By Don Rae

  • * They couldn’t get Trump with impeachment. So the next Democrat gambit is Coronavirus. Remember your history. 60 million Americans were infected by the Swine Flu with 274,000 hospitalized and 12,000 deaths. No media panic. No trash talk about Obama. No travel ban. Nothing.
  • * The usual suspects in the California bureaucracy want to force us to do everything in our power to destroy the earth. The latest gambit is the law which mandates that half the vehicles sold in the State must be electric. The mileage stickers on the window are totally misleading. They don’t tell you how much lithium goes into the manufacture of the car’s battery. Were you aware that it takes half a million gallons of water to extract each ton of the mineral which is depleting Chile’s already drought-prone aquifer? That is just one component of anti-environmental cost to bring your electric car to the showroom.
  • * To go further with the craziness in Sacramento, the State requires utility companies to spend some $800 million annually to buy alternative fuel. Think of the additional safety management of facilities in fire-prone areas that could be financed with that money.
  • * Last shot at Sacramento for today. The bullet train is now estimated to cost $1.3 billion more than previously announced. Why? The so-called high-speed rail will never be high speed and the ridership will be nil.
  • * In 2018 San Francisco had more than 31,000 car break-ins.  The police only had a 1.6% arrest rate.  In fact, the police in many cities no longer investigate or arrest people for breaking into a car.  In the “City By the Bay”, the theft of items worth less than $950 is no longer a crime. It is only worth a ticket. But the cops do not bother to give out tickets. 
  • Assemblyman Evan Low, a Democrat, introduced AB2712, which would provide California residents over the age of 18 with a universal basic income of $1,000 a month. Of course taxes and the cost of goods and services will go up to pay for this giveaway. 
  • * Ignorant snowflakes encourage Blacks to vote Democrat because their ancestors were not allowed to vote. What the snowflakes don’t say is that it was the Democrats who kept Blacks from voting back then.
  • Utah school officials told 6th grade girls who were attending a dance event they would not be allowed to say no when a boy asked them to dance. Is this what we are teaching our girls…that they can’t say no when they are older and are asked to do something more than dance?
  • * All you have to do is study history. A single example should suffice although hundreds of similar examples are found throughout the centuries across the globe. The Little Ice Age not only affected Europe and North America centuries ago, but hit Asia as well. Between 1637 and 1641, China saw the five worst droughts in more than five centuries. * * Added to the climate impact were a series of volcanic eruptions spewing tons of matter into the atmosphere along the ring of fire off the China None of these events were the result of fossil fuel use or cow flatulence, regardless of the ignorant rantings of Greta and her puppeteers. Look back to your history and learn from it.
  • * How is it that the Fed virtually gives away money to the banks but your credit card charges you 21% interest? Unbelievable.
  • * Government can’t even count ballots competently. And you want these same incompetents to be in charge of your health care? Wake up Democrats.
  • * Why is Schumer still in office? If a Republican said of the Supreme Court what he said, the clamor would be deafening – and Coronavirus would be forgotten. Hypocrites.
  • * Have you noticed that military bases are being used to house quarantined folks. The rooms are modern, clean and neat. Why can’t the same facilities be used to house the homeless who could be assisted by all the non-profits and other services until they are ready to join decent society?
  • * In January,1890, Congress convened. The Speaker of the House (Reed, R, Maine) commented on a member which could apply equally today. “They never open their mouth without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.” Take heed, Democrats.