by Ronny Santana; Ronny Santana currently lives in Tokyo. Along with being an entrepreneur, is a theological political writer for several media publications.

What’s behind the rage ? Holey moley, are the dems madder than a mosquito at a manequin factory or what ? I wasn’t going to write this article, because I thought the left would eventually calm down after Trump took office and move on, ..that didn’t happen. So I guess I gotta’ bust out another political article. After removing myself from politics after running two Congressional campaigns, I haven’t done a political article for quite a while, I guess it was time.

So then, why such a demonstrative pushback over a rich guy with a bad haircut ? The same people expending so much energy to hate Trump were just a few months ago Trump Apprentice lovers, ..the next minute they’re haters ? Doesn’t make sense on its face, unless you dig deeper.

The pushback against Trump that is being missed is not Trump at all. He has nothing to do with it. It goes way deeper than a person or a political party. The pushback against Trump pure and simple is for what Trump stands for. To clearly understand the source of all the rage, one needs to have the cognizance of the two operating forces in the world; good and evil, and it’s representatives; God and Satan.

God says in the Bible that you are either for me or against me. Actually Bob - I can’t carry a tune - Dylan kinda’ said the same thing in one of his songs; “You gotta’ serve somebody.” So depending who you are following, will dictate who you have chosen to serve, which will determine your reaction to social issues one way or the other. So far, the side of the issues that Trump is standing on that is whipping the left into a lather is of course in direct opposition to a liberal agenda and the forces behind that agenda.

Pick your poison on any of the issues with Trump. For brevity we need only pick one issue, as the reactions are all rooted in the same thing anyway. Let’s pick abortion, allowing

people to kill babies - the the holy grail of the socialist agenda. Remember the two forces in the world, good and evil ? If one cannot say that the horrific killing of a baby is not the most evil thing a human can do, ..words escape me.

So now let’s connect the angry dots. Trump obviously stands on the side of not killing

babies. Because of that he will be met with every force in hell to snuff out his life saving

agenda. Hence the extreme rage and massive pushback against Trump explained with laser accuracy. This answers the question of the article, why the pushback against him. Again, remember, Trump is merely the token vehicle representing what is right. And because he is the face for what is right, he becomes the target of the attacks in the attempt to rid the visual representation of what is right. In the same way the people who read this article, that also have never met me, will also have the same polarized reaction about me as merely the messenger. It’s the broken human condition.

Rewind 2000 years ago. When Jesus came on the tumultuous political scene, the secular Roman government and the religious legalistic Jewish Pharisees, were having their way unopposed with their leftist agenda. Then Jesus came along and spoke out against the political majority and was also met with the full weight of hell in an attempt to eradicate what was true and right.

Back to the future, the liberal agenda had it’s way for 8 years unabated. And Trump is now the flavor of the week for what is right and meeting the same angry opposition for the same reason - people want to do what they want to do, and naturally they don’t want anyone around who does not condone their beliefs. People want their sin legitimized so they feel better about their chosen lifestyle. This is exactly why you will never see the “Let’s Help Old Ladies Across the Street Club” rioting, because it is right and need not be legitimized.

As not only America, but the world witnesses first hand history repeating before our eyes with the overt pushback of the current president, it reinforces the fact that history teaches us we learn nothing from it. Having said that, yes there is still hope (for those who earnestly seek it), and that hope is not in Trump, or any other politician, nor has it ever been. That hope is is simply stated in Romans 10:9 (for those who earnestly seek it).

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