by Pat Miller

President Sutter County Taxpayers Association


While we need commercial trucking to bring goods to our community, is it the responsibility of the taxpayers to pay for road improvements to accommodate commercial truck yards in Sutter County?

A Little Background:   Major concerns about the numerous commercial truck yards south of Yuba City have been raised for several years by residents and others in the south area.  There are 13 existing truck yards and four potential yards on the east side of Highway 99 between Walnut Avenue and O’Banion Road.  There are currently over 1200 trucks in existing yards producing an estimated 167 truck trips a day onto Highway 99. 

Starting in 2016, residents and others in the area have expressed concern and frustration over a number of truck yard issues, including safety and environmental, to county officials.   To address these concerns county supervisors established a Commercial Trucking Issues Ad-Hoc Committee on August 22, 2017.

While many of the concerns were addressed in a Zoning Code amendment passed by the board on June 11 of this year, there are still major concerns regarding safety and costs being borne by the taxpayers. 


So far, the trucking yard owners in the area have paid nothing to help resolve the safety issues.  The costs to date include:


  •  * A $423,355 contract with an outside firm to study safety issues at Oswald Road and Highway 99. That study was authorized on October 9, 2018 and has not yet been completed. 
  •  * A $50,000 cooperative agreement with Caltrans in January 2019 for a project study report.
  •  * Installation of “No Parking” signs on Oswald Road at a cost of $1200.
  •  * Future improvements and paving on Highway 99 and county roads – costs unknown.
  •  * County staff time to work on this issue for the past several years.

And, it has been recently learned there is a potential county plan to route trucks down Railroad to Barry Road, then to the stop light at Barry Road and Highway 99.   Barry School sits on the northeast corner and the fire house is located on the southeast corner of the intersection.  Not only would this block firetrucks from responding to emergencies, the truck traffic would pose a real safety risk to the kids, parents and faculty at Barry School. 


This entire truck situation presents two important questions:


  1.  1) Why are taxpayer funds being spent to accommodate trucking yards without any contribution from truck yard owners/operators?
  1.  2) Why is the county accepting applications for additional truck yards and making plans to reroute trucks to Barry Road, and possibly Bogue Road, prior to completion of the $423,335 traffic study?

The Appeal-Democrat Wednesday, August 7th, front page article is headlined:



Do you suppose there are ANY Americans that WANT their tax returns made public, other than narcissistic Hollywood and political social-climbers?


As citizens, tax returns are confidential, protected by law. You didn't know that? Yet your headline implies there is something wrong with Trump for wanting the same protection our government guarantees to you. Your dwindling circulation would likely improve if you tried to reflect – rather than ridicule – the patriotic community you serve.


Robert Mackensen,

Yuba City, Ca.

Dear Supervisor Fletcher,

    As one of your constituents I am writing to express my grave concern about this fire season and to ask for your help.

   I trust that as every Yuba County resident you are also concerned about fire dangers in this time of year, especially in light of the devastating fires in the recent seasons. I trust that as our supervisor, you would like to do all that is in your powers to prevent such disasters as we have seen last year in Paradise, and to help communities be as prepared as possible should a fire starts.
  One of the best preparations for fire is availability of water and green belts around houses and properties.

  The North Yuba Water District just announced their plan to prematurely end the irrigation season in the coming weeks. They claim this is due to the lack of available water, yet, a simple research and consultations with state-wide experts and with neighboring water districts reveal that their claim cannot be substantiated. There is plenty of water and the irrigation canal can deliver what is needed with little or even no maintenance.

  Last year you told me personally that you rather stay out of the local business of the NYWD. Yet I trust that as a supervisor, a board member of the Yuba County Water Agency and as an influential member of our community, you have the capacity to avert their decision.

  Without irrigation water in the coming months, there will be more parched properties in Oregon House and Dobbins, ponds will dry out and the fire hydrant on Rices-Crossing Road will remain empty. This can very well determine the verdict of residences in this area, should a fire start here.

   Please help us remain safer in this fire season by keeping the irrigation water flowing and please save your conscience from the horrible images of burnt houses that your decision could prevent.


 Sincerely and gratefully yours,

 Israel (Rulik) Perla


 p.s. Copies of this letter were sent to the other Yuba County Supervisors, the board of the Yuba County Water Agency, and the Territorial Dispatch newspaper.


Editors note: The actual quote from the manager is that they are monitoring Dry Creek, checking policy and forecasting when to cut back in order to keep water flowing. 


A whole lot of law-breaking afoot in Washington, D.C. and the new Sheriff in town, Attorney General William Barr, is going to get busier and busier.

We haven’t heard much at all from the “Fake Media” after Robert Mueller’s testimony about his two-year plus investigation of Russian Collusion before the congressional judicial committee hearing that turned out to be a complete DUD.  Not hardly a peep.  And all the bad actors in high places in law enforcement and intelligence agencies who have been bellering about RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA have seemingly turned into submarines and took a deep dive in the murky swamp and are squirming around while “silent running.”  They can hide but they can’t run away.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) are two congresswomen of the Four Pony Riders of the Apocalypse that are having their problems with the law.  AOC’s campaign manager resigned last week from his post with AOC due to possible mishandling of millions of dollars of campaign funds.

Ilhan Omar’s problems are much greater though as she could be facing deportation from these United States…and you can’t represent your district from overseas.  Pretty Heavy!!!

Following is an article, three years in the making, by investigative reporter David Steinberg of The Power Line, a media outlet, on Omar’s purported nefarious activities:

“According to Steinberg there is credible evidence that Ilhan Omar and her family changed their name to illegally enter the United States back in 1995.

And since that time Ilhan Omar as an adult continued to defy US law. According to Steinberg Rep. Omar committed at least eight instances of perjury going back to 2009. The charges could carry up to 40 years of prison time or deportation.

Obviously, Ilhan Omar has no regard for US law and yet here she is representing Minnesota in the US Congress and a sitting member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

David Steinberg reported July 20, 2019 on Ilhan’s criminal activity as she obviously has no problem with lying on federal documents.

