By Rick Dais

On Saturday February 15 the Appeal Democrat published a front page story detailing the latest CALPERS Annual Evaluations Reports for local government agencies. These reports were released in July of 2019.

Live Oak City Manager Aaron Palmer reported that Live Oak (the taxpayers of Live Oak) paid $242,000 to CALPERS for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018. What Mr. Palmer didn’t report is that Live Oak also paid the employee share (8% of roughly $600,000 in salaries) for the 2.7% miscellaneous plan. That’s about $50,000 he chose not to disclose.

Paying the employee’s share is basically “hidden compensation”.  At any rate, failing to report this pension cost means Mr. Palmer was not being forthright or transparent. Shame on him!

Mr. Palmer went on to claim Live Oak’s CALPERS payments represent only 3% of the City’s total annual budget of roughly $7 million dollars. The percentage highlighted in the CALPERS report Live Oak citizens should be paying attention to is the percentage of salary Live Oak will be sending to CALPERS for 2.7% plan members next fiscal year. The number is 53% (45% plus the employee portion of 8%).

For Live Oak’s upper-level 2.7% employees this translates to about $20 dollars per hour just for the CALPERS contribution. And unlike teachers and most other government workers, these employees don’t contribute one dime of their own money. Nice work if you can get it.

City Manager Palmer went on to reinforce a false claim made many times by Live Oak Finance Director Joe Aguilar. They emphatically state that Live Oak does not have a pension problem because we don’t have our own safety (3% at 50) plan. The city indirectly pays these costs to the Sutter County Sheriffs Department and Sutter County Fire who provide the city’s police and fire services. These payments (47% of salary) are actually lower than Live Oak’s 2.7% at 55 payments (53% of salary). Wow!  Another pension lie exposed. Mr. Palmer really should have read the July 2019 reports. I doubt that he did.

These out of control pension costs that Live Oak management refuses to address are one reason some high level Live Oak employees’ total compensation will be around $160,000 per year beginning July 1st. As a result, the top 6 Live Oak employees have a total compensation of over a million dollars. Who knew?  This from a staff that’s taken well over 11 years to complete one water well. Amazing!

By Jon Coupal president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Of the many conclusions that can be drawn from the March primary election in California, perhaps the most notable is that money doesn’t always translate into political success.

Let’s start with the “bad” Proposition 13 — the $15 billion statewide school bond measure which, at this writing, is way behind in the polls. The Associated Press has already called the election for the opponents.

The proponents of the bond had a lot of things going for them including the vocal support of the governor, education interests, public sector unions and developers. They also had a sympathetic purpose. Raising money for schools has traditionally been easy in California because education ranks very high in importance among the state’s voters. The slogan “it’s for the kids” may over overused, but it can still be effective.

The proponents also had something else which should have translated into a huge advantage: Lots of campaign cash. Although all the financial filings with California’s secretary of state are not yet publicly available, the proponents spent at least $10 million and perhaps much more than that to push their messaging.

Slick television ads claiming crumbling schools, lead in the pipes and asbestos in the ceiling tiles were intended to push the sympathy buttons of concerned voters.

As for the opponents, a small-scale, grassroots guerrilla campaign anchored with a modest $250,000 statewide radio ad proved to be highly effective. But perhaps the most important factor in the opponents’ campaign was a carefully crafted opposition argument in the official ballot pamphlet.

That didn’t cost a dime. That argument hit some sympathy buttons as well, including the high tax burden in California, the misuse and waste of existing education dollars and the threat of higher property taxes due to an obscure provision in the bond measure that raised local districts’ debt ceiling so they could issue more bonds themselves.

Local school bonds add extra charges to property tax bills.

The bond backers may have assumed that a 40-to-1 advantage in campaign dollars would be more than enough, no matter how flawed the underlying proposal. It is clear now that they were mistaken.

Another example of how campaign money doesn’t translate into success is the failed presidential candidacy of Michael Bloomberg. Although that was a national campaign, he spent tons of money here in California on radio, television and social media, all for naught. Nationally, he spent over $600 million and managed only to pick up a few delegates in the American Samoa Islands.  Comics have labeled Bloomberg as the “Jesse Smollett” of politics insofar as they both paid a lot of money to get beaten.

California has a long history of well-funded campaigns doing poorly, including gubernatorial candidates Ron Unz, Al Checci and Meg Whitman, for whom seemingly unlimited money became more of a negative than a positive.

The same is true for initiatives in that powerful interest groups such as insurance companies, doctors and public-sector unions often come up short with their proposals using the tools of direct democracy.

California politician Jesse Unruh famously said that money is the mother’s milk of politics and that still is no doubt true.

Financial resources are usually a prerequisite to political success.

