The Sutter County Taxpayers Association (SCTA) has voted to join the California Taxpayers Association, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, other local taxpayer groups and organizations to oppose two State Constitutional Amendment (SCA) bills working their way through the California Legislature. They are:

· SCA 6 which would allow local governments to increase local transportation taxes, including sales taxes and parcel taxes such as for schools, levees, maintenance areas, etc. which appear on property tax bills, by lowering the voter threshold to 55% instead of the two-thirds vote as required under current law.

SCA 3 which would allow local governments to increase property taxes to fund library bond debt payments with a lower popular vote than currently required under our state constitution. Under current law, bonds that fund library facilities require a two-thirds approval from voters, and local bonds are repaid by increased property taxes.

Both of these State Constitutional Amendments erode Proposition 13 which was approved by the voters nearly 40 years ago to limit the local property tax rate. Increased property taxes can lead to increased housing costs, including for renters.

SCA 6 would also open the door to higher sales taxes and California already has the highest sales tax in the nation at 7.25% (not including local sales taxes).

SCTA President Pat Miller encourages voters from all counties to contact their legislators and tell them to vote no on these two tax increasing bills.

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