There is three years of verified evidence published by Scott Johnson, Preya Samsundar, and myself . The answers to those questions about 2009 appear to give probable cause to investigate Omar for eight instances of perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, up to eight years of state and federal tax fraud, two years of federal student loan fraud, and even bigamy.

To be clear: The facts describe perhaps the most extensive spree of illegal misconduct committed by a House member in American history.

Steinberg concludes his report with this list of possible crimes committed by Ilhan Omar.

Consider the disturbingly inadequate evidence used to obtain FISA warrants on members of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Consider that Democratic representatives have demanded that Attorney General William Barr release grand jury testimony — itself an illegal act.


Yet here we have:


  •  * Verifiable UK and U.S. marriage records
  •  * Verifiable address records
  •  * Time-stamped, traceable, archived online communications (Convictions and settlements based upon social media evidence are commonplace, Anthony Weiner being a notable example)
  •  * Background check confirmations of SSNs and birthdates
  •  * Archived court documents signed under penalty of perjury
  •  * Photos which can be examined to rule out digital manipulation
  •  * The 2019 Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board investigation, which found Omar filed illegal joint tax returns with a man who was not her husband in at least 2014 and 2015
  •  * Three years’ of evidence published across many articles — none of which has been shown to be incorrect, or have even been challenged with contradictory evidence from Rep. Omar or any other source
  •  * Perjury evidence that stands on its own — regardless of whom she married:
    •  * Long after June 2011, she was clearly in contact with the only man in either the U.S. or the UK with the same name and birthdate as the man she married. She was clearly in contact with several people who were in contact with him.
    •  * Further, Preya Samsundar did contact him, published how she managed to contact him, and published his email admitting to being photographed with Omar in London in 2015. To be clear: Omar was legally married to an  “Ahmed Nur Said Elmi” at the time she was photographed next to a man who admits his name is Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, and that he is in the photo.
    • Samsundar published all of this information on how to contact Ahmed Nur Said Elmi a few months before Omar swore to that nine-question court document.
  •  * Rep. Omar has refused all inquiries from her constituents, elected officials, and media outlets to provide any specific evidence contradicting even a single allegation suggested by three years of now-public information.
  •  * In fact, Omar has responded by making information less available:
    •  - In August 2016, after Scott Johnson and Preya Samsundar posted the allegations, Omar’s verified social media accounts were taken offline.
    •  - Ahmed Nur Said Elmi’s social media accounts were also taken offline.
    • When the accounts returned, a large amount of potentially incriminating evidence had verifiably been deleted.
    •  - I found and published at least ten additional “before and after” instances of evidence still being deleted in 2018.
  •  * Omar has released carefully worded, Clintonian statements that denigrate those seeking answers from her as racists. Yet she has repeatedly refused to answer questions or issue anything other than public relations statements.
  •  * I have a large amount of information that we have not published for reasons including the protection of sources.

 * I believe Scott Johnson, Preya Samsundar, and me, with our three years of articles, columns and posts, have provided more than enough evidence to give law enforcement authorities probable cause to open an investigation. Now would be the chance for law enforcement, and especially for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s House colleagues, to make a sincere stand against corruption and for the uniform application of the law.


Once Again… It should be noted that by American law — When a marriage fraud is discovered, not only might the immigrant face severe immigration consequences, but both members of the marrying couple may face criminal penalties… An immigrant who is found to have committed marriage fraud would likely be removed from the United States (deported).”

by Chris Reed for Cal Watchdog


Eight months after the head of the California Public Utilities Commission suggested it was time for a radical shake-up of Pacific Gas & Electric, the state’s largest power utility appears to be at much less risk of a hostile takeover or being broken up into smaller utilities.

While Gov. Gavin Newsom has been sharply critical of PG&E for years for fires and disasters blamed on its lax practices, the former San Francisco mayor has offered no encouragement to London Breed, the city’s current mayor, who is interested in taking over some PG&E assets and using them in a municipal power utility.

The bill passed by the state Legislature this month at Newsom’s behest to create a $21 billion account jointly funded by utilities and ratepayers to help deal with the high cost of wildfires included provisions that gave the CPUC more power to control the fate of PG&E assets. It also specified that any new owner of a utility cannot reduce the number of employees for three years, which analysts saw as an attempt to discourage a takeover.


Mayors blast part of wildfire legislation

Breed, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf sharply criticized these provisions in a letter to Newsom and legislative leaders. They “set a dangerous precedent by limiting local government autonomy over its own employee relationships,” the mayors wrote.

Newsom also effectively sided with PG&E in opposing the attempt by utility bondholders to force the utility to change its present plan to emerge from the Chapter 11 bankruptcy it filed for in January because of $30 billion in expected claims over wildfires blamed on the utility’s equipment. PG&E wants to use a portion of its earnings and cost savings to issue tax-exempt bonds to pay for wildfire costs. Bondholders back a complex alternative plan that would sharply reduce the equity of shareholders.

PG&E, which has 16 million customers, must finalize and file its reorganization plan with federal bankruptcy court by Sept. 29. To qualify for assistance from the $21 billion state wildfire relief fund, it must be out of bankruptcy by June 30, 2020.

Meanwhile, the CPUC president who blasted PG&E in December is likely in his final weeks on the job. Michael Picker announced in May that he would retire this summer but would stay on until Newsom chose his replacement.

Picker has long faced criticism for the perception that the utilities commission was too protective of the state’s three giant investor-owned utilities – PG&E, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric.


New scandal was last straw for CPUC chief

But a turning point came in December when the CPUC staff presented evidence that PG&E knowingly followed unsafe practices in maintaining and inspecting natural gas lines for five years after a natural gas explosion killed eight people in San Bruno in 2010.

“This process will be like repairing a jetliner while it’s in flight,” he said. “The keystone question is would, compared to PG&E and PG&E Corp. as presently constituted, any of the proposals provide Northern Californians with safer natural gas and electric service at just and reasonable rates.”

