Sinhue Noriega Guest Speaker at Sutter Buttes Tea Party

pict noriega  4 12 17Yuba City, Ca.

The Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots announced Sinhue Noriega will be the Special Guest Speaker for their Monday, April 17, 2017 meeting.

Where is Common Core today? Mr. Noriega has researched the education system for the past 10 years while teaching. His certificates in language arts, Spanish, ESL, Math, and Science have facilitated insight into the intricacies of the system, and solutions outside mainstream education. He is the author of “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It” – he exposes the Common Core curriculum and the takeover of education by the government.

Mr. Noriega will be addressing the issues that confront conservatives in today’s confrontational political atmosphere. How does the Common Core fit into the collapse of our freedoms? How was Common Core effective in derailing the system that our founders created to protect our liberties? What can we do to save our constitution? Our forefathers said that the only way our constitution would fail is from within. Once again, we have a very small window of opportunity to act while there is still something left to save.

Don’t forget – Our regular feature In The News with Paul Preston will follow our Special Guest Speaker. Paul will discuss issues of the day.

The meeting will be at the Church of Glad Tidings, 1179 Eager Road, Yuba City. Everyone is welcome to attend. There is no membership requirement and no charge. Doors open at 6:00 pm; come early to socialize with like-minded neighbors, enjoy the refreshments, and get a front-row seat.

Contact Larry Virga at (530) 755-4409.

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