By Stephen Frank

How safe are you on a BART train? Think those security camera’s are protecting you? Will the transit police come to your rescue? On Saturday night between 40-60 gang members rampaged on a BART train in Oakland. During that time the cops never came—and the BART folks refuse to release the video—claiming the gangsters “looked” like they were under age (what does that matter to the assault and theft victims). Could the real reason be that NO video exists—or that it will show the gang membership was based on race?

“There is a simple solution to this kind of crime: Make sure that BART passengers carry firearms.

If the violent attackers are shot or killed, that would send a message to individuals contemplating crimes to stay away from BART trains and stations.

A similar incident to the one in Oakland occurred on the New York City subway system on December 22, 1984. Subway passenger Bernard Goetz shot four muggers, seriously wounding all of them. Goetz fired five shots.

Nine days after the shooting, Goetz surrendered to police and was charged with attempted murder, assault, and offenses relating to firearms laws.

A jury eventually acquitted Goetz of all charges except one. He was found guilty of carrying an unlicensed firearm and served eight months of a one-year jail sentence.”

But, Goetz and others lived because he was willing to break the law—since the police would not protect him and his fellow passengers. If you do not like the Second Amendment approach to stopping gangs on BART—here is another plan. STOP USING BART. STOP BEING A VICTIM OF AN EXPENSIVE SCAM. It is already losing ridership—you are safer in your car that a BART train that acts like a prison, holding in victims and criminals in a confined space.

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