Picker subsequently said the CPUC and state leaders should consider a state takeover or having the utility broken up into smaller components. 

The new scandal and Picker’s remarks helped drop PG&E’s stock price from over $23 a share in mid-December to under $7 a month later. The share price had rebounded to $18.70 as of the close of the market on Friday, reflecting analysts’ confidence that PG&E will survive Chapter 11. 

By Jon Coupal  president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.


joncoupal hpDemocrats pay lip service to the First Amendment and claim to encourage political engagement but, in reality, their desire is to silence all views but their own. Last week, a Court of Appeal made them pay for their hypocrisy.

In 2017, one of the most hotly contested political issues in California was the imposition of a huge increase in the state’s car and gas taxes. While the effort to reverse that tax increase failed when voters — victims of a highly deceptive campaign — rejected Proposition 6 last year, the political fallout from that tax increase reverberated in other ways.

For example, as a result of his vote for the tax hike, then-Sen. Josh Newman was the subject of a successful recall campaign. That effort was supported by a number of grassroots organizations such as the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Reform California as well as the California Republican Party.

To say that the Democrats were angry at the recall of one of their own would be an understatement. In retaliation, they arranged for the filing of a lawsuit against HJTA, the CRP and the firm that managed the recall petitions alleging that somehow voters who signed the recall petition were fooled into thinking they were signing a petition for the repeal of the gas tax.

The allegations in the complaint were silly on their face. Recall petitions are clearly identified as such and even include a prominent statement from the official who is being recalled. Only someone completely oblivious would fail to understand what they were signing.

It was abundantly clear from the outset that the lawsuit was not about remedying any real harm. It was about punishing those who challenge the all-powerful Democratic establishment in California and chilling any future recall efforts by forcing those who exercise their right to recall to pay large amounts of legal fees.

Lawsuits such as these are called SLAPP actions — which is an acronym that stands for strategic litigation against public participation. They are intended to censor, intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

But filing SLAPP lawsuits against an individual or organization for engaging in protected political activity is a dangerous thing. California, like many states, has an anti-SLAPP statute designed to stop such frivolous legal action dead in its tracks.

Because the Democrats’ complaint sought to punish First Amendment activities such as petition circulating and speaking to voters, HJTA filed a special motion to strike the complaint under the anti-SLAPP statute. While the trial judge initially ruled for HJTA in his tentative ruling, he reversed himself to permit the plaintiffs to add a claim for “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Again, seeking to resolve SLAPP litigation quickly, the statute provides that a denial of an anti-SLAPP motion is immediately appealable.

Last week, the Court of Appeal issued its decision reversing the trial court and directing the lower court to grant the anti-SLAPP motion and dismiss the case. In a succinct ruling, the court stated that HJTA “is entitled to the grant of its special motion to strike because Plaintiffs’ lawsuit arose out of Jarvis’s protected petitioning activity, and Plaintiffs failed to meet their burden to establish a probability of prevailing on their fraud claim.”

We hope that the outcome of this litigation serves as a wakeup call to the majority party in California. They may have virtually carte blanche political power, but they can’t silence either our voices or our constitutional rights.

Donald E. Lewis

Marysville, Ca.


I can't believe the city fathers are so short sited, All they have to do is bring a couple of homeless or illegal aliens  to use the pool,  And they will find the money as they always do . As long IT IS FOR NONE TAX PAYERS or none citizens they seem to find taxpayers money for programs THAT WOULD NOT HELP TAX PAYING VOTERS AND I HOPE AND PRAY THESE SAME  VOTERS  REMEMBER THIS AT VOTING  TIME AND VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE,   


Submitted by Charlie McNiff




Nearly two dozen Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang members who operate in the San Fernando Valley have been charged with a series of ruthless murders, some of which involved hacking people to death with machetes in the Angeles National Forest.

The 22 suspects were indicted by a grand jury in mid-July on charges of committing and/or coordinating the murders of seven people over the past two years, according to a federal RICO indictment unsealed Monday.

Federal prosecutors allege the MS-13 gang leaders and members who committed the murders were part of a subgroup known as the Fulton Clique, which operates out of the San Fernando Valley and recruited several recent Central American immigrants.

“The majority of the gang in Fulton is mostly teenagers,” one teen, who asked to remain anonymous, told CBS2. “Sometimes, it gets heated in the streets. It gets crazy, like you hear gunshots all night. It’s where most of the things happen.”

The suspects murdered rival gang members and those were they believed were informers, the Justice Department reports. One of the victims was 15-years-old, the indictment reads. Another was a homeless man who was shot and killed in January while he slept at a rec center in North Hollywood, an area controlled by MS-13.

In one case, a rival gang member was dismembered and his heart was carved out, U.S. District Attorney Nick Hanna said in a news conference.

“The rival gang member was abducted, choked, and driven to a remote location in the Angeles National Forest, where six defendants hacked him to death with a machete,” Hanna said. “The victim was dismembered and one of the defendants allegedly carved out his heart before throwing the body parts into a canyon.”

In total, MS-13 is believed to have murdered 24 people in the L.A. metro area over the past two years, federal prosecutors say.

“This investigation has been an unqualified success,” Hanna said in a statement. “The collaborative law enforcement effort solved several murder cases and dealt a severe blow to members of the gang who engaged in acts of brutality not seen in the region for over 20 years.”


50 Raids Nab 44


The 50 pre-dawn raids, aimed at catching suspects asleep or off guard, also focused on nabbing members of MS-13's core leadership, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said.

"Today we disrupted this gang's command and control," said Eric Harden, special agent in charge of the ATF's Los Angeles field division.

Los Angeles is the US base for MS-13, which has tens of thousands of members worldwide. Authorities count the gang among the largest criminal organizations in the US.

Authorities carried out the largest crackdown of MS-13 members in Los Angeles history. They also found suspected human trafficking victims of the gang.

More than half of the 44 people arrested Wednesday are undocumented immigrants, acting US Attorney Sandra Brown said.

But the raids aimed to curb violent crime -- not immigration violations, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said. He said MS-13 often "preys on" undocumented immigrants.

