SB-1: Gas Tax Increase/NEW $100 Vehicle Registration Fee and More Taxes

By Stephen Frank

The new budget of Guv Brown includes a 42% increase in gas taxes and a $65 dollar increase in the vehicle registration fee. Democrats love taxes—lot of them. The so-called “moderate” State Senator Bob Hertzberg has a bill to increase gas taxes 12 cents a gallon, a $38 increase for in vehicle registration fees for regular cars and a $100 vehicle registration increase for cars with zero emissions.

The goal is not to fix our roads, they have plenty of money for that. No, if they stopped using gas taxes for bike lanes, walking and horse trails, trains and buses, we would be able to fix our roads and streets. Instead the Brown and Hertzberg taxes are meant to penalize the poor and middle class—making car ownership too expensive—forcing folks onto money and time losing trains and other government transportation—to control how and where we live, work and play.