However, Americans should not be fooled into believing that $200,000 spent by Russia on tacky Facebook ads could affect a national election when Michael Bloomberg couldn’t make a dent in the Democratic primary with $600 million.

On October 16, something very unusual happened. People got together and offered their ideas for the next 20 years of what they want to see happen in Northern Yuba County. For almost an hour, twenty-five ordinary residents talked about their vision and, on a series of poster pages, their thoughts were memorialized. It was a positive and uplifting experience.


These notes will be compiled and combined with another similar meeting planned soon in Brownsville. Eventually they will be presented to local governing officials as a vision of what people want to see their community become.


If you would like to follow this and be a part of this visioning process, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Charles Sharp

Oregon House, Ca

By Richard Crist, OMD


     Abortion has been the dream issue for the wealthy-1%. Like other emotional issues abortion usually doesn't affect you personally. Abortion is designed to affect your moral values and get you mad as hell, so you go into reaction instead of thinking clearly. Abortion has deeply polarized and divided politics in the United States, keeping the democratic and republican bases faithfully in line for decades. Dividing people over issues was a tactic that your Constitution writing forefathers found necessary to control the majority that had little wealth, from voting in laws that would take wealth from them, the rich.


     It began with the wealthy controlling Congress, back then Senators were appointed by the people in power, like our federal judges are appointed today. They also set-up the two-party system where the wealthy selected the candidates from both parties that people vote for, just like it’s done today. When the 1% owns both horses in a race they always win. If there’s a third horse and it wins, they can then use their judges to disqualify it. The Supreme Court will be entertaining a couple issues on abortion during the 2020 election season, the timing couldn't be better for the 1%.


     And really, ENOUGH-is-enough! It’s time to resolve this issue and for the 80% to finally assume their power, and quite possibly save democracy. Trump’s victory has shown that you can achieve that power when you unite. Together you win, 80% vs. 20%. Opposing each other you lose 40% - 40% = 0% vs. 20%. Your goal should be to win your power from the wealthy and coming together is how to do it.


     Here are some facts and suggestions that will help get the conversation started:


  • Laws will never stop abortion and they will never stop people from opposing it.
  • Instead of trying to change the way people think and feel about abortion, look for common ground like, maybe there needs to be areas where abortion is OK and where it's not.
  • Be open to compromise, nobody will get 100% but strive for something everyone can live with like, a reasonable time during gestation where it's not OK and where it is OK, to have an abortion.
  • No one should have an abortion clinic in their community, town, or county if it offends the majorities beliefs
  • .
  • A woman’s choice over her body should be within the moral rules of the group she chooses, not the rules of another group.
  • Use scientific evidence and common sense to shape your opinions.
  • Extremists (and the 1%) on both sides will never be satisfied so don’t let them set the narrative.

     When you study morality you understand that moral rules are only valuable for the group they are controlling but they don’t necessarily apply outside of that group. Like it might be OK to kill someone outside of your group but not within it, as in war. There’s no moral rule that represents Truth, because for something to be the Truth it has to be true for everyone and to always be true. Morality is merely a set of rules that allows living beings to coexist harmoniously in a group, as it is throughout the animal kingdom.


     The wealthy want to control you to protect their wealth and to acquire more. They got lucky with Trump but his election revealed that when people unite they can buck the 1%s wealthy propaganda machine and elect candidates that will represent all their needs. Abortion is a tool being used to control you, just consider what would happen when all of you, the entire 80%, are united. It's called liberation, a scary thought for the 1%.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives calls it an “Impeachment Inquiry” in the latest scam to get rid of President Trump.  The House Intelligence Committee Chairman “Shifty” Adam Schiff is shuffling subpoenas like a deck of cards on commandeering people to appear before his committee… magnified to be the basis of the impeachment. Schiff is the shady committee chairman that lied and made up what President Trump allegedly told the Ukrainian president what he had to do about what Joe and son Hunter Biden were up to in strong-arming the Ukrainian government…and the shenanigans needed to investigate.


And then Trump released the transcript of that conversation and there was nothing to it…nada…zip


The old Regressive Democrat Playbook of accusing people with lies…and bringing in people they call “whistle blowers”…and then refusing to identify them…keeping them hidden from giving “transcript” questioning from the accused lawyers.


Typical muckraking…only President Trump is calling the Regressive’s bluff.


This is a transcript, in part, from "The Ingraham Angle, "FOX News on October 8, 2019.


LAURA INGRAHAM: The White House Counsel Pat Cipollone sent a lacerating letter on October 8. 2019 to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Committee Chairs Adam Schiff, Eliot Engel, and Elijah Cummings making it clear that the White House is not going to be complying with the Democrats for impeachment inquiry.