The suspects face a wide range of charges, including federal racketeering, narcotics conspiracy and homicide. If convicted, Brown said, most of those arrested Wednesday could face decades in federal prison -- and three could face the death penalty.

About 1,000 officers from the ATF, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department took part worked on the massive effort.

And they had to execute their plan in the dark of night.


What is MS-13?


"We believe the most impact is made by targeting the mid- to upper-level hierarchy of the gang and removing them," Harden said.

"Once removed, it causes a disorganization of the gang, where it suppresses their activity for an extensive amount of time until another leader is developed or steps up."

MS-13 makes money from extortions, kidnappings, drug and weapons trafficking and human trafficking, the ATF said. Killings for the protection of the gang are common, federal authorities say, and sometimes are carried out with machetes.

Harden has faced off with MS-13 for decades, dating back to his days as a street agent.

"They've been here since the '80s and have thrived to this date," said Harden. "They're a transnational or international gang. Their level of brutality is extreme and high, similar to what we read about and hear with the drug-trafficking cartels in Mexico."


Gang Has Become International


MS-13 began in Los Angeles in the 1980s, when El Salvadorians flooded into the United States. Its offshoot in Central America took hold when many of its members were deported.

MS-13 gang members indicted in brutal deaths of high school students

The gang counts about 30,000 members worldwide and more than 10,000 in the United States -- a number that has held steady for some years but one that officials believe is trending upward, the Justice Department said.

MS-13 is active in 40 US states, plus the District of Columbia.

The gang is known for forcing new members to endure a 13-second beating known as "jumping in," authorities say. Members beat the new member with fists and bats in videotaped beatings often lasting far longer than the touted 13 seconds. Women who join the gang either jump in or are "sexed in," having sexual relations with MS-13 members.

In the same mid-July timeline, officials said U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement had arrested 1,378 people during a six-week, nationwide sweep targeting gangs — which included 104 people authorities said were affiliated with MS-13.

Marysville, Ca.


Attorneys for Yuba County filed a brief in response to the opening brief from Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Charlie Matthews and John Mistler in regards to the Measure K sales tax:

Questions, is  Measure K a General Tax (requiring 50% +1to pass) or a Special Tax requiring  a 2/3rds vote? Did voters believe that  funding essential services and not in-essential services would meet the critiera for a Special Tax?



Complaint Filed: December 21, 2018 Hearing Date: August 26, 2019 Time: 10:00 a.m. Dept.: 4

The complete brief can be seen on dated July 26, 2019.

Yuba City, Ca.


 The Feather River Tea Party Patriots announced Greg Burt, the Director of Capitol Engagement for the California Family Council, will be the Special Guest Speaker for their next meeting, Monday, August 5, 2019.

The California Family Council acts as a watchdog over the state legislature on the issues related to religious liberty, parental rights, the value of human life from conception to natural death, and the biblical definition of family and gender.

tea party Greg pic portrait

Greg Burt is a communication, media, and government policy specialist with over 21 years of experience in public relations, marketing, journalism, public affairs, grassroots activism, and legislative advocacy. He has worked as an award-winning investigative reporter, ran Congressional offices in Colorado; worked for former California Senator Mimi Walters and served Senator Shannon Grove as her press secretary for several years when she was in the Assembly.

Greg has lived in Hong Kong for several years and has traveled throughout Eastern Europe, experiencing communism and the socialism most of the anti-America activists want to force on us. Along with his views on the socialism being enacted here in California, he will cover the related family issues being socially engineered by the current legislature in Sacramento that should be of concern to every family.

Greg has a BA in Communications from the University of the Nations, and two MA degrees, one in public policy and the other in journalism from Regent University. Greg lives in Elk Grove with his wife and three children.

Don’t forget – Our regular feature In The News with Paul Preston, Agenda 21 Radio, will follow our Special Guest Speaker. Paul will be discussing events of the day.


There is no membership requirement to attend and everyone is welcome. Doors open at 6:00 pm; meeting begins promptly at 6:30 pm. Come early to register, socialize with like-minded patriots, and get a good seat.

The meeting will be Monday, August 5, 2019, at the Crossroads Community Church, 445 B Street, Yuba City, CA 95991.


Contact Larry or Carla at (530) 755-4409

By Clay Maynard


What do you do when your church leaves you? Many years ago I was on the board of a church where my wife, Marilyn, and I were members. Then one day the churches’ California leadership made a decision that caused some of that denomination’s churches to split apart leaving many congregations in a quandary. This caused them to go “church shopping” to find new homes.

Shopping for a new church home is one kind of “church shopping” but that is not really what this article is about. It’s about people.

Now fast forward to the year 2018 when Marilyn and I had been attending a local Yuba City church for many years. Marilyn contracted a disease with symptoms similar to other outbreaks that occurred as caravans were arriving at the southern border and homeless populations were climbing. It took her life on August 28th of 2018.

This became the most difficult time of my life, not just because of the grieving, but because our Christian friends had changed. Books on losing a spouse all say that the friends we enjoyed as a couple may not be the same after a spouse passes. Friends may not see the surviving spouse the same way as before and visa-versa.

When it comes to my Christian friends, it has been the best of times and it has been the worst of times. Some have remained good friends while others have said or done things that were extremely painful.

Only those who have lost a spouse and grieved could fully understand the feeling. In fact, the books say that the surviving spouse should make new friends and find others who have also lost spouses.

Therefore, to make new Christian friends it would make sense to visit other churches. Maybe I shouldn’t have called it “church shopping” but “people shopping.” You see, “the church is a people not a place” as Seth Halpern pointed out in a June, 2019, Ambassador front page article, “Don’t Go To Church Unless…”

Contrary to what some believe, I have not been looking for a new church, nor have I been giving letter grades to the pastors and praise music groups. However, I did learn a lot about people and didn’t we agree that the church is about people? Perhaps I’ve been doing something that pastors would never consider doing.

