Another Breach in the Forbestown Ditch

No Disruption in Service Anticipated


Brownsville, Ca.


A new breach in the Forbestown Ditch was discovered 2/7/17. Approximately 200 feet of the ditch has washed out, about 230 feet downstream of the previous breach that occurred on January 11. No residents or structures are in the vicinity of the breach.


The ditch feeds the NYWD treatment pond, the source of water for approximately 2500 residents. The treatment pond stores enough water for 10-14 days of potable water production, and this current storm is producing enough runoff below the breach to extend this timeframe. While no disruption in service is anticipated at this time, customers are again being asked to conserve water. A call with this new information went to customers of NYWD 2/8/17.


“Again we are asking our customers to avoid all unnecessary water-related activates until the ditch is repaired,” said Jeff Maupin, NYWD Manager. “The contractors have been out there, but it’s just not safe to begin any work until this storm passes. It’s hard to express how saturated the ground is in that area.”


Northstar Engineering of Chico and Duke Sherwood Contracting Inc. of Oroville are again performing the work. The previous January breach was repaired ahead of schedule and below budget. As with the previous breach, the affected area will be piped as the repair method.


“Piping the entire Forbestown Ditch is really what’s needed,” said Maupin, “until that is accomplished, we will always be dealing with an open ditch, exposed to the environment and subject to complications like this.”


The NYWD Board of Directors voted in December to pursue a $500,000 State grant to begin planning and engineering to pipe the Forbestown Ditch. Moving to a piped Ditch would lower the possibility of breaches like those experienced over the past month. A piped Ditch would also save a significant amount of water lost from seepage and evaporation, increase the amount of water available for irrigation customers and eliminate a vast majority of dirt, trash and contamination from entering the treatment pond.

Additional calls will go to NYWD customers as updates on the breach become available.

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