and have done just fine, thank you. A balanced diet is good for you; eating only turnip greens is not.
  • * Scientists claim that aliens could be walking among us today and we are not aware of them. If we just paid close attention we could easily recognize them. They are work for the mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC etc.
  • The only valid reason to oppose voter ID is that you plan to cheat. Got that, Garamendi?
  • * The mainstream media headlines a story about the “rising seas” caused by man-made climate change. Its poster child is the town of Foster City, California. Built on fill-in marshland in San Francisco Bay, this small burg is more likely sinking. How could the experts test this hypothesis? Note that all the other cities on the west coast are not under water.
  • * According to Democrats, no one is above the law. Then why do they support Sanctuary Cities for illegal invaders?
  • * The homeless problem is primarily due to government creating a huge industry of lobbyists, non-profits and donors who love to save people. They simply build bureaucracies and agencies rather than solving the problem. If only the courts would allow the police to take drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally ill off the streets and put them in treatments and job training centers there would not be a homeless crisis.