CIPOLLONE: “The current proceedings are nothing more than an unconstitutional exercise in political theater, an unauthorized impeachment inquiry that conflicts with all historical precedent and rides roughshod over due process and the separation of powers.”


It continues "Your inquiry is constitutionally invalid in a violation of due process. In the history of our nation, the House of Representatives have never attempted to launch an impeachment inquiry against the President without a majority of the House taking political accountability for that decision by voting to authorize such a dramatic constitutional step."


Ingraham added, “The White House Counsel is 100 percent correct. This non-impeachment, impeachment is not a constitutional undertaking it's a political hit job. Exactly what our founders did not want for our republic.”


Consider this commentary about the dangers of impeachment. “The effect of impeachment is to overturn the popular will of the voters. We must not overturn an election and remove a president from office except to defend our system of government or our constitutional liberties against a dire threat. And we must not do so without an overwhelming consensus of the American people. There must never be a narrowly voted impeachment or impeachment supported by one of our major political parties and opposed by another. Such an impeachment will produce divisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come, and will call into question the very legitimacy of our political institutions.” Those were the 1998 anti-impeachment views of none other than current House Judiciary Committee Chair, Jerry Nadler.


RUDY GIULIANI, PRESIDENT TRUMP’S PERSONAL ATTORNEY: And when I was a young person, liberals believed that you have to defend civil rights even for your enemies. You have to defend civil rights for the Nazis and for the communists and -- because if they're denied civil rights, everyone will be. All of a sudden, this Congress has run roughshod over the right to call witnesses, the right to confront the witnesses against you, the right of counsel. I mean, they are threatening to imprison Attorney General Barr and to impeach me. Well, that's his government lawyer and his private lawyer. They want all my attorney's client documents. I've never seen a subpoena like this.


INGRAHAM: This from Cipollone's letter -- provide coequal subpoena power in this case ensures that any inquiry will be nothing more than a one-sided effort by House Democrats to gather information favorable to their views and to selectively release it only as they determine. You warned about this, the drip, drip, drip of the leaks coming out of the Democrat offices.


JOE DIGENOVA, FORMER U.S. ATTORNEY: Well, what you're seeing is regicide. This is regicide by another name, fake impeachment. The Democrats in the House want to destroy the president. They don't want to preserve the republic. There's nothing honorable about what is happening. This is a despicable abusive constitutional power. If they had on the floor a vote to establish an impeachment inquiry, that would give the Republicans subpoena power. But the Democrats aren't doing that. They want to deny them subpoena power. So, what do we get? We get, first an anonymous informant, then a second anonymous informant, I refuse to call them whistleblowers. These two nonentities are suicide bombers that the Democrats have unleashed on the democratic process. They actually think that the American people are going to accept having people testify secretly without anyone knowing who they are, where they worked, what their party affiliation was, who they conspired with. It's pretty obvious that this first suicide bomber who sent that complaint to the inspector general was a paid Democratic operative of the Democratic Party.


GIULIANI: Cipollone cited actually a very imminent constitutional scholar for why due process is necessary to an impeachment proceeding, otherwise it's unconstitutional. Of course, due process is necessary. Fairness, basic fairness -- let's call it basic fairness. The American people when they think about this are going to be totally outraged. They actually want to impeach him on the testimony of hidden witnesses who are behind a curtain, we don't know who they are. I went back to read two books about the Salem witch trials. And they required witnesses to face the witch. And some witches were acquitted. It's ridiculous. You have to go back before the Magna Carta. The only place I can think of where we had trials like this is in the Soviet Union. And that's what the Democrats are trying to do? I mean, it's so obvious.


Charlie’s Comment: And the world of a number of Democrat Liberals turned Progressive and then morphed into Progressives continue to spiral downward into the “swampy” depths. A disgraceful exercise in futility.


As you read this story published September 16, 2019, you may be wondering why there’s not a huge outcry from women’s groups and the “Fake News” media.  And especially president Wannabe Pete Buttegieg, the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.  Not even a single peep from any of them.


Buttegieg, who is being called Saint Pete by some for his recent ramblings about religion, is noticeably absent primarily because the abortion “doctor” at one time practiced his trade in Mayor Pete’s hometown of South Bend.

The following is a sad commentary of how far down this particular rabbit hole would take someone.


Commentary By Melanie Israel is a research associate for the DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation.


“Americans are reacting in disgust at the discovery of more than 2,000 fetal remains uncovered at the home of a deceased abortion doctor.


Late last week in Illinois, the family of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer happened upon the fetal remains and contacted the Will County Coroner’s Office, which launched an investigation. According to the sheriff’s department, the family is cooperating with the investigation and there is no evidence that abortions took place on Klopfer’s property.