It seems that God puts us in situations for a reason and perhaps mine is to tell this story. I really saw things from a couple’s perspective until Marilyn passed away and now I see everything as a single spouse. So as Paul Harvey would say, now “The rest of the story.”

There are two kinds of people in every church; those with spouses and those without. The fact is that one of the spouses in every married couple will become single again someday unless both spouses die simultaneously in an accident or something.

The most common question people ask me is, “how are you doing?” I’m thinking, are you making small talk or do you really want to know about my physical, mental and spiritual struggles? These are the basic needs of a grieving spouse and finding help for one is no help unless there is help for all three.

Losing a spouse is like being adrift in the ocean with nothing but water in sight. Survival is not a sure thing if you are alone at sea too long. My mother and father divorced when I was seven and mom never remarried. Like many, she spent the rest of her life alone and died of loneliness.

Although many local churches have men’s groups, women’s groups, kid’s groups, and senior’s groups, only two had single’s activities for those who have lost spouses, been through a divorce or were never married.

Being a single spouse in a congregation of couples is a very uncomfortable feeling. It’s a feeling of being out of place and simply not wanting to be there.

I have even left in the middle of a church service when I felt that I couldn’t take the discomfort any longer. Being surrounded by couples in church triggers memories of when Marilyn and I enjoyed being in church together and now it’s painful to be alone.

Attending Church should not be a painful experience for any Christian, but in most of the churches I visited there is no way for single spouses to know each other. If so, maybe they wouldn’t have to attend services alone. Those churches that have activities for single spouses seem to be doing the right thing and also the biblical thing.

Jesus Christ gave us the two great commandments:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

After spending over eight months visiting churches and letting the world know that I was “church shopping,” not even one person asked if I would accompany them to a Sunday service at their church.

One explained that you don’t need to be accompanied; just show up and greeters will welcome you and find you a seat. I found this is the limited extent to which many churches go to help single spouses.

After Marilyn passed away I expected our Christian friends to be there as before, especially those we have helped or supported financially, but not so (with a couple of exceptions). When I needed their help they were simply not available. Maybe I expected too much from those who carry the title “Christian.”

It was our non-Christian friends who came through and spent their time and efforts helping. One was willing to drive hundreds of miles to help. They are good people and they’ll become believers yet.

My eight months of church shopping or people shopping is really about keeping old friends and making new ones. In addition there is a category of friends called true friends mentioned in various books and articles. The difference between friends and true friends is evidenced by having many friends, but only a few true friends.

We consider most of the people we know as our friends. However, a true friend is a very special person because you know they will always be your friend no matter what you say or do. You know and trust each other completely so you can confide anything in them and they will still be there for you tomorrow.

Sounds like the key to a lasting marriage, doesn’t it? Spouses are usually our most valued true friends and that’s one reason we are so devastated when God calls them home.

If this article helps even one person deal with the aftermath of losing a spouse and church shopping or people shopping, then it was well worth writing.

by Donald E. Lewis


Marysville, Ca.


I see our solicitous Democrat Governor thinks  it's ok to break  federal  laws if you don't agree    with them. To my way of thinking he should be arrested and put in jail along with   all the police chiefs and there officers  who fail to help  ICE deport people who were told to leave my country by the court system and charged with   obstruction of justice, they should  be arrested along with illegal aliens. They don't respect my country they wave their country's flag let them go home if they like it so much. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW,   


How are patriotic freedom loving citizens looked at in the media?

How are Judeau-Christian values treated in the media?

How are we treated in court?

When are we not called vicious names?


I think we can say with all honesty  there is something wrong with the political thinking in California.

* Failing schools. ( rated 47 in the nation).

* Out of control homelessness.

* Terrible roads.  Where is the gas tax money going?

* Water shortages.  How about a two-inch smelt more important than 


* Super high prices on utilities, gas, food.

* Way over priced homes and rentals.

* Name it and you pay a permit price.

Now should we wait till we vote in the guys with good common sense and love for the constitution?    

What would that look like?   How long would that take? 

* Reduce regulatory environment.

* Make it fair for good teachers to keep their jobs by going to a merit 


* Pension Benefit Reform.

* Create a environment that encourages private investments loose on housing, energy, water, and transportation.

* Restore Law and Order.

* No sanctuary cities.  

Looks pretty good.  Right?


What if there is a choice?   Well, there is.  The State of Jefferson is working very hard to make this happen. 

You are part of that solution..We all need to use our time, talents, and treasures to fight for our rights as “We the People” .  Your choice is to go to and join the history making team.


Doris Mitchell

Yuba City, Ca.

by Donald Lewis

Marysville, Ca.


I would like to point out to Democrat voters. Democrat's are not only socialists and Racist most all the big city's and States with a large homeless  population are also ran  by Democrat's And to really see for yourself what racism  in the Democrats really means and how far back it really goes. Go to your local Library and check out a book on Abraham Lincoln self- made- man he was republican and fought Democrats to end slavery what in hell  do you think the Democrats wanted when they started the civil war. 


by Judy Mann


I’m sharing this because I’ve had the pleasure of working for a small independent bank when I first moved to Yuba City and one of my positions was as the Agricultural Loan Secretary.  As secretary,  I got to know a lot of the farmers in the area. I was fortunate to actually go out with the loan officer to visit  the local peach growers, some were just staring their orchard or farming business, we the bank, would lend the funds to get started.  I learned that there was quite a process  to their day to day operation.  After the land site was designated, than land preparation began, the purchase of trees and on to planting them. It was there where I saw the that so much labor was involved,  such as prep work and care, scouting, thinning, pruning, spraying to name a few. Finally after months of labor, the harvesting, after peaches were handpicked they were taken to the dryer and than through the sorter, and processed. Than off to the market, I do recall this area had Growers/Canneries that the farmers took truck loads to and other throughout the valley too.

Finally, today we see the various peaches at our local farmers markets and  in the produce section of our many stores. These are just a few of many process procedures used that I saw hands on I am sure I missed some important detail. 

The bank also made sure proper Insurance was obtained we also did inspections after each step was  completed before any money was disbursed for the next step. 

