Freedom of Speech Must be Protected

by Senator Jim Nielsen

Sacramento, Ca.

Approximately 200 members of the Vietnamese American community traveled to Sacramento Monday to show their strong support of my colleague Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove). Those traveling from Orange County met at 1AM Monday morning for the drive to the State Capitol.

“Millions of our service men and women died for our freedom to speak. The unprecedented removal of a sitting senator for speaking on behalf of her constituents must be condemned. She and the Vietnamese American community are owed an apology.

“I am proud to join the community’s rally to support Senator Nguyen.”

BACKGROUND: On Thursday, February 23, Senator Janet Nguyen was physically escorted off the Senate Floor for speaking on behalf of her nearly one million constituents. As the first Vietnamese American to be elected to the Senate, Senator Nguyen spoke from the heart about the Senate honoring the late Senator Tom Hayden, a figure that triggers outrage in the Vietnamese community.

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