The coroner’s office counted 2,246 preserved fetal remains before taking possession of them. Two thousand, two hundred forty-six.


Klopfer died on Sept. 3. Though a resident of Illinois at the time of his passing, he practiced at various clinics in Indiana for many years. The South Bend Tribune had described him as “likely Indiana’s most prolific abortion doctor.”


His reasons for storing the bodies of thousands of aborted babies at his home remains unclear. What is clear, however, is that Klopfer performed abortions on a staggeringly industrial scale, “with numbers going into the tens of thousands of procedures in multiple counties over several decades.”


In 2016, Klopfer’s medical license was suspended for violating a number of notice and documentation requirements. At one point during his practice, he performed an abortion on a 10-year-old girl who had been raped by her uncle, according to the South Bend Tribune.


Klopfer did not inform law enforcement of the rape and released the child to her parents, who were aware of the rape and would not take legal action.


A surveyor who inspected one of his clinics described it as “rundown, not well-maintained,” and with a number of deficiencies, which included “equipment not being properly maintained; expired medications in an emergency drug kit; lack of infection control practices; no log of cleaning procedure rooms; and incomplete personnel policies.”


At the time of his suspension, an Indiana Medical Licensing Board member spoke of Klopfer’s “professional incompetence.”

Well, that’s one way to put it.


Klopfer’s dangerous incompetence highlights the need for state laws that uphold common sense health and safety standards in abortion facilities.


Beyond that, this disturbing discovery reminds us that abortion victims rarely receive humane, dignified treatment after the procedure that ends their lives.


In recent years, a number of states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas have enacted fetal burial laws, which recognize that the bodies of pre-born children are, in fact, human and should be treated accordingly—not disposed of along with used needles, surgical products, and animal carcasses (or in the case of Klopfer, kept preserved in the abortionist’s home).


Less than four months ago, the Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law that requires proper burial of abortion victims. It appears that Klopfer, whose license was suspended in 2016, had ceased committing abortions before that requirement went into effect.


It is heartbreaking that even in death, after having suffered the violence of abortion, the victims are so often not treated with dignity and care.


Lawmakers around the country should follow the example of Indiana and other states and ensure, at the very least, the humane treatment of the remains of unborn children whose lives were cut short by abortion.”


Charlie’s Comment: Do you think California will pass a law similar to the aforementioned ten states? Probably not if Planned Parenthood has anything to say about it!!!

Your September 16th edition was a clear example of the ,love-hate, you impose relationship on your readers:


The excellent reporting and the photographic expertise-particularly the perfectly-captured front-page photo of Nellie Miller taking a break-neck turn at the 85th annual Marysville stampede last Sunday-comprised a testament to the value to the community of your good writer and your genuinely outstanding photographer, Chris Kaufman' This long-time resident shares the community's respect for his extraordinary talent. Way to go, Chris!


On the other side of the coin...on page A5, you publish a four-column Los Angeles Times-(lNS) hate piece about supreme court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, based on ZERO bona-fide evidence, but rather on the insanely-corrosive hatred of the current national press, along with its full-time lap-dog-the deranged wing of the Democrat Party' As a result, balanced political conversation in America is being exterminated; and with God and the Golden Rule ruthlessly being driven out of the picture, our kids are becoming mindless little soviet automatons!


Robert Mackensen

 Yuba City, Ca

  Is the circus in town? Because there were five clowns, supposedly council persons, at the Yuba City Council meetings I’ve attended. They didn’t fool me; talking out both sides their mouths like sideshow “barkers”. I am referring to the council’s meetings to close Gauche Aquatic Park (GAP). Despite the Mayor’s proclamation to keep GAP open, he and his troupe have been conducting private meetings exploring how to close GAP and dismantle Feather River Aquatic Club (FRAC). You call this “working” with the citizenry? GAP, like city parks, were built to benefit the citizenry, NOT to pay for themselves. While city parks are FREE, fees for pool use are appropriate. If not for FRAC, which pays the city to use GAP, you might as well just back-fill the pool like the old pool on Gray Avenue and expand the park. The city, to save costs, has exempted itself from State and Federal labor law and pays NO overtime to GAP employees when they work over eight hours in a day, over 40 hours in a week or working seven days in a week. GAP lifeguards, who protect you and your children, have worked up to three shifts in one day, over eight hours in a day, over 12 hours in a day, over 40 hours in a week and sometimes seven days a week without one dime in overtime pay and don’t tell me they should be grateful, privileged, for a city job. Every other employer must obey these laws------hypocrites.


Frank Hamrah

Yuba City, CA

      The supervisors' recent vote behind closed doors to appeal Judge Berrier's decision to invalidate Measure K is costing taxpayers more than $8,000 per day. Those are hard earned dollars that could have been used to care for families.


