Hell on Earth

by Lou Binninger


A local juvenile, when asked why he “held-up” a convenience store, said he needed money because he was living on the street having left his family. When asked why he didn’t go to work he said he needed money right away and the store “could afford it.” The boy was an addict.

            A youngster too stupid to figure out how to make a living is understandable particularly if he hadn’t any practice, skills or tutoring about his future responsibilities. And, labor unions and government are behind a nonsensical work permit system and have severely limited the jobs juveniles can do compared to 50 years ago.

            However, the combination of low intelligence, unGodly values and addiction were plenty to get this kid incarcerated and heading for a rehab. What was thought provoking was the worldview that the national chain store “could afford” to contribute to the boy’s selfish, lazy, irresponsible existence.

            The waif was physically fit but mentally retarded. People that don’t know where they came from, what they’re here for and where they’re going are retarded. They may be able to speak, read and write but they are intellectually crippled or lost. Give credit to a secular-any-value-will-do government school system that believes it is a better parent than the real deal.

            If asked how much he would take in cash to kill someone the youngster would have a price. Last week, in a Yuba County Jail class a number of guys had a price when asked the question “Would you kill someone if I paid you?” That’s not good news for society. If there is no God then it makes no difference whether you shoot hoops, heroin or someone in the head.

            The young criminal’s logic is akin to government taking money from hard-working citizens and giving it away with no accountability to people who sit. The government says the same thing about its taxpayer cash cow as my young friend, they can “afford it.” The peoples’ bank accounts are ripe for the picking whether they are cooperative or not, the same as my friends hold-up target. The store had more money than he had so he was just redistributing the wealth.

            On July 4, 2019, in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, approximately 60 youth out on the streets with others celebrating Independence Day entered a Walgreens about 10pm, assaulted a clerk, and did $6,000 - $7,000 worth of physical and theft damage to the store.  The crime is under investigation.

            Looters were thinking Walgreens “can afford it.” What’s the difference between a mob of 60 looting, other than the media coverage, and 60 people per day stealing from WalMart or Harbor Freight?

 What people believe makes a difference. American cities, once a place where people gathered for safety and protection, are now where you are more likely to be shot, carjacked, hustled, ripped-off, assaulted or acquire a disease.

            And now federal judges are telling government leaders to stand-down and let cities deteriorate into dangerous jungles of addiction, sickness and chaos. What modern society once overcame and left behind a psychic judge now sees the Constitution demanding that we revisit.

 Just after midnight July 5 while returning to Marysville over the E Street Bridge the homeless camp along the Yuba River below was on fire spewing black smoke with a toxic plastic and rubber stench. Noted, yawn and move on. That’s California 2019.

Governor Newsom says California is the model for the rest of the country. His arrogance makes him a candidate for the Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, wilderness treatment described in Daniel 4.


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