by Dottie van Eckhardt

Watching the grimace on the former President’s face at the inauguration speech as newly sworn in President Trump recited his laundry list of failed policies of the past eight years was unsettling. As President Trump used such strong words as “carnage of the past” “trapped in poverty” and “rusted out factories” one was reminded of why Trump was elected to the highest office in the land. The people were tired of pandering to a President who remained in absentia during his presidency and never quite realized the opportunities before him as the nation’s first black President. Even those of us who did not vote for Obama in 2008 were wishing him well and hoping for a successful term. Why would we wish for anything less?


One of the problems that we (the forgotten people) had expected from our new black President was a better relationship between the races. For too long our nation had experienced a great divide among the blacks and whites. The blacks felt that they were not getting their fair share of the “pie” and the whites thought the blacks should be patient and let time resolve our differences. Unfortunately, a stand-off developed between the two major races in this country, and from that, the militant blacks (Black Lives Matter) arose from the chaos, and they became the spokespersons for their cause. Our new black President did not have the experience nor wherewithal to handle this delicate situation, so he went with the militants whom he had always supported when he was a “Community Organizer” in Chicago. For instance, when a young, black 300 pound bully took on a young white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., the President sided with the young black bully and even sent his AG to be his emissary at the thug’s funeral. He remained silent as the black population expressed their anger by destroying the city and causing millions of dollars in damages. He continued to show his naiveté by repeating the same curious behavior when Baltimore exploded. All through his presidency, he sided against law enforcement while taking the side of the anarchists. As a result, cities like Chicago (the murder capital of the world) run amok with lawlessness and passive law enforcement. He could have taken drastic measures such as declaring Marshall Law, but chose to sit idly by and let it happen. One could hardly call that “Presidentiual”.


Another one of Obama’s blurred ideologies was his claim to be a Christian. He was quite adamant during the campaign mode that all of the nation should consider him a Christian – at least, long enough to win the election and then show his true colors. All religious scholars know that Christianity and Islam are diametrically opposed in their beliefs. In truth, Islam is out to destroy Christianity and Judaism. It wasn’t until he won the election did he start claiming to be the first Muslim President at various functions. His “handlers” reminded him that he claimed to be a Christian during the campaign and might confuse the population by suddenly making the switch. He decided (wisely) to follow their advice, however, removed all Christian artifacts from the White House and replaced them with Islamic artifacts, adding a prayer room for his Muslim cabinet. These facts were confirmed by the Trump Administration upon moving into the White House on January 20th.


Did it ever occur to Obama that if he had been honest with the American people from the beginning regarding his religious beliefs, that we would have accepted him as our First Muslim President? Most of us don’t have a problem with the Islamic religion if that is what the Muslims want – with the exception of the Jihad which calls for the annihilation of all Christians and Jews. If the female members want to belong to a male dominated belief system, and subjugate themselves to their “superiors” who am I to object? We have Freedom of Religion in this country and that means all Religions are welcome unless they promote the destruction of our nation and society. As long as they do not insist on making Sharia law the law of the land, they should be welcome here. However, the main problem with our general acceptance of Muslims and their Islamic religion is that there is no clear line which defines the “good” Muslim from the “bad” Muslim. Vetting at their source (Syria and 6 other countries) appears to be the only means we have of defining the differences. President Trump’s main duty as our President is to keep us safe from foreign entities who would do harm to us, and that includes radical Islamists. For the Press and the Democrats to take President Trump to task for this duty is ludicrous and borders on treason! Donald J. Trump is our President now – duly elected – and doing his best to Make America Great Again. The Liberals and naysayers should soften their tone and get behind this President who wants only the best for our country. As Ronald Reagan once said “If you’re afraid of the future, then get out of the way, stand aside. The people of this country are ready to move again”.