     The supervisors should have allowed the public a say about the appeal in an open meeting. Instead, more lack of transparency and ripping-off the voters.


    Supervisors have illegally used public funds to wage a political campaign, violating our free speech rights. They need to reduce the size of the government and cut costs rather than raise taxes and fees.


Paul Ward

Marysville, Ca


It has always amazed me how the editorial board of the Appeal Democrat like to give their opinion on the current politics in the area. When a judge makes a ruling on the illegal Measure K tax increase just because it passed with 53% of the vote, that is good enough for them and the heck with what the law saying that you need 66%. Wish we all had our own paper, so we could be judge and jury on all things political. If I try to submit a letter to the editor, I have all kinds of rules like, the “Appeal Democrat has the right to edit my letter for length, libel, clarity, accuracy, grammar and punctuation”. Which basically says they can change my letter to whatever the Appeal Democrat thinks it should be, but I can’t do the same with the “Our View” editorials they print. The true reason that Yuba County asked for a sales tax increase is to pay for the pension debt for county employees retirement fund. That is why they don’t have enough money to run the county the way it has been run. The pension debt problem needs to be fixed, but you won’t see them even talk about it. If you want to feel safe in your bed at night, then fix the problems of spending that Yuba County has.


James Seif

Yuba City, Ca.


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Thank you

In the article “Rest of the Story” Mr. Wickman is not correct. He presumes that because he says it his version is true. Is he saying it’s ok to lie in order to get a grant? Is that how he wants taxpayer funding spent? Director Flohr fabricated nothing. She presented facts. The truth is visible. Unbiased people will discern the facts for themselves.


Donna Carson

Dobbins Resident of Merit  44+ years

by John Mistler


John Mistler pictureThe Yuba County Board of Supervisors once again sold out the citizens of Yuba County. The board immediately chose to appeal the judge's decision, subjecting the citizens to the illegal tax.


Even with the judge's ruling last week the county will continue collecting invalid tax during the appeal process. Thousands of Yuba County citizens will continue paying the unlawful tax. After the appeal process the county will receive whatever is left over in the trust account. It is to the benefit of the swamp to drag out the process and rob as many citizens as they can before they lose completely. While there is a process for taxpayers to seek refunds, only taxpayers who have documented expenditures of $5,000 or more may seek such refunds.  All other taxpayers are deprived of the opportunity to seek any refund or other relief. 


The swamp  believes the supporters of  No on Measure K are going against the will of the people. It is clear that the Yuba County Swamp believes it is ok to lie to the voters promising them security and after the election saying they will put the money in the general fund, it was never about fire and safety, it was about paying public employee retirement.


This is a classic case of “justice delayed is justice denied.”  Yuba County taxpayers should not be forced to endure a plainly illegal tax.  These are tax burdens that some county residents and voters can’t afford. 

The North Yuba Water Alliance , controls the Yuba Vision Blog and the  website North Yuba Water Alliance. I believe that both are controlled by Alton Wright. He sends out press releases from The  North Yuba Water Alliance to his Yuba Vision Blogs as facts. Then he anonymously  replies with his opinion signing off as Yuba Vision.


A couple of weeks ago he sent out a flyer that showed the North Yuba Water District didn't have their facts correct and that his facts were correct. At a meeting of the North Yuba Water District his facts were corrected by the district. This  type of public deception should not be allowed but it goes on.  I believe that Wright was behind the North Yuba Water Alliance request for a very nasty investigation creating havoc for the North Yuba Water Directors.  The investigation cleared the water district from any wrong doing.  Instead of an apology the North Yuba Water Alliance  said, "All is not over."


Wright or whoever is stirring this up does not have expertise or knowledge, but believe  they are smarter than the engineers, and staff at the North Yuba Water District.  Expertise is needed to come up with conclusions. There has been no expertise in the conclusions from the North Yuba Water Alliance.


Lastly the Alliance and Vision are always  promoting  Director Dr. Flohr and how badly she is treated by the all male board.  I think the doctor brings good questions and thoughts, most of the time , to the board. The fact that she has a lawsuit against the board may account for a less than  harmonious relationship.


Rhonda Scotor

Challenge , Ca.

     Just two weeks ago, I addressed the efforts of Director Flohr, assisted by the North Yuba Water “Alliance”, to stop any progress on improving/upgrading our water system. On September 9, 2019  these two obstructionist received some very bad news from the State Water Resources Control  Board (SWRCB).  The Flohr and “Alliance” fabricated and baseless complaints against our Water District (North Yuba Water District) and the $500,000 Grant we were to receive for Water Improvements was found without merit. The SWRCB found that our Water District was in full compliance with the Grant Application. The “Alliance” has already released unsolicited emails stating it does not agree with the SWRCB and vows to continue their own investigation. Why are they so against our Water District improving and conserving our water system?