So my point after all this reading is simply that... 

“So today when I eat a peach or even open a can of peaches I really value the taste and savor every bite... because I saw the calluses on the hands of the farmers when they came in each month and paid the interest on their loans, I knew the many hours of their time it took to do what they had to do with funds only being disbursed after each process. Yes! I am thankful for the many farmers and the labor that was put into that one let’s enjoy the “Peach Festival” this month with a feeling of more than seeing the  peaches and having fun at a Festival,  I hope you experience and savor when you bite into a peach like I did and remember the individual  farmers working to put food on our tables and their very own table. Yes they are much appreciated!!

That’s my peach story and I’ll never forget it...


by Louise Ahart

Marysville, Ca.


In the USA, we have 4 Big Beef packers and 2 from Brazil; JBS and Morgridge. John Batista Sobrinho spent time in jail for bribing meat inspectors and still brings meat inform Brazil.

The USA imports meat form 23 countries. Buy “Bone in” meat.  We are not supposed to import from Canada because of Mad Cow Disease or Mexico because of Foot and Mouth Disease. Buy big pieces of meat and grind it yourself. Don’t buy hamburger, grind your own.

The USA is using meat as a “Balance of Trade” or aid in the form of trade with other countries.

In the OTM (Over Thirty Month) rule, cattle younger than 30 months of age are considered to not have Mad Cow Disease. USDA Secretary of Agriculture Perdue declared meat is a trade issue not a health issue and outlawed testing beef for Mad Cow Disease. This is why Del Pero-Mondon (DPM) when Cargill bought DPM and DPM is a grain company out of Minnesota and they brought in Canadian meat and the Pacific Rim that bought DPM meat went out of business and gave 247 employees an option to keep their jobs if they relocated to Arkansas - which is the underbelly of the US and if South America meat is processed in Puerto Rico (a US territory) it is not considered imported.

USDA meat inspection label on meat at the store means it was inspected by the USDA; not grown here exactly. This is why I want C.O.O.L. (country of origin label) back on or US meat. That tells you where it was born, raised and slaughtered. This is a local movement where people want to know where their food comes from and how it is processed.

GISA is Grain Inspected Packers & Stockyards Act of 1920, which the US Secretary of Agriculture Perdu outlawed.

We had C.O.O.L on meat until W.T.O. got our USA Congress to vote against C.O.O.L. in 2015 and our beef prices went .10 a pound lower and never recovered. WTO told Congress C.O.O.L. was detrimental to Canadian and Mexican imports. What about US producers and consumers?

In the USA mother cow herds have declined by 13 million head since the USA entered NAFTA 25 years ago and in that time we have lost 75% of our former feeders, who have gone out of business.

After Congress dropped C.O.O.L. labels on USA meat, consumer prices did not drop. The USA lets International Monetary Fund (IMF) import live cattle from Canada to break our beef market ($18 M worth) about the time calves are weaned to sell when green grass dries up.  It happens every year.

Cattle are imported from Australia to Hawaii and I noticed not a single mother cow, calf or bull. They were all yearlings. They are imported live and SF Port sends them to Arbuckle feed lot. If they are here 60 to 90 days (on US soil) they are not considered imported.

One problem with other countries is that they do not have the same requirements as to chemicals we use on cattle here in the USA. It’s not apple to apple; it is not like kind.

In my opinion, Alzheimer’s is increased because of Canadian imported meat and the doctors are not checking for Mad Cow Disease in Alzheimer’s victims; which has increased 25% in the last 5 years.


by Lou Binninger


A local juvenile, when asked why he “held-up” a convenience store, said he needed money because he was living on the street having left his family. When asked why he didn’t go to work he said he needed money right away and the store “could afford it.” The boy was an addict.

            A youngster too stupid to figure out how to make a living is understandable particularly if he hadn’t any practice, skills or tutoring about his future responsibilities. And, labor unions and government are behind a nonsensical work permit system and have severely limited the jobs juveniles can do compared to 50 years ago.

            However, the combination of low intelligence, unGodly values and addiction were plenty to get this kid incarcerated and heading for a rehab. What was thought provoking was the worldview that the national chain store “could afford” to contribute to the boy’s selfish, lazy, irresponsible existence.

            The waif was physically fit but mentally retarded. People that don’t know where they came from, what they’re here for and where they’re going are retarded. They may be able to speak, read and write but they are intellectually crippled or lost. Give credit to a secular-any-value-will-do government school system that believes it is a better parent than the real deal.

            If asked how much he would take in cash to kill someone the youngster would have a price. Last week, in a Yuba County Jail class a number of guys had a price when asked the question “Would you kill someone if I paid you?” That’s not good news for society. If there is no God then it makes no difference whether you shoot hoops, heroin or someone in the head.

            The young criminal’s logic is akin to government taking money from hard-working citizens and giving it away with no accountability to people who sit. The government says the same thing about its taxpayer cash cow as my young friend, they can “afford it.” The peoples’ bank accounts are ripe for the picking whether they are cooperative or not, the same as my friends hold-up target. The store had more money than he had so he was just redistributing the wealth.

            On July 4, 2019, in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, approximately 60 youth out on the streets with others celebrating Independence Day entered a Walgreens about 10pm, assaulted a clerk, and did $6,000 - $7,000 worth of physical and theft damage to the store.  The crime is under investigation.

            Looters were thinking Walgreens “can afford it.” What’s the difference between a mob of 60 looting, other than the media coverage, and 60 people per day stealing from WalMart or Harbor Freight?

 What people believe makes a difference. American cities, once a place where people gathered for safety and protection, are now where you are more likely to be shot, carjacked, hustled, ripped-off, assaulted or acquire a disease.

            And now federal judges are telling government leaders to stand-down and let cities deteriorate into dangerous jungles of addiction, sickness and chaos. What modern society once overcame and left behind a psychic judge now sees the Constitution demanding that we revisit.

