California as Alt-America

By Stephen Frank , California Political News and Views


UC Davis is so homophobic it would not allow a gay Republican to speak on campus. The State of California is till promoting a $200 billion scam called High Speed Rail—based on phony cost estimates, ridership and speeds—it is a slow train to San Fran—five hours or more—not the 2.5 hours they claimed. This is a State where the governors signs treaties with foreign nations on environmental issues—and the largest school districts in the State are segregated—LAUSD has 9% white students and San Fran has 13%. Oh, LAUSD is proud the June real graduation rate was 54%–but demands more money.


California is a State that gives needed water to fish, not people. The State hates cheap energy and prefers criminals on the streets not in prison. It is as bigoted a State as possibly—with a governor begging for unvetted people from the middle east and drug cartel, sex traffickers and assorted criminals from the neighboring countries to partake in free education, health care, welfare, free from Federal immigration laws.

California is the “alt-left” State. You want crazy, brain fried laws and attitudes, the former Golden State is the right place to headquarter the ALT-LEFT.


“Equally contentious will be a concerted attempt to block Trump’s overturning of President Obama’s climate change agenda. In recent years Gov. Jerry Brown has gone full “Moonbeam,” imposing ever more stringent environmental policies on state businesses and residents. The most recent legislation signed by Brown would boost California’s carbon reductions far beyond those agreed to by the U.S. in the Paris accord (which Trump has said he will withdraw from). All of this is being done along with a virtual banning of nuclear power, which, as the Breakthrough Institute’s Michael Shellenberger notes, remains the largest and most proven source of clean energy.

California’s draconian climate policies have been oft-cited by Obama and environmentalists as a role model for not only America but the world. However, they will not be widely emulated in the rest of the country during the next four years. Instead, California may be opting for a kind of virtual secession, following the narrative portrayed in Ernest Callenbach’s 1975 novel, “Ecotopia,” where Northern California secedes from the union to create a more ecologically perfect state.”

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