      For the past several months, the “Alliance” has released numerous statements alleging our Water District as being involved in fraud, lying and never ending negligence. The “Alliance” was betting on a roll of the dice and a different outcome on the SWRCB investigation. Up rolls snake eyes, they lost. It should also be noted that all of the “Alliance” allegations and postings never have an author’s signature.  Another roll of the dice and a resulting snake eyes. I recently received an unsolicited email from Alton Wright, where he made it clear that he is a Manager of both the North Yuba Water Alliance and Yuba Vision Sites. Any questions related to the actions of these sites could be directed to him.


     The spotlight must be turned up on Director Flohr. In addition to her being opposed to a one half million dollar Grant from the SWRCB, , she recently, as a director on the North Yuba Water District Board voted against applying for a  $225,725.00 Grant from the Yuba County Water Agency. Keep in mind a Grant is not a loan and a similar Grant was recently given to the Browns Valley Irrigation District from the Yuba County Water Agency. Why would Director Flohr vote against requesting additional funds to improve our water supply and quality?


     In my opinion the North Yuba Water “Alliance” has conducted a baseless and false campaign against the good name of our Water District (North Yuba Water District), the District Manager and some District customers. The Alliance owes the North Yuba Water District a full and complete apology.


     Also, in my opinion, Director Flohr has gone far beyond just a difference in opinions in her North Yuba Water District  Board actions, she has become a destructive force in our communities, she should resign her position as a Board Director.


Clarence (Buck) Weckman


37 year customer of the NYWD


You can count the fingers on both hands (and maybe a couple of toes) for the number of people schooled in honest investigative reporting of the news of the day…particularly in the murky waters of Washington, D.C. Swamp and one of those to stand out as one of the earliest warriors in the small band of patriots in Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch.


Remember it was Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch that broke open the Benghazi cover-up scandal under the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during President Obama’s first four years in office. The following is just part of Fitton’s investigative efforts that took his findings to judicial courts to obtain information that Congressman Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan of the Republican Conservative Caucus have said, “We could never get information that Tom has uncovered by going through the court systems.


Rememeber, one of Hillary’s sarcastic comments while being questioned by a Congressional Committee…”Does it REALLY make a difference?” Yes, Madam Secretary, it did matter a helluva lot… four Americans died that included our Ambassador to Libya, a foreign service officer and two independent contractors whose job it was to protect the Embassy while you… and others high in government, that included President Obama, tried to cover it up with a fabled video.

Following is a sprinkling of Judicial Watch’s work:


Will Rod Rosenstein Ever Be Questioned About His Role in SpyGate Targeting of President Trump?

September 11, 2019

Judicial Watch announced that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for all records of communication of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the Office of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, or the Office of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussing the 25th Amendment or presidential fitness.


Additionally, the lawsuit seeks all recordings made by any official in the Office of the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General of meetings in the Executive Office of the President or Vice President. The suit was filed after the Justice Department failed to respond to three separate FOIA requests dated September 21, 2018 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-00388)). The lawsuit seeks all written and audio/visual records of any FBI/DOJ discussions regarding the 25th Amendment and plans to secretly record President Trump in the Oval Office.


Rosenstein Coup Plan Involved Wearing A Wire, Invoking 25th Amendment, Appointing Special Counsel


Judicial Watch reports new documents reveal the Department of Justice made an effort to craft a response following then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's 25th Amendment report.


TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH: This is the first official confirmation based on government documents that discussions took place or allegations that it took place. There was some testimony about it.


But here you have Rod Rosenstein and his team tried to craft a response, a non-denial denial to the allegations. When you look at the materials you see Rosenstein saying, “Hey, we're hopeful, we're successful in preventing people from talking about it.” They changed the statement from a categorical denial -- Rod Rosenstein's direct statement -- from a categorical denial that discussions of the 25th Amendment did not take place to a less categorical denial.

So you have this confirmation that (a) they were talking about the 25th Amendment, (b) he was sarcastically talking about wearing a wire with the president of the United States, and you have to remember that those coup discussions involved three topics: (1) wearing a wire, (2) invoking the 25th Amendment, (3) and appointing a special counsel. And we know the special counsel was appointed. All part of the same scheme.


Rod Rosenstein plotted Trump coup, Judicial Watch says . . .

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acknowledged he discussed with the FBI of wearing a wire when talking to President Trump but insisted the comment was in jest amid tumultuous times at the Justice Department.


His acknowledgment is contained in a series of emails exchanged in 2018 in response to a New York Times story. The September 2018 story was apparently sourced to fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a fierce enemy of the president’s and now Democratic Party backer.