 Just after midnight July 5 while returning to Marysville over the E Street Bridge the homeless camp along the Yuba River below was on fire spewing black smoke with a toxic plastic and rubber stench. Noted, yawn and move on. That’s California 2019.

Governor Newsom says California is the model for the rest of the country. His arrogance makes him a candidate for the Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, wilderness treatment described in Daniel 4.


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by Lou Binninger


Burgess Owens, former Oakland Raider Super Bowl XV Champion, entrepreneur, bestselling author and speaker said, “I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that that party brought to my race.”

Owens once suffered under the delusion that Republicans were the people that hated, enslaved, abused and lynched blacks. He had the integrity to do his own research and own-up to his ignorance.

He was in Washington D.C. recently to testify before the House Judiciary Circus about whether innocent white Americans today should pay reparations to blacks for the harm done to other blacks hundreds of years ago.

Burgess said to the committee, “I do believe in restitution. Let’s point to the party that was part of slavery, KKK, and Jim Crow that has killed over 40 percent of our black babies, 20 million of them. (In the) State of California, 75 percent of our black boys can’t pass a standard reading and writing test, a Democratic state. Let’s pay reparation. Let’s pay restitution. How about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race?”

The Democratic Party touts itself as the Party of Race, close but no cigar. It’s the Party of Racists. Writer Jeffrey Lord in 2008 laid out the evidence pointing to the Democrats as the Party of Slavery. Lord notes that the following facts are mysteriously absent from the Democrat National Committee website.

  • There is no reference to the number of Democratic Party platforms supporting slavery. There were six from 1840 through 1860.
  • There is no reference to the number of Democratic presidents who owned slaves. There were seven from 1800 through 1861.
  • There is no reference to the number of Democratic Party platforms that either supported segregation outright or were silent on the subject. There were 20, from 1868 through 1948.
  • There is no reference to “Jim Crow laws,” nor is there reference to the role Democrats played in creating them. These were the post-Civil War laws passed enthusiastically by Democrats in that pesky 52-year part of the DNC’s missing years. These laws segregated public schools, public transportation, restaurants, rest rooms and public places in general (everything from water coolers to beaches). The reason Rosa Parks became famous is that she sat in the “whites only” front section of a bus, the “whites only” designation of Democrats.
  • There is no reference to the formation of the Ku Klux Klan, which, according to Columbia University historian Eric Foner, became “a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party.” Nor is there reference to University of North Carolina historian Allen Trelease’s description of the Klan as the “terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.”
  • There is no reference to the fact Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution. The 13th banned slavery. The 14th effectively overturned the infamous 1857 Dred Scott decision (made by Democratic pro-slavery Supreme Court justices) by guaranteeing due process and equal protection to former slaves. The 15th gave black Americans the right to vote.
  • There is no reference to the fact that Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. It was passed by the Republican Congress over the veto of President Andrew Johnson, who had been a Democrat before joining Lincoln’s ticket in 1864. The law was designed to provide blacks with the right to own private property, sign contracts, sue and serve as witnesses in a legal proceeding.
  • There is no reference to the Democrats’ opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1875. It was passed by a Republican Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses Grant. The law prohibited racial discrimination in public places and public accommodations.
  • There is no reference to the Democrats’ 1904 platform, which devotes a section to “Sectional and Racial Agitation,” claiming the GOP’s protests against segregation and the denial of voting rights to blacks sought to “revive the dead and hateful race and sectional animosities in any part of our common country,” which in turn “means confusion, distraction of business, and the reopening of wounds now happily healed.”
  • There is no reference to four Democratic platforms, 1908-20, that are silent on blacks, segregation, lynching and voting rights as racial problems in the country grew. By contrast the GOP platforms of those years specifically address “Rights of the Negro” (1908), oppose lynching (in 1912, 1920, 1924,1928) and, as the New Deal kicks in, speak out about the dangers of making blacks “wards of the state.”
  • There is no reference to the Democratic Convention of 1924, known to history as the “Klanbake.” The 103-ballot convention was held in Madison Square Garden. Hundreds of delegates were members of the Ku Klux Klan, the Klan so powerful that a plank condemning Klan violence was defeated outright. To celebrate, the Klan staged a rally with 10,000 hooded Klansmen in a field in New Jersey directly across the Hudson from the site of the convention. Attended by hundreds of cheering convention delegates, the rally featured burning crosses and calls for violence against African-Americans and Catholics.
  • There is no reference to the fact that it was Democrats who segregated the federal government, at the direction of President Woodrow Wilson upon taking office in 1913. There is a reference to the fact that President Harry Truman integrated the military after World War II.
  • There is reference to the fact that Democrats created the Federal Reserve Board, passed labor and child welfare laws, and created Social Security with Wilson’s New Freedom and FDR’s New Deal. There is no mention that these programs were created as the result of an agreement to ignore segregation and the lynching of blacks. Neither is there a reference to the thousands of local officials, state legislators, state governors, U.S. congressmen and U.S. senators who were elected as supporters of slavery and then segregation between 1800 and 1965. Nor is there reference to the deal with the devil that left segregation and lynching as a way of life in return for election support for three post-Civil War Democratic presidents, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.
  • There is no reference that three-fourths of the opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Bill in the U.S. House came from Democrats, or that 80% of the “nay” vote in the Senate came from Democrats. Certainly there is no reference to the fact that the opposition included future Democratic Senate leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia (a former Klan member) and Tennessee Senator Albert Gore Sr., father of Vice President Al Gore.
  • Last but certainly not least, there is no reference to the fact that Birmingham, Ala., Public Safety Commissioner Bull Connor, who infamously unleashed dogs and fire hoses on civil rights protestors, was in fact–yes indeed–a member of both the Democratic National Committee and the Ku Klux Klan.

The Democrats refuse to issue an apology for their support of slavery and segregation. Most current Democrat candidates for president are in favor of reparations. But they ignore the fact that their own party should pay them — and neither are they pledging to pay reparations from the millions of campaign funds sent from Democrat supporters.

The Democrats have a 219 year habit of using race to win elections. They were and always have been racists.

