Letter to Supervisor Fletcher

Dear Supervisor Fletcher,

    As one of your constituents I am writing to express my grave concern about this fire season and to ask for your help.

   I trust that as every Yuba County resident you are also concerned about fire dangers in this time of year, especially in light of the devastating fires in the recent seasons. I trust that as our supervisor, you would like to do all that is in your powers to prevent such disasters as we have seen last year in Paradise, and to help communities be as prepared as possible should a fire starts.
  One of the best preparations for fire is availability of water and green belts around houses and properties.

  The North Yuba Water District just announced their plan to prematurely end the irrigation season in the coming weeks. They claim this is due to the lack of available water, yet, a simple research and consultations with state-wide experts and with neighboring water districts reveal that their claim cannot be substantiated. There is plenty of water and the irrigation canal can deliver what is needed with little or even no maintenance.

  Last year you told me personally that you rather stay out of the local business of the NYWD. Yet I trust that as a supervisor, a board member of the Yuba County Water Agency and as an influential member of our community, you have the capacity to avert their decision.

  Without irrigation water in the coming months, there will be more parched properties in Oregon House and Dobbins, ponds will dry out and the fire hydrant on Rices-Crossing Road will remain empty. This can very well determine the verdict of residences in this area, should a fire start here.

   Please help us remain safer in this fire season by keeping the irrigation water flowing and please save your conscience from the horrible images of burnt houses that your decision could prevent.


 Sincerely and gratefully yours,

 Israel (Rulik) Perla


 p.s. Copies of this letter were sent to the other Yuba County Supervisors, the board of the Yuba County Water Agency, and the Territorial Dispatch newspaper.


Editors note: The actual quote from the manager is that they are monitoring Dry Creek, checking policy and forecasting when to cut back in order to keep water flowing. 

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