The emails were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Judicial Watch, a conservative investigative non-profit. 

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the emails stand as more evidence that the FBI mounted a coup to try to bring down Mr. Trump.


“It is remarkable that Judicial Watch has done more to investigate the DOJ/FBI’s discussions about overthrowing President Trump than the DOJ or Congress,” Mr. Fitton also said on Wednesday, September 11th, “These documents essentially confirm the coup discussions about wearing a wire when speaking with President Trump and plans to remove him under the 25th Amendment.”


Charlie’s Comments: Is Rosenstein trying to Cover His Rump? We’ll see, upcoming Congressional and Senate hearings will fill out the story.



     Vice President Joe Biden ran point in the government, while his family members waded deep into the political swamp, making millions for the Biden family. Joe is also worth millions and gets richer by the minute. Many people didn’t know that for decades Joe had full hip swamp waders with suspenders hanging in his senate office closet. This, along with the dirt that Ruddy G. was supposed to get on “Middle-class Joe’s” son Hunter, from the Ukraine, before international politics got to murky; and Ukraine’s current prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko decided not to play ball.


     The Washington law firm Oldaker, Biden (Hunter) & Belair, earned $1.76 million in lobbying revenue in the first half of 2006. Joe’s son Hunter (the lobbyist) had to change jobs to protect his father’s bid for president. He then became the president of Paradigm Companies LLC, a hedge fund group, for a short period of time. His tenure stopped when he and his uncle, Joe’s brother James, were sued for defrauding the hedge fund for millions of dollars. Apparently, Hunter’s salary of $1.2 million wasn’t enough.


     In 2010, brother James, who at the time had no prior, construction experience, was hired as vice president and then became a partner of Hill International, a mid-sized construction company that had a history of losing money. Under the subsidiary, HillStone International, they received a $1.5 billion dollar government contract to build 100,000 homes in Iraq, which turned out to be the company’s most profitable job. When asked about how it all happened, Hill’s president stated, “it doesn’t hurt to have the vice-president’s brother as a partner.”


     In 2014, Hunter Biden was added as a director to Ukraine’s largest private gas producer ($50,000/month), which was under investigation for corruption. During that time, Vice President Biden intervened, by threatened to withhold $1 billion in foreign aid to the Ukraine, if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was looking into the gas company’s fraudulent activities. Was that the work of “Middle-class Joe” or “Sleepy-creepy Joe?”


     Ed Chow, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a U.S. think tank, stated about the Biden’s and the Ukraine, “It maybe sends the wrong message that Westerners are just hypocritical.”


♫“And the beat goes on … ♪ La de da de de, la de da de da.”♫


By Richard Crist, OMD

Nevada City, Ca.

In defense of our director Flohr


On August 26 the Territorial Dispatch published a piece written by Buck Weckmann, in which he rudely expressed his opinion of our irrigation director, Dr. Flohr.


Apart from disagreeing with his assessment completely, I would like to point out that she is an elected official and really should not be referred to in a public forum with such language. Freedom of opinion is a beautiful thing, but publishing slander and hate speech not so much...


Secondly, in her position as representative of the irrigation customers of Dobbins and Oregon House,

we notice that she is doing a great job!


She is relentlessly confronting NYWD with its unwillingness to provide clear information to the public:

She asks for numbers to be backed up by research, sources or science, which seems totally reasonable for a board of directors making big decisions.


She proposed a proper budget discussion with public participation instead of rubber stamping a multimillion dollar budget proposal.


And she advocates for continuing delivery of irrigation water to customers that pay for it and count on it,

both for agricultural business and for fire protection in this dry area.


The management refuses to share any documents with her, a member of the Board of Directors, so she has to rely on multiple Public Information Requests to do her job.


Somehow it is hard for me to understand what interest Mr. Weckmann, a domestic customer, has in how our irrigation division’s director represents us, her constituents.


Marieke Furnee

Rulik Perla

Gideon Beinstock

Alton Wright


Oregon House, Ca

Publication1AThe faces of four U.S. presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Rossevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved into Mt. Rushmore (white conquerors according to the Regressives) peer southward toward a reservation housing vanquished Lakota Indians, who mostly live out forgotten, impoverished lives.



































‘Regressive’ Faction Targets Mt. Rushmore

Well now, isn’t this special…the ‘Regressives’ (recently begat by Progressive Democrats…who were begat eons ago by Liberals) now want to tear down (blow up?) the nation’s iconic sculpture of four of our presidents at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.


The Regressives are a growing part of the Democrat  Party…and they sure like to make a lot of noise.   Yes, you can lump the ANTIFA crowd that wear the black masks who bully people at demonsrations and have sent numerous people to the hospital with injuries…that included a free lance reporter that wound up with a brain injury.  What a bunch of cowards.