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Two top Obama appointees could be the first two in the political firing squad brought about by the Mueller Russian Hoax to be questioned by congressional investigative committees.

The Washington, D.C. Swamp is starting to be drained and there are a lot of people who will have to pay the price for their criminal activities in trying to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States.

Start lubricating those handcuffs.

Two of the prime suspects and their wiggling around follow:

          Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Samantha

           Power Could be Called to Testify

Emails from former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power displaying a bias against President Trump may be shared with the public as soon as Wednesday.

Fox News host Sean Hannity said on his evening show Tuesday June 25th,  that he was told that the "biggest shoe to drop may be coming tomorrow" regarding the Trump-Russia investigation, saying his "little birdies" were telling him the potential bombshell had to do with "unmasking."

Hannity introduced The Hill's John Solomon, who said he had obtained emails from Power around the time she reportedly requested to "unmask" more than 260 Americans whose identities were caught up in the surveillance of non-U.S. citizens.

Solomon said these government emails display the "same sort of anti-Trump bias" that were evident in text messages exchanged by ex-FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page while they were involved in the investigations into Hillary Clinton's emails and the Trump campaign.

"I can tell you that Samantha Power and her colleagues were doing the same thing on the official State Department’s email system “what she was saying about Trump at the same time these unmaskings were going on, I am certain it's going to trouble the American public."

Soon after it was reported in fall 2017 that Power sought to unmask hundreds of Americans, she testified to the House Intelligence Committee. Then-Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy, who was a member of the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News that Power testified that she was not the official requesting that unmasking in every case.

"I think if she were on your show, she would say those requests to unmask may have been attributed to her, but they greatly exceed by an exponential factor the requests she actually made," the former South Carolina congressman said.

Gowdy further stated that if there was "someone else making requests on behalf of a principal in the intelligence community, we need to know that because we're getting ready to reauthorize a program that's really important to the country, but also has a masking component to it."

Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan

Could be Exposed in Coup Attempt

In an early June article in the Communities Digital NewsROME, ITALY: The Prime Minister of Italy has recently fired two of the countries most powerful intelligence chiefs in a major shake-up. It was directly attributed to their participation with John Brennan and the CIA in using Joseph Mifsud to set up George Papadopoulos as a pretext for launching the great Russia Hoax of 2016.

“Russian agent” Joseph Mifsud is actually an American Asset

The use of Italian intelligence agencies to spy on members of the Trump campaign have roiled the internal workings of the Italian government at the highest levels. Simply put, Joseph Mifsud, who is represented in the Mueller report on page one as a “Russian agent”, is actually a senior Italian intelligence asset.

He works with British intelligence, the CIA and the FBI. Mifsud trains intelligence agents at a center for advanced intel studies in the hills above Rome. He is living there now. His rent is paid for by the institute.

This is the mysterious “Russian agent” that is at the very center of the “official” explanation of the origins of the Mueller probe.

According to George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign associate Mifsud targeted, the Italian parliament is now debating whether to declassify materials related to the Mifsud-Papadopoulos operation.

“The Italian government is currently holding hearings in parliament to declassify material related to their monitoring of me at link campus in Rome and Joseph Mifsud. Recommend American journalists reach out to their Italian colleagues. You are missing the story of the century.” … George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) June 5, 2019

This development aligns with Attorney General William Barr’s scope letter to House Judicial Chairman Jerrold Nadler:

“… The review is broad in scope and multifaceted, and is intended to illuminate open questions regarding the activities of U.S. and foreign intelligence services as well as non-governmental organizations and individuals.”

Mifsud’s connection to Western intelligence agencies was known more than a year ago.  Despite Mifsud’s known history of working for British and U.S. intel agencies Robert Mueller had no story to tell unless Mifsud was a Russian asset.

So Mueller told his story and Democrats and the mainstream media covered for him.

Let that roll around in your mind while you consider whether President Trump is right about the media being the enemy of the people.

Don’t be surprised if, non-governmental organizations and individuals might very well be Barr making reference to The European Council on Foreign Affairs (ECFR) and George Soros, the Mega Multi Billionaire that spreads billions of dollars to left wing organizations that include numerous Open Borders groups.

Pastor Morris A. Curry, Jr.


Vacaville, Ca.

A Canadian artist was fired after his cartoon of President Trump went viral and found itself posted on social media. The cartoonist Michael de Adder, pictured President Trump standing near a river bank beside a golf cart with a golf club in his hand and looking down on the bodies that were supposed to represent the bodies of the father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande while trying to cross from Mexico into Texas.  The caption of the cartoon had President Trump asking, “Do you mind if we play through?” When I saw this I was instantly appalled at the depictions in the cartoon, but as I read the comments by others who had seen the same cartoon, they applauded the cartoonist and the depictions in the cartoon, I couldn’t believe the insult that was against our President but more insulting was the use of this dead father and his precious little girl as a tool by all who hate the President.

It occurred to me that anyone who applauded that picture and agreed with its false narrative were heartless and insensitive to the real problem which is inaction of democrats congress, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and the myriad of Sanctuary Cities who encouraged this dead father (Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria) to risk his life and the life of his child to come into our country ILLEGALLY. They also ignore the fact that my relatives who apply LEGALLY can't come across an ocean and start living off a system of FREE benefits of what they believe is the “Promise Land.” So, if you agree with and say that this FALSE NARRATIVE IS TRUE, YOU TOO ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. YOU HELPED TO DROWN THIS FATHER AND HIS CHILD. The picture should show you and the rest of the Sanctuary City proponents with your INDEX FINGERS GESTURING "COME HERE”, WE WILL GIVE YOU SANCTUARY.  It is you, who have killed this family, it is you who have called them “Immigrant” when in fact they are Lawbreakers, illegal entrants who disdain our laws and refuse to abide by the rules of  REAL IMMIGRANTS, who legally stand in line, fill out the paperwork, pay the fees and come into our country THE RIGHT WAY and become citizens and viable residents of the land contributing to the society rather than being a draw on the resources of society.