Governor Brown to STOP Penalties for Non-Paying of Traffic Tickets—Feel Safe?

By Stephen Frank


Great news for drivers. Guv Brown is “proposing to eliminate the suspension of driver’s licenses for Californians who fail to pay traffic tickets and related court fees, according to the $179.5 billion budget plan released Tuesday.” In the real world what does this mean? Without the suspension of your driver's license, there is NO penalty for breaking our traffic laws. He is not proposing anything in its place. So, get a ticket in California and throw it away—no big deal anymore, if Brown gets his way.


“The controversial move could benefit motorists who can’t afford to pay hefty traffic fines and lose the ability to legally drive as a result, which advocates say pushes them deeper into poverty. Critics of the plan say it will remove a major incentive for ticketed drivers to pay fines that fund the state’s cash-strapped courts and other programs.


At least 600,000 motorists have their licenses currently revoked because of failure to pay traffic fines or to appear in court, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


Yes, those that cannot pay will be “protected”. But get serious. There are 600,000 who currently have their licenses suspended for nonpayment of tickets. Have you noticed fewer cars on the roads? The funny part is that citizens that don’t pay their tickets get their drivers licenses suspended—but violate our immigration laws, lie on applications, illegally hold a job—and you get a driver's license. As someone once said, “the law is an ass.”