The same is true most recently with the hoodlums in New York City that were caught on camera throwing buckets of water on policemen trying to arrest a person.


These isolated episodes of anarchy must be curtailed or the little bonfires could turn into firestorms.

The following article posted by Leslie Eastman is just another example where the Regressives want to change our country by demolishing the past.  Mt. Rushmore should be a line in the sand that the Regressives dare not pass.    


“Friday August 16, 2019, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet revealed plans to shift its focus after the Russian collusion failed. Now the publication will focus on portraying President Donald Trump as racist.


Part and parcel with that approach is the paper’s development of “The 1619 Project.” The creators hoped the project would alter our view of our founding to make the introduction of slavery the real beginning point of American history. Conservative pundit Byron York has this analysis of “The 1619 Project” in The Washington Examiner:


The basic thrust of the 1619 Project is that everything in American history is explained by slavery and race. The message is woven throughout the first publication of the project, an entire edition of the Times magazine. It begins with an overview of race in America — “Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written. Black Americans have fought to make them true.” — written by Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, who on Twitter uses the identity Ida Bae Wells, from the crusading late 19th-early 20th century African American journalist Ida B. Wells.


The essays go on to cover the economy (“If you want to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.”), the food we eat (“The sugar that saturates the American diet has a barbaric history as the ‘white gold’ that fueled slavery.”), the nation’s physical health (“Why doesn’t the United States have universal healthcare? The answer begins with policies enacted after the Civil War.”), politics (“America holds onto an undemocratic assumption from its founding: that some people deserve more power than others.”).


During his show today (August 21, 2019), the iconic pundit Rush Limbaugh noted that sister publications would shortly push this message as well.


The first out of this nasty gate is The Minnesota Star Tribune, which just posted an opinion piece that portrays Mt. Rushmore as a monument to white supremacy.


The editorial, penned by Ron Way (a former official of the U.S. Interior Department and its National Park Service) even features the KKK!


But the back story of Mount Rushmore is hardly a rich history of a shared democratic ideal. Some see the monument in the Black Hills as one of the spoils of violent conquest over indigenous tribes by a U.S. Army clearing the way for white settlers driven westward by a lust for land and gold.


As it was in colonial America, the young country’s expansion was fueled by “Manifest Destiny” — a self-supreme notion that any land coveted by Euro-Americans was, by providence, rightfully theirs for the taking.…


The sculptures were chiseled by an imported Ku Klux Klansman on a granite mountain owned by indigenous tribes on what they considered sacred land — land that the U.S. Supreme Court said in 1980 was illegally taken from them.


Way continues in this vein, creating the most delusional piece of historical analysis I have ever seen published. Considering I have read books tying ancient Egypt to extraterrestrials, this is a remarkable achievement.

The racialism and fabulism drip from Way’s account.


…George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.


Abraham Lincoln famously emancipated slaves, but he supported eradicating Indian tribes from western lands and approved America’s largest-ever mass execution, the hanging of 38 Dakota in Mankato for their alleged crimes in the 1862 war along the Minnesota River.


Teddy Roosevelt, in his “The Winning of the West,” wrote: “I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of every ten are … .”


Even the orientation of the monument is racist!


At Mount Rushmore, you may learn that the sculptures are arranged for maximum sun exposure, itself a cruel irony: The faces of the four presidents (white conquerors) peer southeast toward a reservation housing vanquished Lakota, who mostly live out forgotten, impoverished lives in the shadow of their sacred Paha Sapa that, legally, still belong to them.

The approach is working about as well as Limbaugh predicted.


Charlie’s Comments:  As to sculptor Borglum being a member of the KKK, other members of that group included a number of southern politicos such as Democrat Senators, Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond, to name just a couple.  Oh yeah, and the KKK was formed to be the policing arm of the Democrat Party in the South.

The tourism board “Visit Yuba-Sutter” is trying to figure out why tourism is declining in this area. Is it a lack of fine dining, a lack of name brand stores, or the unmanageable traffic mess in Marysville?  I think not. In my opinion, the lack of tourism is directly linked to the loss of recreational opportunities. Specifically, the loss of our once scenic and pristine rivers. No one wants to visit an area whose once magnificent rivers are now polluted on a daily basis with human waste and garbage. Tourist are not flocking to visit river banks with makeshift fences and warnings to keep out and protected by packs of unwelcoming dogs. Nor are tourist interested in fishing in polluted waters or floating down a river lined with trash, garbage and third world buildings.  Until our rivers are returned to their once magnificent and pristine condition, no amount of money or enthusiasm is going to lure tourist back to this area.


Michael Johnston

Yuba City, Ca.